Laila Yuiles one point strategy for “defending and creating jobs in BC.”

1) Export Christy Clark to China.   

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    • : ) Please, take her… anytime Josef, anytime!! I think she would do well in American style politics and maybe she would even get some of those Palin style glasses and some long french

    • ohmygod. you must be kidding. Hillary is an educated, smart woman, who can stand on her own with no…

      There is no similarity between the two unless you consider they are both women.

  1. I would make that a two or three point strategy, in that case. Since she and Falcon have such an affinity for the Asia Pacific gateway strategy… we have no choice. We must arrange her departure posthaste!

  2. Remember Dosanjh another opportunistic loser who stole the leadership of the NDP and took his entourage to India at our expense knowing full well it was his last free trip until the Fed Libs rescued his sorry ass. So lets hope she can wear her losing(Like herself) Cauuck sweater and gets kidnapped and charged with stealing all our logs. It would only be justice if Coleman, Bond, Falcon, Polak and lets not forget the biggest fool of all Harry B (oops he vanished, maybe he can carry her briefcase??) tag along and the party not have enough to rescue these thieves who have destroyed this beautiful Province.

  3. I am having great difficulty understanding why all this energy is being wasted preaching to the converted when what should really be discussed is what party and what leader will follow Christie Clark. We will be making a BIG mistake if we end up with some of the old guard dressed in a different suit – sheep’s clothing. Time to redirect all that energy.

  4. Any party and any leader will be an improvement over what we’ve had for the past ten years.

    BTW, why is it we never hear anything from the MSM about the jobs that are being given to Americans instead of Canadians in Kitimat (and other places in B.C.)? This has been going on for years. My husband was a tile-setter years ago, and he worked on the building of the Kemano power-house. The American contractor brought all his sub-trades up from the US, but the B.C. tile-setters union stopped them from bringing the tile-setters from a New York company, who had been doing all the work on various big projects (i.e. pulp mills) under the guise that it was specialized work. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t send enough men up to do the work on some of the pulp mills, so the B.C. tile-setters were hired to work on these projects. Our B.C. guys proved to the government that they were able to do the work in a fraction of the time that it took the American guys to do it.

  5. Christy and Harper both have supposed plan for jobs. However their jobs are for the Americans.

    I don’t know if any of the seven mines, going into Northern BC are American. Likely they are. I’m sure they will bring their “experienced” miners with them. It is doubtful BC will get the ship building either. Harper has said, BC Liberals are expendable the HST isn’t. (from Grant’s site, the straight goods). Even if BC does get a contract, Christy has chosen SeaSpan for the contract. Another American outfit to bring their “experienced” crew with them. Same company Christy’s brother was involved with. Campbell also cheated our BC mill workers out of hundreds of jobs.

    Harper has pretty much given Canada away to the U.S. Rumor has it, Canada will be the largest state of the U.S. Perhaps that will lower the cost of living in Canada. When you can save up to, 50% by shopping in the U.S. Something is sadly, badly wrong in this country. Canada is called, the rip off country. Other country’s pay less for our Canadian food and goods, than we do.

    BC’s cost of living is obscene. Price gouging is blatant. BC’s wages are the lowest, while we have the highest cost of living and taxed to death. They ignore the credit card debt of the citizens, that run out of money before their next paydays. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have no logistics what-so-ever. Totally out of touch with the plight of the everyday BC citizens.

  6. Forgot to mention. If the cost of living in China is much lower than BC’s? Perhaps we can immigrate to China.

  7. Laila, Josef is Gordon Campbells biggest fan. He is the one with the group Gordon Campbell deserves the Order of BC. He trolls the gordon doesnt deserve group, and he becomes irate and curses at people, while making things up, if they disagree with him. Of course he is in love with premiere photo op.

