Contradictory rules may give Order of BC to Campbell on a loophole, but rules also give the power to terminate as well.

Let me address the rumours floating around that the Order of BC Advisory Council is going to rely on an “obscure rule” to appoint our disgraced former premier Gordon Campbell, to the Order of BC.

And I do think perhaps they will – using a loophole.

The Order of BC advisory council is likely going to use a rule written into the Act itself, that they may use interpretation thereof, to follow through with his appointment – despite the fact their own nomination rule contradicts it. ( see the print screen at the bottom of this post.)

Under the Provincial Honours and Symbols Act,  , section 17, states the following :

17. Appointments

(1) Appointments to the Order must be made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on the recommendation of the advisory council.

(2) A person who is an elected federal, provincial or municipal representative is not eligible to be appointed a member of the Order while that person remains in office.

(3) A person may not be appointed a member of the Order posthumously unless the advisory council recommends the appointment to the Lieutenant Governor in Council before the person’s death.

Aha. The act itself, states one can’t be appointed to the Order while an elected official….. but then, the rules of nomination, clearly state that one can’t even be nominated  while an elected official. A contradiction.

Clearly, one can not be appointed to the Order of BC, if they are not eligible to be nominated in the first place, as per the nomination rule… but wait. There is more.  

The catchpoint here, is that the nomination rule  used as the basis of the argument to deny Campbell the Order of BC (from the nomination information link on their website, “Your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments. ” )  , is not officially included within the Act that governs the Order of BC itself.… yes indeed, they will use a loophole to appoint this undeserving man to the Order of BC, if they have to.

There is however, within the Act itself, this section:

18.1 Resignation and termination

(1) A member may resign from the Order by giving written notice of his or her intention to resign, signed by the member, to the Chancellor.

(2) The Chancellor may terminate a person’s membership in the Order

(a) on the recommendation of the advisory council, and
(b) with the approval of the executive council.

(3) If a person’s membership in the Order is terminated under subsection (2), the termination is effective when the Order in Council respecting the person’s membership is rescinded.

(4) If a person ceases to be a member of the Order under subsection (1) or (2), the person must immediately return the following to the secretary:

(a) the commission evidencing the appointment of the member;
(b) the insignia of the Order that were presented to the person.

So there you have it. If the Order of BC advisory council persists in appointing Gordon Campbell to the Order of BC, ona bloody loophole, he can still do the honourable thing and resign,  or the Chancellor can terminate his membership, on the recommendation and approval of that council, listed below:

The Honourable Steven L. Point, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia,  phone: (250) 387-2080

Lance S. G. Finch (chair), Chief Justice of British Columbia (this is the Canadian Judicial Council. He’s a member. Ask they forward it to him)

Bill Barisoff, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

Dr. Ralph Nilson, president and vice-chancellor, Vancouver Island University

Councillor Barbara Steele, president, Union of British Columbia Municipalities (use this contact form)

Pierrette Maranda, associate deputy minister, Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat

John Furlong,

 Barbara Ward-Burkitt, O.B.C.  Email:

You know what to do… carry on! Click on the image below for full size to see why this government has to go. It makes up rules for no apparent reason, since they have no intention of following them.

There are a couple of exceptions. Your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments.

44 thoughts on “Contradictory rules may give Order of BC to Campbell on a loophole, but rules also give the power to terminate as well.

  1. Personally , I do not see that as an contradiction, but as an “or”.
    eg. If Campbell was not an elected official, and was hence nominated correctly under the rules, then was elected to office , he could NOT then be appointed.
    This is not the case , as he was not even nominated correctly, therefore the appointment is mute.
    Am I wrong??


    1. Very good point in that example Skip, thank you. But the Nomination rule is not part of the act, only the appointment rule is, so in this event I would say it is a loophole for them, becase the Act is absolute, while the rules created by the advisory councils could indeed vary year to year, as the Act does allow the council to make their own rules of governance.


  2. “Gordon Campbell can still do the honourable thing and resign.” Surely you jest, Laila! El Gordo wouldn’t recognize the honourable thing if it jumped up and bit him you-know-where.


