Yes, Stephen, social media can stop Gordon Campbell from getting the Order of BC…because he isn’t even eligible!

That headline, in response to Stephen Hui’s article in the Georgia Straight:



September 4, 2011


8:59 AM

Stephen Hui

The B.C. government has announced Gordon Campbell will be awarded the province’s highest honour.

In addition to the @NoOrderForGordo Twitter account, there’s a “Gordon Campbell does not Deserve the Order of BC award” page on Facebook.

At time of writing, the Facebook page had over 480 likes.

The creator of the page appears to be Ingrid Voigt, the leader of the B.C. Refederation Party.

Voigt, a Creston real-estate agent, has posted a petition on Facebook.

Here’s what the petition argues:

We the undersigned citizens of British Columbia demand that Gordon Campbell not be awarded the Order of British Columbia. On Gordon Campbell’s watch poverty rates in BC soared to become the highest in Canada, homelessness increased massively, children’s health, safety and education were neglected or made worse, legal contracts were broken, our rivers and parks were destroyed by ill-conceived hydro projects and BC Ferries, BC Hydro and other public services have been destroyed. There is no justification for giving Gordon Campbell an award for his tenure as Premier of BC.

Voigt is urging people to print out the petition, gather signatures, and send the completed forms to the province’s Honours and Awards Secretariat.

You can follow Stephen Hui on Facebook and Twitter.

Ingrid Voigt, leader of the Refederation Party did create the Facebook page,which currently has 542 likes and growing. You can add your name at this link!/pages/Gordon-Campbell-does-not-Deserve-the-Order-of-BC-award/251091051597176

Now, here is the kicker to all of this, besides the insult his nomination was to many British Columbians.

Gordon Campbell is ineligible to even  be nominated for the 2011 Order of BC, by the Order of BC’s own website rules

That’s right, not eligible. From another petition by Cheryl McNevin Baron:

According to the Government of BC’s own Order of BC website, nominations for the 2011 awards closed March 10, 2011, and “your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments”.

Gordon Campbell did not step down as MLA, clearing the way for Christy Clark to run in his riding of Vancouver-Point Gray, until March 14th. Thus, at the close of nominations he was “currently an elected person”.

So there it is. Besides the fact that I and many,many others feel he is not deserving of this award, he isn’t even eligible for this years nomination, so how did that happen to get through? Did the Advisory Council make an honest error, or is there two sets of rules in play here?

Naming Gordon Campbell as a recipient of the Order of BC is an insult to the fine people who have truly worked to deserve such an honour.

 He resigned in disgrace as a premier with the lowest approval rating ever. He pleaded no contest to a drunk driving charge while on vacation in Hawaii at twice the legal limit and even a brief read of 1oo reasons the BC Liberals should go will make it clear why this is an unjust action and an insult to all those deserving of such an honour.

(And don’t even get me started on Ken Dobell being on that list. My blood pressure can’t take anymore! )

If you are in agreement, check out the links above for details, addresses and how you can help stop Gordon Campbell from getting the Order of BC.  And share them with all your contacts.

48 thoughts on “Yes, Stephen, social media can stop Gordon Campbell from getting the Order of BC…because he isn’t even eligible!

  1. Thanks to the good work on checking the rules. But even if Campbell did qualify I could not support the idea. Other than being an MLA and eventually Premier, what has he done that is so deserving of this honour? It’s been 10 years of BC Fiasco under his leadership!

    The Order should recognize people who have made a positive change to our society. Not destroyed it.


  2. Agreed wholeheartedly, he IS NOT deserving of the award, but at least this shows he is not eligible this year. Frankly,the awards have have lost much of their meaning with some very questionable additions to it, ie Ken Dobell? Ken Dobell ?? What has he done to deserve this expect prove himself to be a dirty player??


  3. Don’t focus simply on Campbell. There are at least six Liberal contributors, including three other demonstrably not-honourable recipients. Ken Dobell has been convicted for blithely ignoring legal requirements for lobbyists, Aquilini was part of a company that routinely thumbed its nose at the landlord tenants act and Emerson misled his voters by standing for one party while he was negotiating to join another.

    The aristocracy has gone too far this time. It is a matter of principle for the rest of us.


    1. Right on Norm!!! You are dead on, as usual. We must never forget the bigger picture on all these issues. So much to write, and only so much space and time!


