49 thoughts on “Shame on you, Mr. Harper, shame…

  1. Nice reward for selling out BC, and resigning because the public didn’t want him, didn’t like him, and didn’t trust him, eh? My wife is warning her Uncle who lives in England that he’s coming….


  2. On the bright side, this will probably enrage enough BC’ers to show their displeasure for Harper and Campbell by overwhelmingly voting down their cursed HST.


  3. I have some friends over there and have sent this off already to see what they think of it. I am sure someone has already sent this to the media over there -. the British press love this kind of stuff, very tabloidy and the Brits eat it up like chocolate pudding.


    1. Apparently Mr. Dix thinks this is a good idea…lol…http://www.cknw.com/Channels/Reg/NewsLocal/Story.aspx?ID=1448042

      Campbell Gets Praise From Former Foe
      Sean Leslie | Email news tips to Sean

      They were bitter political enemies, but NDP leader Adrian Dix says former Premier Gordon Campbell is a good pick for Canada’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. “There’s no one who disagrees with Gordon Campbell about British Columbia politics more than I, but I think he’ll do a good job for British Columbia there, it’s good when British Columbia’s represented in national institutions, it doesn’t happen enough. So I wish Mr. Campbell well. I think he’ll do a good job, I know he’ll work hard.”

      Give me a break. Seriously. Reality check- he didn’t do a good job for British Columbia here, so wtf makes you think he’ll do a good job for British Columbia over there, while he is living high on the hog with a chef and chauffer??

      Wow. There are ways to be politically correct without praising the leader the NDP have tried to get rid of for 10 years, in my opinion. What do you think about this endorsement, considering public sentiment is very angry over the granting of this position to Campbell?


  4. Adrian Dix is out to lunch on this one. It would have been much better to say absolutely nothing and thus not creat any further problems.

    Seems the party leaders are strangely devoid of any common sense – is this a mandatory trait for any and all aspiring political “wannabees” ???


    1. I agree, and I think the commentary will be quiet on this move by Dix from NDP members who don’t know what to say. Personally, if I were Dix, I would have said this is a travesty and call for a halt to the posting – and speak the truth- or decline comment which is a statement in itself. I hear Farnworth made similar comments. Should be interesting to see what the response is to this or will members take it underground and stay silent ?


  5. It was quite obvious Campbell was working for Harper. It was Harper who wanted the HST very badly, so Campbell and Hansen forced the HST through. No proper debate in the Legislature, nothing. Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, before the BC election. They have just gone public, of their very close relationship, instead of behind our backs.

    Harper and Campbell worked hand in hand, to thieve BC’s assets and natural resources from the people. Harper and Campbell worked on, forcing the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China, into our beautiful pristine northern coast.

    How many times did we hear, Harper is a snake in the grass. Hopefully now people will see Harper and Campbell’s evil agenda. Wikileafs has said, the N.A.U. is now a reality. We couldn’t get people to believe, what was coming to kick them in the face. It is now too late.

    Harper has given Canada away with Campbell’s assistance, to thieve all of BC’s vast resources. Campbell thieved and sold our BCR. Campbell thieved our rivers and sold them. BC is going to lose two of our most valuable resources, our clean drinking water, and our valuable farmland. We own nothing people, not even our water, which is also going private. Clean drinking water, will be far more valuable than, gold, silver, copper, oil and gas. Our water in BC, is being squandered, by fracking, which also poisons the underground water, for hundreds of miles. Pipeline bursts also contaminates, the clean underground water.

    Our stupid governments are poisoning, our lakes, rivers, streams, soil, clean underground water, air and our oceans are dying. The Alberta dirty tar sands, have poisoned the huge Athabasca watershed. We are running out of clean water, and the U.S. wants ours. So our water will be sold.


  6. Whose side are you on, Laila? You shoud not be openly questioning Dix’ comments, he has to say something nice,he’s the leader. I don’t think he means it. The media put them on the spot!


    1. Wow, I wondered how long it would take to get a hit on this – people don’t seem to like it when I hold the NDP to the same standards as I hold the Liberals.

