HST agreements for easy reference – Vote Yes to say NO to the HST

The Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement between British Columbia and Canada, signed by Colin ( it wasn’t on the radar) Hansen and Jim Flaherty in November 2009. ( PDF format- this document was removed from the BC government site )


** Note: In this agreement, it states that the provincial portion of the HST “may be increased, or decreased, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement after a minimum period of two years from the Implementation Date. Following that two-year period, any change in the PVAT Rate in respect of the Province, as permitted under the provisions of this Agreement, will not occur more often than once in any twelve-month period. “

Which means that once a year, the province can not only decrease the tax if they wish, they could increase it as well…. something you may not be aware of.

Also of importance is this statement:

“Canada may propose any tax base change in respect of CVAT and the Province agrees to be bound by all tax base changes that are implemented in respect of CVAT.” CVAT refers to the federal portion of our HST.

“If there is a change to either the CVAT rate or the PVAT rate of a participating province in a tax entitlement year, the share of tax revenue of Canada and of each participating province for that tax entitlement year will be re-calculated to account for the rate change and be effective as of the effective date of the rate change.

Meaning the CVAT – the federal part of the HST- can be changed as well. How often and how large, I can’t tell, but the way I read this agreement tells me that we have little say over whether or not the Feds can up their portion of the tax or not.

So sad for you, and me, and the rest of BC that are not aware of this agreement and what it means for sovereignty of this province. And every country that has had a Value Added Tax like our HST, has increased it greatly.

When you read the above link, read all of the first section, then fast forward to Annex’s ‘B’ and ‘C’ for some interesting info on transitional payments and changes to the either the federal or provincial parts of the HST.

A dire warning to all. Beware what promises are made now, that reduction will disappear, if in fact it occurs at all. They can turn around and raise that HST even higher than it is right now.

 Read the agreement.

And of course, you must also take a look at the Reciprocal Taxation Agreement between British Columbia and Canada, signed June 30th, 2010, by Colin( it might have been on my desk)  Hansen. ( again, PDF format)

Research, and educate yourself. Take part in your future, don’t sit back and let others do it for you~!


Vote Yes to say No to the HST.  “Decide what you believe and stand up to be counted.”

15 thoughts on “HST agreements for easy reference – Vote Yes to say NO to the HST

  1. I went to Christy Clark’s ‘Town Hall” meeting in Courtenay a couple of months ago. She said that she wants to have an open government.
    Gordon Campbell said the same thing after the Liberals won the election back in 2001.
    His government was far from open, and Christy’s government is as secretive and duplicitous as Campbell’s government. For the CITC Agreement to be removed from the Provincial Government website is a clear example of the Clark government taking steps to reduce the chances of any citizen in BC from seeing that the Provincial Government is deceiving us as to when and how often the provincial side of the HST can be changed.
    Is it possible that Christy Clark wants an open government, but her “handlers” do not? If so, some democracy.
    We obviously have been asleep at the switch as much as the mainstream media in this province, and I hope that more people become informed as to what is going on.
    The mainstream media in this country and in this province, for the most part, are justifying their paycheques by presenting to us items that are worthy of the National Enquirer and Entertainment Tonight.


    1. Here is a good example of how transparent this government really is.

      I gave you a link where the agreement used to be, and has now been removed.

      If you are really interested in seeing that agreement, you might go to this other site:


      Scroll down a wee bit until you see this:

      BC Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement
      The Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement (CITCA) contains the terms and conditions under which BC will participate in the HST with the federal government.

      BC CITCA
      CITCA Amendment (April 2010)

      Now, looks like the government is really happy about giving you those links so easily, right?

      Click on those links and see where it takes you…

      And why is it they don’t want people to see that agreement? Read my first comment. They can raise it just as easily as they can lower it, and worse yet, the feds can do nearly anything they want to this tax.


  2. How disgusting is that! Unfrickin believable. What a bunch of lying, corrupt, scumbags, every last one of the current government, and the fed Cons as well. There must be some sort of law against these tactics? First lie, the hst is 10% – NOT. It is and will continue to be 12 until 2012 then it goes to 11 for all of that year, and then drops to 10, (suuurrrrrre) right before the next legislated (can be changed) election. How convenient is that?
    Wow, it never ceases to amaze me what these a$$holes will do.
    If you can’t win, cheat = Lieberal motto.

    Things are just getting worse in this province. The cost of living is out of control with more to come, and I make a decent living. I’ve already told a young relative of mine to leave the province if he wants a better life.

    Thanks Laila, for all your hard work.


