Christy Clark : Building Bridges to Prosperity… with the United States of America.

In case you may have missed it, there is a little event going on next Friday you might be interested in.  Christy Clark is the keynote speaker….


Building Bridges to Prosperity

Cross Border Trade Symposium – Making It Simple!

The inaugural ‘Building Bridges to Prosperity’ Symposium will be held in Surrey B.C., Canada on Friday, June 10th, 2011.

Hosted by Pacific Customs Brokers, in cooperation with the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service and the U.S. Consulate General (Vancouver), the ‘Building Bridges to Prosperity’ Symposium will be the largest of its kind in B.C. in 2011 and presents a rare opportunity for Canadian and American businesses to dialogue and network with leading players and policymakers.

At this all day event, there will be a buffet breakfast featuring the Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, along with Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) providing an economic update of the Pacific Northwest; morning topical trade sessions; plated lunch featuring a keynote address by the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Jacobson; luncheon remarks by City of Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts; afternoon topical trade sessions or border visit.

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Breakfast Keynote Address By:

Luncheon Keynote Address By:

  Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia
Premier of British Columbia
Christy Clark
David Jacobson, United States Ambassador to Canada
United States Ambassador
to Canada
David Jacobson

Symposium Features:

  • Breakfast Keynote Address:by Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark
  • Luncheon Keynote Address: by U.S. Ambassador, David Jacobson
  • Luncheon Remarks: by City of Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts
  • Breakfast buffet, plated lunch, and refreshments
  • Border Visit: to Pacific Highway/Blaine Border Crossing to meet with Canada Border Services Agency (for American delegates), or U.S. Customs and Border Protection (for Canadian delegates). Advance registration required, limited space available.
  • Sell to Canada Sessions
  • Sell to USA Sessions
  • Economic and Trade Updates

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Check out the link above for all the details on building bridges with our American neighbours….


16 thoughts on “Christy Clark : Building Bridges to Prosperity… with the United States of America.

  1. Maybe it is only because I am jealous and would like to be invited to the big table but for some reason a shiver of fear went up my spine when I read this. I can’t help but have a feeling of impending doom.


  2. As my previous comment on another site – C. Clark has NOT been elected premier, to day her position should read MLA.

    When the BC electorate has the choice and be able to vote for their Premier, then the term “Premier” should and would apply (only at that time). I would consider her “interim/designated” only. Designated by her cohorts only.

    Thank you !


  3. No surprise she’s showing up for breakfast for an event hosted by Pacific Customs Brokers. That outfit, headed by a buddy of Patrick Kinsella ( who chipped in $20,000), gave Ms Clark $10,000 to help with her campaign to lead the BC Liberals. How could she refuse?


  4. Whooppee – “Chipmunk Cheeks” clark and the Excited States ambassador on the same stage.

    I think I’m busy preparing for the “impending doom” that Norm refers to above . . . .


  5. This event is just another step to become the 51 state.
    Selling us out, thanks Crusty Clark.

    Would it make any sense to have our premiers/prime minister not have a riding but be voted in by the whole province or country?


    1. Word gets around quick- now who ratted my post out to the Department of State, D.C office? Because they are


  6. Now that we have someone south of the border interested in your blog, maybe some one down there will have even more evidence of the corrupt deal Gordo made in the sell off of our railroad to CN (USA corp) . The IPPs being rammed down everyone’s throat, (because “we” need the power?), I believe it’s got alot to do with our water, pipelines, the P3s over budget. Seems anything Gordo and his liberal gang has put there hands on has pretty well cost the citizens of this province more than imagineable and has left us with the worst debt any government ever has. Lie after lie for the last 10 years.
    And because they have a new leader, everything has changed and we’re to TRUST them?

    So to those paying attention down south, maybe you can fill in some blanks for us?


