File this under: “Are you freaking kidding me?”

Eccotique Spa is officially on my list of places I will never spend my money. Why? Because they came up with an idea to give a free $50 gift certificate to any Stanley Cup rioter wanted by police, if they turn themselves in.

Yes, I am not kidding you. Read and weep :

A local spa group is offering Vancouver Stanley Cup riot suspects the opportunity to confess and de-stress.

In a once-only, limited-time offer, suspected rioters can turn themselves in to any Lower Mainland Eccotique Spa location and receive a special “$50 Calm Down and De-Stress” gift certificate, president Milajne Soligo said in a release.

“These people obviously had a lot of pent-up anger during all the chaos. We think they need to calm down and relax,” she said.

Soligo says each suspect must show photo ID, describe their illegal activity and apply their fingerprints to the gift certificate before turning themselves in.

The gift certificate will be activated once the suspect has an official police arrest form.

“We want to see as many charges laid as possible with this,” said Soligo.

“We’re happy to donate the $50 gift certificates if it identifies the suspects.

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You see, this is just a wee bit of what is wrong with society these days. Do we want to see every thief and destructive twit pay some penance? Yes, without a doubt. But bribing them to come forward with a spa certificate so they can be pampered for a while?

Give me a break.

Eccotique Spas, you get two thumbs down for making a joke out of justice.

From the Spa website:

Vancouver rioters – Hand yourself in for a free manicure

Eccotique has come up with an arresting concept which we hope will persuade suspects of the June 15th Vancouver Stanley Cup riot to fess up, in exchange for massages, pedicures, waxes and other spa services. In return for the confessions, individuals will receive special “$50 Calm Down & De-Stress” Gift Certificates in a once-only, limited-time offer.

To qualify, each suspect must show photo ID and describe how they were involved in an illegal activity, such as looting, arson or an aggressive act. They will then apply their fingerprints to the certificate before turning themselves in to the VPD. Once in possession of an official police arrest form, their gift certificate will be activated.

This is a win/win situation for the alleged rioters and the VPD. Suspects can finally come to terms with their conscience, while the police can see justice is done. These people obviously had a lot of pent up anger during all the chaos. We think they need to learn how to calm down and relax, which fits perfectly with our spa offerings.

This is not a reward for the culprits. We want to see as many charges laid as possible with this. We’re happy to donate the $50 gift certificates if it identifies the suspects.

18 thoughts on “File this under: “Are you freaking kidding me?”

  1. Oh, this might get them some advertising, but of the kind most businesses don’t want. Please share twitter facebook email….

    I agree, Josef, bring back more of those in the bush work camps for some of the diva’s involved in this riot. A manicure for a confession? A little steam and facial perhaps, to soothe your poor conscience. ? Not in my world.

    ( by the way Josef, the justice system moves so slow in BC largely due to the catastrophic cuts made by the Liberals over the last decade…. listed on my 100 reasons above)

    Let’s see how fast this promotion disappears.


  2. I’m sure all the current clientele will love to hear they’ll be sharing the spa with a bunch of thieving thugs. One hand on the table while I do your nails, honey. Oh, and I’d advise you to keep the other on your purse, and your eyes on the coat you just left on the rack by the door.



  3. Well, if Campbell gets rewarded for his dastardly deeds, why not the rioters? Did Campbell deserve the appointment of High Commissioner to England? How about the OBC?
    Which of them did the most damage to BC and the people? The rioters, or Harper and the BC Liberals?

    I don’t approve of rioters damaging property for any reason. However, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper have caused a damage to BC and all of Canada, that can never be undone.


  4. Most of those kids come from families that can regularly afford these sort of luxuries. People that can afford hockey tickets, jerseys, $15 beer,… etc. They know their market.

    (sorry about the cynicism)


  5. I see your friend Alex G Tsakumis is playing school yard bully again……Why is it Laila whenever you are involved with anything the fat Greek Geek goes into a jealous rage and hurls insults every which way he can, including towards me….

    I understand how jealous he gets when he has no subject matter to compete with other more profound bloggers..

    I won`t even mention him on my blog for that is what he wants, he doesn`t warrant a mention on my blog, he is but an angry insignificant little flea,
    Have fun at the Rally, give my best to Betty K if you get the honour of meeting her…