  3. Though disappointed ,thanks for the explanation.
    Is there truth to the rumour that he wasn’t even nominated until 4 day’s after the closing of eligible nominations?
    Also,I was under the impression that one would have to be humanoid to be eligible,not just a pile of goo that an amoeba would scrape from the bottom of it’s shoe…..


    1. I think the 4 day thing you may have heard wrong, or been told wrong. He was nominated while still in office and stepped down 4 days after that occurred. And I think you just insulted ; )

      This is not the time to sit and be disappointed, you should be even more outraged they would continue on such a loophole, it was not we who made nomination rule barring elected officials, but them!!!

      This is the time to continue to sign that petition, to continue to email the premier, and all the people listed above to ensure they know we will not sit back quietly until this embaressment to everything honourable and good in this provincial honour, is revoked. And considering the page has 3, 938 likes…which happens to be 100 more than Christy Clark, our unelected person posing as premier without a mandate, who has 3, 838... ; )!/ChristyClarkForBC

      gini, I think you are right about that. Some people are just blind to what is right and wrong, or so full of themselves they believe it to be worthy and just.


  4. You can tell where Campbell has been, because he leaves a slimy trail behind like a garden slug; stopping here and there to ruin what others have planted. This nomination is no different. The honour is now sullied, and he is off feeding in another garden where he doesn’t belong.


  5. And if you’re wondering why Furlong can’t afford an email address of his own:

    Sandra Hamilton, Senior Partner

    Sandra was appointed Business Manager of John Furlong in May 2010 primarily to manage the large volume of speaking engagements as well as the launch of his new book, Patriot Hearts.

    With over 25 years experience, Sandra has previously held several senior marketing positions at Vancouver Magazine, The Vancouver Sun and has managed the post Olympic careers of other high profile Olympic athletes. Since 1995, Sandra has worked independently as a successful strategic marketing consultant in many industry sectors from tourism to her recent brand development and international trade work for The BC Shellfish Industry. ……. Snip


  6. Hi Laila,

    Lest we forget! Brian Mulrony received the Order of Canada. After pocketing $10,000 plus in bribes from a German lobbyist in a brown paper bag. And then moved on to sue the Canadian Government (and winning) for defomation of character in this regard. Let the corporate and political pigs grovel. Personally I don’t give a shit!!! And karma will take it’s toll on these sick individuals.

    I guess what I’m saying is…paying attention to them offers them homage in a sense, and they relish the exposure (negative or positive). Let’s face it …these arrogant individuals could care less what the world thinks of them. They are TOTALLY egocentric. Ignore them in the media (mainstream or blogosphere)…that’s the one thing they can’t handle.

    Who gives an f**k about Gordon Campbell. I sure as hell don’t. He’s gone… good ridance
    Let’s promote recognition of some positive people (outside the political box). And not thru the Order of BC (it’s a PAB joke).

    Some Suggestions (off the top of my head):

    Alexandria Morton (Fish Biologist)
    Damien Gillis ( Prolific Filmmaker)
    Rafe Mair!!!!!! (need I say more…when will he be recognized for his contributions to British Columbia both as a long serving (dedicated ) politician, protector of the BC environment and at 80 years old a man of vision that we ALL should be recognizing NOW. He may pass in the next decade …why wait to honour him?

    In the light of Rafe Mair…Gordon Campbell…what a sick joke ! Go your way Gordo…we don’t care!!!!!

    That’s my thoughts Laila.

    Take care. Doug


  7. Well, one hopes this reaches the news desks at the Guardian and other UK papers who take the time to write articles on Canadian politics. That the new Canadian High Commissioner to the UK has this controversy swirling around him, and raising the spectre of his many wrongdoings while in office, is very much newsworthy along the lines of “who is this man and why does the province he comes from hate him so much?” A mass demonstration outside Government House on October 4 would go a long ways to drawing attention to him in the UK press, with quesitons to be raised about why he was appointed to that position AT ALL.

    Then they’ll get digging on the various controversies underlying the opposition to him getting the Order…this one act of cronyism and hubris may be the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as the international press goes…let’s hope so.