  7. Seems to all fit in to the Deltaport and Free Trade Zones.
    And Surrey’s Mayor Watts has allowed removal from the ALR, acres and acres of some of the best fertile farmland in this province for commercial business – all the huge development down 192 between 32 and 16th, plus much more to come. 176 st down towards the border have those green development signs up all over.
    Yeah, I’m disgusted!


    1. You hit the nail on the head with this comment Curt. Watts has been a busy woman in this town, much of it under the radar or ignored by the large media outlets. You should enjoy the story I have coming… I know I will.


  8. When I read the headline Christy Clark : Building Bridges to Prosperity… with the United States of America. all I see is SELLOUT.

    How much prosperity is in it for the people? NONE.
    How is this good for the people? IT’S NOT.
    How is this good for the politicians? LOTS OF PAYOFFS, KICKBACKS and SIDE DEALS.
    The usual standard fare I guess.

    And, on a side note, I agree wholly with Norma Bell’s post. Christy’s title should be “acting” Premier, not “Premier” because she isn’t. She fills a seat for the sake of the political writ, not for need or usefulness.
    She’s definitely not useful except as maybe a dartboard picture of who you DON’T want running this province.


  9. Good grief people!!! The American citizens have seen the N.A.U. coming long ago. But, trying to tell Canadian people, what is going to happen to this country, was an exercise in futility. I have been saying this for, over two years. There are only two bloggers, that have made a low key mention, the danger this country is in.

    The U.S. was just waiting for Harper’s majority, to implement the N.A.U. Well eventually, we can kiss Canada good-bye, in small increments at a time.


  10. I think I found some people who might benefit from the new border bridge – corporate interest in military contracts? What do you think?

    Apparently Mr PM H is tooling up for war.
    “The Canadian Forces are preparing the establishment of seven military bases worldwide supply that will allow Canada to respond quickly in all regions of the planet…”

    and building big prisons:

    Where is BC in all of this?

    And who knows what will happen in Vernon if the Province puts a prison in Lumby? Dropping off 50 inmates a day at the Vernon Bus Depot – (because Lumby doesn’t have bus service) that’s according to BC Correction’s when they came and spoke to the crowd in Lumby. They didn’t know we don’t have Greyhound service or that we don’t have 9 police officers. (I think we have one and a half officers here)

    With the sheriff cutbacks – and our military overseas – who will be keeping Canada’s peace?

    Are we building a bridge for freedom?


  11. Priscilla
    Seems you don’t quite understand, the overseas bases and foreign wars are mandatory requirements if we wish to join the US. We must harmonize our standards at the lowest common denominator . Besides the US and before them Great Britain depleted their resources in this way – if we want to be a world class country we too must deplete our resources in this way.


  12. I know this event is over, but after reading everyone’s comments about Building Bridges to Prosperity, I wonder how many people realize that this is meant to continue to build our trade relationship. Right now US Companies need to increase their export sales and Canada is the ideal place to start for some businesses that have never exported before. I am a Customs Broker and I depend on imports into Canada to keep me employed. I would rather seen them come from the USA, than from China or India. I am a Canadian, but I am also a North American,


    1. I understand your plight ally, and most of the readers do understand financial relationships and trade needs for both the province and Canada as a whole. Certainly I do, but in that same respect, the increasinging dependent relationship being fostered with our neighbours to the south, is something to be equally alarmed about when we consider the ramifications of the North American joint border initiative. We have a history in BC of leaders willing to sell out to American and foreign interests, which is what creates the aura of anger among many to see initiatives like this.

      My loyalty is as a Canadian, and a British Columbian, and I commit to taking care of my own before worrying about my American neighbours to the south. Does that mean I would like to see you lose your job? No, of course not. But will importing more foreign goods keep a local or Canadian source from being able to get a fair share of the market? Perhaps. I would rather see a leader for BC that actually fosters growth for keeping BC money in BC, without requiring foreign investment. So far, Christy is more of the same Campbell give it all away mentality that quite frankly, raises bile in my throat.


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