A message from Christy Clark to her supporters: ” I have a Great Job Plan, Dix is evil, please give me money!”

Ok, ok, so I paraphrase, but this is essentially what Christy Clark told her supporters via an email update this evening, here for your reading pleasure after making its way to me from a former supporter. Please ensure you do not take a drink as you read this, or you risk spitting all over your computer.

Update on Election Timing and Defending & Creating Jobs for BC Families

Dear Supporter,

Tonight, I announced that we will not be having an election this fall and I wanted to take a second to share this news with you, as well as the thinking behind it.

Since becoming Premier five months ago, I have devoted my time to listening to British Columbians and they have been loud and clear — we need to keep our eye on the ball with the provincial economy, especially in these globally uncertain times. 

This is what we are working on with a jobs plan that focuses on expanding markets for our BC products, especially in Asia, making sure we have the infrastructure to get the products to market and ensuring that government is enabling private sector job creation, instead of standing in the way.  

The foundations underpinning our plan will be twofold — sticking with our fiscally responsible approach and making sure young people have the skills they need to succeed and prosper.

This plan will focus on defending the jobs we already have and creating new ones. Focusing on jobs is the most important thing we can do for BC families and we are going to be absolutely relentless. 

Adrian Dix will be relentless too — relentless in his negative attacks and, if he were to win the next election, relentless in driving up government spending, raising your taxes and helping his public sector union bosses at your expense.

We can’t let that happen. Despite the fact there won’t be an election this fall, we need to continue to raise money, organize and get our message out. It would be great if you could make a secure online donation today; sending $25, $50 or $100 today by clicking here will make a huge difference in ensuring that BC continues to have a free enterprise government in British Columbia.

Finally, I want to thank you for your input regarding election timing and for your continued support. 



P.S.  We really can’t let up in our efforts to renew our party. Please consider making a secure online donation today.

Authorized By Jim Pipe, Financial Agent BC Liberal Party.



33 thoughts on “A message from Christy Clark to her supporters: ” I have a Great Job Plan, Dix is evil, please give me money!”

  1. ha, ha, ha…she is desperate and it shows clearly. Her caucus will be sh*tting bricks and doing everything they can to get rid of her. The Conservatives will be laughing out the side of their faces…I am so happy she is going to wait a bit. Exciting times in BC. I predict the BC Lieberal Party going the way of the Dodo bird and the Socreds in a very short time, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people…..Rita Johnstone, anyone?


  2. What I liked is that in the Sun article, she claimed to have spoken to thousands and thousands of people who advised this was not the time for an election. She was speaking vaguely and in concussion like riddles last week, waffling more than Dennys, and suddenly a few thousand people told her not to have an election..lol.. sure Christy.

    What is vitally important to point out in this note of hers, is that she really emphasizes the need to keep a ” free enterprise government” for British Columbians.

    Kinda sorta really like the newly departed Gordon Campbell, the king of free enterprise in BC.


  3. Given that the party of the GordonCampbellLegacy government has never had trouble raising boatloads of money from a select few influential friends and political uncles in the past, you have to wonder if these desperate bleating pleas for money, often repeated within a paragraph or two of each other (it was the same in last Friday’s blast-mail to her ‘dear’ supporters), signal something else…

    Could it be that actual grassroots fundraising is the only chance that she has of demonstrating any clout whatsoever with her soon, as Cheryl above notes, revolting caucus?



    1. I predict a bottle drive shortly. ” Bottles for Liberals” bags will be distributed to fill with empties and be left at the end of your driveway, where Christy will have Pamela come by and pick them up.

      There are just so many things wrong with this letter, and it clearly shows how clueless she is to what is going on in her government. The question is, when will even the grassroots supporters clue in?

      Christys same as the old Liberals, socked this province into so much debt, most of it written not as “debt” included in the provincial bottom line, but as ” contractual obligations” on P3’s ( public-private partnerships) and Independent Power Projects – in fact, her lovely finance minister there Kevin Falcon, was personallly, PERSONALLY, responsible for adding $2.6 BILLION dollars to our provincial debt during his time as transportation minister! And he claims to be fiscally conservative? HA!

      And I have yet to get into the BC ferries debacle, or the BC Hydro nightmare about to implode. Christy has no clue, and neither do the people who she has picked here and there from the media to cover her back and spin her lines for her.

