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Some little noticed news from the Friday before the long weekend… BCLC considers expanding gambling to mobile device apps.

From the Surrey Leader:

 VICTORIA – Trying to maintain market share in rapidly evolving gambling business, B.C. Lottery Corporation is looking at expanding its online games and tickets to mobile phones and tablets.

 BCLC launched its gambling website a year ago, as unregulated internet poker websites started cutting into the province’s lucrative casino and lottery business. B.C. was the first government in North America to jump into online gambling, and now bills itself as “B.C.’s only legal gambling website.”

 At the July 2010 launch, cabinet minister Rich Coleman estimated that B.C. residents were spending $100 million a year on online gambling, and made no apologies for encouraging BCLC to go online and raise its betting limit to $9,999.

 Now some of those unregulated sites are moving to smart phone and tablet applications, and BCLC is preparing to do the same. A survey asks customers if they would use their mobile devices to play lotteries, poker, casino games and sports betting.

 A BCLC spokesperson said no decision has been made yet to proceed with mobile gambling.

I posted this to my facebook page this weekend and the response has been vocal to the thought of mobile gambling. Some of the comments included:

“hmm….so much for never expanding gambling, and all that innocent blood mr. Krueger mentioned being on their heads.”

” What the…! *facepalm*”

” I’m so disgusted I’m not able to find any words to adequately describe how I feel. ”

”  Coleman, he is the one that raised the on line ceiling to $9999.00, one dollar less, the feds dont come looking then. Hmmmm? ”

” anything over $10,000.00 is supposed to be reported to the Feds. – whether it’s an online gambling account or a bank account. Supposed to keep the bad guys from laundering money.”

I’ll tell you what I think. I think this is one of the stupidest ideas they’ve ever come up with, because this just makes it even easier for problem gamblers to spend money they don’t have anywhere, anytime. No need to find an actual casino, hell, no need to even find a laptop or computer to gamble online! Sure, why not sit in your vehicle,or at work, or where ever you find yourself bored and gamble away. And wow, anyone wanting to launder money will be doing backflips over the creation of a government sanctioned mobile app for mobile devices that are readily disposable and harder to track.

 Thats why blackberries are the mobile device of choice for organized crime… (and  perhaps, the government.)

BCLC ~ ” playing it right”. The question is, for them, or for you?


  1. Thats why blackberries are the mobile device of choice for organized crime… (and perhaps, the government.)
    It si getting hard to tell the difference isn’t it?
    The issues with online gambling are enough that this idea should have been dead from the start but, there is an even bigger issue, The microwave radiation from mobile devices is a group 2B Carcinogen, encouraging people to use these devices even more is wrong and will have a long term cost on our health.
    I am currently undergoing treatment to remove a tumour caused by the same microwave radiation – not something a rational competent person looks forward to.
    Even a bigger concern is why is the Government doing everything they can to increase the amount of radiation in the environment?
    This idea ranks in the same class of dumb as the forced imposition of cancer causing smart meters on the population – it is almost as though the government wants to seriously damage the health of the people.
    When will we get a government that actually works for the people?


  2. Never going to get a government that works for the people. The government no matter what they’re cloaked in work for the big banks and the multinational corporations and those entities could give two hoots in hell about us the people. We have to stop playing before it is to late, if it’s not already.


  3. Campbell made sure he destroyed BC before he left. He thieved and sold BC’s assets. The rivers Campbell has stolen, made sure he would bankrupt our BC hydro, and put the cost up to 53% more for the people. Campbell, Hansen and Harper also, illegally forced the HST onto the BC citizens.

    Campbell and Harper worked hand in hand, to force the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China, onto the province and the people.

    They also worked on, drilling gas and oil well, off BC’s coast.

    Campbell and Harper, have totally killed off BC’s wild salmon, by allowing Norway to spread the diseases from their filthy fish farms, that are also killing crustaceans and other marine creatures.

    Harper also left the back door open, so the expansion of Prosperity mine can begin. That too will kill fish and all the wildlife, that depend on that lake. The underground water will also be poisoned.

