Company involved in several BC projects investigated for alleged corruption on bridge project overseas.

Imagine,considering all the investigative work I have done on various local road and bridge projects – much of it ongoing – how not surprised I was to see this headline in my favourite Wall Street Journal  blog this morning :

Mounties Raid SNC-Lavalin In Corruption Probe

No!!  Say it ain’t so…. hey! Wait…. isn’t  Christy Clark’s advisor, Gwyn Morgan, a chairman for SNC-Lavelin ?

 Why, yes he is!  And isn’t that a still a very real conflict of interest considering how much business SNC has done, and continues to do with the BC government?

Of course, but hey,that’s nothing when you try to wrap your head around why a woman who repeatedly claims she puts families first welcomes an advisor from a company who happily does business in Libya with nutters like Gadhafi and his son, Saif al-Islam ? In a country, I might point out in case you  don’t follow such things, that the Canadian government has been involved in military action( including air strikes and bombing) for some time. 

 Twisted , I know… but I’ll tell you something about myself. I could never do business with anyone involved in a corporation that has no issues with doing business with madmen, and making a tidy profit off it as well. 

But Christy can, and to me, that speaks volumes about her real values.

22 thoughts on “Company involved in several BC projects investigated for alleged corruption on bridge project overseas.

    1. Yes,lovely to think that the government would sell Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. to a company building a prison in Libya.What is next,selling our nuclear secrets to any new or old regime? Hello.

      Interesting video. I still think he is a madman. And his sons barbaric. SNC’s business history in Libya is questionable at best.
      NVG….what an interesting… and the parallels are striking!


  1. The catch word is corruption.
    Since we are on the subject of confusion, can I assume you have projects with the Lieberals? Catchword design? Hmmmm? Anyone, Anyone?


  2. SNC-Lavalin has just landed a contract worth around $444 million to refurbish the Embalse nuclear reactor in Argentina. SNC-L recently ‘bought’ the Candu arm of AECL for a reported $15 million, but when a subsidy of $75 million from the federal government to continue development of the Candu reactor is factored in, the bottom line is that it assumed ownership of AECL Candu with a gift of $65 million from Canadian taxpayers.

    Nice deal! I would have ‘bought’ it at that price.

    When the RCMP are finished with their Bangladesh investigation, perhaps they should have a look at Argentina, another country that has been fertile ground for nefarious dealings.


  3. Don’t get me wrong, what you posit is actually correct, Laila.

    The fact that SNC Lavalin is fully immersed in criminal deals bears out. They were building a prison for a dictator who at the time enjoyed the support of the very countries now bombing him, given the cloud of corruption SNCL is immersed in, I suspect the real madman are sitting on boards of these companies and in Christy’s war room. Remember corporate Americas preference with dictators is that it doesn’t matter if they are madmen as long as they are our madmen – this extends to the boardroom.

    SNC – Lavalin works in conjunction with GE on Nuclear power plays around the world. The give away of AECL to SNC Lavalin was a thinly veiled criminally driven deal to hand over a crown corporation that has enjoyed untold billions of taxpayers subsidy, enough in fact to represent a significant proportion of the budgeting for the entire Federal government, contributing billions upon billions to our Federal debt, if you include interest on that debt the numbers are truly shocking. To then give it away to GE via SNC, was a corporate shell game of criminal proportion. Moreover it is a fine example of what we can expect from Christy, if elected. However now we don’t have to bother with the clumsy and often messy processes of an election. Christy’s decision to cling to power despite receiving no public mandate to do so for the next two years is a decision with huge ramifications. The next two years in BC are pivotal years as it relates to the development of oil and gas interests. You rightly identify that those surrounding Christy as “advisers” are oil and gas hacks with connections to the largest energy players, which virtually guarantees implementation of their agenda under the unelected regime of Premier “Mom” or is that “Step Premier Mom”

    The point I was making is that their are numerous examples to point to that underscore the notion you are forwarding, without scapegoating Ghadaffi. I thoroughly understand that is the trend these days, and I am not an apologist for the man by any stretch but the most appropriate parallel I would make is that leaders who deal with these corporate hacks, will be hung by them for representing and delivering on interests of the people versus the interests of the companies.That is the parallel that needs to be made and the AECL deal is an example, right here at home, where these same interests pressured leaders to give away public resources for nothing while leaving the public holding the debt on those same resources, all the while selling it to them as a good thing. This is what you can expect from Christy, and if she ever moves to deliver on promises related to representing BC Families you can expect she will receive the Ghaddafi treatment.

    If Christy, as she promises, wants to represent BC families, we know she never could, as the Ghaddafi model suggests, anytime a leader backed by these hacks starts delivering for “the people” they are finished no matter what conflict or prejudice arises as a result because their media will explain it all away as if it were in the peoples best interest, like the “humanitarian mission” in Libya.



  4. Lew!
    Actually, no. Corruption is rampant in the gov’t. Your link and the info on the pages kinda makes sense why the word wizard was so defensive. Its safe to say that the trolls visit the blogs. Likely they use the info for strategic reasons. Come up with the next excuse for the next set of poll questions and attack ads.


  5. I found a lot of humor in, Harper filing a complaint with Elections Canada. They say, there was union sponsorship at the, June NDP convention.

    Harper and his Conservatives, in contempt of the House. The convicted American felon, Harper had working for him, and his ex prostitute girlfriend, visiting the Harper’s home. The robo calls to confuse the voting venues. The $50 million missing from Harper’s 2006 campaign. Harper who worked hand in hand, with the most corrupt premier in Canadian history, to force the HST onto the BC citizens. Harper who is sending Campbell, with the most foul and the dirtiest political record, to England, as High Commissioner.

    I am Harpered out. I am BC Liberaled out. I am fed up with the crap, that is called government in this entire country. I am in total disbelief, that someone as vile and corrupt as Campbell, is to receive the OBC.

    My own opinion is, Harper and Campbell should be tried for high treason, and in prison for life. Mind you, I am not the only one, who thinks that, either.


    1. I did see it ran on the Sun yesterday, online, but I dont know about tv because I dont watch the news generally! Certainly the news item on the Sun didnt make the connection between Clark, Gwyn Morgan and SNC…lol


  6. I can’t believe what I just read on the ‘net new ! A. Dix feels that GC deserves the OBC but not right now. Does this guy have foot & mouth disease? The more things change the more they stay the same – garbage !


    1. Surv you are not the first person to tell me this,and likely not the last. If you care to share your stories, email me in complete confidentiality through my contact page above. Just make sure you leave an email address I can get back to you at !!


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