      I’m on the people’s side, P. the peoples side. And when I hear crap coming from someones mouth, I don’t care who said it, or why, I am going to point it out. Dix is the leader of a party who wants to take power away from the Libs, and both he and Farnworth missed a chance at a good shot here. Shouldn’t be telling the press he thinks Campbell will do a good job for BC over there, when he damn near was on his way to ruination of our homeland. Like it or not, the people come first,before press and politics like that. If what he said wasnt the truth, then he shows people he will say anything to be diplomatic, and if it was the truth, and he really thinks Campbell is a good fit, and will do good for BC( still cant wrap my head around that one) then that is something people will remember in this outrage and take into account.

      Me, I don’t compromise what’s on my mind for anything. But if Mr.Dix and Mr. Farnworth need to clarify their comments or retract them, they can do so here.


  7. Laila…I agree that Dix/Farnsworth should have said no comment…However, Farnsworth opened his mouth FIRST(last night at 4:30pm)..Unscripted…Dix couldn`t bash Campbell without the Farnsworth comments coming back to bite him…

    Laila, it does no good for the NDP to go negative, Adrian Dix isn`t playing that game, he`s sticking to issues, budgets, …..Like how to pay for election promises!!!

    Horgan has come out in favour of Dumping Enbridge and concentrating on OUR resource, natural gas….A pipeline from the gas fields to the coast for export…Horgan states, …”When there is an accident with natural gas it goes BOOM, no oil lingering for generations, no long term damage, and we would receive triple the royalties of Alberta tar oil”…Yes there needs to be more studies on possible drawbacks of fracking(legitimate studies)

    Dix is laying out a costed platform, …..And yes, the NDP need revenue sources…I see natural gas from the far north as a better option than a mile deep pit leeching heavy metals into the Fraser river watershed or oil tankers plying the always stormy Hecate Straight..

    As for Adrian blowing a gasket over the Campbell appointment, what good would it do?..It could only serve to anger Harper voters in BC….Let the Harper voters make up their own minds.

    Dix doesn`t need to throw barbs at Harper…..Not until he is premier, and…Do you really think Dix and the NDP could influence Harper?….And my last point, Dix, the NDP, the Federal Liberals, none of those parties want Harper to backdown and appoint an appropriate Commish…Like say Rick Hansen….

    Harper will pay the price…Imagine this scenario…BCers complain to Harper about the Campbell appointment….Harper picks someone better suited and popular…The result…

    Harper`s popularity in BC rises!….

    Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.

    Good Day


    1. Grant, bugger off with strategy and the bigger picture, because I don’t buy into it.

      As for your statement: “As for Adrian blowing a gasket over the Campbell appointment, what good would it do?..It could only serve to anger Harper voters in BC….Let the Harper voters make up their own minds.”

      Hmm, what good would it do? It would show everyone who just signed up to defeat the Liberals that Dix will stand up for what is true and right, and what people believe.

      Dix dug himself a hole and he didn’t need to go as far as he did to mollycoddle anyone if that was the case. No one said he had to blow a gasket either, but considering the NDP are all over the Libs for lying about the HST over and over , one would think Dix would consider the impact of his words to the people who aren’t NDP members, or perhaps those newly joined. Everyone is outraged over Campbells appointment and rightly so. There is only one path to being a credible leader and that is telling the truth and/or perhaps choosing your words carefully in some situations to avoid a situation like this.

      By not doing so, and outright endorsing Campbell to this position, he shocked and outraged a lot of people, people whose votes the NDP will need in the next election.

      Never miss a chance to take a valid and real opportunity to take a shot. He missed by a mile.As for Harpers popularity in BC rising if he pulls and reappoints? You must think the people are really dumb, because everyone will see right through that and remember his first choice anyways.

      AS for backlash? My email box is filling with emails sent to Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth from members who are angered and disappointed at their comments. People should be camping outside of all conservative MP offices on this one!!


