Government fails on every level with South Fraser Perimeter Road. ** UPDATED JULY 22nd. – see below.

Fantastic to see this story on CTV last night about the SFPR, one I urge everyone to take a look at. 

The government has failed on so many levels here, I don’t even know where to begin. Oh yes, with these two oldies but goodies… ; )

The BC liberals and two transportation ministers, promised to save several heritage homes, and areas of importance. Those promises fell by the wayside to build this road, and the destruction of a historically significant site such as the Cannery is unacceptable, in particular because the government has gone against the recommendations made to them in this leaked report that they kept hidden and confidential – for good reason.

This report as mentioned in the story link above, contains the archeological recommendations and assessments for this area, and clearly the government has simply tossed the report to the side and plowed on- literally.

Take a look, and wonder what other promises have, or will be broken by this new premier and caucus.


4 thoughts on “Government fails on every level with South Fraser Perimeter Road. ** UPDATED JULY 22nd. – see below.

  1. Greed trumps farmlands, in Delta. Greed trumps the most valuable farmland in Canada, the site C dam….That isn’t needed. Campbell as usual, was lying and deceiving. All that dam is for, is the dirty tar sands.

    What kind of idiots destroy farmlands, the global food shortage is real and growing to, an epidemic status. Harper and Campbell should both be tried for treason, and thrown in prison for life. Canada is a cesspool of corruption.

    BC is the most corrupt province in all of Canada. Campbell, Christy and the BC Liberals, are the worst, most corrupt, evil party that anyone can ever remember. The WW11 veterans, have their own opinion of, Harper’s government and the BC Liberals.


  2. This road is wrong on so many levels.
    The native site MUST be protected as well as the farmland and habitat.
    This SFPR did not have to be built. There is a good rail line that runs from Roberts Bank and out to both CP AND CN yards where there is ability to load and unload trailers.


  3. This road is more about the money to be made from real estate by the liberals developer friends than anything else. The Lieberals are wrong on so many levels ( to paraphrase Grant D ).


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