      Yes, this screams desperation. When this email made it to my inbox last night via a former supporter of hers, I nearly cried laughing. Evil evil Dix, so relentless and negative…lol.. Well, I think she hasn’t even seen the half of it, since what she refers to as ‘negative’ is actually the cold hard truth of what she is going to have to deal with as premier, and no amount of bafflegab and shiny teeth smiles is going to fix that.

      Just add one more really BIG reason the BC Liberals must go: Christy Clark.


  4. The only reason there will be no election is because someone finally convinced Crusty that she will lose. She now realizes that the only way for her to hold onto power is to delay the inevitable ( total destruction of the Lieberals ). She still has to worry about an internal revolt from cabinet, at least from those who won’t abandon ship. I hope that the conservative Party will not take on the rats from the Lieberal Party when the end comes. I know that I will not vote for them if they do. It is a real shame that Crusty is backing off because I was really hoping that this fall would be the end of her and the Lieberals. They need to know that the people of BC will NOT forget by the time the election is finally called though. It’s over for you Giggles, get used to it.


  5. I wonder if she’d take a Debit Memo? I think the Liberal Party of BC owes each and every one of us (well okay, most of us, excluding Virk, Kinsella, Basi and a few others) big time for all the BC Rail, IPP’s, BC Ferries rip-offs. She said “…I don’t think (she shudda stopped right there) there is necessarily anything wrong with a politician listening to people and TAKING THEIR ADVICE”. Well, my advice to you dear Christy, is to call an Inquiry into the ‘sale’ of BC Rail. Anyone else have any advice for her?


  6. wow, not surprised she is acting that way, i predicted that and people thought i was out to lunch…
    since she can’t find the right words, she is just shi….. letters, poor Christy, walking on thin ice


  7. In addition to the sense of impending doom, it’s clear that she wants more time to drag her feet on the reversal of HST, to lock in all the privatization hand-outs to friends, to rejig the tax system for the benefit of corporate and political cronies, and to further separate the government from its constituents. As I suggested on my own place this morning, we ought perhaps to start a “To Do” list (i.e., 100 reasons to dump Gordon Campbell, thanks Laila!) as a kind of order paper for whoever takes over when these folks finally exit.


  8. Not that I wanted another election campaign this year, but I sure would have welcomed the opportunity to kick these guys out. What this bit of Christy spin demonstrates is the BC Liberals relentless inability to tell the truth or do what is for the public good! Poor Christy, she’s making Gordon look like an honest man. She really put herself in a bad place (again) on this one: promising to disregard the fixed-date legislation she was key in bringing in and now breaking her promise of a fall election. Relentless!


    1. Great point Sheldon, she already flip-flopped on her own assertion to get a mandate from the people to lead, and clearly she only leads by reaction, if anything. She is a classic example of what so many women who have worked extremely hard to get where they are, hate. She has not earned her position, is clearly not qualified in my opinion, and bright can only get you so far as the infamous CBC videos demonstrate. Under pressure, in an unscripted setting, she falls apart with grand effect. Those pursed lips nasty faces tell all.


  9. You make a great point about her example to women. It is unfortunate that, in her case, it was form rather than substance that propelled her to the job. It shows that we still have a long way to go in our society for women in the workplace. In fact, both female premiers and person of color premier we’ve had in this province came through leadership changes rather than general elections. I’m not sure what to make of it, but I digress….

    Thanks Laila, for your great insights!


  10. I was so hoping Christy would call an election. She would never had won, had she done so. The BC citizens are not going to forget the treachery of, the Campbell/Christy BC Liberals, nor Harper’s. The scars run far too deep. .Campbell sniveling about his DUI, and begging the citizens forgiveness. He turned right around, and kicked those people in the face.

    People never forget abuse. The citizens of this province, have suffered cruel abuse for over a decade now. Christy is trying to distance herself from Campbell, but, she still has Campbell’s henchmen, who didn’t raise a finger to stop Campbell’s insanity.

    The citizens in this province, will never forget Campbell’s evil corruption. We will never forget Chrisy and her team, who utter threats every other day, and use Campbell’s dirty tactics, against us. Christy has said, she must win the peoples trust.

    Today the BC people are angrier than ever. Christy and her Liberals, have never stopped their scamming. They are out and out lying, regarding the timing of the HST repeal. It didn’t take Campbell, Hansen and Harper, any time at all, to force the HST on us. The HST radar papers went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. Harper is beneath contempt, to more than a few other country’s. He is doing to Canada, what Campbell did to BC.


  11. chuckstraight–

    You ask an interesting question.

    It is possible, I suppose, that the money taps may have been turned off already.

