10% instead of 12% HST is goooood…. right? Not So Fast!!! Reality check from a reader.

Via email:

The Liberals are SPINNING!

With 2 or more kids it’s not hard to spend $1000 for back to school.
This summer when you shop for school supplies, computer items, clothes & shoes* ( based on purchases for kids under 16, in adult sizes, which are taxed ) consider what you used to pay in tax, what you currently pay in tax, and what you MIGHT get to pay in tax in 3 years.
Old System:  PST (7%) and GST (5%) 
Spend $1000 PAY 
$50.00 GST, no PST ( yay!- parents used to be able to sign a declaration adult sized clothing was for child under 16, right at the till)  

Current System 12% HST
Spend $1000 pay 
$120.00 HST 

Future System 10% HST (if they can be believed)
Spend $1000 pay 
$100.00 HST

 I think a good deal would be to go back to that $50  tax/$1000 spending in taxes I used to pay rather than hope they follow through with the reduction that would allow me to only pay twice as much  tax, at $100 HST/$1000 of spending.

 I am getting tired of hearing everyone tell me that reducing the HST by 2% means we will pay less.

 Just because it’s less than what we are paying now doesn’t mean it’s less than we were paying 2 years ago for many items we purchased!

Granted those items that were previously subject to both PST and HST will be lower IF they reduce in 3 years, But we first must believe they will AND then we must wait until 2014. 

 A one-time payment for some people with kids and low income seniors isn’t enough to pay back what I will spend.

Seems Cristy Clark and the Liberals AREN’T putting Families first after all!

BUT no worries, one of those places that has less tax now than before is some thrift stores —- we can all shop there!

* the tax amount scenario above applies to all items that used to be PST exempt under the old system that are now subject to HST such as:

Lease of Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Fuel Efficient Vehicle
Purchase of an Alternative Fuel Vehicle  and Fuel Efficient Vehicle
Motor Vehicle Parking
Admission to Professional Sporting Events (e.g., Hockey, Football and Soccer Games)
Movie Tickets
Golf Memberships
Driving Range Fees
Gym and Athletic Memberships
Ballet, Karate, Trampoline, Hockey, Soccer Lessons etc.
Tickets for Live Theatre
Admission to Museums and Art Galleries
Music Concerts
Ski Lift Passes
Camping Sites
Domestic Air, Rail and Bus Travel Originating in British Columbia
Snack Foods (e.g., Chips and Pop)
Restaurant Meals
Massage Therapy Services
Over-the-Counter Medications
Certain School Supplies
EnergyStar Windows
Thermal Insulation, Weather Stripping and Caulking
First Aid Kits
Smoke Detectors Valued Less Than $250 for Residential Use
Food Producing Plants and Trees (e.g., Tomato Plants, Plum Tree)
Household Moving Services
Safety Helmets for Sports (e.g., Hockey Helmets, Snowboard Helmets, Bike Helmets)
Adult Sized Ski Gloves for Children
Adult Sized Ski Boots for Children
Children’s Sized Ski Boots
Adult Sized Clothing for Children
Shoe Repair
Tailoring Services
Used Adult Clothing Purchased for Less Than $100
Domestic Air, Rail, and Bus Travel Originating in B.C.
Camping Sites
Basic Cable Television
Local Residential Phone
Repair to Certain Household Appliances (e.g., Stoves, Ovens, Refrigerators, Washers, and Dryers)
Repair, Maintenance or Renovation Services for Real Property (e.g., Plumbing Electrical Wiring)
Landscaping, Lawn-Care, Private Snow Removal and House Cleaning
Computer Software Repair Services (e.g., virus removal or software installation)
Funeral Services
Fitness Trainer
Hair Stylist/Barber
Esthetician Services (e.g., Manicures, Pedicures, Facials)
Accounting Services
Interior Design Services
Wedding Planning Services
Veterinarian Services
Dry Cleaning
Catering and Event Planning Services (e.g., planning, consulting, coordinating and organizing)
– ONLY those items that had both PST and HST before will see a reduction of 2%, but not until 2014 AND only if the Liberals stay true to their word.

VOTE YES to eliminate the HST  to go back to the old PST/GST System. 

(Funny that you have to vote YES when you really mean “NO – I don’t want to keep the tax!!!” )
If you decide to vote NO and keep the HST make sure you understand what it’s all about and aren’t just buying into SPIN!
Forward this to everyone in your mailbox from BC so they can make an informed choice — I did 🙂
** In case you are one of the few not following the comments on these two posts, check it out as Smart Tax Alliance co-chair Mike Jagger( whose company did work for Gordon Campbell)  and other Pro HST  individuals try to tell us over and over why the HST is good for business, and therefore everyone in BC… and check out the letter the Chamber of Commerce is suggesting for its members… to give information on the HST to their employees.

