Satire doesn’t get any better than this.

BRAVA to the lovely Pale Cold of A Creative Revolution for this creative caution! Inspired by the story of the widow being pursued by Conservative officials for copyright infringment, after she used their logo in an online ad aimed at bringing attention to her fight against the asbestos industry. This, following her husbands tragic death from a cancer related to asbestos exposure.

You can read the full story HERE, and enjoy the wonderful satire of Pale Cold below.

You can read Michaela’s story at this link:

6 Comments on “Satire doesn’t get any better than this.

  1. Harper is focused on, being an energy giant. He wants that power and glory. He is focused on his wars. Building up his military. Spending billions on his jets. Billions on his navy. Billions on his gulags. If he has to kill people, to get every scrap of money he can, he will do so. He wouldn’t accept asbestos in his own home, but it’s fine for foreign country’s, they don’t matter to him anyway. He is willing to pollute the entire planet, with the dirty oil from the tar sands. Deceiving Europe, trying to con the tar sands, as clean energy. Harper is a total evil monster, who went as far as, having a convicted felon working for him. Carsons girlfriend was an ex prostitute.

    Now, this lady who’s husband died from working with asbestos, is using the Tories label, to stop the export of asbestos. Harper is threatening her, with dire consequences if she doesn’t stop using the Tory label. I say, go girl we are behind you. Serves that monster of a hypocrite Harper right. Willing to give people cancer to fill his own coffers, which he will piss away on his selfish goals, and to hell with peoples lives. Harper is every bit as evil as Campbell. There is not one shred of decency, honesty or morals, in either one of them. They are sick, sick ,sick.

  2. Yes, I don’t think this Conservative government has given due thought to how it is treating it’s citizens nor the negative impact this will effect on them, in fact it’s pretty stupid for them to take a stance to attack an individual in the manner they have chosen.
    Take cigarettes for example. They are as drug pushers on darkened street corners selling carcinogens to addicted people, no better than any other drug pusher knowing they are killing people for profit. The Tar sands produce carcinogens that produce cancers in people and wildlife and for profit they continue a vulgar practice.
    Asbestos even more so than cigarettes is known to be a horrid killer but still they will ignore the outcome of exposure again for profits.
    My response to them would be “bring it on” show me if there is a copyright on that logo, when that copyright was taken and approved and at who’s expense? If it should be found that this was at taxpayers expense then logically it follow that it belongs to the taxpayers and not any individual Government or leader of. It is they who require the permission of Canadians in their actions and not visa verse.
    My admiration for this woman knows no bounds and Mr. Harper’s government should be ashamed for by threatening this lady with all their might they appear as gutless schoolyard bullies pathetic to the core and absolutely up surd!
    Let’s nail them to the cross with cigarettes, they’ll wish they never bothered this noble lady.

  3. I can’t believe that the Conservatives are making such a public fuss over their logo, its been used against them before. One only needs to go on the internet to find other fine examples, here’s one which is a good example Their capital letter “C” has been added to “ontempt”.

    Then there’s this one accusing the Conservatives of not playing fair…

    I don’t like to think about what the future has in store for me, health wise. The fast acting process of ….. aging is bad enough, but ……….. having worked in a North Vancouver shipyard, and having been exposed to Asbestos numerous times, and being told by the Company that I have been exposed to Asbestos (officially), and WorkSafeBC telling me that they have accepted my claim (without a financial “reward) for asbestos, to then knowing that someone from my family might one day be called upon to fight ANY canadian government to stop the creations of jobs in Quebec, just so their products can kill others, anywhere in the world,….. I think its ludicrous that Harper’s government today, sees ASBESTOS, as a benefit and well being, to society, as being ridiculous.

    What is not on my blog, noted above, is that during the WW1, gas masks were manufactured using ASBESTOS as a filter…… What is not mentioned on my blog, is that Vancouver and Winnipeg’s concrete water pipes, contains ASBESTOS, like many other pipes around North America, but its only these two cities that have their water’s ability to leach the ASBESTOS out, and into our drinking water. Which explains why Vancouver, quietly, has spent untold thousands of dollars to rectify. Up to twenty years ago hair dryers and clothes dryers used to contain ASBESTOS. The Toronto-Dominion Bank building at Granville and Georgia was sprayed with ASBESTOS to protect the steel framework, if ever there was a fire…… the steel would melt, the building would fall, like the World Trade Building in New York. BC Ferries, the older ones, contain ASBESTOS, both in being the sprayed on material… to protect the steel, and in the panels (the walls). Brakes on cars, ASBESTOS pads. It was reported once that during rush hour traffic, at Burrard and Georgia, there was more asbestos fibres floating in the air than what WorkSafeBC would allow at any worksite in British Columbia. Seat cushions in airplanes, asbestos! We are all exposed to ASBESTOS, in one medium or another.

    It’s been written that once mighty Rome’s downfall was linked to their use of LEAD. Lead baths, lead utentils…etc. I’m not suggesting that our downfall will be because of ASBESTOS, but the Conservatives endorsement of the continued use of ASBESTOS, from Quebec, when they had the opportunity to stand up and NO…..riles me no end.

    • With a heavy heart, I just finished reading your personal email to me, NVG.

      A heavy heart and a sinking drop of my stomach with the sudden realization that Michaela’s fight is all of ours, and as I finally fumble to find the words to express this feeling promted by your email, the white hot anger is growing. Herstory is tragic, the story of what happens overseas is tragic, but when you hear suddenly someone you know, like and respect…

      There are errors made of ignorance, of not knowing what could or might happen, a la Romes use of lead, and perhaps our societies long time use of this material. I imagine in the beginning it was not known how insidious and effective a killer it was , but as with all things, time brings new knowledge as workers and people get sick and die from exposure.

      Where all are all the workers from those shipyards now NVG, do you know? And what will happen if you do develop something similar to Michaela’s husband, rest his soul ? Will Worksafe compensate you, or your family for this exposure?

      ** A must read link to his blog above****

  4. “WorkSafeBC telling me that they have accepted my claim (without a financial “reward) for asbestos”
    What does that mean? Without financial reward? Have you appealed that decision?