” Does Christy Clark know what year it is? ”

Start your day with a smile ! I’m guessing Christy Clark and her posse of staffers have other things on their minds…than figuring out what school year we are in!!

Check out this link to the Georgia Straight featuring a long lasting and memorable gaff by the unelected Premiers office… as the author states, after seeing this, everyone should be checking any numbers coming out of the premiers office!!


 leora c-w, from the Georgia Straight link above.

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  1. Good find Laila ! I really do not think that those of us that hang here for real news actually need convincing that CC is a brain dead bimbo though, lol.


  2. Due to popular demand…re-release

    Deja Vu – written and produced by Glen P. Robbins with Jim Van Rassel Mar 04, 2011

    Commentary excerpt : ( edited for clarity following complaints from readers too long and hard to read with the format- LY)

    ” Christy Clark has a history at Simon Fraser University – though not a very admirable one. Her biographies use the term “attended” – and this is true – it is the sycophantic biographies that give the impression that Christy Clark is well educated – that she is a finisher of post secondary education — “attended” Simon Fraser University, The University of Edinburgh – the Sorbonne, France.

    Without scrutiny it appears like the pedigree of a PhD. But it is anything but. The Supervisor of Records at Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus tells it like it is. It’s a matter of public record. “I have four Christy Clark’s on record – do you have a birth date?” asks the Supervisor of Records, I can do better than that responds glen p. “Christina Joan Clark, born October 29,1965” – “Right from Wikipedia.”

    The supervisor of public records at Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus pauses for a moment and confirms our suspicions. “We have a record of Christina Joan Clark of that specific birth date who attended Simon Fraser University but did not complete a degree.”

    All of those years – and obviously half hearted attempts by mainstream journalists with the daily planet – compelling British Columbians who knew better to be put through hell by these political unsubs – pretending something that was false was real – the story of superficiality in the extreme- and the deception continues in another segment by Christy Clark.

    The gig is up – the big lie – time for confession as the past confronts the present.

    The truth that in BC a few million dollars buys power – and the opportunity for revenge against Simon Fraser University, the Student Society and the Peak newspaper – where the bad secrets are held — no longer. In 1988 Christina Joan Clark(e) aka Christy Clark attended Simon Fraser University.

    She quickly ran for office and successfully won a lower position as Internal Relations Officer. Christy ran on a political slate known as UNITY, ironically a party label used little more than a decade later by right wing conservative Chris Delaney current co-leader of the FIGHT HST movement and spokesman for the new middle of the road BC First Party in British Columbia. Clark referred to her version of the Unity Party as a “non ideological driven group that sought only to put control of the SFU Student Society in the hands of the students rather than the bureaucrats.”

    Christy Clark asserted that “One of her (sic) first goals was (sic) to change the focus of the Student Society’s lobbying efforts. Clark hoped to “free up” some or all of the $100,000 that SFU students pay annually to the Canadian Federation of Students, and “hire a full time lobbyist in conjunction with BC’s other Universities.”

    (Christy Clark’s brother Bruce is a lobbyist – often linked with the BC Rail and BC Supreme Court debacle).

    SFU Peak satirist Andrew Frotheringham wrote on page 18 of the March 23, 1989 edition of the SFU Peak newspaper under that headline Christy Clark was the “Beer Mug That Walks Like a Liberal”, owing to her short pudgy somatotype and propensity for consuming copious amounts of carbohydrates – and somewhat ironically – a real taste for cake.

    ‘Make sure everyone gets a piece’ Christy could be heard to cry.Soon after Christy’s first political victory – for a lower level executive position she faced a week long strike by the societies employees–at the end of the strike, Clark informed the SFU Peak newspaper “our main role throughout bargaining was to shift the balance of control back into the hands of the students.”

    The strike and early failure would not deter Christy Clark’s raw political ambition however. According to Peak reporter S. Cook school spirit at Simon Fraser University back in 1989 was “non existent.” Christy Clark saw an opportunity. At the athletic awards ceremony that year she gave an award to the Athletic department and remarked “I feel that this award is only the first step towards bringing the student-athlete and the general student population closer together.”

    Cheerleaders and Christy were seen eating ice cream together – giggling – laughing and dreaming of real estate acquisitions in the future. (well known condo king Bob Rennie and developer Bob Wall supported Christy’s BC Liberal leadership campaign).

    That spring of 1989 – Christy Clark set her goals on winning the Simon Fraser Student Society Presidency–again promising to combat what she perceived were wasteful financial commitments to the federal association. Christy won the election – but only by six votes after a second count.

