So unelected Premier Clark wants jail time for all the rioters…

 …and how the hell does she plan to do that?

You know, there  really isn’t much that could still be said about the riots, that hasn’t been already, so I’m not even going there.  But there is only so much I can take of this stupid woman blasting her mouth off trying to look important and outraged… particularly in the face of all the cuts and closures the BC Liberals have made in the last 10 years, and particularly in the face of the most recent cut that did occur on her watch.  I’m talking about the recent cuts to sheriffs services that have left many courtrooms without alternative but to close for lack of security and safety for the courtroom participants, and was first made news during the playoffs to little press – until after the games were concluded.

Seriously, someone, please explain to me how her brain works, because I can’t even wrap my head around this one! The only explanation can be that while she was busy gabbing up the lines on NW, she missed a few facts about what her beloved Liberal party did for justice in this province, the same justice she is now vowing will be had.

” No more slaps on the wrist!”,she says in this Sun article by Jeff Lee. 

Yes, she is fully aware the courts are backed up, she claims.

However, I don’t know if she knows the prisons around here are full either, or that hundred of victims are still going without justice because their offenders are getting conditional discharges because there is no room to send them to jail.

So, I figured I would help Chatty Cathy ( thanks again Sunny) with a little reality check and this one isn’t from her old pal Bruce Allen. This one is on my dime. Oh wait… he doesn’t seem to like you anymore

Yo, Christy!  Is your office door closed now? Good. Because you need to pay attention without any distractions. Come really close and lean in now. Ready? Remember, the ears don’t listen and the brain doesn’t retain if your mouth is moving – right?

Now, please understand that I truly would like to see justice served in every case resulting from this riot that should never have happened in the first place. I really would, just like I would like to see justice served for the person/people behind all the missing women from the downtown east side and the highway of tears.

Just like I would love to see justice for every woman murdered, maimed or beaten by her husband or lover, the vast majority of which receive no jail time and no lasting record.

Or how I would like to see justice in the case of Susan Heyes, who is beginning another battle supported not this time with lawyers , but by the people in this province who love and believe in justice and doing the right thing – something your government, and the caucus who surround you, know little about. Of this I am certain.

Do you know why I speak with such certainty, Christy?

Because on the Liberals watch, during the last 10 years this party has ruled the province, they closed 24 of  68 courthouses in BC. 24 – can you imagine?

Oh wait, you can! Think back hard now, Christy… think hard… That’s right, that happened in 2002, to meet the budget targets for 2003/2004, and you were sitting pretty in the legislature. You would have known all about this, but I think you kind of forgot – or at least hoped we all did. ( reason # 96 on my 100 reasons the BC Liberals must go)

Yes indeed… those were part of your glory days, weren’t they Christy? Sliced and diced both the education ministry and the ministry of children and families better than the Sham-wow, Slap Chopper dude, while you were power ( reasons at this link as well  ), but I digress.

As a result of those closures, trial wait times in some areas have increased to years, which often results in the accused being released from all charges because of the right to a speedy trial.

Yes, imagine that. In some areas, drunk drivers have been let go, no foul, because her government closures gave defense lawyers a gleeful reason to ask the crown to dismiss charges. Aren’t you proud Christy – you were right there in the legislature when all this happened. You were a glowing happy part of the Campbell cuts. ( cue Shiny Happy People by REM)

But wait- that’s not all Chatty I mean Christy. Since 2001, the Liberals have closed – that’s right, closed – 10 prisons! 10! ( reason # 94)  Which is part of why so many people are wandering the streets who should be in jail, or being handed non-punitive conditional discharges like wifebeaters get. Now, I don’t know about you, but what’s worse: tossing over a porto-potty, or smacking your wife in the head? Hmm…. methinks you don’t even really care Christy, since you cut sheriffs services right after getting into power! People who care, don’t cut vital services.

