Laila Yuile on The World Today with Jon McComb this afternoon to talk about the search for the HST agreement – and the reality check coming for BC’ers in 2015.

Join me as I chat with Jon McComb this afternoon right after the 4:30 news spot, until about 4:45 and a reminder you can listen in live online, as well as radio !  We will be talking about my search for the HST agreement, as well as the reality check likely to come for British Columbians in 2015 if the HST is not extinquished in the referendum…

If you were unable to listen live, you can go the CKNW audio vault, , select Thursday July 21st, and pick the 4:pm time slot. Fast forward to the 4:40 mark, and listen in to the interview which plays until about the 4:53 mark.

The HST agreements can be found at this link( or scroll down)

And the search for those documents can be found here:

Of course, you might also enjoy reading comments from Mike Jagger, of the Smart Tax Alliance that is pushing for the HST, and a couple other important HST related stories  HERE:

20 thoughts on “Laila Yuile on The World Today with Jon McComb this afternoon to talk about the search for the HST agreement – and the reality check coming for BC’ers in 2015.

  1. I look forward to your chat with Jon McComb. He is the one of the few radio hosts that have any credibility at CKNW. If one of your topics of discussion is the HST, don’t let him get soft on the pro-HST stance. His comments the other day were rather tepid.


  2. Well done Laila! Thank you for your perseverance. It’s pathetic and disgusting how the gov’t has made the HST such a disaster and they continue to make it even worse by trying to hide the facts. Tells you a lot about the loser Liberals doesn’t it just!


  3. I had actually come across your blog earlier today while I was trying to track down all the various taxes we contribute to Translink. Great Blog.
    I think you are probably bang-on about 2015. And in the event the HST is nixed in the referendum, look for a big jump in the PST to make up the government’s losses.


  4. Very smoothly presented Laila!

    Unfortunately Jon McComb did not keep you on long enough to allow questions. CKNW is very crafty when they don’t want any questioning of a pro-business strategy, or they allow line stacking of business supporters. Fear of sponsorship losses, perhaps!


    1. One way to look at it, but Jon was very proactive in giving the big promo to my blog, and did allow me free speak to say everything I wanted to… I hope to be back soon for another segment!! It was important for people to hear the truth about what can happen beyond the reductions and hear how far the government will go to make it very hard to find that agreement… and for good reason. The truth is worse than anyone imagines.

      Heather, thank you for your comment and glad to have you here. I do think if the HST is nixed, they will not go back to the previous exemptions and Falcon has already stated he will increase the PST as retaliation. Well he didnt put it that way, but yes, it will be a punishment. However, the agreement makes it clear with the HST, that they can increase or decrease at least once a year, so welcome to the new BC if you vote No to keep the HST at 10 %. It is important to vote YES to say no to a possible increase to an undetermined amount.

      The links to those agreements are here:

      Thank you Marilyn, for the kind words,I was happy to get the truth out. This government is anything but transparent and open, and I promise to do what I can with what I have, to make sure everyone finds that out.


  5. Hey Laila,
    Actually, it was easy to find. If you go to google and type:
    Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement [pdf]
    Using the square brackets, it brings back all of the results of pdf documents with a “broad” match to those terms. The HST agreement was right on the top.


    1. Sure Nick if you know how and what to search like that. Ask people what the name of the HST agreement is and the vast majority have no idea.

      And the point is, why have all the links, past and present that have yet to be changed, been redirected away from the document on the BC government main site, theministry of finance site page, and on the main HSTINBC site as well, to the main hstinbc site itself? Why not simply leave that agreement where it can be easily found by average British Columbians. ? Because I think they don’t want people reading it, dissecting it and asking questions about what happens when…. And considering the print screens I have taken showing the changes that were made since… no one can tell me this was not intentional.
      This government is as transparent as concrete.

      Thank you for the kind words in your last comment, I appreciate that and always welcome new readers! In particular, ones with the gift to search the net well like I do!

      Leah, thank you, and I will get to your emails…lol.. I have been swamped with so many today and tonight I might be up all night. Be patient!


  6. Good work as usual Laila. You were great.

    You certainly are right. I would have had, no idea where to find the HST agreement.

    I am not surprised at the duplicity, of the BC Liberals. That is a fact of life, we have had to contend with, for over ten years now. My gut feeling was…. Campbell would have never agreed to the referendum, unless it could be cheated in some way. It would be totally out of character for Campbell, to be honest or fair about anything. That is just not on, Campbell, Hansen, Christy’s , nor the BC Liberals, “radar”.


  7. I’ll chime in with the other comments to say nice job! You made your points clearly and effectively, and I hope this appearance results in some of Mr. McComb’s listeners discovering your blog and the excellent work you’ve done on the hidden Sea to Sky tolls and other issues. He seems genuinely impressed with the work you’ve done – as he should be – and I hope we can look forward to future appearances.


  8. I believe one of the most important reasons we have for voting YES to reject the HST is to show the big corporate bullies like Enbridge, Encana, Talisman, WFP, Marine Harvest, GE, CN Rail and their ilk, that their backroom deals made with various governments are not all faits accomplis.

    When we reject the HST, we will also be sending a message to all the above and others of like mind, including ‘our’ elected ‘reresentatives’, that if we don’t like it, if it smells, if it is not in our best interests, we will reverse it.


    1. Hi all, will come back and chat later this evening, I’ve been very busy working on a couple things today and one is waaaay too hot to put down right now!!! Thank you for all your support and to those who have yet to receive a reply to your email, it will be coming- there were so many by this morning, I joke I need a secretary to take over!!


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