8 thoughts on “Pamela Martin helps Bill Good toss ” the myth of impartiality” into the ocean off the Sunshine Coast.

  1. Leah

    Smile instead Cheryl…they’ve visibly and publicly removed all doubt about their relationship as it relates to MSM and government.

    Lynn, I think you’re right about Bill Good Sr. … I can almost see him give his son a good slap upside the head, ask him what the hell he is thinking…and how much is soul cost? I had to stop listening to the younger Good ten years ago…made me sad…I always enjoyed his shows before the “sale”.

  2. Leah

    Off topic Laila…have you been reading Bourque the past few days re: SNC-Lavalin? Seems some pointing fingers are now looking at one of MLA Clark’s advisors…

    1. Laila

      Leah, yes I have been following, nothing new with those fingers pointing… some of us have been pointing them for a very long time….lol.
      I have written a lot about SNC, and how they do business, in respect to projects and staff in BC. But will the allegations result it something hard, that I do not know. Those in power have a lot of money, a lot of connections and a lot of influence.

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