Why did the BC government repeal the Weather Modification Act ?

Everyone knows at least one person who is a chemtrail enthusiast, and usually that person is the butt of jokes. But after coming across a few items of interest, I’m not so sure it’s very funny anymore.

In a recent conversation about how bad the weather has been this summer- wet, dreary and downright tragic at times- the direction turned towards whether or not this could be prompted by some sort of weather modification. HAARP, chemtrails, cloud seeding… the different options were bantered around and then time took precedence and the conversation ended.

But my thoughts on weather modification did not, and so off to do some research to satisfy my curiosity.

What I found, left me with more questions than answers.

For example, it might surprise most British Columbians to know that in 2001, BC Hydro hired an international company, Weather Modification Inc.,  to conduct a feasibility study on weather modification to enhance the snowpack, thereby increasing run-off and filling reservoirs to capacity, which of course would generate more electricity when it goes through the turbines downstream.

Interesting, no? Imagine the possibilities of Hydro generation if they could increase the snowpack every year! While I could not location that study online, I did locate reference to it in another study done by the same company for the state of Wyoming ( search British Columbia on that PDF link). The reference is in regards to the amount of silver found in run-off and if the levels of concentration are harmful or not -Silver Iodide is what the clouds are seeded with to enhance precipitation.

This company appears to be no stranger to the BC government, showing up on the public accounts going back as far as 1998/99.

But what was even more interesting to discover, is that no more than 2 years after that BC Hydro feasibility study, the Weather Modification Act was repealed by none other than Kevin Falcon, who was then the very ambitious minister of Deregulation. How convenient. It was thought the act added just added an unnessecary layer of regulation on top of the federal requirements.

Under that old act, anyone wishing to initiate weather modification activities had to apply for a permit to the Minister of Water Land and Air Protection 30 days prior to the start of such activities.  Now, not so much. In fact, thanks to Kevin Falcon, it is entirely left at a federal level with Environment Canada and that appears to be an iffy thing as well, according to this report from an Alberta publication, where farmers and residents are concerned about private insurance companies seeding clouds to reduce property damage :

No gov’t monitoring of weather modification

Last week Alberta Environment officials washed their hands of any responsibility, saying that if any monitoring of the activity is done it would be at the federal level and that people who call with concerns are told to contact Environment Canada.

Environment Canada hasn’t done active research in cloud seeding and “is not aware of any evidence that suggests that this process is a threat to safety,” wrote Henry Lau, spokesperson for Environment Canada in an e-mail. He said any citizens who have concerns should contact the company that conducts cloud seeding.

But when contacted by the Gazette last week, Terry Krauss of Alberta Severe Weather Management Society said there’s nothing to be concerned about and that only a small amount of chemicals are used.

~ snip~

MP Blake Richards said he hasn’t received many complaints about cloud seeding but is encouraging people with concerns to contact his office.

“From the amount of research I have been able to do there doesn’t appear to be any safety concerns,” Richards said, adding that he’s still trying to figure out who is responsible for regulating weather modification.

“My understanding would have been it would be the province but I am looking into that.”

The Weather Modification Information Act requires any person engaged in weather modification activities in Canada to inform an administrator – but who that is hasn’t been pinpointed by Alberta Agriculture, Alberta Environment, Environment Canada, the premier’s office or Richards.

Wow. And this was my experience today calling first the Environment Canada offices back east, and then our local communications office. No one really seems to know what, or who is in charge of monitoring, regulating or enforcing. And that alarms me when I go back to look at that 2001 snowpack augmentation feasibility study commissioned by BC Hydro.

It an age where companies exist- and Weather Modification Inc, is but just one – that have become expert at manipulating mother nature, why would our government repeal an act that would at minimum, keep track of  such activity? Clearly, the BC hydro study establishes a benefit to weather modification, at least for them, but think about other applications. The Ministry of forests was a client of the same company. 2010 was the worst forest fire season from the last 12 years, that left the budget decimated. Another hot dry year could leave the vast dry areas of beetlekilled timber still standing a virtual firestorm with damage and firefighting costs in the billions. Would the ministry look to seeding clouds to increase rainfall to prevent such an occurance from happening again? If BC Hydro wanted to increase the snowpack, why wouldnt they?

I’ve got some calls out to determine just who is in charge at the federal level and how/if they monitor and track weather modification activities, and will update when I hear back. Until then, think about where you stand on this issue, and what else we don’t know about our governments activities.

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  1. Wow Laila ! This is an issue that I’ll bet no one has even had enter their minds. The last time I remember ever hearing about weather modification was many,many years ago in Popular Science. After a couple of stories, never heard of it again. I wouldn’t trust the Liberals to not have some nefarious scheme going on behind the scenes, why else repeal an act like that out of the blue.