  8. Folks:
    I will be sending this to my member of parliament, Cathy McCloud. If any readers think it to strong or can improve on it please help me draft it. I will wait a few days for replies and help with this. Thanks
    Your boss Steven Harper is one sick, sick, sick puppy. He must be sick in the head as to give Gordon Campbell this cushy job in England. Steven Harper has shown us his utter contempt for the people of BC. He not only shit on us he is rubbing our faces in it. I am so angry that even at 73 years of age and 145 pounds I would give anything to get in a ring with him in a bare knuckle fight. I would kick the shit out of this moronic man. I sadly voted for him through you and he treats us like this. Please don’t tell the people of BC that Gordon was the man for this job. We all know him as a drunk, a habitual liar and the worse Premiere of all of Canada. Now is when we should be massing in the streets because of this injustice to British Columbia and all of Canada. If the people would stand up and do this I would be there with them. You people, Stephen Harper and clowns are beyond contempt. I can not find words low enough to describe how unjust to the people of Canada this act is. I also can not find words that describe how low this government has crawled with this one. I hope you all rot in hell as you are or must be the spon of the devil to do this to the people of Canada. Am I angry? You bet your ass I am! I am not alone with this; see the replies to this act of disgust in the Vancouver Sun. Reward a drunken lying twit who tried very hard to give BC away to his friends. Unbelievable!
    Wayne Russell


    1. Wayne ?

      Don’t change a thing. I think at 73 years old, as a loyal Canadian, you have the right to express your anger. I think I am framing this one!! : )

      Your fan, Laila Yuile


  9. I agree with you Laila.

    Praise for Campbell who destroyed our province. Campbell who thieved our BCR and sold it. The HST that was forced on the BC people by, Campbell and Hansen. Who lied and said, the HST wasn’t on their radar. And, the small provincial deficit lie.

    I am absolutely shocked by Dix, to congratulate such a monster as Campbell.

    It seems to me, I will vote for an Independent, next provincial election.


  10. I wonder if a High Commissioner has ever been brought back to testify at a public inquiry called to investigate something he orchestrated? Would be fun to watch, and the egg on Harper’s face would take some time to wash off. About the same length of time as the BC Rail “lease”.

    Come to think of it, I can’t remember ever hearing anything from the current High Commish, so if this means we won’t ever hear from Campbell again (except on the witness stand), it may be worth it.


    1. Lew, interesting thought. Maybe thats why he is headed over there, protection?..lol. but still, to place this man on the public payroll again, with such luxuries, is not at all forgiveable. I would rather have seen him go into the private sector where he can leach off corporate interests rather than party it in London the taxpayers dime.


  11. “Bugger off” snip….Classy!….Yes Laila…And Adrian Dix should put his hair over Pammy/Chris Olsen/Rebbecca Scott/Stephen Smart and on and on….

    What if Harper appointed Bill Vanderzalm..Glen Clark…Would Christy Clark and the media come out swinging at Harper?…I think not…

    BC Rail is still brewing, John Doyle, and as you say…The Brits love scandal and gossip, far better to let Campbell embarrass himself at this stage…

    Anyway, I find “Bugger off” extremely offensive, especially coming from you…..

    Consider this my last visit here.

    Good Day


    1. Sorry to offend Grant, like you, I have to call it like I see it. And to be honest, I think what I have said doesn’t come anywhere close to what you are capable of producing in terms of classy language.
      Right now you sound like the spin docs that show up from the PAB, only for the NDP side, and that makes me mad.
      And I ask you this, if this was reversed and it was a Liberal who said something stupid to the press to offend the betraryed people of BC, you would have been all over it like white on rice and we both know it.

      I’m not NDP like you Grant, I’m independent. And I think my job is to hold all politicians to task, no matter what the party or affiliation. I think the Liberals need to go, there is no questioning that, but that doesn’t give the NDP or Dix, or Farnworth, a free pass. I’ve seen far too many people hurt by this government to do otherwise.


  12. Linda, Bless you for voting, but it took Campbell’s appt for you to figure out about why you shouldn’t vote for the tories in the next election?
    The goof ball Dix going on about Campbell’s achievements?
    Bloody hell what is in the is in the water?
    All these bastards stand silent while the country assets are sold off and then praise each other’s work.
    Sod off you wankers, I say.
    Laila, its called bread puddin.