  8. Laila, do you have a contact email for Barbara Ward-Burkitt? This is the email I am sending:
    For the sake of the credibility of the Order of BC Advisory Council, I strongly encourage you to take action in relation to the appointment of Gordon Campbell to the Order of BC. Under the Provincial Honours and Symbols Act, the act itself, states one can’t be appointed to the Order while an elected official….. but then, the rules of nomination, clearly state that one can’t even be nominated while an elected official. This screams loophole. Hasn’t the good people of BC been swindled enough by this man? How can you sleep at night? As with the HST, you will see an uprising of the people to squash to appointment.


  9. I wonder if Campbell feels he has the right to accept the Odure of BC? No doubt he does. His arrogance always was disgusting. Enough to make a decent person barf.

    I’m afraid my family and I burst out laughing, when we read the story. I actually re-read it, I thought they may have said, his name was just considered. I still can’t believe, someone of the ilk of Campbell, would be allowed the OBC.

    Is the OBC honoring Campbell for, twice lying to be re-elected, for two different elections? Or perhaps Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale of the BCR? What about, Campbell’s theft and sale of our rivers, and the destruction of our hydro? Is Campbell being honored for his election lie, the HST wasn’t on his radar? How about his DUI, is that honorable? Especially when he sniveled and begged the BC citizens forgiveness, and turned right around and, kicked those very people in the face, for doing so. What about his lie of the small provincial deficit?

    Campbell really is a gag mechanism, we have always had to try and keep our stomachs down, every time his face was on TV. We will have to try not to gag, at the injustice of, the Odure of BC, giving someone with the evil, ill repute of Campbell, the award, that he certainly does not deserve. However, such is the corruption in BC. The Odure of BC is also corrupt, or insane.

    Oh well, BC has been a crap province, ever since Campbell got into office. I bet, Campbell’s good buddy Harper, is thrilled at the news of his partner in crime, receiving the Odure of BC.

    I wish I was close enough, to attend the welcoming committee to greet Campbell, at the awards. I bet, they will sneak him in the back door.


  10. Meant to add that all Canadians should be concerned, and embarrassed, about Campbell’s new job as Canadian High Commissioner. They WOULD be, if the national media had reported honestly on his activities….and they may be ABOUT to be, if the British press sink their teeth into this (as they should).

    Also there were so many bending of rules not just in the Basi-Virk case but in the BC Rail bidding process itself, and in so many other aspects of governance and justice since Campbell took power, and since he left it, that the jerry-rigging of this appointment (maybe “jury-rigging” is a better term huh?0 is not all that surprsing. Just more of the same. But THAT is exactly the problem…..

    If he doesn’t turn it down, I hope other nominees and maybe some of those holding the Order resign from it out of protest…..


  11. Found this the other day?
    The BC Constitution

    (situation in December 2001)

    1 The Premier of BC (Gordon Campbell) admits that BC has no constitution.

    2 The Attorney General of BC admits that BC has no constitution.

    3 Gordon Gibson (former Party Leader in the BC Legislature, and knowledgeable on constitutional matters) says “BC has no unique constitution.”

    All of the above gentlemen admit that BC governments have always passed laws authorising themselves to make laws in BC.

    4 Professor of Political Science Norman Ruff (University of Victoria) has to agree: “…Much of BC’s provincial constitutional framework continues to rest on that statute…” (referring to a law passed by a BC Legislature in 1871).

    All this convenient confusing of a law with a constitution needs to be cleared up. BC’s voters must create a written document, defining the powers they are willing to grant to a BC government. Armed with that authority from the governed, a BC government will be legitimate – not until.
    Please Excuse – Does this mean the Provincial Government can make up their own laws to benefit themselves? – Food For Thought


  12. Liberals may just be stupid enough to keep their heads buried in the sand over the absurd “nominations” of their “friends” Emerson and Dobell and “he who shall not be named”. Shame on those Liberal nominators to vote there own scum to OBC (typical arrogance). Congrats to those who nominated the non-political OBCs for their well deserved recognition – too bad the Liberal stink unfairly takes away from these honours.

