What was the ‘other’ reason Christy Clark didn’t call a fall election?

We know she’s lost monetary support, we know she’s lost caucus support and we know, despite her claims to the contrary – that she would not have survived a fall election… but I have reason to believe there may have been another compelling reason contributing to Clarks decision to hold off.

Full story to come after the long weekend.

18 thoughts on “What was the ‘other’ reason Christy Clark didn’t call a fall election?

  1. I suspect they are going to jam some more crap through.A last ditch effort to finalise their manifesto.
    Then run for the hills. Who knows, maybe we’ll all get lucky. Harper could appoint Crusty the ‘ol Flipper high commissioner priestess to Bora Bora!
    Look forward to your labour weekend post!


  2. Knowing the end is coming they need to shred and bury evidence that will show what the BC Liberals have done over 10 yrs from ripping up contracts to BC Railgate they are in save our ass mode.


  3. Jiminy Crickets Laila–

    I don’t thing I can keep hanging off this cliff until Tuesday!

    In the meantime, I have a wee bit of number-based HST Referendum star-alignment trivia up at my place for anyone interested….

    Hey! Now that I think of it, doesn’t John Doyle have something coming out tomorrow in The Globe….What’s that you say?….Wrong Doyle…Whoops, sorry ’bout that.



    1. sorry RossK, your comment got stuck in the blasted spam collector! Twice!

      Sorry about the fingernails, but better to wait til everyones done the weekend festivities…lol.


  4. I will wait. But, very impatiently though.

    Perhaps, now Harper is friends with Columbia and Equador, couldn’t Christy be sent there as a Commissioner?

    You would think..If the HST was doing the BC citizens, so wonderfully well. Why are we spending millions shopping in Alberta, the U.S. and on line? The HST was an out and out scam by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, for big business and for Harper’s, wars, jets, ships, prisons and his billion dollar fake lake.

    The HST was never intended to help the citizens, in the first place. It was in our faces obvious, that it wouldn’t. Big business and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper, were the only ones, the HST could possibly benefit. We knew that, and so did they.


  5. What I’d really like to know is how Gordon Campbell received the prestigious posting he did as the Ambassador to Great Britain, when he was basically forced to step down in shame for the ruination of what was once a great and prosperous province (BC)?
    How does that happen? Doesn’t their political record get black marks for each disgraceful and despicable act?
    Or is that how one’s picked, by the most black marks received while in office?


    1. Blog Borg Collective has a rather pointed post on this today…http://blogborgcollective.blogspot.com/2011/09/gordon-muir-campbell-obc-order-of.html

      Personally, I find it insulting to the genuinely deserving recipients of these awards, to be in the same company of the likes of David Emerson and Campbell. And I find it exhausting how so many now stand and pretend he did wonderful things for BC when in reality he put us into one of the most serious positions we have ever been in, economically and environmentally. Appalling.

      Gini, you have it right. I look forward to finding one in my Lucky Charms..lol.


  6. On the Order of BC matter – I can tell you that I have filed a Petition in the BC Supreme Court No. 136991 seeking among a number of Orders that: “An Order that the Law Society of BC be declared a Lobbyist under The Lobbyists Registration Act BC and a further Order that the Lay Bencher’s be deemed to be a political organization under the Elections Act. One of the Advisory for the Order of BC is The Chief Justice of the BC Courts – and one of the recipients is Ken Dobell who was also made a lay Bencher of the Law Society. This from CBC News on Dobell March 10, 2008 – “A former adviser to Premier Gordon Campbell has been charged with violating the Lobbyists Registration Act of BC. “There was a substantial likelihood of conviction on a second offence of influence peddling under the Criminal Code of Canada.

    How disgraceful is this – that Dobell is affirmed by the Chief Justice of the Province – while convicted of lobbying – while he is a Lay Bencher with the Law Society that has custody of lawyers in the province. This creates a causal connection between the Chief Justice of BC – a convicted cheater who is a Lay Bencher – the courts and the organization that controls the lawyers – the biggest legal lobby one could imagine.

    Another Law Society of BC Lay Bencher is Peter B Lloyd who has donated thousands of dollars to the party. Lloyd was also in the crew that gave BC Liberal donor – and alleged Special Prosecutor Robertson – another donor to the party – a pass for being a cheater. Claude Richmond – another Law Society of BC – is a former BC Liberal Cabinet minister – who also helped Law Society sweety Robertson get a pass on his lack of ethics (he did apologize – aw thanks).

    Another Lay Bencher – from the Indo Canadian community Satwinder Bains – is prevalent in BC Liberal puff piece enterprise and overall public relations. You won’t see me stitching anything here with the 2 culprits from the BC Rail deal – except ya know what is interesting is that another Law Society of BC Lay Bencher Haydn Acheson – a former flight operations president for Harmony Airlines – which was once run by former Gordon Campbell finance minister Gary Collins – the minister in the middle of BC Rail.

    (I Need to get at the warehouse that houses the BC Rails documents – to determined if there are all law cases within those submissions – or if many are simply stuffed with Archie comic books or other unrelated material that helped string that crime – sanctioned by the government and the courts along–perhaps Laila would like to come along?)

    So what do you think of this Order of BC for Ken Dobell now? BC has to be the most politically and legally corrupt place anywhere in the free world.


    1. Good morning to all, and I hope you all remember to drive a little slower and with more caution this morning as the kids make their ways to school and back- sometimes it takes a bit for everyone to get used to the extra people on the road and at crossings!

      I have to attend to my motherly duties this morning, but will have the funny, ironic Christy story for you around noon, so check back then!


  7. Christy Clark didn’t call a fall election because she and her government hope to bury the alleged Police (VPD) involved death (under Campbell’s reign) of an 89 year old Point Grey Constituent. The cruel death warrant is one reason Campbell is completely unfit for the “Order” of BC. But Campbell and Clark are not alone. Care to ask James and Dix (or even Holmes and Eby) on the record?
    Unfortunately, Gregor Robertson, “Chair” of the Vancouver Police Board, former Deputy Minister of Health Penny Ballem (who resigned over the cruel deaths of Mr. and Ms. Albo in 2006) and “Chief” JIm Chu – whom have clearly been exposed as dangers to the public per the riot – don’t have Christy’s luxury of choice. Nevertheless, its an all party civic killing coverup with Vancouver City Council’s leading ladies: Heather Deal, Ellen Woodsworth and (former crown prosecutor) Susan Anton keeping their lips zipped and playing patsy – while Ballem is writing the paychecks.

    “Concerned Citizen”


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