  13. Wow, the mind totally boggles – when I first saw a story about this appointment, I thought it was a joke… or a mistake… or something… Shocking, really. I agree with your take on this, Laila, as regards Mr. Dix. – very disappointing, to say the least. Would have preferred “No comment”.


  14. I am not shocked at all by Mr Dix or Farnsworths comments about the appointment of Gordon Campbell. It seem this is a lesson we must learn over and over and over again! It is the main reason our province is so dire and Mr. Campbell got away with so much while in power here.
    The are all from the same cloth, formed in the same mold no matter which party was fool enough to employ them.
    Mr Dix learned a lesson that look where you can end up if you just kiss the right ass, side with the power. It could possibly mean a cushy appointment in his future should he score the right points with the right lowlifes now.
    One thing of certainty no matter what their motives might be, is that the last thing these people concern themselves with and the thing least on their minds as they dance with each other is what is right for us the people. They flat out could care less all of them!


  15. I thought Ms. Clark’s faint praise was more guarded than either Dix or Farnworths.
    Campbell is not deserving of either praise or patronage appointments.
    Unfortunately the rest of Canada remains blissfully unaware of Campbell’s endless acts of malfeasance and criminality that he perpetrated on the good people of British Columbia.
    This is not the time or the place to be gracious.
    Campbell must not be allowed to continue holding public office anywhere, especially at our expense.
    Messers Dix and Farnworth would be well advised to publicly condemn Harper’s ill advised appointment, which is wholly without merit, and they should do so quickly and loudly.

    Jerry Sussenguth’s idea of bombarding the PMO with our opinion is well worth doing.


  16. Dix/Farnworth are out of touch with the voters and could, with comments like theirs hand the next election right back to the B.C.con-Liberals. Shame on them. Is this a comment from the back room….Moe GGOOOO Sahota? Scary. Dix and Farnworth waiting for a higher posting by Harper? They could also lose us votes to say YES to STOP the HST.

    Seems to me like Campbell’s first ‘job’ will be to merge the hated NAU with the hated EU on the way to a one world order. Scarier.



  17. Jean, I think you hit the nail right on the head!

    We all know Harper is a one-worlder, he’s made it very plain in the past. We know that Campbell is willing to work toward that too…his give-away of BC proves it. When he was invited to Bilderberg, I said at that time, “there’s something big coming his way in the future…that’s the Bilderberg way.” This, I believe, is only the beginning. He’s being sent for cleaning and polishing.

    I fully expect that at some point in the future, he will return here…and go for Harper’s job…with Harper and Bilderberg’s blessing. Harper too, is marked for much bigger things. Likely a seat at the “big table” once the one-world takeover has been accomplished in the forseeable future.

    As for Dix and Farnworth – they’ve pretty much proven that it doesn’t matter who sits as preem. They’re all of the same cloth…only their colors and texture are different.


  18. Leah,

    I had a good teacher about the NWO, it was you…..

    My thoughts exactly re the return of the devil himself and you just make it feel more doomier and gloomier! There is a reason Rockefeller sent the invite to the Bilderberg meeting to Prime Minister Gordon Campbell, that is when I started thinking they know what they are doing and it was no typo!

    You also taught me about Ctrl and use the wheel on the mouse to enlarge print…

    Thanks, Jean


  19. There ain’t many, but there are good aspects to this Appointment.

    1. It reminds people of the sick f***, who has been virtually invisible in the glare of Crusty’s shark smile/leer. We can’t allow ourselves to forget this evil man and what he has done to us and our province!

    2. It saves BC a lot of money that would be required to pay for 24/7 protection for Gord the Lord, as not that many Brits have guns, nor any reason to shoot him.

    3. The Fleet Street press won’t give an asshole like him a free ride like our pathetic Liberal cheerleaders posing as journalists. The British press cuts no one any slack, especially hypocrites that “claim” to hold “family” values. Not the Royals, not Profumo, not even spawn of the rusted Iron Lady. We should all make sure that Gordo’s bonafides are known to Fleet Street. I will personally see that they all get a chance to read “Is Gordon Campbell a Made Man?” from the Republic of East Van by Potvin.