    Karma and sweet justice will be that “HwhoSnotBnamed” will within the next few years be found guilty (on all counts!) in the BC Rail inquiry (of everything!) initiated when the NDP are voted in to lead government. Then evil Campbell will have his OBC ripped away and he can slink off to obscurity like Gollum, a miserable wretch, alone, self hating and despicable


    1. Will, Yes, I would be very very interested to see who nominated dear Gordo…Christy always disappears when the going gets tough and I think the one thing she has learned,or at least someone told her, if you dont know what you are talking about, shut up. Better for everyone to think you are a fool than open your mouth and prove them right!!

      Oceantor, interesting statements and worthy of a look for sure…. when I have a moment- right now I am holding on a Christy story since I was bogged down in this OBC stuff earlier today and writing my sons name on all his school supplies this evening.. and since I suddenly came down with some wicked kind of cold really fast last night, all with a really bad cough.

      Skookum, I would like to think someone would be so offended of Campbell and pals appointment they would resign their order,but then again,there are many who deserve it and should wear our dogwood proudly. I do not begrudge those worthy honourees their due. I know for a fact some UK press is looking more into all of this at this very moment, where it goes remains to be seen. Most people over there are a big clueless on who he is right now I think. If he had some sort of media presence over there, things might be different. There have been a few thousand visitors here today, the petition and the facebook site and the media attention are getting people googling at their computers… word gets around, its up to us to present the hard case. On CBC tonight, although Stephen Smart talked about the Act, he failed to mention to viewers that the council can take the honour back and how, but luckily this post was up at noon, Cheryl and Ingrid both posted it on FB and the link has been shared all over with the contact addresses for the council.

      Remember, the same legislation that appoints the Order, also spells out how the council can revoke or terminate that Order. They have the power to do so right now, read the link and excerpt in this post!!!! Keep those calls and emails up!!!


    1. Cheryl, this is a complete wash and the press needs to be asking what the hell that rule about nominations is for on the public website then.

      Yes, as I stated, they will give it to him on a loophole, because despite the ORDER OF BC Website stating the nominees cant be elected officials, the legislation doesnt say that.

      This government is a joke, and this is not over. I will post the print screen of the nomination information page, which still ,to this moment, states:

      ” There are a couple of exceptions.
      Your nominee must not currently be an elected person with federal, provincial or municipal governments. “

      It does not state appointee, it very very clearly and publically states nominee must not be an elected official.

      They were caught out shamelessly flaunting the ruling of their own site, and now go back to the legislation will conveniantly does not state this rule on nominees. But again, it does state this order can be terminated by the advice and approval of this council.

      This is in the hands of this council, pure and simple, and the honourable Steven L. Point.

      And,in the hands of the press who need to ask why the nomination rule exists and is a clearly pointed out exceptions for nominations… if they have no intention of honouring that.

      Deception of the worst kind, reminds me of how the ministry of transportation responded to the shadow toll revelation and proof. More semantics.


  13. Part 2 – Provincial Honours
    20. Power to make regulations
    The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations
    (a) prescribing the insignia of the Order,
    (b) governing the use and display of the insignia of the Order, and
    (c) governing the procedures to be followed in selecting persons to be recipients of the British Columbia Medal of Good Citizenship.

    I’m looking for the regulations; can’t find them. Help please.
    I’m hoping the regulations will include the nomination process – I can’t really see the nominations being without the benefit of some well established regulations.


  14. Isn’t this an interesting and unsurprising turn of events in BC Liberal la-la land?

    For over 30 years people have been nominating other people for the Order of BC based on a well-publicized set of nomination criteria. Turns out this week (luckily for Gordon Campbell) that the commonly known criteria, in fact, isn’t the criteria; rather, it’s something else entirely. How fortuitious……

    It would be extremely interesting to know who nominated Mr. Campbell for this award, and how they knew he did, in fact, qualify, when anyone else would have read on the Order of BC website that he was ineligible.

    You might also wonder why the Order of BC people would go out of their way to say that nominees must not be currently elected people when that is apparently not true. According to today’s spin, nominees are allowed to be “currently” elected people at the close of nomination; just as long as they are not elected when the award is actually given to them.

    Who knew? Freedom of information request anyone?


