” …become familar with the corruption within your system…research and educate.. ”

“The” post you have been waiting for is slated for the end of the week. Until then I will be posting bits and bites that catch my eye, like this one, a video banned by Facebook. It gets really good about the 7 minute mark.

Another video that bears scrutiny is this one, forwarded via BC’s personal guardian. It was sent to him and I agree, it certainly brings forth some serious questions about those smart meters. Certainly the information in the video is startling, and if correct in even one small portion, raises a compelling new dimension to the meters so many are objecting to. Please note, this is an American video,but I welcome comment from BC Hydro on the issues raised in this video.  Share with your friends. ( this is a link to BC Hydros PR on radio frequencies and smart meters, no where does it talk about signal interception, at this link, BC Hydro states your information is encrypted like online banking, however I think that would be after the point where the information is radio transmitted to the collector)

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  1. In that my brain normalizes what I look at merely to cope with the emotional disturbance of some videos I just can’t bring myself to watch the video you posted. I was exposed to the TV execution of a viet cong kneeling, tied and blindfolded when I was very young – my first exposure to death – I never really came to terms with it… However, I can see it’s a body on the ground with someone hitting it. Without seeing the video, I can’t follow your blog post so if you can explain what that has to do with smart meters – it would be very helpful. Or maybe someone else who comments here can explain that – Thanks very much. I look forward to your upcoming post.


  2. Compelling videos Laila, both. There is something about anonymous’ message that strikes a chord in me, the non-violent, empowering collective that seems to be able to achieve what we have failed to…the power of the collective conscience.

    I wonder if we may refuse the installation of the smartmetres here in BC? I wonder if, as a renter, we have the right to refuse? I will ask my landlord for his thoughts on the subject.

    I look forward to your end of the week story. Friday afternoon document dump?

    PS. I hope you got your bed fixed!


  3. Who or what is “BC’s personal guardian”…???

    I didn’t know BC had such a person or body. Or is that just a citizen advocate’s “handle”?



  4. Priscilla. The first video has nothing to do with smart metres, it is about the org. Anonymous, which is a “hacktivist” group with a plan to start a non-violent revolution against tyranny by Corporations and Governments. You could Google it to find out more without exposing yourself to those images.


  5. I don’t like the images, no-one does. But, those images are of our world to-day, and of yesteryears. We see far too much police brutality, right here in our own country, at peaceful demonstrations. Canada in the eyes of the world, has lost the respect of many country’s around the world. As far away as Australia, there was an article, of Canada’s eroding democracy. Canada is no different than Libya or Syria. We too have oppression and force upon the citizens. When Harper rewarded a criminal, such as Campbell to an excellent position as, high Commissioner to England. What do you call that? I call that a godfather reward in the Mafia sense. I fully intend to read about, the non-violent revolution.

    I know little of the smart meters. If what I have read is true, I don’t like the invasion of privacy. I have read many versions of the smart meters. I do like this video and I feel opposed to them. Do we have the right to refuse? Or is that another force, on the BC people?

    Thanks for the video’s Laila…eye openers, they certainly are.


  6. According to a talking head from BC Hydro and an article in the Tyee a while back, no one can refuse a smart meter. One can have it placed away from one’s home, but the extra cost of doing so must be paid by the customer.

    This does differ with what Rich Coleman stated on a radio interview shortly after he assumed the Ministerial portfolio that includes BC Hydro. He stated that if a person had a medical issue with having a smart meter installed on his or her home, then one would not be installed.

    My objection to smart meters is that the $930 million price tag, which is no doubt understated, will not produce the overstated benefits. The only financial benefit I see is that BC Hydro will no longer employ meter readers and they can at some point invoke peak pricing. The power/revenue loss attributed to grow-ops magically went from minimal just a few years back to astronomical after the government dictated that BC Hydro would go the smart meter route and I think this was embellished to justify the expenditure, or a con job if you will. The other big con is that these smart meters will help people track the power hogs in our homes and entice us to conserve energy by making changes. That is an out and out lie as these meters will give you no more information than your current hydro bill. You have to buy some sort of control panel and have it installed, at your own expense, in order to get any real information.

    To make matters worse, the useful life of these smart meters is about half as long as the old ones which means that we will be going through another expenditure of the same magnitude plus inflation 20 years from now. This is Gordon Campbell’s parting gift to the citizens of BC.


  7. Julie, a California Smart Meter is the same as a British Columbia Smart Meter – they both do exactly the same thing, for the same reason.

    The above video was sent to me personally by a friend who is an electrical engineer. The video is telling the truth…so it is up to us to consent to it, or not. Just remember…if Hydro asks to swap out your meter, change your meter…etc…and you allow it, that is “implied consent” and is therefor acceptable.