    Harper’s head has swollen four times it’s size, because of his majority. He has elaborate plans of, being a super big shot, with a huge dynasty of energy. He desperately wants that power and glory. He will pollute the entire planet, to get that glory, to bask in.

    Harper just doesn’t know, how other country’s politicians, snicker at him behind his back. That’s exactly, how stupid he is. He is known as, arrogant, stubborn and impossible to work with. One country calls him, a petty gasbag. Harper has embarrassed Canadians, far too many times. The worst embarrassment of all is, sending scum like Campbell to England, as High Commissioner. Well, that’s ok, the Brits are waiting for him. England puts their corrupt, thieving politicians in prison. There are two serving time right now. And, as we all know, there is more TNT to follow.


  4. Government security….went to renew my Drivers Licence today. Took my original birth Certificate as requested, but because it was so clean, they rejected it. Now this is the second time I am going for my ENHANCED D.L. They accepted my Original Birth Certificate on my first application for the EDL, no problem. I even had to make a reservation to get a time slot for this interview. Fair enough, but why would they reject my ORIGINAL Birth Certificate – because it was 70 years old and it was looking too clean??? It was registered 30 days after my mother gave birth to me.

    They wanted my OTHER birth certificate, the one that had a registration number on it. This birth certificate is a duplicate of the original. It was also registered 20 years AFTER I was born. They accepted this one because it had the registered number on it, but it was scruffy as can be.

    OBTW, I may be 70 years old, but I am not deaf but the interviewer must have thought I was, as everyone in the room must know my mother’s maiden name, my phone number and where I live, by now. And they call this Security?

    The next time, five years from now, I will leave my original birth certificate at home in my drawer folder where it keeps clean, for sure they will have changed the rules by then, but I won’t care I will be deaf by then and probably in the care home.


  5. They will not issue to you but to your person an Enhanced Driver’s Licence. The original Birth Certificate is only evidence of the fact of the event and is not identification.. The duplicate Birth Certificate with the registration number is your person and you are entitled to use that name and be surety for it if you wish but it is not identification and is not to be used as such. It is a valuable token and is a claim check with the revenue receipt number on the back so we can claim back what was given when we were born. The original Birth Certificate is the founding document upon which all other documents to do with the person are based. If it is not acceptable then nothing is as it is all based on it.

    Take the trip out the illusion that we live under and forever be changed. Ask yourself, Who am I? , am I a name, a job? Or am I simply a man/woman equal to all other men/women free to consent to contract or not to consent to contract if I wish without penalty for not wishing so and at the same time to be compensated for any service I perform by mutual agreement or if required to perform under duress?

    I am I and I live here and nowhere else as I can neither be in the past nor in the future only in the now.


  6. It’s really sad that our “government ” has a ton of money for corporate welfare ( SeaSpan ), but absolutely nothing for the people in our society that really need the help.


  7. The BC Liberals, have never done anything for the people, for over ten years now. They have broken every promise. Thieved and sold our BCR and our rivers. Campbell twice lied, to be re-elected for two different elections. Lied about the provincial deficit. Campbell, Hansen and Harper, forced the HST onto the BC people. Campbell thieved $60.000 per year salary hike. Ida Chong, chomped her way through $6,000 worth of food, for her fine dining. De Jong thieved our tax dollars to pay, the two patsies, taking the fall for, Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale, of the BCR. And, on and on and on they go.

    The recession is only for, the everyday citizens of BC. There is no recession for, corrupt, thieving, lying, dirty tactics, BC Liberals. Christy has never had, the intention of putting her “family’s first”. Christy is putting the HST at the top of her list, which will harm her “family’s first”.

    Isn’t SeaSpan the Washington Marine Group, who Christy’s brother worked for? I vaguely remember, the BCR being tangled up with, Bruce and Christy, when Bruce was working with the WMG. I have to go back and search.

    The BC Liberals have fouled and dirtied BC, into a cesspool of corruption and evil. Everything the BC Liberals touch, they contaminate and destroy.


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