    1. Cheryl, I thnk this new comment posted by “!i” covers the nomination rule on the web page.

      Thank you for this, so did The honourable Steven L. Point make that rule up? Because clearly someone had to for it to have been part of the nomination rules for who knows how long.


  15. Sorry. Didn’t see that.

    Are we questioning how old that rule is?
    Also, you’d think the nomination process came from somewhere, or are we to believe they just plucked it out of thin air?


  16. Finally we have some decent research into this controversy, as well as an appropriate lead-out. Politicians and governments which flaunt the well-established rules and laws of the day undermine all laws, foment public disorder, discourage commerce, and destroy the credibility and honour of our nation. Our fragile democracy in BC–“prorogued” another 600 days–provides the only recourse through our electoral enfranchisement..


  17. After reading through all these comments about a “loophole” in the Act and an apparent contradiction, I do not see any at all. The Act speaks only to appointees not holding elected office, and says nothing–either way–about the position of nominees. The enabling rules, clearly and unequivocally spelled out on the OBC website, add a further condition, that nominees must also not be office holders. There is no contradiction here. The Act is silent on the issue, but enabling rules approved and communicated for some many years by an appropriate authority, also have the force of law. While the OBC Board may not amend the Act, it may have the authority to amend its rules. However it must have done so BEFORE Campbell’s nomination could be accepted, according to the legal doctrine of legitimate expectations.
    There are no loopholes and no contradictions. We have witnessed another illegal act under BC law. It must be rescinded.


  18. John Horgan, MLA on Simi Sara CKNW today at 1:05 to ask the question: Who is this anonymous “government spokesperson” confirming Gordo’s eligibility and why isn’t there a public response to the question?


    1. Cheryl, John should also be asking why and who made the nomination rule they are now ignoring..and how they justify doing so. As an award of the province,on taxpayers dollars, we are entitled as citizens of this province to have answers.


  19. O0ps…

    reReading the Act shows that s.20 has nothing to do with the “Order of British Columbia”, but is rather specifically referring to the “British Columbia Medal of Good Citizenship”.

    However, s.15 states: Recommendation and rules
    15 (1) The advisory council must recommend each year to the Lieutenant Governor in Council persons who, in the opinion of the advisory council, deserve to be appointed members of the Order.
    (2) The advisory council may make rules governing the conduct of its business.

    It looks like the “Advisory council” (defined in s.14) would get to make things up as it goes along.

    Still, there should be a record of who made what up and when a.k.a. meeting minutes. Minutes are usually kept a secretary. The Act establishes the definition of the secretary in s.12, as well as the appointment and role of the secretary in s.14.1.

    12 In this Part:
    “secretary” means the secretary appointed under section 14.1.

    Secretary of the advisory council
    14.1 (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint an employee of the government to be the secretary of the advisory council.
    (2) The secretary’s function is to maintain the records of the advisory council and Order and perform other duties that the advisory council may require.

    All of which means that if anybody really cares about what the nomination rules are, and how they may have ‘evolved’ over the years – it’s FOI time!

    I know there are some Vaughn Palmer bashers around, but I think y’all would do yourselves a favour by reading today’s column — Campbell’s order came too soon —


  20. What do you think? Is the Advisory Committee correct in determining that Gordo is eligible for appointment; even though he wasn’t eligible for nomination by the deadline? Isn’t that splitting hairs just a little too finely? – Start in the audio vault today (Sept. 7) from 1-2 pm at 06:20 and run until about 27:45


  21. I have sent the following to “Premier” Christy Clark. I t will also be going to all the other contacts related to this you have so helpfully provided.

    I am yet one of thousands of people in BC disgusted that the Order of BC is having it’s reputation ruined by the latest awards, not the least of which is Gordon Campbell. Who is responsible for this outrageous choice and why if it is being paid for by the tax payers of BC are they not entitled to this information? The Privacy Act is being used to hide the identities of what we must assume are businesses that have heavily funded the Liberal Party. It is offensive that Gordon Campbell would even be on the list of contenders for this award, especially alongside such worthwhile recipients as Crystal Dunahee.

    I respectfully request that this government do the right thing for once and respect the wishes of the citizens of BC who believe that this reward is an honour that Gordon Campbell has not earned!