    I live in an apartment building so have to do some research on these surveillance devices as to how they work in that situation. Were I to live in my own house, I would definitely refuse one using every avenue possible. Here is another link with very pertinent information, titled “The Dark Side of Smart Meters”…you may find this interesting and alarming when considering the health risks they pose.

    Thank you Laila, for giving us a forum to share information on these “hellers”.


  8. A note of thanks for this post as for all. For an “interim post” it’s pretty powerful, useful and gripping. Also a wish that health and furniture issues are all worked out. I’m lead to wonder where we are on the frustration continuum. whose upper end was reached in Tunisia and Egypt, which has produced strife in Greece and Spain and may do so in Ireland and, now, Italy, in all of which people have seen the clear lines being drawn between citizens and the financial hierarchy and seen their elected representatives fall clearly on the side of the financial hierarchy. It does seem to be a pattern reflected in more local jurisdictions (Ottawa, Victoria, and our BC communities).


    1. Thanks to all you appreciated those, a plethora of emails came in last night from people actually concerned about commenting on that who were also disturbed by the smart meter video- I do think people need to make their own decisions on this one and leave that up to each of you, but I do urge everyone to contact their MLA, the premier, BC Hydro with your concerns and lack of consent. As one commenter states, this was a done deal with no consultation, and a concern for far too many reasons.

      Research and educate. As Rafe states, we must be our own media here and do the job to get these stories out.


  9. Hi again, I don’t mean to be obtuse or a pest, but my question to Laila is genuine… You mention that the smart meter video was “forwarded via BC’s personal guardian”, and that “it was sent to him… ”

    Is that a description that you’ve given Rafe Mair, or is there someone in this position officially?


    1. Sorry Nance, missed you on that one, and although I wish this was an official position, it is my personal tag of Rafe Mair, since his passion and dedication is so clearly directed to saving this province and the natural wealth within it. that I think of him as the guardian of BC.

      Perhaps we should lobby to make this an official position?..lol


  10. “On March – 17 – 2011
    Energy Minister Rich Coleman has put BC Hydro on warning, saying he intends to conduct an in-depth review of the utility and wants it to provide justification in detail on its plans for the province’s energy system.He especially singled out the $1.1 billion Smart Metering program and a proposal to raise electricity rates 50 per cent over the next three years.”

    So my question, Mr. Coleman, how can you continue to allow BC Hydo and the contractor hired to install the the meters continue still? I have heard of no detailed plan, and especially not from you or your government. There is way too much unknown about the whole program. I say cease before your government blows another billion. In the research around the world, this is not good news for a consumer be it financial or otherwise. But then again, when did the Lieberals care about the consumer and the costs put upon them yet again? It’s all about corps and companies – lieberal buddies.

    Stop the installation of not so Smart meters now.


  11. Kim, a lot of people in Australia and New Zealand saw the light – Smart Meters are banned in those countries after the people rose en masse to say “no”. If they can do it, so can we…on two separate issues connected to them: Invasion of Privacy, and Health Effects.

    As near as I can see, the only reason for having them is to serve industry’s goal for Smart Appliances…GE being at the top of the list. Chaired by none other than David Emerson.

    That aside, who needs an appliance making a call for a repairman when a burner or light is futzed as has already happened to one woman in California?! She should have given the bill to the appliance! 🙂


  12. Shortly after Rich Coleman announced his review of BC Hydro’s rate increases he was interviewed and stated that the smart meter program was not going to be a part of the review. It would go ahead as planned as he was convinced that it would more than pay for itself. This revelation seems a little optimistic in my opinion.

    The mentioned report has apparently been completed but has not yet been released, if it ever will be.


  13. There are more issues to the smart meters than just the surveillance aspect, although in itself that is enough to say no. However the health and environmental threats are even more alarming. The World Health Organization has come out and admitted that radiation from cell phones is a carcinogen. These smart meters also emit radiation, far more than BC Hydro is admitting and it will be exposing every man woman and child in this province 24/7. It is known that 1% of people are severely affected to the point of disability by EMF radiation. 25 or 30% are moderately affected. These people who show the effects are the canaries in the coal mine as whether symptoms are manifested it is still affecting everyone. Who knows what cancers will be showing up in 15 or 20 years. As they plan to blanket the province in a soup of it there will be no escape for anyone. There is also much anecdotal evidence that bees, bats and birds are affected and disappear from areas with these devices. There have been no proper studies done on human or environmental
    health. There have been many prominent doctors and scientists who have come out against them.

    Everywhere these things have been installed, electricity costs have risen. There is also danger of them frying your appliances and computer, and even starting on fire themselves. I have heard that they are uninsurable, but have not yet checked this out with my insurance company.

    Cell phones and wifi are bad enough but you can still escape those if it is your choice. The BC gov’t is allowing us no choice in the matter of smart meter emissions. Please people do some research and start hollering. This is too vital to human and environmental health and safety to let it get any farther. Here are a few links, there is lots of info available out there.



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