    The remainder of her Unity slate – her colleagues were slaughtered by the Opposition Grassroots Party that cleaned up – isolating Clark in her new position as president.
    Christy Clark was quick to distance herself from her political slate despite her own narrow victory. “Unity did not run a world class campaign” snorted Clark in her trademark hyperbolic manner. “We have great candidates but a lousy campaign.” Clark knew all too well the Grassroots Party Opposition whom she referred to as “The left wingers on campus”. She further declared that “A good campaign is all the more essential to a right wing victory.” Despite her own win but her party’s crushing defeat Clark was “optimistic.” “There are a lot of new people and I don’t see a lot of confrontation ahead.” The new Simon Fraser University Student Society President knew how thin her margin of victory and subsequent control was but her denial of the reality got the better of her “ideology would not (sic) interfere with the society’s (sic) workings.”

    Clark’s positive words would prove hollow. Her victory as president was over before it began. The Electoral Standing Committee disqualified her election on the basis that she extensively broke campaign rules – cheated to win – and narrowly – and was subsequently fined by the University as a consequence. Clark refused to pay her fines with Simon Fraser – and this non payment ultimately forced her out as President of the Simon Fraser Student Society.

    Clark did not pay her fines – she adamantly refused and vigorously fought the University’s decision to kick her out as president, threatening to sue the institution over its decision. Clark gave up this line of attack once she realized that the by-election for the position of presidency – that she had been recently removed from– was coming up. She would run again for Simon Fraser Student Society President only this time on her own without her Unity slate colleagues holding her back. Once again Christy Clark ran on the same policy format as she had before — to remove the Simon Fraser Student Society and all students at the school from the Canadian Federation of students – hoping once again to take the money saved and install a lobbyist instead.

    Christy Clark was soundly thrashed in the by-election forced to run a clean campaign the second time around – garnering only 43.5% of the vote in a two person race. Bitter – Clark left Simon Fraser University – without a degree, the very objective that most of the students she purported to represent were seeking.

    Special thanks to Simon Fraser University Archives, Simon Fraser Student Society, and to the great folks at the SFU Peak newspaper. Glen P. Robbins is a graduate of Simon Fraser University (Political Science).


    1. Edited that rather lengthy essay and its still copious! Jim, next time for ease of reading , please post a link instead – the formatting on that was really hard to read in the comments section, too choppy.

      Definately funny, not well known to the general public documented history of Clark though.


  3. Isn’t anyone concerned about the huge gap in time between the year she attended SFU (1988) and the next entry, her return to politics in 1996? When researching biographies, or statements, it’s not necessarily what you enter that is important, it’s what you choose to omit,


    1. Hmm. I don’t know what she did during that time and really cant find much either, with just a quick glance around. I know she worked with her former husband at Burrard Communications for a while,in fact I blogged about that long ago when she was listed on the company website as a partner in the firm, which was lobbying for Translink, while she was talking about new skytrain lines, in particular the evergreen line. I thought that was a conflict of interest and clearly listeners would not have known that she was working with him while he was lobbying. https://lailayuile.com/2007/10/21/news-hot-topic-or-infomercial/

      Certainly, I think many in BC would love to know what Ms.Clark has under her belt for working experience.


  4. Really Laila?

    There is much to be said about CC and the BC Liberals, and your blog has been a beacon with its intelligent well written and extremely well researched material.

    Please don’t sully your blog and yourself with these trivial bits (do you really think she had a big hand in proofing & placing back-to-school ads?)

    Carry on the great work and please stay focused what really counts.


  5. !i, I think you’re missing the bigger picture here. Christy Clark hired the likes of Pamela Martin and others and paid them outrageous salaries (at taxpayers expense) to supposedly prevent this and other screw-ups from happening. If these people can’t even proofread material then I would say they’re a waste of money and Falcon can start looking for Budget savings by cleaning house of people whom seem to do absolutely nothing to earn their keep. Trivial? I think not!


  6. The intention of this piece was not so much to be equated with an error in communication, but (if one looks at the date of the piece) to deal with the public relations contamination of the truth by both conventional media and the Internet. The reality from SFU was that no one from media every bothered to ascertain the facts regarding Christy’s post secondary education. This doesn’t mean one necessarily needs one to go into politics – it is intended to criticize the efforts to make her education seem much more than it was in fact – and to reveal her history of politics at the time: including having her election victory taken away as a consequence of breaking the rules (see foreshadowing), her efforts to remove $100,000 for lobbying from the Simon Fraser Student Society (her brother’s career as a lobbyist just beginning) – and the fact when it did not turn out her way – she quit.