  8. It is high time the people of BC kicked the Liberals, NDP etc out of our beautiful Province and consider British Colombia becoming it’s own country. We have everything! Forestry, Minerals, Fisheries agriculture,and a Pacific Coastline to tender ships of trade and etc. etc. I would think that there is a lot of good folks here who have the knowledge and fortitude to make a new government that is for the PEOPLE. . I am ashamed of our Country and our Provincial Nepotistic Greedy Corrupt Politicians who are selling us out (BC to Harper and Harper to the USA; Like Mulroney tried) leaving us people with debts that we will never be able to payback in plural lifetimes? – It’s time to REVOLUTIONIZE – VIVA LE BC COMEONYEPARTIZENSLETSFIGHYFORLIBERTYBEFORHARPERGETSHISFIGHTERBOMBERS

  9. To “Not Josef” Quarter-true.

    I am a fan of but NOT admin behind “Gordon Campbell deserves the Order of British Columbia”. I am admin of “Sean Holman for Order of BC”.

    I do NOT make things up and I’m NOT the one cursing at people. That’s called projection. I’ve done battle against the socialist BCNDP and fly the BCLib flag as a volunteer privateer. Look it up.

  10. You made a comment, on GC Deserves order of BC to someone with a differing view “fuck you”. Stop lying.

  11. Direct quote.
    “Josef A Kunzlar Jeff, F— you.
    September 17 at 1:29pm ”

    So please explain to me how you are not cursing at people?

  12. Okay, I said that. Only after this statement:

    “For the record, he deserves prison, a beating, and all the disrespect he’s earned by violating the public trust, breaking laws in other countries, and being a pompous rat-fink.”

    That doesn’t mean I go around cursing at people just becuz. So you just want to attack me because you’re mean, personal, thin-skinned and Negative Destructive Pessimistic. Is this it?

  13. No, I have a problem w/ you making over-the-top allegations. I did NOT put up the “Gordon Campbell deserves the Order of British Columbia” and if I did, I sure would NOT be commenting in my name for obvious reasons. The admin can comment as the Facebook group name.

    Furthermore, I’m a fan, increasingly lukewarm – not in love with – Premier Christy Clark (aka Premier PhotoOp). Also you need to grow a thicker skin. Next shot please.

  14. I’m sorry, though have to disagree with your comment that I need a thicker skin. I have not been upset by any of your comments, I just wanted people to be clear about your comments. Someones comments not directed at you, make you slump into throwing out curse words at others, perhaps you need thicker skin?

    Anyways, I do not wish to argue with you, I only wanted to make Laila / her readers aware of your posting styles in case they had missed, I do not wish to drag this blogs comments down any further. Have a nice day.

  15. They can put new lipstick on any pig and try and sell it as the new runway model and that all the BC Libs are doing , no substance no honesty and no really good plans other than to try and raid more of our money to hand over in exchange for private profits and corporate donations looks like new lipstick on the same old pig at the trough to me.

  16. Dear “Not Josef”;

    Thank you for your kind wish. I will move along.

    Dear Oceantor;

    Surprise, surprise we kinda agree on two issues. Not agree, but kinda.

    1> I think joining the United States might be a good idea for BC. Or perhaps working very quietly to merge BC & Washington State into a Cascadia – . It’s quite frankly something that would make sense from a logistical, political & geographic viewpoint.

    2> In the interim, Canada should have replaced two of the three F-35A squadrons w/ cheaper, more capable and currently in production F/A-18Es & F/A-18F Super Hornets. It’s a bit much for a nation w/o much spare cash to blow on overcapable fighters when you need air soverignity more than stealthy strike.

  17. Oceantor:
    Did you just recently move here from Quebec?

    Josef A. Kunzlar:
    Merging with the USofA is by far the most outrageous thing I’ve seen you post……and thats really an understatement.

  18. Thanks! This made me laugh out loud!

    I wish we could do it – but I don’t imagine there is really any use for her there anymore than here.

