Kevin Falcon admits with HST, not everyone is coming out on top

ON CBC tonight:

What gives? Falcon openly admits HST hurts some, not everyone is coming out on top but tells business owners ” we should overlook that for the overall benefits”

Sniff.. sniff… what’s that I smell?  Victory? In the offing…

Take note Falcon, Jagger, Winters and Clark. You can’t control democracy.

10 Comments on “Kevin Falcon admits with HST, not everyone is coming out on top

  1. Reeeeaaallllllyyyy.
    None of us have been coming out ahead (or on top) for a couple of decades.
    But business has. Record profits. Citizens? Record poverty. Record amount of part times jobs one has in a day, a week, a month.
    Shut up Falcon.
    Shut up Clark.

  2. In case you missed this tonight on CTV news at 6:00 pm….The HST… The below was Cut n pasted from the CTV website..

    We did our own unscientific poll in the CTV consumer unit, phoning dozens of businesses in Metro Vancouver to see if they’ve either hired staff or lowered prices because of the HST.

    Of the 50 businesses called, only one has hired more staff and just two have dropped their prices modestly. In fact, we got a blast on the phone from many B.C. business owners who hate the tax, including the owner of a popular Kitsilano gym.

    Ron Zalko, owner of the Ron Zalko Fitness Club, despises the HST and so do his customers, who never had to pay a tax on their gym memberships before.

    “Suddenly they have to pay seven per cent – this is disgusting! You should not penalize fitness and exercise,” said Zalko.

    Zalko says he’s been forced to reduce his membership fees to mollify angry customers


  3. Falcon is a goof and as usual his math is wonky. Bicycles didn’t have GST + PST and neither did recycled clothing it seems. So people are paying more where exemptions were not carried forward.

  4. Oh…..THAT’S how business is going to drop prices… order to mollify angry customers. So the Lieberals have been telling the truth about that one, lol…..

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  5. The BC Liberal/Smart Tax Alliance Top Seven HST Myths
    1. The HST is now 10% – False
    The HST is 12% and will not be 10% for three years – if ever. There will be an election before that, and even if the HST were to miraculously drop to 10% – it will still apply to hundreds more goods and services than a 12% PST/GST for a consumer tax increase of $1.6B per year. And who says it won’t go right back up again later?

    2. The HST will lower taxes – False
    This one is hilarious. The HST increases taxes for British Columbians by $2.8 Billion per year. That’s an average annual increase of $500 per person – or $1208 per average family – forever. Finance Minister Falcon says if his side loses he may disregard the result and expand the PST to items previously exempt – and that’s illegal. Do you really trust this guy to cut the rate if he wins?

    3. The HST will save you money – False
    And the tooth fairy is going to leave you a quarter under your pillow too. To get their numbers to show the HST actually “saving” you money they are calculating only “routine purchases” and that 90% of what you pay in HST will be passed back to you in lower prices. Have you seen lower prices?… We didn’t think so.

    4. The HST benefits seniors – False
    Seniors and people on fixed incomes are some of the hardest hit by the HST. A one time rebate of $175 if you vote in favour of their tax in exchange for paying it for the next 10-30 years of your retirement is a deal only a snake oil salesman would offer. Why take $175 when you can vote to cancel the HST and keep all your money? How dumb do they think we are?

    5. The HST benefits families – False
    Next to seniors, working families are hardest hit by the HST because they are among the largest consumers and have dependent children. Bribes of $175 per child when your cost is closer to $400 a year each makes you wonder if they think all of us failed math as badly as they did. And what about a single mom with two kids going to college? She gets nothing while the Premier and Finance Minister who earn big six figure salaries get the rebate. Nice.

    6. Business will pay more so you can pay less – False
    A temporary increase of 2% in corporate taxes will be passed on to consumers with increased prices. Either way you pay the final bill whether it’s in HST or higher prices.

    7. We will owe $1.6 Billion if we cancel the HST – False
    The “Independent Panel” says the HST generated $850 million more than budgeted. Setting aside that is the biggest tax grab in history, it means government already has $850 million to repay Ottawa . BC has only received $1B, and Ottawa collected $300M more in corporate taxes under the HST than under the PST. So it’s a wash. And keeping the HST would cost British Columbians alot more than killing it – over $28 Billion in new taxes in just 10 years.
    Vote YES to extinguish the HST and save your province, your democracy, and your money!

  6. This is just payback time — at taxpayers expense.

    Phil Hochstein of the Independent Contractors Association is a big supporter of, and contributor to, the Liberal Party.

    Taxpayers were initially told that prices would come down when manufacturers passed on the tax savings to consumers. Now the Liberals are admitting the HST has hurt the economy. This is a huge about face for the Liberals — and that is the real story!

  7. But – the DISHONEST AND TOTALLY CORRUPT BC Liberal government and their corporate supporters just cannot stop lying. That is their way and they don’t know any different – they even believe their own bullsh*t.
    All they want to do is to continue to empty the provincial coffers by any means – legal or otherwise, as there is no one to stop them.