    I have been on the other end of conventional media being utilized as a public relations weapon. IN 1997 my group had beaten back no fault insurance proposed by Glen Clarke’s NDP government (ICBC). We accomplished this within ten days after Clarke had informed stake holders he was proceeding and the Trial Lawyers Association had thrown in the towel. One of these stakeholders was MADD. MADD Vancouver was in court with the current rendition of MADD – and the former had contracted with my publishing company to produce MADD newspapers across Canada but did not disclose they did not have the authority to make the contract. In others words MADD Vancouver committed fraud with my company. When I phoned their attorney to inform them of potential litigation – the next thing I know they had sued for copyright infringement and my name was all over the news. The reporter David Kincaid was provided with all of the documents of the contract but the station ignored these realities and published a fabricated story.

    The Dianne Watts Motor Vehicle Accident story highlighted how the press can conspire with politicos and institutions to screw people over with dishonest portrayals – this was good and relevant journalism – the mainstream needs to be held accountable for their partisan activities for money. The most recent revelations about Christy’s own MVA and the irony of timing between her upcoming trials and to and fro of electioneering were also interesting considering the amount of air space that took up. The press ought to have said – heh sweety you’re waffling wouldn’t have anything to do with your personal legal issues would it?

    I wouldn’t say the SFU truths and her missing a date are connected – save and except – the synergy of truths that she has a history of not finishing – whether it was school – working in ministries of government – or having her agents check over pr stuff. It goes to the politics of synergy or patterns of repeat behaviour big and small.


  7. When WAC Bennett was Premier (BC Social Credit Party) – in the late 50’s through 60’s until David Barrett and his New Democrats finally defeated him in 1972 – he ran a squeaky clean ship. The press back in that day was arguably partisan Liberal as well. WAC was well aware of this and being a tea drinker and clean liver – he wanted all of his ministers and caucus to follow his lead. One of his ministers – Robert Sommers became involved in a scandal – relating to issues of some ethical impropriety. This one scandal and the fact that the press back in that day was tough on government – really hounded and haunted WAC’s government. Like a mean pit bull – the BC press would not let go of the matter pushed on by Gordon Gibson Sr. (liberal) – nicknamed the Bull of the Woods.

    The point here is that – back in a better time – the press – did what it ought to do – press the government – like the Opposition too – on behalf of the people of the province who pay the bills. This was – and is the way the press is supposed to work. Now, both government and the press have become completely bound to one another – to the extent they probably could not find their way back if they really wanted to. This is why it is so fundamentally important for social media and journalists therein to be fearless in their pursuit of the truth. Unfortunately – the mainstream has the money – they know it – and even though the business models aren’t working well – they understand that their money protects them (at least in the short and mid term). Social media bloggers and journalists do no real service to the revolution of the industry by attempting to cozy up to the media as it is – in the hope of achieving some benefit for so doing – (though I expect that this is sometimes easier said than done).

    For a new and better press to emerge from the ruin of the current model – those that may want to participate in the new model must be vigilant in their pursuit of pure unadulterated ethics of the estate – and press the government at all times for the benefit of the public.


  8. Lynn -I don’t have any formulated plans – Also – I have some fairly progressive tendencies and beliefs – social cost accounting principles/invest now in proactive health and social programs/though I am not a wasteful person// – do you think I would actually fit in with the party as it is currently?

    I enjoy public opinion polling – and really am interested in being involved more with the social media movement – I love writing – and love other people’s writing more – I would likely show up to the pride parade – do you think I would actually fit in with the party as it is currently?

    I am fearless/not foolish and I have empathy (those are my better characteristics). I can be tough (my deficiency) – but my patience has improved dramatically (with some effort) – do you think I would actually fit in with this system? I believe in second chances – does that fit in with Conservative philosophy in your opinion.

    I believe the people need an ethical revolution – (not a judgmental one).

    What do you think?


  9. Glen-
    Perhaps as an independant then? You and Laila can sit together in the Legislature.
    I think politicians depend too much on polling and should spend more time on doing what is right.
    Or has polling become a symptom of a lack of citizen participation?


  10. A little off topic ( but not much ), but I had to share it with you.

    Stink street?

    By Rod Coleman, The ProvinceSeptember 11, 2011

    With all this uproar about naming streets, I think that it’s time to find the biggest, smelliest and worstrun recycling depot in Vancouver and name the street that runs to it “Gordon Campbell Way.”

    Rod Coleman, Burnaby

    © Copyright (c) The Province

    Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Stink+street/5384538/story.html#ixzz1XegEALTZ


    1. Thanks for that Gary…lol… that is funny !!

      Bernadette, yes, it is known now- Cathy messaged me a while back before it was well know where her office was and I made some calls they got the address quickly!!

      Jon, yes there is that aspect, but to be fair, this should have been caught by editors on the univerisities end as well. Quite frankly, I just found it to be amusing and thought it would give readers a laugh since yes, if staff can get the year wrong…lol.. better double check those budget numbers!!