    They might want to interview Nancy and Lara (and who ever is the family man’s squeeze these days – maybe he’ll get tangled up with Fergie (or would she be too old for the old lecher?)

    4. Drivers and pedestrians in our fair province will be safer with less chance of being run over by a drunken Gordo having a Maui Wowie Moments of crazy lane changes at high speed with only one eye half open to keep down the number of roads and white lines visible to the drunk skunk at the wheel.

    5. It makes it clear to even the politically challenged how the BC Liberals aren’t really Liberals or the Reformatories really conservatives, but both some twisted collection of sociopathic thieving and lying crooks with a license (given by the dumbed down electorate) to steal and plunder.

    6. The air in our beautiful province will have a fresh ambiance, just from the knowledge that he ain’t breathing the same air as we are.


  20. I remember you Jean!…and am hoping all is well in your world. I’ve been away from my “blog reading” for a while…or shall I say…I’ve not been as attentive to my favorite haunts as I was. Just making work and life adjustments – but this appointment shocked me enough to make me look for more information.

    In my digging I found more information about Bilderberg…and how/why both Harper and Campbell fit like a glove.


    This pretty much tells us the direction we can expect to go in the future. Oh yeah, you might need ctrl and the wheel on this one. LOL! Really good to “meet up with you” again. 🙂


  21. Laila, I think that you are over-reacting to the comments made by Dix and Farnworth, which were also basically echoed by Carole James today on CKNW. I admit that my first reaction was similar to yours when I first heard them, but have since had a little time to cool down and think of the ramifications should these three have taken the negative road.

    First of all, this appointment is being made by the Federal Government. No input is required from any provincial party and a negative reaction will have no upside for any of them.

    The way I see it is that the NDP has to always be vigilant of the way the media will portray their message. What headlines do you think would appear in the print media if the NDP went negative? What negative spin would CKNW have utilized in each of their newscasts today?

    There will be plenty of time for Dix, Cummins, Sherck(apologies if I mispelled her name) and any other party leaders to dump all over Gordon Campbell’s tenure as Premier of this province when the next election is called. Now is not that time.

    As much as I hate seeing Campbell being rewarded with this plum position, I think Kootkoot’s take on things are worth considering.


    1. I can see Kootcoot’s opinion for what it is. Sure, I love to see Campbell gone as much as the next time. And the argument may be made by some that there is no sense in piling it on Campbell now that he has gone, and some may even go further to argue that Dix could hardly say the fellow doesnt deserve to work…. But hold this to your heart.

      Campbell is in a taxpayer funded position, federal no less, meaning you and I are still paying for his chef, his chauffer and his parties. On federal dime, which means also HST…. so in the end, Campbell still has the last laugh because once again, he takes not only the people of BC for a ride, but the entire country. Yes, considering it was Campbell who lied to us all about that HST, federally dictated, a negative reaction to this posting serves the NDP well politically on two fronts- their fight against the HST, and their need for more members.

      Now, Dix said, Farnworth said, and I havent heard James but will take Jeans word for it, that they all think he will do well in the job and do well for BC.

      Frankly, it turns my stomach. If Dix felt he didn’t need to pile it on, then keep your mouth shut and say nothing, or say the minimum to avoid alienating all the people who have been screwed over by Campbell. But don’t sit back and rest on your laurels of how many time you’ve gone after Campbell in the past and use that as an excuse for what most consider an endorsement of the position. What the hell else could be construed from saying :

      ” but I think he’ll do a good job for British Columbia there, it’s good when British Columbia’s represented in national institutions, it doesn’t happen enough. So I wish Mr. Campbell well. I think he’ll do a good job, I know he’ll work hard.”

      Sounds like an endorsement of Campbell ripping off all Canadians even more. In particular since this post is the cushiest, most coveted social post of all.

