Meet British Columbia’s best friend in government – Auditor General John Doyle

In CBC this morning:

B.C.’s auditor general is going to the province’s Supreme Court to get information about defence costs related to the Basi Virk corruption trial.

John Doyle filed a petition Tuesday seeking an order for access to records and information, arguing that the information is essential to an audit due at the end of June.

Auditor John Doyle is an exceptionally busy man, and an exceptional man. I have written to him with my concerns on P3’s and how they are accounted for, and what impact that nefarious accounting will have on provincial budgets- as well as the long term impact on the provinces true debt load. Other progressives have made similar contacts with their concerns on BC Hydro and Ipp’s. Each time, he has replied personally, with thoughtful and insightful comments and at times, at length. I believe he is absolutely committed to doing his job the best he can, and this action supports that.

Will this be the avenue that finally reveals all? Watch this story as it develops and how our unelected premier deals with the questions that this development will undoubtedly resurrect.

7 thoughts on “Meet British Columbia’s best friend in government – Auditor General John Doyle

  1. You really think that ten years after the incident (okay, 9 months and counting after the ‘guilty’ plea) that something will transpire? Maybe that’s why we have a shortage of judges and sherrifs – to make sure that any evidence the Auditor unearths will never go before the Courts.
    I’m no clairvoyant but I share the opinion of most thinking British Columbians that something stinks in the state of BC!
    Oh, but I hope you’re right about resurrecting questions – and perhaps answers. Otherwise we will continue in our slide into the depths despotism.


  2. I too contacted the AG John Doyle over the governments “deregulation” and associated costs and nebulous documentation. He also responded personally and was good enough to take the time to explain. This man is absolutely perfect for the job and being trained in Australia, has not been “polluted” with BC Liberal policies and dogma – though he has butted up against it frequently :-).

    A great pity the BC Liberal government could not learn from this man – where integrity, credibility and non partisan principals are trade marks – unlike Elections BC etc.



  3. Good for you Laila.

    Another excellent article.

    It just seems to me. Everyone involved in Campbell’s theft and sale of the BCR, has been silenced. Even as angry as Basi and Virk are, they too are keeping silent. Even the taped calls of Christy’s brother’s part in this crime, have been ignored. I don’t doubt, Doyle will be ordered to keep his mouth shut too, or lose his job. Anyone opposing Campbell, certainly lost their jobs. Christy is just as vindictive as Campbell is.


  4. Laila, I can echo your comments regarding Mr. Doyle. I have contacted his office regarding the Basi/Virk plea deal, and received the same treatment you enjoyed. Being used to the unhelpful and tardy responses from the government bureaucracy, it was a pleasant surprise to actually receive a timely, well considered response.

    And based on his past performance, those who think he will be silenced or deterred from his purpose by politicians are misjudging the man in my opinion.


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