  2. See: Jesse Ventura Exposes HAARP Conspiracy

    Posted by majesticon December 7, 2009

    HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.

    The HAARP program is committed to developing a world class ionospheric research facility consisting of:
    •The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
    •A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

    Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.

    Scientific instruments installed at the HAARP Observatory will be useful for a variety of continuing research efforts which do not involve the use of the IRI but are strictly passive. Among these studies include ionospheric characterization using satellite beacons, telescopic observation of the fine structure in the aurora, and documentation of long-term variations in the ozone layer.

    Posted in: Conspiracies, HAARP, Jesse Ventura, Science & Technology


  3. Thank you Laila, for embuing this subject with your brilliant research skills and wide reader base. As you know, I feel it is past time we had this conversation, collectively.
    As we all know, our Government does not believe in governing in any meaningful, regulatory way. Scientists who challenge the governing ideology are hushed, as we have seen in the DFO so blatantly and recently. In the interest of the public good, the precautionary principle must be applied. It’s how science is supposed to be conducted. It is not.
    I wonder if our Northern Transmission Line is destined ultimately for the HAARP facility in Alaska? That project requires mass amounts of power to “conduct their experiments”. We will pay for it as ratepayers.
    I watched an hour long video of a University Professor tackling this chemtrail issue. The evidence is undeniable. He recommended that the issue must be tackled openly and immediately. Where are the health studies that support the claims that this experiment is harmless to us and our soil?
    I personally have watched the skies over southwestern Vancouver Island for over a decade, systematically sprayed. Why they do it was a complete mystery until recently, when American Military documents revealed that the technology was used in Vietnam to extend the monsoon season.
    In my opinion, this is no better than waging nuclear or biological warfare. The Geneva Convention must be updated to include weather related acts of war.
    This is a touchy subject, it was too easy for the Government and the media to label people who use the word chemtrail (an apt description) is crazy conspiracy theorists, which has been very successful in suppressing public discussion.
    I would also like to note that I have had an alarming increase in crop failures. Seeds that sprout and then fail to thrive. Is this Washington’s way of fighting the war on drugs? Must the whole Province be rendered a dead zone to please these idealogues? Thanks for initiating this discussion.


  4. Kim has a very valid point – is the BC government spraying herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals – without adequately warning the general public. If the government is then this has to be a criminal act.

    The current BC Liberal government is know and documented as being dishonest and not above outright lying – so who does the public believe. How can the public ever find out the truth ?

    Whatever the reason and whatever the product that was used in the sprays – the public must be notified in advance.

    Thank you.


    1. workforfun, this shocked me.

      Now, I work on facts and evidence, and one thing I learned working the kind of supreme court files I used to, was that where there is smoke, there is usually fire, and if not an outright fire, a smoldering ember capable of flame at the very least. But Supreme court civil suits dont work on conspiracy, it works on facts, and substantial truth. This government is doing something wrong when they remove legislation that would have documented any such activities in BC. And considering the Feds have no idea what is going on, nor do they seem to require notifying people when this activity is happening, then we are in big trouble if insurance companies and any other corporate entity, can hire a company to fly over and do whatever they want in our airspace. People should be writing to their MLAs and asking them what is going on and asking for some answers.

      Kim, thank you for your support in this and I welcome all dialogue on this issue that is clearly not proven to be ” tin foil hat material” as some would state. Falcon has to go. This man is capable of anything and everything.


  5. So, do the ones who run in the elite circle take medication or vaccine(s) to counter the effects of chem trails?
    Or will their grandchildren grow four eyes and one finger and a tail?


  6. Joking aside,this is a very serious issue and I made some calls yesterday too, to no use. No one seemed to know anything about anything, like you said.I wanted to know who is in charge, a name of an actual person and all that happened was I was transferred again and again,put on hold and then disconnected! I gave up after 40 minutes. There has to be records of who is flying and what there purpose was, and who commissioned the work.


  7. Great post! You actually cover some very valuable things on your blog. I came across it by using Google and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the site, it’s very great 🙂


  8. Never mind the unintended consequences our actions (fossil fuel use, factory farming etc) or inaction (lack of environmental protection) has on the weather to produce extreme weather conditions now we have to worry about direct manipulation of the weather and its results as well. Thanks to you Laila I may never get another good night’s sleep thinking of the havoc we are creating.


  9. What a waste of copying and pasting, just another typical loonie bin chemtrail site. Lay off the drugs, anyone who believes in chemtrails should go for a mental evaluation.