  22. For these kinds of reasons, BC is a cesspool of corruption. A province sick with evil and treachery, because of Campbell.

    Who in their right minds, would name Campbell for the OBC? Campbell’s vile and disgusting political record, is being honored. Campbell has been named the worst, most corrupt and evil premier, ever heard of in this country. And, for that he gets a reward? Well, I guess that is possible.

    In Canada corrupt politicians, are rewarded for their dirty work. Harper rewarded Campbell the High Commissioner to England appointment. Campbell works for Harper, to this day. Harper the Christian, rewarding scum like Campbell. Way too sick for me.


  23. Campbell may be gone but his puppet enablers remain. Until they are thrown out on their ear we will not know what other Liberal nightmares are hiding under the bed.


  24. So, who was Gordo’s nominator and why isn’t he/she speaking up to defend their nomination? Most people would be proud to be known as the person who brought their candidate to the front……


  25. So, exactly what is the “award” based on Justice Finch, et al? Every promise Campbell made below, he failed to keep. Is giving this award an HST payback for Mr. Vander Zalm? After all, the OBC was instituted by him and his cabinet…to publicly thank those who have gone above and beyond, in serving their fellow British Columbians. How did Campbell serve us? Quite simply, he didn’t…his legacy is that of total failure. In giving this award to him, and those who served with him…you’ve managed to make yourselves appear easily fooled. Something I find rather hard to accept.

    Deliver real transparent, accountable government. FAIL
    Establish workable initiative legislation. FAIL
    Establish workable recall legislation. FAIL
    Give all MLAs and citizens a better voice in government through active legislative committees. FAIL
    Hold Cabinet meetings at least once a month that are televised and broadcast live on the Internet. FAIL
    Give all government MLAs a meaningful new role in policy development and service planning through a new system of Cabinet decision-making. FAIL
    Free votes in the Legislature, allowing MLA’s to vote on behalf of their constituents. LAUGHABLE FAIL
    Not sell or privatize BC Rail. FAIL AND OUTRIGHT LIE
    Defend the Crown’s ownership of provincial land and resources. FAIL
    Protect BC Hydro and all of core assets, including dams, reservoirs and power lines under public ownership. ABJECT FAIL
    Restore an independent BC Utilities Commission. FAIL
    Protect and improve BC’s river systems. FAIL
    Push for provincial control over the management and revenues of BC’s offshore ?sheries, to improve ?sheries management and protect ?shery jobs. FAIL
    Adopt a scienti?cally-based, principled approach to environmental management that ensures sustainability, accountability and responsibility. ABJECT FAILURE
    You shouldn’t have to pay higher than necessary electricity or auto insurance rates, because government wants to play politics with BC Hydro or ICBC. HYPOCRITICAL FAIL
    Give school boards multi-year funding envelopes, to improve long-term education planning and budgeting. FAIL
    Ensure that music, arts and physical education curriculums are fully funded in BC’s public schools. TOTAL FAIL
    Hold the line on court fees, to ensure that everyone has affordable access to our justice system. LAUGHABLE FAIL
    Establish regional transportation authorities that are accountable to local taxpayers. FAIL
    Require taxpayer approval by regional referendums prior to authorization of any new type of TransLink tax or levy. FAIL
    Outlaw “off-loading” of provincial government costs onto the backs of local property taxpayers. FAIL
    Restore open tendering on government contracts to allow fair competition for businesses and provide better value to taxpayers. FAIL
    Implement a ?exible, innovative program to increase the supply of affordable housing. FAIL

    Members of the council who made the decision:
    Lance S. G. Finch (chair), Chief Justice of British Columbia –
    (this is the Canadian Judicial Council. He’s a member. Ask they forward it to him)
    Bill Barisoff, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly –
    Dr. Ralph Nilson, president and vice-chancellor, Vancouver Island University –
    Councillor Barbara Steele, president, Union of British Columbia Municipalities –… (use this contact form)
    Pierrette Maranda, associate deputy minister, Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat –
    John Furlong, O.B.C. –
    Barbara Ward-Burkitt, O.B.C. – Email:

    Feel free to contact them and let them know how you feel.


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