To the people of BC: Message from the Wall Street Occupation.

Join your fellow British Columbians, from all walks of life, all income levels, and political leanings, as we stand together in solidarity with those around the world who have had enough.

October 15th. Vancouver Art Gallery– more details to be posted.


From Occupy New Brunswick.

 ARE YOU PART OF THE 99% here in BC?

Send me your photo message, like the one above to, for posting here on my site, and share your story, your message, with the world.




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    • I will look for it with anticipation!

      All of them.. hint hint people. Time to stand up and decide what you believe in, and let yourself be counted~!

  1. “We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by sea, land, and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. that is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be.”
    Sir Winston Churchill

    See you all on Saturday, October 15th, 2011

    I am recognisable. I am a Canadian.

    My name is Lynn and I am a Canadian. I am taking back my country so my Parent’s and their generation may live in comfort. I am taking back my country so the children of today have a future for tomorrow.

  2. I am Pratap, I am Canadian and I came to Canada long ago to be Canadian because I beelive there is not corruption here like India. I am wrong and now I am working two jobs and seeing a bad woman in power here in BC like Campbell was. I am not getting more better with my finance, and my childrens are working hard to be in universities because of other people from Asia who are paying to study her than going back home and laughing at us. I am reading that this premier is working with man who makes prisons in Libya and that is not right for anyone. I will be in with you on the 15 rally and be raising hands in thanks to all who are coming too. Thank you for letting me be saying my mind here.

  3. Pratap-
    I look forward to linking arms with you as we peacefully march for future generations.
    Take back our country. Now!

  4. I will see you on the 15th – but I am not ready to post my face on the internet… I may run into you at the occupation and you can thank me at that time : )

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    • I look forward to that Henry…. I really do!

      Pratap, I look forward to shaking your hand one day, I hope that happens. You are in the same boat as many who were born here and we feel your struggles the same way. This is about the future, our childrens future, and in that we all have a common bond!

      Lynn, I so can’t wait to meet you!! You know who I am, come on up and say hello. I have a feeling our eyes will know each other before our hands meet ; )

  5. I am now at the end of my life.

    I had hoped Canada and BC in particular would have progressed further when it comes to preserving that which our forefathers had fought and died for.

    Don’t get me wrong, we do have it good but…….Imagine what it COULD have been like?
    Mike Boileau

  6. Please, everyone, go to, Prison Planet TV, and if you can handle it, log onto the article designated…”NATO Responsible for crimes against Humanity in Libya”. This is what Stephen Harper is supporting and I can’t stand it.
    Mike Boileau

  7. Hi Laila,
    Thanks for giving this message a larger audience. I believe that there has finally been a turning point in how the citizenry view their governments and big corporations. While we have been sleepwalking – (hey, as long as there’s beer in the fridge and the game is on, life is wonderful) – our wallets and bank accounts have been plundered by powerful and greedy vermin from banks and multinational corporations.
    And here is a link you may find interesting: Iceland’s Ongoing Revolution. Perhaps we could all take a page from Iceland’s book.

  8. Thank you Ole for passing that along. It was very enlightening and confirms my view that we need to fight back against governments and corporations that have turned the 99% into modern day serfs.
    I will be there to take back not just Vancouver and Wall Street but to support and encourage the brave young people who are standing firm with conviction.
    They need to be supported by those of us who have been lulled into a false sense of security and have turned a blind eye to what has brought us to this point.
    Not for my generation but for my young grandchildrens generation because if we don’t they will live in servitude and despair to the 1% who will consider them to be “human capital” not human beings.
    So let us show up and resist in a non violent manner.
    The provocations will be many and there are those who will be sent in to try and create trouble and instigate violence. Resist this as well and kill them with kindness.. Maybe this is what was meant by “the meek shall inherit the earth”.

  9. Hello Laila, I have been waiting for this for many months. I want to be a part of this wholeheartedly but as life would have it I have to be in Calgary for my brother who is scheduled for immediate colon cancer surgery on October 14th. He has been told there is a chance he may not survive surgery as his heart is in poor shape so it may be the last chance for me to see him and tell him how I feel. I will be with you all in heart and upon my return if possible I will be there in my physical presence upon my return which will be approx. the 17th of Oct. Please know that even though you may not see my physical body for sure I will be there in mind and will join in this movement at the soonest possible time. Blessings to all who participate and God’s speed be with you!

  10. Sure..should it be me OCCUPING MY SMART METER 😉 Could you imagine how much the liberal corporate brotherhood is going to lose if we stand UNITED in defeating the Smart Meters like the HST. Let us stop it now before it costs so much more down the road. Living in a isolated coastal town that is something that is an immediate threat to my rights and freedoms from forced government BS. I can assure you there will not be one on my home. I will take a stand.

  11. O Canada – this day of sorrow… my song
    [audio src="" /]
    Thanks for all you do Laila, I am inspired daily by your courage.

