Alone and Cold : The Final Frank Paul report from the Davies Commission.

I’ve had great interest in the death of Frank Paul for some time, and seeing justice served. This is a collection of some of the posts I have done in this unforgivable and unforgettable death.

The final report of the Davies Commission was released and although I am only partially through it, you can read that report in PDF form at this link: DaviesCommission-FinalReport-June-16-2011


3 thoughts on “Alone and Cold : The Final Frank Paul report from the Davies Commission.

  1. “At its core, conflict of interest concerns the risk of divided loyalties. In conducting
    a charge assessment, Crown Counsel must act with undivided loyalty to the
    public interest. When other interests (e.g., personal, financial, career) interfere
    with that duty of undivided loyalty, a conflict of interest exists, which may be
    actual or perceived”
    I too, am still not finished reading the whole file but this paragraph and the rest of his recomendations re how conflict of interest regulations must serve not only “the public interest” but also be “perceived” to do so, is what our province could have used over the last 10 years. .


    1. Well said. I am still mulling over my thoughts on this report. Certainly I have come across several very compassionate and pointed passages, and the recommendations are good, but… there is still that but. There is so much grey and the human factor plays into how succesful those recommendations can be brought into fruition. For some people, law enforcement and crown included, preservation of self over-rides ability to clearly seperate the duties and obligations of the position, from the fear of being exposed or perceived at being in this conflict.


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