      !i – Thank you for the kind words but really, does everything have to be so serious all the time? I clearly posted this as a funny thing to start the day for readers, and humour was its only intention. On my end, endless researching and investigating the stories that I do, some of which I have to work on for weeks and in a couple cases ,months to see where things develop and go, the occasional comedic relief is welcome.


  11. Lynn – I believe that politicians should do what’s right – however Campbell, Falcon et al would tell you that the HST is right – and they didn’t really lie – they simply didn’t tell anyone – because it is good for us and we don’t know the difference. In a sense, I believe you have reiterated the problem -. When polling is produced to function a type of cause and effect for what government think’s is right then polling is too much. When the polling is not connected to the government or to the same sponsors – banks – big corps- and sold through media – this polling is invaluable. I can tell you from my own experiences that major governments will come to see what our polling says – regularly. They know the stuff the media presents here is for control – and we are wide open presenting it as it ought to be.

    I can tell you on my site alone we average about 75 new IP addresses from British Columbia alone per day. Virtually every major government (they don’t always hide their identity) institution – and thousands of major corporations and communications are always on the site. The World wants to know what British Columbians and Canadians think -. We intend to augment our focus to meet this demand–with ambition. The World doesn’t care what our papers or radio stations or television thinks – they know that is designed for locals – as a type of propaganda.

    I expect it will eventually be more necessary for the government to come to me – than me to them.
    Their credibility is thin to none – so is the press and this lack of trust is filtering into the conciousness of ‘regular’ people. Christy deciding to keep government for 2 years is enough time to fragment the system entirely.

    I am also stepping up my efforts in court as a self litigant – and will design some interesting litigation to come. Initially, I intend to Petition the court for Orders to initiate damages against Clark and Campbell for breach of promise and other – and to ensure that the government does not pay their legal fees. There is currently a decision which a BCSC Judge has reserved on (can’t talk about) which could prove interesting. I also intend to pursue a type of mega blog – with polling and select other writers to step into the vacuum left by the current media. My advisors and I are just talking about this now.


  12. Lynn – for example there are 14 IP addresses re: Truth Shall set us Free – garnered from all over BC – credit to Laila’s site. Another anonymous person put up the ROBBINS polling site on a blog roll from the Province newspaper on The Truth – over 400 IP addresses have arrived over about a five day period – on site – with relative continuity in terms of chronology of production. Bloggers who libel will be litigated against – on that basis and on the basis of use without permission (including adverse inference). Newspapers operate on a basis of 5-10 readers per newspaper (for advertising). I would characterize the aforementioned contributions to represent an influence of 9,000 persons (owing to the special information) in British Columbia alone.


  13. Interesting comments, but I fear the venerable People are not getting it. Forget the press – they’re useless – too many vested interests and controlled from on high. Christy has picked up on the culmination of about 40 years research on how people really want to get news and how to communicate in this day and age. The news these days does not come from the press. Forget ’em. They know it, but word is slow to get out.

    Open government is not a joke, it’s a reality, and is intertwined with things like social media, feedback, online conversations, two-way symmetrical communication and the need for people themselves to get more involved. Open government is hardly possible without an internet. We have one, let’s use it. People in B.C. are the biggest internet users in Canada, and social media is your way of connecting with government and other organizations to create the win-win outcomes we all need, whether it has to do with taxes, or radiation from Fukushima.

    The virtue is in the conversation. Christy and her government, I feel, are groundbreakers in this new way of dialogue, and are serious about it, whatever her other shortcomings may be.

    I feel that it is possible to have a leader of any calibre, but the leader cannot do it alone. There are those who support, and those who gainsay. I think we’ll get more out of our life experience and move B.C. to where it wants to go if we consider jumping on board and being part of the dialogue and part of the solution. A radical thought, but worth considering.


    1. She did not graduate from any of the mentioned institutions of higher education…. but don’tcha know, NVG…. that I attended Harvard?

      Why yes indeed….. I am very proud to have studied there ( of course, that was on a trip to the east coast and I was studying the building…lol..)

      Bruce : I think the Liberals are good at their own use of Social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and this is hardly new for them, but since Christy fails generally at presenting anything intelligible or cohesive, it’s a mute point, imo. I would say social media has become the Liberals greatest enemy and won they can’t win against. Blogs, facebooking, twitter, our readers spread stories far and wide and get it done fast.

      As for getting on board and joining the dialogue, yoru would do well to join the ongoing discussions here and on other sites so you can get over the illusion that Christy is doing anything new or different from the previous leader..


  14. Edinburgh university has no record of a Christine Clark registered in any of its courses, Definately no degrees issued to a person with that name.


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