      The media will never treat the NDP the same as the liberals and we both know it, so who cares how they spin it if they win with everyone who hates Campbell and would like to see someone stand up against this very big, publically funded, slap in the face. To say it has nothing to do with provincial politics because it is a federal position, is like saying the feds have nothing to do with the HST. Can’t play that both ways.

      This is a fight, and if the NDP expect to win an election with all the variables out there, such as split votes etc, they cant afford to make mistakes like this, in my opinion, in particular since playing nice with Campbell in such a glowing manner is making many people think twice about what they want from the NDP.


  22. I was totally deflated by the comments by Dix and Farnsworth re Campbell’s new ‘job’, not really believing what I was reading.

    As for Ms. James I’m just glad I don’t listen to CKNW but I am not surprised if her response echoed Dix’s and Farnsworth’s. That is why she made possibly the worst opposition leader B.C. has ever had to endure for seven long years.

    As for CKNW having her on yesterday…..this was no coincidence, set Ms. James up knowing she would have praises again for Campbell….and the NW stooges will use her, Dix’s and Farnsworth’s “So I wish Mr. Campbell well. I think he’ll do a good job (for B.C.), I know he’ll work hard” over and over again to suit their evil purpose. Campbell did a good job for B.C.????? Please, just name one good thing the corrupt Campbell did for B.C., just one.


    1. Wow, Ron, thank you. Thank you for this, because it’s so true. BC Mary is a huge inspiration and role model for me, and Kim, well Kim is just amazing and I love them both.
      I can’t speak for them, but I’m not ready to make nice and I am done with all the politics. Time to stand up for what is right, not for what you think will play in the media well – and that goes for everyone. One of my favourite songs that always gets me fired up inside and reminds me to stay true to my path.

      ‘Cause I’m mad as hell
      Can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should

      What it is you think I should ”

      It’s time to take back BC folks.


  23. I agree with Laila wholeheartedly, these people found themselves in a position that is very rare, perhaps coming along once in a lifetime, to stand up for the people they are suppose to represent and speak on their behalf and be a voice for them.

    This was an opportunity for the people of this province to tell how hurt and mislead they have been by Mr. Campbell for years and to explain the damage caused by him to our province. We trusted that given an opportunity like this that the truth would find it’s way through our representatives and our message could be heard!

    Instead we have witnessed one of the most cowardly acts in the history of our province by not one but two individuals,Mr. Dix and Mr Farnsworth, who chose not to represent the people and deliver our voice, but to cower again at a precious moment and rob us of our just reward that of letting the Prime Minister aware of our feelings in this matter.

    Shame on both of you!!! Not only have you done ,through your cowardice, a major injustice to the people of this province but you have also done a major disservice to the party you serve as many like myself are now awakened to the fact that we really have no alternative to the folly of what has become the politics here at least thruogh it’s existing political parties.

    Again Shame! How could you have been so stupid or should I say so cowardly?


  24. Hi Laila,

    like most folks I was appalled at Campbells appointment but moreso by the comments of Farnworth, Carol James and the aptly named Dix. Do they think they have the remotest possibility of an appointment to greater things similar to Gary Doer.?

    Their statements along with some the folks that want to look at the bigger picture, future political strategies, remaining vigilant because of the media messaging ( which isn’t going to change) etc. etc. typifies B.C. politics. Dancing around an issue and afraid to call a spade a spade, preferring “an earth inverting horticultural implement”.
    Adrian, Mike, Carol; for crying out loud, for once call it like it is.
    It’s no more than one sleazbag taking care of another for services rendered. Ethics and morality be damned


  25. Hi Laila,
    Good points to many, I’m just as frustrated/pissed off/confused and dumbfounded at the statements made by Dix: “There’s no one who disagrees with Gordon Campbell about British Columbia politics more than I, but I think he’ll do a good job for British Columbia there, … I think he’ll do a good job, I know he’ll work hard.” as anyone/everyone else.