    1. whoever you are, do the world a favor * edited * there is no rational or excusable reason for what you do. you probably tell people that the holocaust never happened either. I ve got a years worth of video documentation of chem drones, I’ve taken soil samples, as well as local water source and rain samples..and block after block all the trees, shrubs, flowers and fruit trees dead or dying, covered in a white-ish residue. All showing severe stress, A biotic stress. pH levels in some places were as high as 9.8 and the Alk (alkalinity)200 to 240 ppm. the BC govnt claims to use chemical aerosols to seed the cloulds. People like you better smarten the hell up..because there is a revolution going on, thoes of us who have our eyes open, we are gathering, and we are comming for you. By any means nescessary


      1. No matter your opinion of this other persons comment, there is no justification for telling someone to “do the world a favour and kill yourself.” Your comment has been edited and don’t come back unless you can act and speak like an adult without resorting to garbage like that. I rarely have to edit or purge comments, but thanks to people like yourself, I just did.:(


  10. We’ve been modifying the weather seriously (there were sporadic and localized attempts earlier) since the mid 1980’s. HAARP was once a much-touted new technology with many uses. Now, it’s all gone black and anyone speaking of these things is belittled and mocked and ridiculed. But the truth is out there and folks are waking up to it. Many Aliens won’t.

    For good information on HAARP rings, scalar squares, and how that is impacting not only the weather but also seismic activity, find and watch and follow “Dutch Sinse” on Youtube – the dutchsinse channel – and ask yourself why NOAA, NCAR, USGS, not to mention every weather broadcast and Weather Channel do not cover this information. There’s a world of information in what is being withheld. Figure it out while the knowledge can still do you some good…


  11. @Alien, seriously?? vast amounts of evidence on the web, on british government organisation websites, on EU reports etc and you are not convinced they exist?? hahahha I think YOU need to get your head checked mate. You will find it stuck up your ass. I am a researcher also and have vast amounts of info, worldwide, official info.


  12. Clearly Alien has difficulties with the information posted. I find it alarming that our provincial government repealed this act, and I find it doubly alarming that the federal government seems to have no monitoring or records of what is actually being done in our skies. Those are both facts, not conjecture, the weather modification being done in Alberta may well be done here are well for other purposes than minimizing hale.

    If BC hydro seriously investigated the feasiblity of using weather modification to enhance the snowpack,and the proof is in the above posted pudding, so to speak, I think the issue bears further scrutiny. The BC government has done studies and looked at studies on the consequeces and effects of Silver iodide on plants, trees, water quality and animal life, as well as what the allowable limit would be to people. That tells me they have seriously considered or are possibly seeding clouds in this province, which is a bit different from the chem trails issue, which still bears more scrutiny as well.


  13. The US developed and refined the practice of weather modification in Vietnam. They then looked at the feasibility of doing weather modification in the US itself. Ultimately they determined that it was impossible because of insurance.

    Say you have a tornado about to hit a city and cause $50 million in damages, so you do some cloud seeding and re-direct the storm so it misses the city, but it ends up hitting a town and causes $5 million in damages. The $50 million… well that would have just been Mother Nature. The $5 million gives insurance companies a target to sue.

    This says nothing of potential future droughts or floods either. Even if whatever chemicals or other methodology being used is 100% environment-friendly and safe, weather is a very powerful phenomenon. It’s one of the sources of the term “force of nature”. The means to modify it might be safe, but the actual modification could have severe and unpredictable repercussions.

    What if the nice enhanced BC snowpack is in exchange for the flooded prairies?


  14. See, what I like about you is you can take something people think is nuts and for nutters, and find out BC hydro even checked into doing it! Thanks wow you’ve been smoking out the stories the last couple weeks!


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  18. Amazing article! Pls hear what Dane Wigington has to say about such aerosols, containing aluminum (for solar management) and barium, which can be easily shaped with EM waves. These same companies have changed cell phone towers, which are now capable of emitting many different energy frequencies (X-rays if need be) to direct such energy at the barium-laced sky to shape clouds and move weather systems. It is easily possible now by using metallic aerosols, which respond and are ionized to such waves. Rosalind Peterson (and Dane) is also along the same argument as you, in which Geoengineering is used by corporations to melt ice in the far North to access natural resources. Dane also mentions many of our trees dying more so from chemical fallout from the sky (from these aerosols), and these “chemtrails” are sucking up moisture from the air and ground, increasing drought like conditions. All this is done at the expense of others. Thanks again great article !


  19. So then who flooded Alberta? Wouldn’t be the Americans who need the water, …..with Harper’s Blessing, would it? Weather Modification gone bad? Or a drunk mistake? There is no accountability to alter Canadian weather with carcinogenic aluminum, barium, strontium and god know what else. I am horrified by this govt..