  12. Don. I am so sorry about your brother. It’s a tough call, but stay positive that he will survive his ordeal.
    I am too far away to attend the rally. However, I will cheer everyone on.

    Canada is rotten to the core with corruption because of Harper. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada, because of Campbell. Harper and Campbell are the true faces of evil. Harper and Campbell plotted behind our backs for, the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China. They have already started to prepare.

    Our beautiful Orca and Humpback Whales and all the thousands of marine life, will be in extreme peril, they live in that same channel. As we know mills will be obsolete. They want to log our rain forests, which is the same route as the dirty tankers. The Rain Forest is where the Spirit Bear and the unique small wolves live. The salmon runs will be destroyed. There are thousands of creatures, the call the Rain Forests home. That way the raw logs can go directly onto Chinese ships. Depending what all country’s Harper and Campbell can con country’s into the dirty oil. There will be many more dirty tankers and freighters, in the channel to Port Kitimat.

    We have seen the horrific damage our rivers are taking, because of dams. They are even draining lakes for their dams. Our beautiful northern coast will never survive this atrocity. Harper is rabid to be an energy king. He desperately wants that power and glory and he needs billions for his war machine. Harper will pollute the entire planet, to achieve his own selfish goals.

  13. It’s too bad the corruption doesn’t stop with the federal and provincial levels. It seems it goes down to the municipal level, and somewhat related, for many I believe even the strata’s they have to live in because they can’t afford a freehold property are also corrupt.

  14. Don!
    Not to worry. Be with your Brother, for I will be VAG for you and the many more who can’t attend on that day. Not to worry-there will be more.
    When you come back head down to VAG. Give those who remain comfort. Bring coffee, bring food, bring blankets and a listening ear.
    Hold the kids in high esteem for they are leading the way.
    Tell them.
    A speedy recovery to your brother.
    Henri! I’ll be there for you too.
    I don’t have your killer sense of humour, but I’ll try!
    Laila, can’t wait to meet you either.
    Keep up the good work.
    I was just at the grocery store. The comments I overheard:
    “Am I crazy? Has prices gone up?”
    No, I said. You aren’t crazy. I didn’t have the heart to call her and others sheeple. I did however, tell the cashier to show up on Oct 15th when she stated that people have yet to figure out that the contents in a package have shrunk by a lot.
    Keep at it everyone.
    Mainstream society is awakening from their hangover.

  15. I too am sickened by all the corruptness going on in our province. It is time to take our province back. I have been thinking this way for some time now and am so grateful that people are seeing this for what it is. We need to stand together and demand the Liberals and all corrupt politicians to move along. We need all new faces and people with integrity to lead us into the future. Accountability needs to occur. The ones in power have been getting away with there crap for way to long. This is not just those in high ranking positions with the goverment it also spills down to deputy ministers and most managers within each ministry. Enough is enough we need them all gone!! Not to mention the RCMP needs to be held accountable and not spared protection and secret deals. BC needs transparency for its people.

  16. Wish I could attend but have to work – also finances are low and ferry fares are out of my context. But count me in!! Viva La Revolution! Viva Viva – I am not a Terrorist but a willing Partisan –
    KILL OPPRESSION – Viva La Revolution!

  17. Thanks Ole,
    What a great article. Just imagine, ordinary with no political connections assisted in writing their country’s constitution.
    This needs to be done in every country. Eliminate the influence of the multi nationals, corrupt politicians, lawyers.
    They have somehow convinced everyone that we need them. It is they who need us, and they fear the day when we will discover our gentle power.
    We already have.
    Sorry Henri, I misread your post. I look forward to meeting you.

  18. I dont live in Vancouver but will try and attend and for those in smaller communities and on the Island maybe there should be local gatherings of support as an option.
    Excellent piece for Thanksgiving Laila

  19. A Columbia University Prof observing the protest said this,
    “The statement I hear is the political and economic institutions of the country are not just broken, but they are deeply corrupted and deeply hostile to the prospects for democracy”.
    I could not have said it better.
    Other than to say the political and economic institutions, be it the banking industry, the poker players on Wall St and multi national corporations around the world are broken and deeply corrupt.
    Yes, those outfits are fearful of democracy.
    Ironically enough Wall Street got its name because of pigs.
    There were so many pigs running amok way back when. The Mayor decided to erict a wall to keep the pigs out of the city.
    I think they placed the pig wall on the wrong side of the street.

  20. Gosh, I am so inspired by all of you and your positive attitudes. I find some days after reading the news I feel so depressed and wonder how long does this world have before it implodes. I have been following the fish farm fiascos, the pipeline debates, the Corporate and Government corruption and it’s almost over whelming.
    I was thinking I should just stay home on Oct 15 but now I’ve changed my mind. Now is the time to act. To show that I am more than just words on a blog or online forum. I am more than a small voice in a small room in Langley. With you I am a WE! We are a loud and very big voice. One that I hope every Government leader who fails to see the need to be accountable to the people, or any Corporation who thinks it’s business as usual; you will see that it’s not right what you are doing. It’s not right and we have come to take our Canada back. See you there my friends.

