When you’re feeling your worst, that’s when you get to know yourself the best. ~ Leslie Grossman

And what have I learned from contracting some  truly evil stomach bug that makes being prodded with red hot pokers seem more fun than this misery? That you really can survive on ginger ale and pepto bismal and that whoever decided both bathrooms should be on the second floor of my house, should be flogged.


9 thoughts on “When you’re feeling your worst, that’s when you get to know yourself the best. ~ Leslie Grossman

  1. Oh you poor girl, what a misery. We used to call that, the green apple quick step. Especially horrid, when you need a bucket at the other end.

    Get well soon. We miss your posts


  2. Hi Laila,
    I can understand that Pepto can relax the pain & urge….However when your body is trying to say, I need to get rid of something…it is wise (and difficult) to let it do it’s thing. The other problem with those meds is that it will plug you up and then one day the flood gates will open again and it’s an all morning visit to the washroom. Just a suggestion from someone who has been there many times in my life. Get well soon.

    Guy in Victoria


  3. Dude in Victoria is right, Laila! Lay off the pink stuff.It acts like a cork.Allow your body to show the virus all the exits. Drink plenty of fluids. Get some Gatoraid preferably something that contains less sugar. Pedielites (not sure of the spelling) is best. You can get it at any pharmacy. Get some rest, Tootsie-Pie!


  4. Not sure about the Pepto Bismal, but the ginger ale is good. Lots, and lots of water, something with salt to keep up the electrolytes. Popsicles even. The idea is to drown the suckers (germs, bacteria – whatever) and not get dehydrated. Avoid anything with fruit though and when you start feeling up to solids do the white diet. Crackers, rice, chicken broth, and bread??? for about 4 days before you even start to tackle fruit, vegetables or other fibre.


  5. Yo Laila, I agree, leave the heavily advertised products on the drugstore shelf. Had the same thing a few months ago (water borne bacteria?) and a great way to replace your electrolytes without the addition of sugar (which bacteria love) is to purchase a product like Gastrolyte.

    Popsicles, ginger ale, gatorade all have some type of sweetener in them even Pepto’s so called “sugarless” variety which has an artificial sweetener that can cause “complications”.

    I became a believer of electrolytes when one summer I decided to replace my asphalt single roof by myself during the hottest week of the year (mid 30’s). I was in bad shape and luckily a neighbour had a doctor visiting who came down with his travel bag of goodies, stirred up a pouch of gastrolyte in a small glass of water and had me drink the entire mixture. Not the best taste but it sure did the trick. My energy returned in less than 30 minutes, my headache was gone, and my body received an essential element without the addition of sugar and other additives that fix one problem but add others. Ever notice the drug ads on TV, while beneficial for some ailments, has a list as long as the Lion’s Gate Bridge of “complications”.


    1. Yes well, it was giardiasis, and likely from some water borne bacteria, you are correct. I was working on a project a week ago and think that was the source. Wretched still!!

      I know the best course of action is to let it all get out, but I have had the two little ones home, and the two older ones are working fulltime over summer, so was stuck on my own during the day while I was sick… eek, a nightmare to say the least and the Pepto at least made it possible for me, to take care of them as well. A couple of rough days for sure. I’ll have to get some of the gastrolyte to keep on hand- I did have some pedialyte popsicles left over from when the kids were sick last year and scarfed those down…

      Slowly but surely its getting better, the stomach guides me right now and eating that white diet of easy foods only. Thanks to all for your concern and recommendations!!


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