    1. This has been one of my most popular posts for years Lynn, with good reason. The issue of weather modification for any purpose has been a contentious one with little oversight for many years. In fact this is yet another post I have a followup coming on shortly. Bogged down in stories right now,actually, they just keep coming. 😉 I’ll try my best to keep up!


  20. When you control the weather, you control the farmers. When you control the farmers, you control the food, which means you control the market which in-turn controls people. Food is going to go up and down like gas prices and one company will be in control, the big ‘M…s.nto.
    Taking moisture from the west, (drought in California) and bring it to the east,, (huge snow stores and rain in Ontario), drought in California and deep frost in Eastern Canada, and all that moisture contains high levels of Aluminum, which will raise the PH of soils, so many crops won’t grow, but M..ns..nto to the rescue, they have a patent on aluminum resistant seeds, and drought resistant seeds, and flood resistant seeds,, so all farmers should buy seed off of one big company, every year, on going, forever,,, but what if farmers want to continue traditional farming and collect seeds like they have for generations?? This weird weather is a concern (weather modification act), but M..ns..nt.. to the rescue, they have weather insurance, so if you want to protect your financial future, you better get insurance, which is huge with the big ‘M’ these days…….. Control the farmers, control the food, control the market, control the people. Did I mention that all these seeds that have patents are genetically modified, because they have to be in order to get a patent, because nothing natural can be patented, so change the DNA and you can patent it. Environment Canada, FDA, Health Canada, Governments… they’re all in the same,,,, an agenda is in place and for the most part, weather as a weapon, profits controlling the food market and at the same time increasing profits for big Pharma due to this GMO food making people sick, not to mention our contaminated air, water, and vaccines which contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, and animal DNA,,, it’s all messed up, and does governments care that the people are upset about this?? Why don’t we have a choice about GMO food?? What about our constitution in Canada?? We have a choice in Canada, period, so if I don’t want to eat GMO food or feed it to my children, and I end up eating some because it’s not labeled, doesn’t that mean that Harper is committing treason because he is not making sure GMO’s are labeled?? What about the shit being sprayed on a daily basis?? What goes up must come down, so we’re all breathing high amounts of this ‘spray’, which means we don’t have a choice, meaning again, Harper is committing Treason because we don’t have a choice,,,?? right??


    1. Met a thinker like you in Arizona. Ignorant but nice. He voted and supported Trump. Wouldn’t use solar panels because they are Chinese-made and ‘spy on you’. I didn’t argue with him and won’t with you. But consider this: there is no need for extra conspiracies when ‘they’ already control the monetary system and we all willingly subscribe to it. Like crack addicts. ‘They’ print it, store it, loan it, define the interest on it, punish and compensate with it and hoard gobs of it in case the printing presses (which they own) break down. Why on earth would they bother with other half-assed conspiracies like chem-trails, vaccines and weather control when we are all totally enslaved already? Like my trailer-dwelling Arizona friend who was driving cab at 70 to make ends meet, you do not see the true $hackles that totally blind and bind.


      1. So what is the ‘weather modification act’? What’s it’s purpose and why does the military control it? It does talk about using chemicals as well in the sky, but how would they do that?? Spraying out of air planes perhaps? I’ve heard that the lines in the sky that spread out are ‘contrails’… yeah, last winter I was walking on a very cold day and I turned back to see a trail behind me of my breath, just like those ‘contrails’ in the sky, the moisture that freezes but doesn’t immediately evaporate?? So how do you make sense of all this? I didn’t see any such lines in the sky when I was younger, so what’s with that? Interesting questions, eh?


        1. I do not doubt that the govt seeds clouds or that the FNations dump rust to help algae or even that corporations do dastardly things. It is just that none of it is a conspiracy. Those are NOT the ways THEY control us. The way they control us is open, blunt, simple and covers all bases. Money, education, laws, police, propaganda and every ‘smart umbilical they can foist on you. Even if Chem trails are real, they are nothing compared to the system that already enslaves you.


  21. Well said. I have been photographing intense chemtrails over the Shuswap region of B.C.,, April 30 ~ May 02. They have been bad for a couple years , however this was more detailed photography. I believe it is a crime against humanity. How would “the people” begin to bring these charges against our govt.?


  22. BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories desperately need rain this year. If what you’re saying is true, why is nobody seeding for rain at the moment? Is it because “they” (whoever they are) have specifically decided to let these provinces burn up this year?


  23. It’s a matter of resources. We have them! And in a time the world will soon run short…ironically we can’t as a country own up to what our”weather” has in store for us…but what about what the stores or ..”industry has in weather for us?”…we are facing a black hole, in terms of the unthinkable western logic..or just plain fucking human logic!!! We as a race. Are short of time. It is time we cannot change. But can only wish for more of.


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