  4. Damm it all to hell.
    I cannot stop swearing and stomping around.
    They are all cee u next tueday rat bastards.
    All the rest of “normal and deserving” nominees should politely decline the offer.
    I for one would not want to be included with that bunch of pirates.


  5. Thanks for your support Laila. I might add that I wish we could do something about the other questionable nominees, but I think we’re out of luck. I’m interested to hear the answer on eligibility and will let you know when I hear back from the protocol office…..


  6. At 12:00 pm PDT, the facebook page had 653 LIKES.

    I think the LIEberals will use his blatant ineligibility as the “reason” to have his name removed from the list of nominees.


  7. This list of so-called humanitarions is an insult to deserving people. I bet every person reading this blog can think of at least one more deserving personPerhaps that is what we should do. Send the names to this committee that is berefit of common sense.


  8. I’ve signed onto the Facebook page and have also sent an e-mail to the Order of B.C. Secretariat. If anyone reading this blog have not done so already, please do.

    It appears to me that this award is being given (with the exception of a few deserving recipients) to the very worst British Columbians, not the best.


  9. Good for you Laila, and all you other bloggers. Where would we BC people be, without all of you?

    Campbell has a very soiled political reputation. Could the OBC have been ordered or bought? Campbell will be taking his very bad record with him, as High Commissioner to England. Campbell has not one good accolade to take with him. He has the true face of a monster. He has not one saving grace.

    Because Campbell has no morals or ethics, he is Harper’s best friend and best choice, as High Commissioner to England. Even Harper gave false statements to Europe, trying to pass off the dirty tar sands oil as clean energy. Campbell’s first priority in England is, to try and con Europe into accepting the dirty oil.

    Will the NDP challenge Campbell’s OBC? Especially as Campbell isn’t valid and doesn’t even deserve the award?


  10. 718 right now. We will easily pass 1000 today. The petition at , is well on its way to its goal of 5000, the Sun has an article on its online edition and the Canadian Press has interviewed both Ingrid and myself regarding the page and the petition. I truly believe that the success of the HST campaign has shown people in BC that we do have the power to change things that are “wrong” and the days of “fast ones” are rapidly coming to a close…..thanks for everyone’s support.


      1. Well folks, isn’t it nice to see the msm talking about social media folks in such a nice light!!! The power of the people speaks again!

        Way to go Ingrid and Cheryl and I could not be prouder to call you both friends ! Brava! Keep passing the links people!!


  11. Thanks Wendy. If enough people question it, they have no choice but to respond. Amazing how everything Gordo touches goes bad, isn’t it?
    Thanks Laila! We took our lessons from you…….


  12. I would like to know who the knob is that nominated the 3 gringos?
    Thanks Ingrid and Cheryl. Thank you Laila (The Blonde Bomber-LOL) for getting the message to us.


  13. @ Lynn – I’d like to know that too. I know it takes two. I’ve nominated someone in the past. I don’t think the nomination is made public, but it should be…..


  14. I signed the petition.

    I am dumbfounded, someone as corrupt and shameful as Campbell should be awarded the OBC. Campbell had treated the BC people as dirt. He twice lied, to be re-elected for two different elections. Campbell used, every dirty tactic in the book towards the BC citizens.

    The OBC is nothing other than trash now. That institution, should be thrown out of BC. They are nothing but, an abomination to the BC people now. The OBC has really fouled themselves. What a disgrace.


  15. This is the email that I sent. Feel free to copy or improve on it please.
    Dear Sirs/Madams;

    May I ask why this award seems like it will be awarded to Mr. Campbell ? It appears that he is not even eligible as he was still an elected MLA after the closure date for nominations. I’m afraid that with his record in government in BC, he is not deserving of this award. With schools closing, the sale of BC Rail, the BC Ferries fiasco ( David Hahns salary & pension ), the rise in the poverty and homeless rates, and finally, the imminent bankruptcy of BC Hydro I’m sure you could find someone more deserving.



  16. What a slap in the face.
    Does anyone know the history of this prestigious award? On a recent visit to the BC Legislative buildings I saw the Order of BC display. You would think the history of this award would be included in their website but I couldn’t find anything there. However, Wikipedia has a write up that confirmed that my recollection is correct … “Instituted in 1989 by Lieutenant Governor David Lam, on the advice of the Cabinet under Premier Bill Vander Zalm,[1]”
    Campbell has had enough undeserved awards / appointments. I wish he would just go away.


