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And so the punishment begins….and parents are the target.

As we talked about following yesterday post, it seems the government has an agenda to punish those who voted against the HST. 

Although Falcon committed to preserving “core” education services ( and what exactly does that mean?) cuts to outside services that aid parents have already begun, with this letter sent to the BC Confederation of Parents Advisory Councils. The province will not give them either an operating grant, or a project grant, but can only offer support in a ” non-financial manner”.

BCCPAC is the umbrella non-profit organization that acts as ” the collective voice of parents for the best possible public education of all children in BC.” Members include the District PAC’s and the  PAC’s, and this organization provides resources, tools and advocacy for all parents.

 As a parent who has been involved in my children’s education for 20 years, I find this appalling, in particular because of the  excessive amount of funding being tossed about in corporate initiatives in this province. They will say this is not about punishment, but about fiscal prudence, but I say we can read between the lines.

Christy Clark and crew just slapped the face of every parent in this province.

Families First?  Read this letter and you decide if families are what this government values.

Incoming letter Sept 7 from MOE Ref Funding


    • John, I’m glad you said it…lol… if you didn’t, I was about to!! What exactly does she do anyways… oh yes, uses her previous persona as longtime trusted TV anchor to suck in votes and support for Christy. Clearly far more important than funding a resource for parents and their childrens education.

      I’m not embaressed for Falcon Mark, it’s good people get a chance to confirm how much like Campbell he really is so they never go that route again.


  1. I think it’s time we reminded the Liberals that cutbacks can occur in their own party in 2013 as well.

    Falcon’s antics are so transparent that I am embarrassed for him. Perhaps, in anticipation to 2013, we should e-mail each Liberal a help wanted site to prepare them.


  2. We know Christy is all about herself and her LIEberal party, it comes first and foremost, followed by the rich corporations that are the LIEberals bestest friends.
    The first time she spouted off about her “families first” propaganda, I knew we were in trouble. It seems they were made the targets instead of beneficiaries.
    How very LIEberal of Campbell’s protege!


  3. The bad news for the Lieberals is that they will cease to exist as a political party come 2013, the good news is that Canadians don’t solve problems with political leaders by assassinating them.


  4. So where is our money (taxes) going? Funding cuts for charities (by illegally breaking a contract) reduced funding for people on disability, no funding for teachers, schools, hospitals. Oh, I forgot! There is funding for the South Fraser Perimeter Road, tearing down a perfectly good bridge so the government can build a new one and toll it. But no money for the Patullo bridge replacement–I wonder if that is because New Westminster has a habit of voting NDP?
    But then there is overcrowding at Lord Tweedsmuir right in Falcon’s Riding. How did they vote on the HST?

    And that is just the beginning! It’s all a matter of priorities.


  5. And the Campbell/Clark government all sing:
    “Bad people, Stupid people
    Kevin’s going to hurt you people.”

    This slap at working families is only the beginning. There is a world of hurt available to this government and they’ll cut and cut all the programs that the residents of BC (known to the Liberals as serfs) rely on until just before the election when they’ll restore funding and programs because of course they will have shown themselves to be such good managers of our money.
    Gosh, they might even lie about how good the economy is. Lie to us? Would they?
    I’ll let their past performances answer that question.


    • Well Gary, that is a sad state of affairs considering there isn’t much more left to cut for any person with special needs. Look at how they have pushed perfectly happy and stable people out of the group home setting into situations on their own? Sad and shameful.

      They say you can tell a lot about a society by how they treat their weak, their elderly and their vulnerable…. What will be written about the Liberals when the historians look back 50 years from now?


  6. Get rid of Pamela Martin plus Chris Olsen and you have enough for both grants!!!
    I have never seen anything this absurd in all my days, and they have been many. Idiots choosing to punish us and not even intelligent enough to realize we are the voters of this province.
    Pretty short sighted I must say!
    Mr. Abbot are you really this stupid???


  7. I hate to say it, but the BC LIEberals are starting to treat the needy in BC just like the Germany did with their needy and handicapped, in the 1930’s. Who know what these evil and pathetic excuses for politicians, will be capable of next.
    Doing something good for the province, being honourable or honest – not a hope in hell (where they rightly belong).



  8. Why is it that the supposedly revenue neutral HST is now costing the province 3 billion dollars in lost revenue? Were they lying to us then or now? Or both? This bunch of liers are not to be trusted in any form.