Now, you would think your fellow Liberals  in the legislature would have enough brain cells between the bunch, to figure out the justice system in BC was headed for disaster, but oh no. Nope, some brainiac came up with the idea that the poor people really didn’t either deserve legal aid, or it didn’t matter, because your beloved Liberals, most who still stand beside you on stage at media events, went onto make massive, unprecedented cuts to legal aid, that have left the provinces most vulnerable abandoned, and that includes those needing assistance for custody and access issues. ( reason # 93, 92, 91, 90, 89, and 88 )

Wow. This doesn’t look good for you Christy, you were still on board when many of these cuts took place and you stood beside Premier Campbell with a big cheesy smile on your face as you looked to the man you admired, and don’t even try to pretend you didn’t. Yes, we know how far you will go now to distance yourself, but some of us, some of us not only remember, we documented those glowy moments of yours as a new and clueless MLA.

Forgive my obvious anger, but it nearly made me vomit to see you pushing that broom, with such concern on your face. Was that concern because you knew eventually someone would remind the province about your part in the destruction of the justice system in BC? That you have been and continue to be a proud member of a political party that could be so cruel and uncaring? Families first,Christy ? Come on…

Yes, there needs to be justice for those idiots that hurt others, rolled cars and destroyed and stole with wanton abandon.

But it will not be swift, nor sure, nor should it come before the thousands of others who have been waiting to see justice, such as those still waiting in the Surrey Six, the missing women or any of the other people who Lady Justice has denied a visit.

Get a grip Christy. Justice isn’t served on your beck and call, and your mock concern is a slap in the face of every person in this province – again.

Frank Dane once said: ” Get all the fools on your side and you can get elected to anything.”

Worked for you in the leadership race, but rest assured, Christy, that the rest of us British Columbians are no fools. While your memory appears to be embaressingly short, ours are long and bright with hurt painted in the Liberals decade of deceit.

Crime doesn’t pay… and neither does your politics.

I’m Laila Yuile, and this is how I see it.

27 thoughts on “So unelected Premier Clark wants jail time for all the rioters…

  1. Laila, you are one of many who see it this way, but are the one in a million who can express it so brilliantly for us.

    Thank you.


  2. Awesome !! I just wish we could watch you take that message to Chatty in person and on television ( I know that’s a dream , but wow , a good one ).


    1. Written in minutes, in honest, true anger at how she thinks it is ok to manipulate not only her caucus, this government, the people of BC… but also Lady Justice. To make a point and capitalize on this horrific situation.

      Couldn’t take that crap she dished out to Jeff Lee…. And damn straight if I wouldn’t pay to hand deliver this to her in person, on the news or on Youtube.

      Spread far and wide folks, shes hooked herself deep in the cheek with this latest bit of blathering…. and offended damn near every victim, or family member of a victim.
      Thank you Lew, Kim, Gary. I can take a lot, but I’m done with this wannabe!! Time for Christy and all of the rest to go!


  3. It would be nice to see Christie Clark and her former crime boss Gordon Campbell looking out from behind bars for the theft of our BC Rail. Now that would be justice!


  4. Laila,

    We can’t wait four long years…..can’t you be ready to run in 2013 ?!

    Great post and a great rally, they’re always fun.




  5. Laila you covered all the bases. I was reading applauding but thinking I would have to mention the legal aid cuts and darn if you didn’t slip that in there. Suprised to hear that was written in anger – must have been cold rage, because it is coherently, cohesive and makes total sense. Right on.

    Only thing to add is sitting here in Bridgeview Surrey I know where the money goes… to a pile of sand that is going to be a freeway through some of our province’s best farmland, most environmentally sensitive area, close to one of our most economically challenged neighbourhoods. Sand that is piled where some of the lower mainland’s most affordable housing stood. We are sending it back to Shirley Bond. She was Minister of Transportation and we were appealing to her to come and take it away. Now she is Solicitor General charged with public safety and emergency response as in flood control. So we want her to have sand for sandbags for when, due to climate change, the waters rise up over the floodplains, including some where the South Fraser Freeway is proposed.


  6. Canada and BC are under the, or in the thrall of the new globalist/corporatist reality. At one point truth will surface in this province so that many will see. Social dynamics is the face of chaos. British Columbia is a created entity which has a ‘life’ and consciousness of its own. I expect that at some point it will opt for its own survival. The ravaging of foreign enterprises will be noticed, and stopped. The challenge then will be to forge a new contract between all peoples living therein. In geology, I learned of a rock which had many different components…yet was beautiful and viable. Poikilitic texture. It contained crystals and rock inclusions from previous eras – an unthinkable mix and variety – yet, when the mold was set – a perfectly balanced and stress-free entity.