  17. Thanks for the helpful tips on that how to rid ourselves of that persistent problem: Gordon Campbell. I’m going to write to the Order of BC and attach Laila’s “100 Reasons why Gordon Campbell must go”.

    Weather in Victoria should still be pleasant on October 4, and Government House is located in a lovely area (of course!) … we could do a chalk display … sidewalk picket … rally for the future.


  18. The OC and OBC was a prestigious honour to receive. Now it has become bastardised. Like the Oscars.
    The no vote is gaining momentum.
    Your move Christy.I mean Chris. Pammie. Creative Word guy.


  19. Laila, I think we need to get MADD involved in this. Gordo shouldn’t have even been allowed to remain in office after his criminal dui. Or the theft of bc rail… Or the other 100’s of reasons. I can imagine MADD wouldn’t be pleased about this.


    1. The facebook page has now over 1800 likes ,and wait until the long weekend is over and people come back from vacation etc… Way to keep on it Ingrid !!


  20. I have indicated on Georgia Straight – and forgive me Laila for appointing you a trustee in this without consulting – but if anyone would like me (not a lawyer – not a member of The Law Society of BC – and its Benchers including all BC Liberal appointments –and Order of BC nominee Ken Dobell – close to Gordon Campbell) —————————to file the Petition and prepare the arguments – the cost of filing – paper and binders is about $500. no charge for time (it is unethical to charge a fee when someone isn’t a lawyer – no matter the level of proficiency) – 200 for filing charges – Affidavits – say up to 155 – paper and supplies — parking — the balance.

    If you are up to being Trustee for any donations – Laila let me know.




  21. The actual behind the scenes moves to appoint Campbell to the OBC in violation of the closing deadlines has Craig James’ fingers all over it as payback for his recent appointments. Ask around how MISTER Georgie MacMinn got his OBC.


  22. Hi Glen, I think it is best to talk directly to Ingrid and Cheryl, since Ingrid started the facebook page and one petition and Cheryl started the other!! I’m not sure what their plans are yet as how to approach this.


  23. Thanks for that Laila – if Ingrid and Cheryl need my help – I can be reached at or telephoned at 778-285-9757. I have a couple of hearings in court this week 6-9, 2011. Thereafter I can meet them. They would need to go to the local courthouse and swear an Affidavit (I can draft one for them – for free) with their Petition as an exhibit. We will require 3 copies of the Affidavit – the original for the court Petition, a copy for the Respondent – and the remainder for Team BC. The cost of the Petition is $200.00 – I would prepare it and file it in New Westminster Court – where Campbell and their lawyers have less influence – but that Registry is the equal of Vancouver (you can make an Application in New Westminster Registry for a matter in Vancouver Law Courts). We would ask for an expedited hearing as the award day is early October, 2011. I would name myself as one of the Petitioners to access the hearing–and Ingrid and Cheryl could hold the Press Conference with copies of the Petition for the press (hopefully their producers and publishers will let them show up). We would ask for Orders from the Court not permitting the award to be given to Campbell owing to eligibility and another Order nixing Campbell and Dobell owing to the fact that it would bring the Award and the province’s reputation into disrepute.


  24. Who really knows what secrets are buried in the Liberal house of parliament at the moment? Things will get worse once all the information is on the surface for all to see. No way that can happen until the Liberal scoundrels are run out of town.
    Secrecy…..lies….deception are Campbell’s legacy and nothing else.

    O of BC my ass.


  25. The most despised politician BC has ever had (someone please correct if this is wrong), dishonest, lackiing in both integrity and credibility etc. and they (BC Liberal lap dogs) still want to say Pinoccio Campbell deserves honours for doing a job – albeit not very well !!!

    What a world of make believe these MLA’s and hangers on, live in !

    The only honours Campbell should receive is time in prison with the common criminals – similat to what Conrad Black is doing, but worse !!

    Thank you.


    1. from a reader this morning:

      Dix thinks Campbell deserves the award, just not so soon…

      “We have to be fair and not make it personal…”

      “He was premier, he was [Vancouver] mayor. I think there is no question that his lifetime of work probably meets the test.I think that probably it was a mistake to [award the honour] so soon.”

      Dix said critics of Campbell’s selection should not base their opposition on their dislike of his policies.

      “I don’t think it’s a bad thing to recognize even those who we don’t agree with. But I do think that most people would say it’s too soon, and that’s the reaction that people are getting.”