18 thoughts on “10% instead of 12% HST is goooood…. right? Not So Fast!!! Reality check from a reader.

  1. Please add vegetable starts to your list Laila. They used to be exempt under the PST, but are taxed with HST. As a low income non senior with no children left at home, my partner and I squeak in just over the HST rebate income level.

    Since May we have been racing to dig the vegetable garden in time to achieve some food security. Finally yesterday we finished the arduous task. The only way we can get any produce going is to forego seeding and buy seedlings in nursery 4 packs. Broccoli, cauliflower, zuchini, onions. All subject to HST.

    Keep up the fight, I’m sharing this. And thanks.


    1. no thanks needed between fellow soldiers Kim!! ..lol..

      Ack, I haven’t planted this year, so I wasn’t aware. Geesh. food plants? That seems a bit much if you ask me!!

      I received this and loved it so much I had to post it. Very simple and to the point.


  2. I agree. So does my friend Angie, too shy to comment she sent me this…
    “Hi Kim,

    Could you add farming equipment, feed and supplies to that list. We used to be PST exempt as farmers, not any more.”

    This is bad. Very bad for small, organic farms…


  3. “ONLY those items that had both PST and HST before will see a reduction of 2%, but not until 2014 AND only if the Liberals stay true to their word.”

    I’m not sure what you mean by PST and HST or did you mean PST and GST? Because I thought HST included pst. – can you clear that up? sorry to cause trouble – I will post this list elsewhere too – it is shocking that there is tax on cheap old used clothing – we know that means the person on minum wage without a coat in the winter… with have to pay $11.2o cents instead of $10 – that is a tax on the poor. I am so depressed by this.


  4. Well we knew Campbell was really a Conservative. He is now officially working for Harper, not behind our backs this time. Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, long before the BC election. Christy is also working for Harper, to force the HST onto the BC people. We know Christy too, wants a job in Ottawa with Harper. That’s why Christy is frantic, rabid and acting demented, over the HST.

    Falcon is just as, vindictive as Campbell is. The threats against the BC people, coming out of his mouth, is revolting, shameful, and should be, beneath a decent person’s dignity. Two Conservative party’s in one province is two, too many.

    Canada is beginning to feel like, a fascist country with a dictatorship regime. Harper is right off the wall. His, so called majority, has swollen his head, ten times the size. Other country’s also noticed this. Wikileaks said, the American politicians say, Harper is a petty gasbag. He is known as, arrogant, stubborn and co-operates with no-one. This is the typical behavior of a fascist. Fascists are also paranoid. Harper sent his henchmen to Guelph University, to stop the students from voting. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes, that’s fascism right there, and bizarre behavior.

    Harper wants that, HST very, very, badly. And as we see. There are dirty tactics, every which way we look. Silly stick men ads. The Liberal propaganda media machine, working very hard for Christy. The BC people, do not want the HST, what-so-ever. But, Craig James of Elections BC, isn’t that lily white either. He is also a good friend of Campbell’s. Christy and the BC Liberals, are doing their own sort of rioting. They are ridiculous.


  5. Here’s the proof, Julie – Who says crime doesn’t pay?


    Ex-B.C. premier Gordon Campbell to be London envoy, sources say

    The Canadian Press

    OTTAWA—The Harper government plans to appoint former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell as Canada’s new high commissioner to Britain, The Canadian Press has learned.
    Campbell’s elevation to one of Canada’s highest diplomatic posts comes after he resigned last fall as B.C. premier.
    The Liberal premier’s popularity plunged when he introduced the 12-per-cent harmonized sales tax in 2009.
    Campbell resigned after 26 years in politics, nine of them as premier.
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper also reached across partisan political lines in 2009 when he appointed Manitoba’s former NDP premier Gary Doer as his ambassador to Washington — considered Canada’s top diplomatic posting.
    Sources say the announcement of Campbell’s appointment is days away.
    Campbell would replace veteran career diplomat James Wright, who was appointed to the high commissioner’s post in August 2006, after previous diplomatic postings in Washington and Moscow.
    One of Wright’s major responsibilities in London was dealing with Britain and other European allies during Canada’s combat mission in Afghanistan. Wright had previously served in London as political officer for four years in the early 1990s.


  6. The HST provinces are all, at the bottom of the barrel. BC is dead last of all the western provinces. Other provinces, did have job gains, BC didn’t even get a honorable mention. None of the HST provinces did. Where are the jobs, Campbell and Hansen promised the HST would bring? BC is still losing jobs, more restaurants and small businesses closing.

    Why are we not saving money, from the HST as Campbell and Hansen promised. Not one dime has trickled down to the people. Our money has trickled up to big business, for their new company vehicles, bigger bonuses, and nice vacations. The HST was a scam, to give to big business. Why don’t the BC Liberals admit they lied, thieved, scammed and cheated to win. I would like to see them prove, we all have a bundle of money saved, by the merits of the HST. Christy’s family’s first, is an out and out lie. She would never force the HST onto us, if she really believed family’s were first. The HST comes first with Christy, and that, is that.