    Especially, if the folks in control of the spigots have already made the decision that they cannot win with her as their fountain….errrr….figurehead.



    1. A wonderful idea, actually, I have my old garden gumboots just waiting to be recycled..lol

      Give Christy and the Liberals the boot, literally. Everyone who wants them to go please send an old boot to their offices in Victoria. What an image, Christy opening packages of smelly old boots..lol

      And FYI, RossK has a great post on the little Tweet Spat between Baldrey and Smart on twitter…too funny!!http://pacificgazette.blogspot.com/2011/09/watercarriers-throw-balloons-at-each.html


  12. Ya – it is funny.

    But it is also a very, very said indictment of our local media.

    Regarding the money-raising issue….Mr. T (not Bill) is reporting that the taps on the conservative side of the room have, indeed, been turned off.



  13. Christy Clark is no bigger or better than her handlers ( & she could be the ultimate sock puppet).
    She, like them, is floudering around looking for answers, much like the rest of the no holds barred capitalists that have brought not just the BC but the worlds economy to it’s knees.
    Like her predecessor she is inclined to move taxpayer assets to the private sector.
    Trickle down economics has failed failed failed.
    Like a deer in the headlights ; she will soon be no more than road kill.
    A sad reflection on BC Politics.


  14. How will Christy survive with no money? I can imagine, big business would want her turfed. I can’t imagine Christy getting anyone to back her financially. I can’t even see her caucus backing her up either. Perhaps, she will go the way Campbell did. Campbell favored Christy, he knew she would have to avoid, the BCR issue. Campbell never, ever did give a damn about the BC Liberal party. He was working for Harper. The more he destroyed BC, the happier he was. A very vindictive little boy, was Campbell. What a conundrum.


  15. oh ya, dollars to donuts that the HST ref was the Libs straw poll as to whether they could win a fall election. time to re-group, Christy and handlers. hold off on an election until the mandated date in hope that times will be/get better – maybe Gord can work out some trade deals once he gets settled in jolly ole England.

    btw, having a fixed election date is a good idea, imo. no special warrants to keep the gov’t in business for months on end. i guess the premier’s had a change of heart on that concept – now that it serves her un-elected interests.

    also, i would love to know what the Libs and NDP each raised over the past 4-6 months.


  16. Well,well,well. Don’t they prove our assertions?
    Let’s send them a boot too.
    I now will begin to not buy products avertised on their stations.


  17. She’s something else eh!. How come she’s worried about A.D. running up the debt, I thought she was the Premier, thats her job. Isnt it?


  18. Postponing the inevitable until 2013 also gives the lieberals 18 or so months to bust up and sell off BC Ferries & BC Hydro. Then I think we’ll be pretty much out of lucrative public assets. Also if the financial armeggedon & reckoning can be postponed that long, the NDP will come to power just in time to be blamed for the mess.


  19. When she refers to Asia and infrastructure to get BC’s products to market, might she be referring to the Enbridge (or similar) pipeline? Isn’t that really Alberta’s products and BC will be the one risking major environmental devastation? (and stuck with the bill)

    What’s worse is that China doesn’t want any bitumen sludge. The only refineries capable of processing the low-quality stuff are in the U.S. If we build it, they will… what? Dump it into the ocean? Ship it to Louisiana the long way around by tanker to refineries already near full capacity?


  20. T-Girl,
    There is no way people of this province will forget what the Liebrals have done to the ex-best place on earth. (btw, where are those ads now?) Oh that’s right, the money was given as grants to the corporations in support of the hst.


  21. I agree Gary.

    This is the BC Liberals way. If they are afraid they won’t win, they lie and cheat. Campbell twice lied to be re-elected for two different elections. The election lie, the BCR wasn’t for sale. The HST wasn’t on Campbell and Hansen’ radar. Along with their lie, the small provincial deficit.

    Christy has chosen to follow Campbell’s corrupt legacy. She is trying to form her government, on top of Campbell’s, old and corrupt government. It’s just not working. We all know, Campbell has put this province into horrendous debt. He, Hansen and Harper forced the HST onto the citizens, struggling with the recession. They can’t get much more stupid than that.

    Christy is desperate to hang on. She is even begging for money. Christy knows damned well, she can’t win an election, so does her caucus. If she could win, she would have called for an election, asap.


  22. Even the quality of the writing of this fundraising plea is sadly amateurish.
    An accurate reflection of the expertise in the concentric circles radiating out from the Premiers office.


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