  9. Criminal Code Sect. 336. Criminal breach of trust– Every one who, being a trustee of anything for the use or benefit, whether in whole or in part, of another person, or for a public or charitable purpose, converts, with intent to defraud and in contravention of his trust, that thing or any part of it to a use that is not authorized by the trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

    Did we authorize the sale of BCRail ? Quite the opposite the Liberals ran on a platform that included not selling BCRail. Breach of trust.

    Did we authorize the HST ? Quite the contrary the Liberals ran on a platform of it was not on the radar. Breach of trust.

    Now how to get the Attorney General to lay charges. Probably not going to happen as he is a member of the gang. Perhaps the Attorney General of Canada. Probably not as he is a member of the gang. Maybe the International Criminal Court. Probably not as they are members of the gang.

    What’s left for us ? Only citizens arrest of the gang members and a Common Law court to try them. Short of that they will continue to laugh at us as they load theirs and their associate with the ill gotten gains stolen from the people who have granted them the power to govern.


  10. Unfortunately but it is the indicated intension of the government to do as much as possible for their supporters before the next election. This means much more provincial debt. Readers should check out the S&P Provincial Report of last April. You will read just what our government must do to satisfy the New York lenders/banks. The Province must increase revenues and decrease budgets for education and health care. Read it for yourself.

    We are no longer masters in our own house.


  11. We can never be masters of our own house if we don’t take back the power to create money from private banks. 15% private banks 85% Bank of Canada around 1972 debt maybe 30B
    85% private banks 15% Bank of Canada now debt 540B give or take. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we are paying to have money printed at interest when we can print it ourselves for the cost of the paper and management. I want in on this business, print money from nothing and collect interest on it and charge service fees to access your own money, what a deal, anyone want to sign up. Apparently we have all and agreed to get it in the you know where, so put on that happy face cause it feels so good. Trouble is I don’t remember signing up, ah yes the SIN#, I forgot about that, damn an employee subject to all the bylaws of the corporation. Well I quit. Actually quite a while ago. I believe we are capable of looking after ourselves without the state getting involved unless of course we start killing each other, as long we do no harm to another or their property the state should not be involved. Keep tax dollars in the community not in the hands of some crook who thinks it’s better to build roofs on sports stadiums than to provide for education and in general provide for the unfortunate of our society. Or buy fighters to kill people that have never done us any harm. The list of crimes committed in our names is too long to list it just makes me hope there is a final judgment and these criminals running the show will all get their do.


  12. I wonder who started the Oliver High School fire in the early morning hours today. Over 300 students are without a school this year. I haven’t heard how many teachers have been put out of work, as I have been out of town for a couple of days. As it so often is in small towns, rumours run rampant. Arson is believed to be the cause, if you listen to the general public. But who? And why?


  13. Richard Stewart – BC Liberal mayor of Coquitlam was head of the Parents – at one time.
    Everything is political – adversarial in this province. The public and parents with children are mere spectators in a game which is currently motivated by zero sum expectations.


  14. ..And we polled British Columbians recently – 56% of whom are willing to give the teachers 3% over 3 years – $150 million plus over 3 years. Do this deal for wages – get some extra money for special needs teachers (50 million per) – and sign the papers – and let’s move on to the next challenge. Saving money through battle – with the resulting admin deficit will simply mess up the integrity of education for K-12 – the ‘social cost’ to families – and their children – frustration will be more significant then the month to month delays – the battle will cause

    I would appreciate it if we could conclude the deal by the end of September 2011.


  15. The school of justice was also under attack. There were vehicles set on fire, as well as homes. There were even shots fired. Now a school set ablaze. The riot in Vancouver. What is going on?

    There is anger at the Chief Justice, for awarding Campbell the OBC. Will this too start a riot? Campbell is so despised, by the BC citizens. Campbell’s corruption is legendary. There is no way Campbell deserves the OBC. He lied his way into two election wins. The OBC is obviously corrupt, as everything else in this province is. So again, everything to do with Campbell is fouled by him. There are good decent citizens, who really do deserve the OBC. Campbell and his ilk, the other three nominee’s, have destroyed the OBC. Never will this institution, ever be trusted again. Shame on the OBC!!!!


  16. When it comes to Bountiful, no politician has clean hands. This problem goes back before Winston Blackmore. If I read Daphne Bramham’s book correctly, politicians of every polticial stripe turned a blind eye hoping for votes. It’s ironic that if you are American and here illegally, you can’t vote.


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