  19. No – am local boy born raised Vancouver. lets do the Paul Revere type Legacy. We have to wake the common people up and take our Province back!! I’ve had it… enough with these Neo-Nazi, Bolshevik Stalinist Cacksockers It is high time the people of BC kicked all of these greedy know nothing political nepotistic neophytes who take pleasure manipulating, deceiving and hurting people physically, psychologically and financially. They only look after themselves with no consideration of the folk whom entrusted them . BIGTIME… Get out you Damn Liberals, NDP etc and take your German built Scows with you and foot the bill. Yeah, it was your decision you pay the $1.6 billion. Yeah get out of our beautiful Province. British Colombia should be it’s own country. Yeah “Our own” A country for the people of BC We have everything! Forestry, Minerals,WATER, Fisheries agriculture,and a Pacific Coastline to tender ships of trade etc. etc. I would think that there is a lot of good folks here who have the knowledge and fortitude to make a new government that is for the PEOPLE. . I am ashamed of our Country and our Provincial Nepotistic Greedy Corrupt Politicians who are selling us out (BC to Harper and Harper to the USA; Like Mulroney tried) leaving us people with debts that we will never be able to payback in plural lifetimes? – It’s time to UNITE-REVOLUTIONIZE – VIVA LE BRITISH COLUMBIA – VIVA LE BC COMEONYEAPARTIZENSLETSFIGHYFORLIBERTYBEFORHARPERGETSTHOSEFIGHTERBOMBERS

  20. Unfortunately, sending Christy packing will solve nothing as there will always be another figurehead to shill for the coalition of people sucking the world dry and hoping to abandon the husk via cockamamie schemes to colonize the Moon and points beyond (or just live in gated communities behind legions of taxpayer-funded storm troopers). Unlike Laila, I don’t see that much fundamental difference between Christy and Hilary other than that of the scale on which each operates. Hilary, despite some early wanderings into “it takes a village” territory, has been pretty constant in her support of policies and procedures that deepen the gulf between the wealthy and the toiling masses, that favour capital over labour, and that assure that the world stays afraid and at war. Bright, persistent, perceptive: both women possess these qualities, but they seem to lack to insight or the courage to see that their common direction spells doom for all of us in the long run, and a miserable ride their for the vast majority while the Clinton Clan and friends will party their way to oblivion.

  21. I have had my own most interactions with the commenter above that a number of folks have taken exception to given that commenters words, actions and deeds.

    I, too, have experienced the expletives and the name calling from this commenter on other sites.

    I have also experienced him defacing a YouTube site where I sing with my children, whom I have explicitly identified as such.

    I have also noted, both here and on other sites, that that this commenter promulgates demonstrable falsehoods with malice aforethought.

    I have also noted that this commenter once generated an online game in which he invited readers to “Bomb The Hell Out Of The NDP”.

    For anyone interested, I have explained these interactions, and why I no longer accept the comments of this particular person, more fully here.



  22. Not Josef, you’re welcome. BTW, I got my admin status in part because of YOU!!!!!!

    BTW, if I keep on getting attacked like I do and my wingwoman gets bullied like she does on CFAX… perhaps I should have air combat with imaginary Dippers flying MiGs trying to bomb C-FAX’s attenae, YouTube it and post it just for the amusement of a) Alise, b) me, c) RossK and d) Yalia. .

  23. Josef, congratulations, on gaining co-admin status on your (shrinking) group of 12 other people who support Gordon Campbell as much as you do. I hope some of those 12 can communicate in a more rational, and grown up manner, then the way you, and your co-admin have done in the past.

  24. Here is another comment from the above commenter using expletives.

    It was left at Sean Holman’s website and was that commenters response to a direct question that was directly relveant to the discussion at hand:

    “Because I had to run errands I didn’t have time to deal with your rhetoric and misdirection and spin commentators like F*ck Futter and Ross Kdix.

    But I am not the issue. I have friends who worked under the guys who were leaked, I visit once in a while and I really am NOT the issue.

    No the issue is the value of the persons named. Period. When I debate NDP commentators they never, ever put a value because they can’t debate or just quite frankly are selfish & mean to public servants…..”

    Please understand that those words, the expletive, and the name calling are not mine. Instead, they are those of the commenter concerned, who also likes to send me messages offline now that he knows I will no longer allow them to deface my own website.

    The context that led to that statement above can be found here.

    (and please note that, in deference to Ms. Yuile’s readers I editted the commmenter’s use of the expletive in calling someone a derisive name. On Mr. Holman’s site the commenter concerned did not extend this courtesy)


  25. Furthermore, “Buck” had been tormenting me for several months and the comment may or may not have been a typo.

    I did call you Kdix because you parrot his poo Ross. At least you have musical talents, Ross. Leave the politics to me and the a-dults, please.

    • Josef, this conversation thread is officially over. I let you post when you keep it on topic, and clean,and out of respect for mutual concerns not related to politics.

      Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bring your issues with other people, and other threads and other spats, here. They are not welcome.You must not let your thoughts get away from you without stopping and thinking about what is about to come out of your mouth, or though the keyboard.

      As I said, this conversation is over, Josef. Move on. And to be honest, if anyone else engages him knowing full well where it will go from past experiences, you are as just as responsible for baiting.

      Josef has aspergers, and while this is not an excuse for what comes out of his mouth, it may assist you in understanding who he is and why he acts the way he does sometimes. If you do not wish to hear his nonsense, then I suggest everyone ignore him.

  26. I once received a message that begins as follows from the same country (not Canada), locale (obviously, not located within British Columbia) and IP address that was previously used by the commenter concerned to send me comments containing demonstrable falsehoods and malicious accusations:

    “I remember your nemesis Josef called up Keith Baldrey once on CKNW and Keith really insulted ex-Polakite by saying Mary Polak isn’t the best performer in The House. Then he and Josef obviously a few months later consort to get Mary Polak back in cabinet: If BCLiberal women weren’t so dang……”

    This comment was sent to me after it was made very clear to the commenter concerned that his comments would no longer be published on my site.

    I will not publish the remainder of that comment here because I consider it to be sexist in nature.

  27. Lalia, thank you. I don’t recall sending the message, maybe I submitted a comment. Oh well, I know RossK has a thin skin and holds a grudge as well as his guitar (which is very, very well).

    • Apology accepted, thank you Josef.

      Not josef, no apologies needed, I always hope that information brings understanding, and if anyone reads the link to Aspergers I posted, it really explains a lot about Josef. I will not ban Josef, he and I have chatted about his differences,some of which are very similar to my son.

  28. Laila, I wonder if in addition to refusing to call Clark the “P” word, you would do us a favour and refuse to feature her photo as well. I love coming here for information but cringe every time I visit and am assaulted by the sight of her face. The government website and the MSM do a great job of plastering her plastered visage everywhere they can, so it’s not like we’ll forget what she looks like; we’ll just have a bit of a refuge where we don’t have to see it.

    • Sorry Lew, no can do. While the Media have generally attached her photo to feel good, warm and fuzzy family first items -no accident, thats PR all the way- I want people to come here, see her face and feel anger … and to associate that anger and injustice with the stories I feature.

      I understand how you feel though, if that’s any consolation. I feel like that all the time myself but it only strengthens my resolution.

  29. Christie is Gordo in a skirt. Her “families first” schtick makes me want to vomit. Yeah sure, Christie, uh huh, families first is tossing disabled kids and closing group homes, allowing unregulated fracking to ruin the health of families in rural BC, and ignoring highest unemployment rate areas while you do your jobs tour, which turns out to be a rehash of old announcements, some of them dating back to 2007. Families first is rehiring a fraction of the sheriffs Gordo laid off so a few trials can go ahead. Families first is eliminating parking fees from provincial parks, but not restoring the rangers to look after parks that are rapidly in decline thanks to the province not looking after them. Christie is a shallow, superficial, phoney, three dollar bill grasping at straws. I loathe this beeotch and can’t wait to see her run out of town. In a BC Rail car, would be a nice touch.

  30. I don’t understand why everyone encourages JK. This back and forth pissing contest is making me crazy. It is distracting everyone’s attention from what matters most.Just ignore JK and he will post his dribble somewhere else.

  31. Please excuse – Would like to apologize for my unwarranted behavior in blaspheming in my last post

  32. Gordon Campbell politics were based upon his own career in land development & real estate.
    He thinks development & real estate,his decisions were all about development , real estate!
    Consider the BC Rail deal where CP can use the land.
    Consider the use of forest land on Vancouver Island for real estate!
    Unfortunatley for Campbell ( & for the taxpayer) the whole thing tanked & the master (development) plan went out of the door; never to be seen again for generations.
    All the development land came at the expence of established industries that were ( & still should be) the back bone of BC.
    Frankly I doubt we will ever recover from his tenure as Premier.
    Many of his ideas will be carried on by Christy Clark who is nothing but a sock puppet for the money that put her in her job.
    Don’t blame Christy Clark!
    Look for who is pulling her strings..