  3. With Wikileaks saying, the N.A.U. is arriving. Harper with Campbell’s help, thieved BC right to the bare bones. Campbell thieved and sold our assets, the BCR and our rivers. We have no idea, how much he stuffed in his wallet. We only know it’s a lot of money that vanished. The BC citizens, are not going to even own our water.

    I read, Harper gives a speech at, the Council of Foreign Relations, in New York, Sept. 25/2007. He fully endorsed the N.A.U. in that speech. I really think, this was Harper and Campbell’s evil agenda, all a long.

    I was really surprised how much, the American people despise Harper. They say, the U.S. was just waiting for Harper’s majority, to implement the N.A.U. in small increments first. They say the robot calls for Harper, during the election, came from the U.S. That Harper’s win was rigged. ICC’ s Chief Prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, is looking into the breach of the Geneva Convention, by Harper and Peter MacKay. There is a possible charge of, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The American people say, they will fight the N.A.U. to the last ditch. However, Wikileaks also said, the American politicians said, Harper is a petty gasbag. He is arrogant, stubborn, and impossible to work with. They really pegged Harper.

    We don’t own our, BC natural resources, the giant corporations do. Harper gave banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company’s, billions of our tax dollars. This is so. I watched that motion pass, on the House of Commons TV channel. Those giant corporations get huge tax reductions. Harper gave them another reduction, which comes off Canadians paychecks. Now, why would Harper give the wealthiest corporations in the world, our tax dollars? He is stealing from the people, to give to big business. That’s also why, Campbell, Hansen and Harper forced the HST onto the BC people. Harper has given our HST away to them as well. Harper is giving Canada away. And, very few people see this atrocity coming right at them.

    With BC’s vast natural resources, there should be no excuse for the terrible mess, the BC Liberals made of this province. But we don’t own them, so the people get nothing from them. All the BC people get, is a massive debt and taxed to death.


  4. GJW, I agree completely. Most people don’t seem to see it.

    I not only don’t trust the government to lower the tax as promised, I don’t trust them not to fix the referendum.


  5. Just when one thinks that the BC Liberals couldn’t get any lower, they find a way to exceed themselves. Doctoring government websites to lead people to their propaganda is despicable.

    Come next Provincial election, the only good BC Liberal will be a defeated BC Liberal. Enough is enough!


    1. Yes, I was quite sickened by discovering the doctored links. Pretty foul smelling and hardly the vision of transparency chipmunk Christy spouts in her video..lol…

      ” Yes, I committed to bringing openness and transparency to government, so I will give you lots of information you dont need, and re-spin the information that you do so it only looks like transparent government!! ” That is what should have been coming out of her mouth.

      The people deserve the truth, not some stupid form of propaganda that is basically a lie and doesnt come near the truth. They dont want people to know that they can raise it, and the feds can raise it, and there is nothing we can do to stop that. I can bet your behind that if a decrease did happen, the year after they would raise it right back up to the 12% level or higher. That is the truth. Spread these documents far and wide so people can read for themselves.


  6. Curt, the HST is supposed to drop to 11% in 2012 and remain at that rate for 2 years. The 10% is to be reached in 2014.

    Let’s hope the “YES” side prevails and the HST becomes nothing but a bad dream. Then Christy’s fix will mean nothing.


  7. Crankypants, thanks for the correction. My blood was boiling after learning of YET ANOTHER deceitful way of trying to sway the people through their manipulations.

    Again, Lieberal motto: If you can’t win, cheat.


  8. Laila, this is off subject, but Mr. Campbell’s dear friends and liberal’s favourite company: Surrey Pre-Trail prison:
    “The province signed an agreement with Brookfield Partnerships Surrey to design, build, finance and maintain the site for 30 years.” “216-cell project is expected to cost $90 million and be completed by 2013.”
    Is this not the same company we have heard so much about?


    1. Not off topic, and funny enough, we are all chatting about this on my Facebook page.( add me if you want to join the discussions there ) http://www.brookfieldfinancial.com/_Global/10/documents/relatedlinks/3390.pdf


      Brookfield is becoming a bit Macquarie like, getting bits and pieces all over and in many sectors… one day you wake up and they have a good portion of BC, like Macquarie. Provincial projects are very profitable investments for every P3 partner that inks the original deal, and just wait and see, they will sell their stake in this project down the road, as has happened to nearly every P3 project in BC to date and has been documented here on this blog. The abbotsford Hospital has been flipped several times, the sea to sky highwaty, kicking horse pass project….


  9. We should all by Laila a cup of coffee ==”.

    If not for people like Laila that are willing to uncover the truths then we’d still be in the dark.

    I’m curious as to how Bill Good would respond to this seeing as how he discredited on callers’ remark about how the government is corrupt.


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