  7. I hate to say this but the HST has driven our family to shop in the states.

    Living 3 km. from Point Roberts, getting gas down south and saving $25 is a no-brainier, but there is more. We save another $25 to $50 shopping at the local grocery store when we go. The trick is, the grocery store deep discounts perishables every night an hour before closing and the savings are remarkable.

    Savings per month $200 to $300 an month and no added HST!

    Mrs. Eye’s sister lives in Seattle and semi monthly trip to the land of the Space needle also save us a bundle.

    It a shop-a-holics delight as every shopping and outlet mall is scoured for deals and deals there are as our US cousins are excellent merchandisers and big savings abound.

    Savings per trip – $100 to $300 and no added HST.

    Minimum annual savings – $3000!! and no HST!!

    Here is an example of some in-house deals – Wallmart managers special: 8 gigabyte memory sticks – 2 for $18 or less if you have a coupon.

    Those small businesses that support the HST, well you are driving your customers South. give your collective heads a shake.


  8. Think about this folks. Clark has set a timeline to reduce the HST by 2%. First of all she ia buying your vote on pure fallacy. Second and most important, if we do not defeat this rught now we won’t get squat. The way its set up is that by 2014 the federal government will have total control over our taxes and there isn’t a bloody thing we can do about it.
    Clark will just say “well I tried to get a reduction but couldn’t.”

    And by the way if Clark wants to keep all the taxes that have been introduced above, she will be committing political suicide.


  9. I have been telling everyone I know the exact same thing. What short memories people have. I must admit that one of the current themes being rolled out regarding businesses finding it so much easier to do book keeping doesn’t wash with me. It is a cost of doing business. It is an insult to be “given” a measly $120 per year of my own money back. And let’s not forget the wonderful legacy Campbell left behind with the carbon tax. that keeps increasing. Bah. A pox on their house! If people vote No” than it is yet another sign of the electorate getting the government they deserve.


  10. Christy Clark’s “Families First” was a bit of a misleading, albeit not entirely untrue, statement by Clark.
    It should read properly: Christy Clark’s family first.. then her business buddies and friends who are appointed to newly created posts (I thought we were “thinning out” unnecessary govt expenditures, not creating new “personal assistant” posts for personal friends… I can’t find the link but there was news last couple days/week that had her appoint a friend to a newly created position on “Reaching out to BC’rs”) and then of course there’s the photoshop.. oops, photo shots of her doing PR work claiming she’s opened new places (places already built, she just snipped the ribbon) etc.

    She’s about as useful as teats on a boar, claiming honors for things designed and built before her arrival in the Premier’s office.
    She definitely has the SPIN down right. I just can’t believe she thinks we’re stupid enough to be mislead by her stick figure campaign. What a waste of money (added to the every increasing list of errors, screw-ups, etc, by her and her party), money they claim they don’t have when it comes to something necessary like hospitals and sheriffs for courthouses.

    An election is coming, thank God.


  11. if we get the hst gone and go back to pst gst will the idems listed above be set back to normal or will they still have a pst on them even thou they didnt before


  12. Kevin the Terrible has already said if the referendum doesn’t go his way as in yes, he will put PST on everything…making it a win win for him. I believe the results will be rigged.


  13. “ONLY those items that had both PST and HST before will see a reduction of 2%, but not until 2014 AND only if the Liberals stay true to their word.

    The odds of that (Liberals staying true to their word) are minimal at best………


  14. @Dave

    If this vote defeats the HST then the government is required to reverse it completely. That means that we go back to the way it was prior to July 1 2009. They have to remove all the new taxes that they snuck in with the HST. And if we don’t remove it NOW it (our right in BC to set our own taxes) will be forever lost.


  15. Let’s not forget the sneakiest tax increase that the Liberals imposed when the HST came into effect. Prior to July 1st 2010, the private sales of used vehicles were subject to 7% PST whereas a transaction through a dealer was subject to 7% PST + 5% GST. Therefore if the PST was eliminated, then the theory should follow that the tax on private sales would have been reduced to zero. But naturally the Liberals seeing a huge revenue stream dry up due to the enactment of their own policy, just decided to make it 12% HST instead. Talk about it’s only fair when I’m winning! That’s why you’ll hear all of the used car dealerships tooting their collective horns about the HST. Just think about how many of us try to save some money by purchasing a used vehicle off Craigslist, and today it will cost you an extra $250 on a $5,000 buy.

    On the government’s website http://www.hstinbc.ca/making_your_choice/faqs/ it categorically states that ” If there was no GST on a product or service before July 1st 2010, there is no HST today.” Just another indefensible Liberal lie.


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