  21. That’s a good idea, Lynn. I moved away from the coast about 15 years ago, and haven’t been back since. I’d be afraid to venture downtown all by myself. It would be nice if we could all meet out in Surrey or Langley somewhere.

  22. Hi Laila,

    This is indeed the most important journalism/blog ever written, we are in the fight of our lives….at 71 I never thought we would be in a revolt, World War III. Thank you for all you do and especially this post, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for leading this fight for us.

    I am desparately looking for up to five people to ride in with me so if you could help out I will be forever grateful. I would like to volunteer to help organize rideshares and anything else I could do to help you and our cause out. If I can’t get anyone to ride in with me I would like to know if there is a rideshare happening…….I MUST get there, whatever it takes. I live in the south part of Surrey and willing to pick up anyone on the travel north to Van. SB, Laila can put you in touch with me. My usual partners Walter can’t go as he can’t leave his 84 year old mother but he will be there with us in his thoughts and Sybil I can’t reach until Wednesday as she is out of town.

    Lynn, perfect idea and like I said I will help organize so please let me know what is to do on our ‘to do list’. If you or anyone else reading this needs a ride or know of a ride in please let me know.

    Laila, please feel free to give my email addy to anyone needing to contact me rides, meets, etc.

    Thanks is just not enough for this one Laila. I am sending you my phone number also if that will help getting this done…..

    Hugs/kisses, Jean

    • Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful, fierce, spirited friends and readers. Both Jeans, Gini and anyone else, I am on the nominated speakers list for October 15th, time to be determined before the 15th, we hope!

      I have much to say, about the issues we discuss here, that are indicative of what is happening all over the world. A global issue, yes, but not restricted to Egypt, to Greece, to the states.. we have a premier who advisors include Gwyn Morgan. We have foreign companies using our highways and bridges as investment vehicles that are making their shareholders rich, while our government slowly slips deeper into debt they pretend does not exist as debt…. Yes indeed… I have a lot to say.

      This is our province. We will not let it be sold out from under us, bankrupted around us, while our children leave because they will never get ahead here.

      I am about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family, where I am explaining to my children why I feel so strongly about this.

      I will be back later on, and yes, we can definately arrange a meeting point, rides etc to get as many people there as we can, in the easiest manner!!

      You make me all proud. I am not leading this fight, I am standing arm in arm with everyone else. But if I can use my words to help make some change… I am obligated to do that.

  23. Lynn says:
    October 9, 2011 at 2:19 pm ,
    Henri! I’ll be there for you too.
    Hi, I was hoping to attend , but due to family matters ,distance prevents me from attending.
    I read previously a another person who calls himself “Henry” may attend, but not I “Henri”

  24. Best wishes and highest hopes for your gathering at Vancouver Art Gallery on October 15. It’s a lively, positive attitude I see here … and that’s so important for your success.

    Wish I could be there too, but I’m too far away and too sick to attend. But I send double-best wishes, all the same.

  25. Mary,

    I am a regular reader of your blog although I do not comment. You always have BCR more than covered and you have paid your dues many times over. I’m so sorry that your battle has now made you too sick to travel. You will be standing right there beside us, albeit from a distance…



  26. To everyone who plans to attend October 15 and are discussing it on the internet anywhere, anytime…..make sure that you have someone staying in your home while you are away. This due to the fact that when Grant G, powellriverpersuader, was away and it was known on the internet that he would be……for anyone who doesn’t already know……his house was torched, burnt to the ground with his 3 cats inside. An act so brutal and foreign to us who once lived in a safe place, prior to 2001, it is almost impossible to comprehend this happening here in our once great province but yes, we are no longer safe to speak our mind or even let it be known we are away.


  27. Right you are Jean.
    I have a friend staying with me who is a holder of several black belts.
    Then there is my (always) hungry dog, and cats who seem to sharpen their claws with some sort of industrial tool when nobody is looking.
    Also a internet cameras that capture images with the slightest of movements.
    We are going for all that can’t go, for all that have yet to be born. For those who have been waiting for the torch to be passed.
    The WW II veterans are proud that we are continuing their efforts from long ago.
    Icelanders will be proud that they are not alone in pushing back.

  28. Priscilla!
    I wish for your song to be heard worldwide! For shame to those who would destroy and bring to reality the truth of your words!
    Don F.

  29. For those of us on the other side of the pond there will be an OSW in Victoria as well. It is all over facebook and twitter.

    Wish I could go…….

  30. will be in Vancouver but due to other reasons will try to attend have had a loss in the family and may not make it , if not im there in thoughts and will be if there are further opportunities .