  7. Absolutely brilliant article Laila – I am glad I am not on your sh*t list :-).
    Gonna see what mischief we can get into with this article and a few others that need to be passed around for reading.

    Great stuff and please keep on producing these telling articles.

    Thank you


    1. Thanks John, as usual, the facts speak for themselves, facts Liberals always try to deflect with rhetoric and bafflegab. Christy seems to be living in a dream world.

      Bernadette- anger is powerful when focused, as you know! ( Anger over SFPR) Cold rage would be an accurate description though too!!

      Jean- I’m thinking about some things very seriously as I said mentioned at the rally, and it’s a big decision. But…. we’ll see. I really enjoyed meeting you finally!!

      Renate – good point. More people need to talk about politics, or shut their mouths when it comes to criticism of the government they helped elect!


  8. HypoChristy wouldn’t pony up for security, but she was more than happy to fund a parade??? Go figure!

    The woman is truly an charlatan.

    I almost choked my snack yesterday when she said “Blah blah blah blah. Blah blah since I was elected premier blah blah blah…” in a rather indulgent interview with Sean Leslie.

    Go ahead HypoChristy — change the fixed election law ‘n’ call an election. The sooner we’re rid of you the better!


  9. Christy Clark is but a false front. Put there like a corporate logo to sell the Liberal party to an electorate that are not savvy to politics and will vote for her. Extreme ideology hides behind our new premier, with wealth winning at every turn of the last decade. Cutting everything in government as people and services are no longer wanted, and funnel all the tax money to the rich and powerful. All, of course, enabled by our mainstream media.


  10. Good Grief Laila, you make her sound like a vapid, empty-headed bimbo! I think she’s on the right track – insisting on ‘prosecution to the full extent of the law’, like in BC Rail, eh?
    Sure, bring it on, as soon as you deal with BC Rail (ten years and counting). What about the Surrey Six case? What is the ‘full extent of the law’ doing there?
    I think you about covered everything in your fit of rage. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end if you’d spent some cool, clear hours of deliberation.
    You’re awesome lady!


    1. Oh my, did I John ? : ) No, I don’t think she is a bimbo, but I do think she her political motivations are self serving and she is using the people of BC to get to a seat in Ottawa, as was always her intention. This has never been about serving the people, as we can see clearly in this post, this has always been about Christy. John, google Surrey Six trial for a look at what has been going on, and how long it has taken ,and the mockery of justice that has been happening along the way. It’s a joke how long these families have been waiting for justice, and to have Christy make special efforts for the riot is a slap in the face of the massecre victims. Clueless, she is clueless. Thank you for the kind words, John!

      Thank you for stoppin by Stand up and Speakout Bc! I don’t think there is much I haven’t written about in the last few years.. if you google my name and a particular issue, you will see ! IPP, run of river, Plutonic, Site C, DRugs, Insite, Health… its all here in the archives just waiting for a reminder. The best of page is a good place to start or use the search function.

      RS, great comment, and the key thing to remember is that she has not been elected leader of this province by the people of BC. She was chosen leader of the Liberals by liberal members and then won a seat as MLA for Pt. Grey, but she has not been given a mandate by the people of BC in a general election. She is now working on her own mandate and to claim otherwise is a moment of delusion. For gosh sakes, I could act as a better premier than her right now because honestly, I think I know more about her government than she does! And I am not alone in that knowledge, there are so many of us that know these things. The information is there, if people choose to find it. That is my job, to present the facts that people cant or wont go look for.


  11. Another excellent article Laila. I am not sure, but it seems Christy is desperately grasping at straws, to try and save a province that is bankrupt, and nothing is working for her.

    She promises one thing, and then contradicts herself, the same as Campbell did. You can’t rely on one word, that comes out of her mouth. You are so right, I doubt the rioters will see the inside of a courtroom, because they are empty. Christy emptied them herself, another contradiction. Christy hasn’t learned to put her mind in gear, before she puts her mouth in gear. It’s getting pretty tough for her to keep track of, the eleven years of BC Liberal lies.

