My return to the blogosphere…

is  imminent!

There have been a few things that have taken me away from posting, but as one major project wraps itself up, I’ll be sharing a few comments on whats been going on in BC politics later on this evening.

Until then, batten the hatches and hold onto your hats!  This storm already is showing its nastiness in my part of the world.

12 Comments on “My return to the blogosphere…

  1. “……one mayor project wraps itself up”

    Is this a slip of the typing fingers tongue or have you been working on a Major Mayor project……? in Surrey?

  2. Good to see you back Laila ! I some of us were getting worried ( the big bad Liberal wolf you know ) .

  3. Thank goodness you’re back, Laila. There is just so much ‘stuff’ going on in B.C. right now, I’m wondering which topic you’ll pick first!

  4. Me too Gini.

    BC seems like it is a powder keg. Ready to blow up, at any given time.

    Perhaps Laila is fooling us, maybe she has good news!!!! In BC???? Not likely.

  5. welcome back Laila. We’ve missed you but I too wonder just where you’ll start, there is sooo….. much going on. Wanted you to know just how much you are appreciated. I know that what you do is tough, often frustrating and mentally exhausting and we don’t thank you deeply enough for all you’ve done to expose the rotten core here

    • Well I know you liked this one already on FB Wendy… ; )

      Hannah, a quiet friend is not an invisible one ; ) I know you are all out there even if one rarely comments! Thank you! never knows!!

      Debbie, I will be writing about what you sent me, along with Susans email as well! Be safe !!! And thank you, it does get exhausting but I am working on a way to be able to do this fulltime, and make an income doing it. I really feel there is no other way to make the changes BC needs without a fulltime effort at it! That may mean selling adverts or taking donations, which I am not fond of, but that is the only way I can commit to this fulltime. Input and suggestions greatly appreciated on that idea.

  6. And we were worried when they shipped 5% of our logs, raw, out of country…….
    Good summary of the shit flying around these days.