Fallout. Why is Australia showing what the US and Canada will not?

I am breaking my holiday rule on blogging, because this is a must read, must watch link. CBS/ 60 Minutes Australia aired a recent episode on Fukushima, and the fallout from this singular event as compared to Chornobyl.

It is a must to watch, to read, to understand what may impact Canadians. In England, there are still meadows cows are not allowed to graze, because of radioactive contamination from  Chornobyl, so many years after that disaster…  what are we facing here in Canada?  And why are we not seeing similar stories from the media here, and in the United States?


5 thoughts on “Fallout. Why is Australia showing what the US and Canada will not?

  1. And why are we not seeing similar stories from the media here, and in the United States?

    Because the Corporate Masters of the Excited States and Canadian media won’t allow it, Laila.

    Doesn’t fit into their agenda of keeping the sheeple uniformed of things that really affect their lives. They’re much more concerned with keeping them numb to reality by feeding them pablum such as royal weddings, sex scandals and kim kardashian (Who the hell is she, anyway?!?) weddings.

    This is what passes as “news” in the 21st century.

    Sucks, doesn’t it ? ? ? ?


    1. When you consider that the safe levels of exposure were raised by the EPA once the first fallout starting hitting the western states, that the surgeon general thought it was a very good idea to be taking potassium iodide, when the kelp here starting show high levels of contaminants and rainwater has shown spikes in radiation every time it rains all over BC….

      I fear for our children, all our children. It took the UK a lot of time to admit they did not tell the truth to the people to allieviate fears. One can safely surmise the same thing is happening here and in the US.

      I would like to know what the current readings are in our food chain, particulary milk, leafy greens and berries, and in our water supply. Even “safe ” levels of daily exposure have vastly different impacts when consumed daily by children- this is fact, not fiction. And not pursuing those answers is a huge discredit to many who bear the brunt of continual exposures with our rainy season fast approaching.


  2. The problem is that where ever it is – some of it will be there for hundreds of years. Radiation is now circling the earth in the atmosphere and spreading into the ocean. So where do you expect to get food from that’s safe? After Chernobyl some land in Turkey and Germany are still too toxic to use. Government’s don’t say much because what can they say? What is amazing is that our government let’s these nuclear electric plants continue – controlled by private corporations who would be responsible for cleaning up after accidents. And as we have seen with the latest global disasters – they are unable to clean up accidents because they can’t. Nuclear accidents are expected – our government agreed to having accidents – every government with nuclear power agreed to it. It’s all about taking averages and estimating “risk” of illness or death. Disasters are more convenient than wars. If we don’t like it we can protest.

    This is the worst disaster in the history of our planet and there is no solution.

    Let’s please, together in peaceful protest – stop the madness. We didn’t see it in our media but Germany stopped their industry by demonstrating – 60,000 to 100,000 people marched for miles. their government listened. They are not going to use fossil fuel to replace it either. There is no where to go – no where to hide – it’s in Ontario and likely more is on it’s way here. Keep the kids out of the rain and protest. Write letters and protests are being planned. Australia may have put on the 60 min show as the world wants a nuclear waste dump there. On Aboriginal lands. Canada wants one in Saskatchewn – Port hope Ontario is one already and not by planning.


  3. They have high spikes of radiation in Kelowna too. Think of all the orchards and the market gardens.

    As far as the Canadian government listening to the citizens, forget it. All Harper is focusing on is, building his war machines. Billions on his fighter jets. Billions on ships. Billions on his wars, billions on his gulags. Harper is willing to pollute the entire planet with the dirty tar sands oil. Citizens worries, Harper completely ignores. All Harper wants from the people, is their money. That’s why Harper is desperate to keep BC’s HST. He needs to finance, his war machine. Harper also wants the glory, of being an energy giant. So, he is lying to the world.

    Harper is far too arrogant and stubborn, to listen to the citizens. Harper lies to Europe about the tar sands. He will lie about the danger of radiation.


  4. Yes, iy does seem as if our elected governments have been bought out (bought and paid for) by the large corporations. There is little in the way that government does business, that reflects true democracy in Canada or the USA. Both countries need to look and learn from europe and see how they are conducting themsel;ves – especially switzerland.

    Shame on both Harper and Clark – neither of them any longer speak truthfully.

    Crime and corruption certainly pays big dividends in Canada.



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