    BC has a massive debt. Campbell thieved and sold our assets. BC has massive natural resources, but, the province and the people don’t own them. The giant corporations do. China bought a big chunk of, the dirty Alberta tar sands, which Harper wants the Enbride pipeline and the dirty Chinese oil tankers, forced onto our province and the people.. We BC people are forced to comply to, what we don’t believe in. It seems we won’t even own our water. We don’t own our rivers, Campbell thieved and sold them too.

    Christy’s desperation is because, I don’t think this province has anything left to recover with. Harper and Campbell stripped BC, right down to the bare bones. Harper’s last hurdle is the HST. Once he gains that, he won’t care about BC one iota. We will just be for, ripping us off for taxes. We will be forced to pay the HST, for the benefits to the wealthy corporations. BC could very well become, a polluted wasteland. No-one will care, other than we BC people, and we don’t count.

    One thing does puzzle me though. You say, there has been many prisons shut down. However, I thought I read, Harper is going to spend billions to build more prisons. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


    1. You arent wrong about the prisons Julie. The Liberals shut a lot down as mentioned, and Harper has a pro prison agenda. The truth is the entire system has failed us, but the BC liberals have directly contributed to the decay in this province and everyone needs to know that and remember that when you see the AG and the unelected premier spouting off about how they intend to get justice . It IS a joke, a lie and a costly deception.

      Christy will do whatever photo op she thinks will get the votes, but her advisors are failing. She would have done better to show up for sweeping in clothes suited for cleaning, rather than a suit and heels… which clearly speaks to the media play moment.


  12. Wow, that was brilliant and I couldn’t have agreed more on every point. I have sacrificed and borrow to send my children to the same school as our Riot Poster Boy, Nathan Kotylak. Laila, I so want my children to have a good education but have zero faith in our current educational system. Large classes, cuts in art and music, no physical education. So what do I do? Mortgage my house for the sake of my children’s future.

    Then we have Nathan. I know and like his family very much. What he did was so, incredibly shocking that many of us were at a complete loss for words. I cried. I was just talking to his parents last week about him. So proud, did so well in school, really think he will make the Olympic team. Some typical teen attitude problems but nothing, nothing that could lead to this. He came from a good home with a stay at home mom, great siblings and an ever present father. We are a small community out here end each keep an eye on one another’s children. What provoked him to do what he did is beyond all of us

    So now what? Everything will be stripped from him. Everything that his PARENTS have worked so hard in guiding him to achieve. To think that all of the sacrifices I am making today for my children can be taken away because my child possibly drank, was showing off, got egged on, blows me away.

    In my family and the projects where I grew up I have seen women being beaten, abused, kids who had parents who didn’t care where they were or what they were doing. I saw child abuse and young girls being sexually abused by older boys and men, I saw drug and alcohol abuse and I saw theft and relatives being carted off to prison

    My children will never see these things. Nathan never saw these things. He made a bad choice and shouldn’t be punished like the 29 year old man who set another car on fire. Give him his education, allow him to be an amazing athlete, give his parents a chance to not live in fear that we are after them because they are rich and should be punished. If we give thus boy a chance to pay his debts through a constructive avenue (he’s great with younger kids, boys look up to him), maybe we can make sone good out of this mess

    But christy Clark, truly a disappointment. Go after the families and employers? Well the Kotylaks have had to flee their home and Dr Kotylak had to perform life saving surgeries next week

    What a moron

    Thanks for listening. Sorry for the typos


    1. I agree with many of your points except where you say Nathan shouldn’t be punished like the other guy who set a car on fire. REality check time here, there are just as many kids from rich well to do two parent homes getting into shit out there as there are poor kids, they just have more money to get into it with. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but a hell of a lot of kids committing theft and mischief in the riot were wearing expensive jerseys, sporting expensive clothes and shoes and well groomed hair cuts. Just as there were people from the lesser entitled side of life doing it too.

      There is no difference in the crimes simply because of background and circumstance – it takes a certain kind of person to stuff fabric into a gas tank , of a police car no less, and set it on fire, in front of thousands of people. I don’t care who his parents are, what they do or how much money they make, or what his future might hold. That was a crime that took more thought than simply kicking a porto-potty and as the mother of a son who just graduated high school, I know that well. Nip that one in the bud right now, I say, make him think about the fact that what he did could have had horrendous potential for hurting a lot of people. That was an action with a firm statement behind it about the law and respect for it.