      Yes, I know some people will be pissed because in their opinion – expressed the last time I rightfully criticized Dix when he made such glowing comments about Campbell and his appointment overseas – I should never ever criticize the NDP, however Dix is way off base, and does no good to speak so well of Campbell now when he used to go after him and his policies like a pitbull while he was in power.

      Clearly, the comments here, on FB, below the newspaper comments do not indicate this is too early, they indicate a growing anger that he is considered at all to be worthy of this award, and a staunch anger at the advisory council for breaking the rules to do so!

      Campbell does not, I repeat, does not deserve this award, not now, not ever,after leaving his position as the lowest rated premier ever, leaving our province in the condition it is, with a drunk driving conviction under his belt… Good god. This is my province, it doesn’t get more personal than that.

      And as for people honouring Jack although they may not have agreed with his policies, Jack was a good man, in and out. His lifetime of work speaks volumes barred from political lines. Can anything close be said about Campbell?

      I didn’t think so. What next Dix? I suppose if asked directly, he would say Dobell and Emerson deserve it too!


  26. Lots of buzz about this at Victoria’s Labour Day Picnic, yesterday!! Media stories on Chek and Achannel, Cfax as well….and the online newspapers. Way to go, Cheryl and Ingrid!!!


  27. Thanks all.
    This morning as of 8:45 am there are 3264 “likes” on the FB page and 3114 signatures on the petition. Still haven’t heard anything from Ms. Christy or the Order of BC Advisory Committee. Can hardly wait to hear the excuses they will be spinning, lol…….


  28. Campbell/Clark and the BC Liberal Slime Family, are the worst and the most corrupt politicians, ever known in this country. Harper can be thrown in the mix as well. Where is Harper’s head at, to appoint trash such as Campbell as High Commissioner to England?

    Obviously the OBC is just as corrupt as Campbell is. I see no reason for the OBC what-so-ever, there is enough corruption in BC, as it is. There is not one decent trait in Campbell’s make-up. Every cell in him is pure evil. The OBC has abused this, supposedly, good institution’s reputation. The OBC should be shut down.

    This institution is nothing other than a farce, as was, Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale of the BCR trial.


  29. I don’t get it. Everytime the NDP have an issue that the BC LIberals screw up on (the list is now too long to remember) instead of going after the BC Liberals like pitbulls and showing that they are indeed not just “pigs at the trough” like the Liberals, the NDP get all touchy, feely and make me question my support of them.


  30. Little is to be gained by negative personal attacks at this time when there are enough people in the public expressing these sentiments. Going after a record of failed policies is one thing, going after honors titles deserved or otherwise is another thing. I don’t believe the general public has an appetite for the latter.


  31. Campbell, Emerson and Dobell should not get it period. I am disappointed Dix is like that with his comments in Vancouver Sun (but I am also disappointed he became NDP leader with so much baggage, it is like the NDP don’t want to win). Not to mention they seem to be reluctant to go after Libs when their is an opportunity to do so.


    1. Slyvia, I think Campbells record , even by the NDP’s own website, stands as a testament to how little he deserves this honour, personal feelings aside completely. I hate to pull a Bertuzzi,but it is what it is and Dix could have – and should have, imo – stated the obvious without going to the extreme of saying Campbell deserves it.
      Jeesh, Dix was one of Campbells biggest critics while he was premier, and more often than not he sounds like a Campbell fan with these latest comments. Nothing worse than trying to be magnanimous and have it come off completely wrong!


  32. You wonder why people are surprised when other people break the rules? We have our leadership to thank for it; not just here in BC and Canada, but everywhere. There is one set of rules for the “elite” and another set for the rest of us. Why should anyone play fair?

    To whit – rumours are surfacing that the Order of BC is using a little known, obscure rule to award the Order to Gordo, and they intend to carry it out. Regular rules are made to be broken in Liberal-land. How many nominations did they receive this year? They awarded 14. There must have been other, less constroversial nominees who were just as deserving. Could it be the one-fingered salute to taxpayers?

    Share this message. And please continue to share the petition link with all….


  33. I don’t care if he is eligible or not – the award is inappropriate, incredibly bad taste and another slap in the face for citizens of BC. I would like to sign a petition that states just this – no claim about whether he is eligible or not, it’s probably some technicality they will get around anyway. Eligibility is not the point. Not a Facebook or Twitter user and not planning to open accounts just to do this. Can someone make a simple petition that does not require a membership in anything, gives access to all of us and simply states we want it rescinded?


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