    Like, literally W. T. F?
    Why is anyone trying to say anything good about Campbell considering that he’s stepped down in disgrace, has had the WORST political record of ANY premier, yet he gets the most coveted post in Federal office?
    The agenda’s of the main political parties at this time (with the exemption of Green) are self-serving, greedy and manipulative, secretive and malicious in their intent/result.
    Yet, how do you make them leave, because once in they are harder than an Alabama tick to dig out, still intact with golden pension even if they were nothing but fraudulent white-collar criminals.

    A question I do have is, does Campbell retain any “pension” or what-have-you while he’s at his new post, or are we paying him on top of his salary there?


    1. I could not say for sure, but yes, I suspect he is doing what many retired public officials do… and that is working while pulling in a nice pension from their time in office. In fact, there is a lot of what is called double-dipping that occurs when retired, pension receiving former officials return to do contract consultant work or what have you, gettin the public dollar twice. In Campbells case is on the federal payroll in his new position( still using our tax dollars) and likely getting his BC pension.

      Yep, living high on the hog courtesy of the people in BC, and now, the rest of Canada too.

      Only in politics.


  26. I was so livid, how could Harper yet again, embarrass the Canadian people? He sent an absolute criminal to England. But then remembered, Harper had a 3X convicted felon working for him. Money was thieved for one of Harper’s campaigns. We did know, Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, before the BC election. Campbell did thieve and sell the BCR. We knew Campbell was working for Harper. They are just another bunch of thieving rats, out to destroy the entire country. BC of course got a double dose, from both Campbell and Harper. Campbell thieved from this province and the people, he will make all kinds of corrupt deals in England too. Campbell is not one who passes up a buck. He will steal your eyes, and then come back for the sockets.

    I stumbled on an old newspaper article. Harper in New York, meeting the Council of Foreign Relations. Harper fully endorsed the N.A.U. even way back then. This is Harper and Campbell’s evil agenda for all those years, and right to this day. I also read, Harper delivers his speech on, Global Governance for Canada. Harper even said, Global Governance, has been worked on since 1945. Hitler had the same plan, except he called it the, Thousand Year Reich.

    I do remember someone saying, if Harper wins a majority, we can kiss Canada good-bye. A WW11 vet said, he was just too damned old to fight fascism and dictatorship again. They did that for Canada before. I asked him, what would have happened, if Harper was in the war, and preached Global Governance. The old vet said, Harper would have been shot for treason, right then and there, no trial or nothing, just shot. He had the same opinion of Campbell. He said, Campbell is a blood sucking weasel. On his parents farm, weasels were always shot. He cried, when he told me, his friend was killed right beside him. His friends blood sprayed all over him. He never made close friends in the army again.


  27. The only shocking aspect of Adrian Dix’ comments is that you are in fact shocked. He has taken the same oath to the Queen that Christy Clark, Mike Farnworth, Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper all have. This is a Queens position. There could be no dissent or opposition to this WHATSOEVER. And anyone who thinks that the NDP will be doing anything other than the wishes of the Royals (like the BC Liberals and the Harper Government both do now), deserve the next government they choose. The comments blaming Harper and Campbell for the NAU dismiss the fact that these men serve the same society of finance oligarchs who brought us the EU, and have long strategized and incrementally executed the same agenda everywhere, from their HQs in the City of London, Basel Switzerland, and Washington DC. That’s why everything works the same everywhere: incremental privatization and IMF austerity programs that result in massive job cuts and a deteriorating standard of living which you have been fully conditioned to blame on the local powerless politician in your area, wherever that is. When the HST referendum passes, and it has, they already know you will flock like sheep to the NDP, ignoring the fact that their “leader” has already confirmed that he will be taking no action whatsoever on the tax, and indeed would not even BE the leader of the NDP if he was. You’re being conned, and you’re making it easy. They ALL serve the Queen, who is in cahoots with the international bankers who issue our money-supply continent-wide. Who else do you think is in charge other than those who are issuing your nations money supply? If you have the printer, you’re the decider of all things. And they decided that HST is the way they want it, so it will be everywhere. When you blame Harper or Campbell for that, then its mission accomplished. Gordo takes the heat, gets rewarded with a cushy post, and none of you are the wiser as to who wrote the tax.


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