      My point was not that these people should go unpunished, but that they should not go through the system any faster simply to suit a political agenda. Nathan in my eyes is not one bit different than any other person who torched or tried to torch a car. If he is of the character that his family and friends claim, he will use the punishement and learn from it.

      Think about this. Every kid has potential. Not every kid has the gifts he has had growing up. Not every kid tried to light a police car on fire. There are kids who would die for the opportunities he has had, and it is also a statement that he would disrespect all of it.

      I hope they punish Nathan to the full extent of the law as well, just in due course and not ahead of anyone else who has been waiting to see justice served. And I would love to hear why you think he shouldnt be punished the same as the other fellow who lit a car on fire.


  13. It was a terrible riot and a black eye for Vancouver. However a riot is by definition a riot, looters I would prosecute, but people caught up in the general mayhem should be tried en mass in the Rodgers center and given a conditional discharge, and 5 years probation. Do we really need to ruin the lives of all those young people just to serve the yellow press and Harper’s medieval approach to justice?

    Most of the fault I would put on the failure to handle these crowds properly.


    1. Good solution for Rogers…

      Not to take away from your comment, but let’s go back to the gist of the article, which is our unelected premier with the completely unrealistic and self serving idea of justice and how it works.


  14. I understand parents are raising their children differently than how I was raised. My parents kept a close watch on all of my activities and with whom I associated with. There were repercussions to any negative behavior, and I’m not talking about sitting in my room for an hour, in fact I would be lucky if I was able to sit on my backside within a day. I was taught good judgment. I was taught to respect my elders. I was taught to respect the family’s property in addition to other’s worldly goods.
    My peers down play every stitch of negative behavior. They are given everything they want.
    I am sick and tired of this entitlement culture perpetrated by parents who think their kid is a king or queen in the making.
    I also recognise that many parents are teaching their children how to be responsible citizens. These parents and children are heroes. Trouble is there isn’t enough of them.
    I don’t share sympathy for Nathan or his family, for there are enough public examples of star power celebrities who have fallen from grace, and lost everything.
    He should have thought about that before firing up the lighter in full view of cameras.
    A true and gifted athlete thinks 4 or more plays ahead during the heat of competition. The evidence clearly indicates Nathan is incapable of such forethought.


  15. @johnfrodo
    I’m guessing you weren’t out there that night?
    People “caught up in the general mayhem should be tried en mass … given conditional discharge and 5 years probation”.
    Right.. so who’s paying for it and where are you going to find the sheriffs and police to staff and ensure safety of all, including the judges? Especially when the courts are already bogged down and years behind current workload.
    Why should the rioters be given more preferential treatment when we have many real criminals (rapists, murderers, child molesters) walking around FREE because of the current courts backlog.
    “Do we really need to ruin…. ”
    Yes, we do.
    They earned it, and isn’t it sad enough to see the govt getting away with murder almost literally (highway of tears) without adding stupidity into the equation by allowing our young men and women to understand how messed up our laws and court system is by getting “conditional discharges”.
    And who’s paying for this btw?

    You, like our LIEberal government, have to get priorities straight.

    Fault? On the police (as they were the crowd control or lack of as you put it)? Why?
    They did a great job. over 100,000 people, NO DEATHS.
    Says a lot to me, considering they were still highly understaffed and out-numbered by the crowd.


  16. All she has to do it bring a baby with her, like to that anti bullying thing and you will see everything is good, she is good, babies are good and cute and distract us from what a complete idiot this woman is.


  17. And you know Laila, that Christy has said she will do everything she can to see the rioters punished. Shortly after, ICBC announced that they were offering their facial recognition software to the police to help out, even though, at the time they purchased it, they promised they would not use it for those purposes. Their excuse? Well, we didn’t know that something like this would happen. I call bs. $100 bucks says Christy TOLD THEM they were using the software to earn brownie points and enhance her ability to get re-elected…..It just gets scarier and scarier living in this province with these bozos in charge.


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