    Cheers from your friendly neighborhood persuader


  6. Dear Laila – I’m disappointed that you have taken the time to attack this nobody who is trying to get some business. What he is doing does not concern people like you and me. Let him try to make a living? Maybe his thoughts and feelings are opposite to yours? Don’t belittle him and try to destroy him. Whatever happens is not going to make any difference to you, me or yours truly. You are an excellent journalist and blogger and I always check to see what you post.I like your views about the real scum who’s decisions effect everybody in BC, Canada and the World. But I feel the same as you with these corrupt politicians whom lie deceive and manipulate the masses. We have been sold out people. The JIG is up. All the wealth is owned by foreign entities and the people own the debt. Remember when Campbell told the people of BC that he would give $100 to everybody if he won the election. It seems the people who voted for the Liberals sold their soul and everybody else’s too.Remember how they shafted Gordon Wilson who was the true liberal leader. At least he was trustworthy. I often wonder how many good people committed suicide during Campbell’s tenure as the Premier of BC. We are doomed. We’ll never get out of this pickle. It’s time to hit the mattresses – Viva La Revolution Down with these greedy corrupt despicable lying adulterated criminals Including that guy who is a murderer of children, old folk etc. You know him our leader ? What’s his name? If he wore a mustachio he would look like the big brother of Adolph Hitler, Why doesn’t he go to Afghanistan and kill a few terrorist’s and tell us how it felt and what did it really accomplish
    Why doesn’t he visit the hospitals there to see the maimed children, old people etc etc,Children with no arms, legs, faces burned and scarred for life. The trauma is to much for me. Why? Why? Why? I am truly ashamed of what Canada has become. Make no mistake about it. These are the culpable people that deserve to be destroyed. There are many haughty evil souls that should be exposed. Like for instance the corruption within the WCB and their biased doctors who lie deceive and intentionally maim people. For what? To manufacture a fraudulent accident that did not happen to cheat people of righteous medical help and benefits. Especially the people who are most handicapped and are unable to protect themselves. Injuries such as head, neck, spinal and all neurological injuries that in most cases change a persons life forever. Do they really try to help? Not with me they didn’t. Nor thousands of other people with life changing injuries. What they do is or in my case psychologically attack you and rob you of your credibility with their psychologist who assesses you delusional and not work related. Four days later I was suspended from benefits because of my psychological problem. I call it psychological genocide. I was 59 years old and in deep depression begging for help near suicidal with immense pain, seizures, anxiety, concentration, memory, emotional, behavioral and etc etc.. There was no help, no training and no job offer. What they did try was to have me incarcerated into an asylum as I was a threat to expose them of their larcenous and criminal procedures. There was no welfare. No disability benefits or least not until I over extended my credit and lost my house with a $30,000 mortgage four or five years later.. I was evicted Xmas eve 2005. Then the government gave me a disability for a brain injury about 6 months before my 65th birthday. Yeah I guess you can say that I am a little perturbed? Betrayed? Oh yeah big time. I now live on a meager pension of $800.78. That’s it? Eight hundred dollars and seventy-eight cents. Yep my father whom I’ve never seen fought in the second world war to make this country safer and better . Do you believe in nepotism? I do. There are 4 nefarious and greedy unethical inferior people that were involved with my case who benefited greatly and are now working within the system as yes men. You will be surprised at the positions that they hold and the monies they make? These were people who were suppose to be acting on my behalf.. let me know if you want to know who they are and what positions they now hold?
    And now I’m tired, G’nite!
    see you later, sweet potater
    plant you now, dig you later
    Keep smiling
    That’s me…oceantor
    Yea OK, bye


    1. oceantor, your words have been taken under consideration, and you know I always appreciate your input! That being said, I still find this business owners actions reprehensible and inappropriate….. ; )

      Viva la Revolution, my dear yam! And I am ever mindful of opinions expressed.

      The gift of your letter has not gone un-noticed and I appreciate having your contributions…. I am doing my part tomorrow… I will fly my scarf for you OceanTor…. and will strive to represent you and others in the best way I can!


  7. When a spa puts a bounty on another citizen and encourages citizens to rat each other out it is the worst form of advertising I have ever seen. Just the stuff a corrupt, evil, dictatorial govenment loves. The spa is acting like the real scum. Good for you Laila for calling them out.



  8. That’s what they did in Nazi Germany. Citizens were encouraged to rat each other out. Same thing in Russia. Millions of innocent people died, for no reason what-so-ever.

    The spa could also have someone ratting out out an innocent, just to get the spa reward. Bad, bad idea.

    Good post Laila.


  9. I like your fortitude – Strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage. So your first error was to doubt me.”I really try not to think of it because you know, I do have a tendency to worry.” Actually I wish I could be there to chew bubble gum and kick some ass….. and I’m all out of bubble gum” “Give me a sword, point me in a direction and push hard. ” “That would be in violation of my solid pact of not giving a damn” The possibilities ramble on, as do I. They told me I was gullible .. and I believed them….”IN SPIRIT” People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people. – VIVA VIVA – VIVA LA REVOLUTION
    Laila – If possible tell them that they are lucky… I couldn’t make it.


  10. Laila,

    Interesting how your “readers” don’t like something – and use all these nazi references. Talk about bad taste. And you seem to encourage it. I guess your readers think that the killing of 6 million innocent jews is a good analogy for anything that you or they dislike. I’m appalled. I’m contacting the media about your blog that promotes hate.


  11. Greg, rarely does someone actually stun me with their ignorance, but you have managed to do so- congratulations!
    Let me advise you of a couple things and I hope you do indeed read this carefully, so you have your facts handy when you make those media calls.

    My maternal grandmother’s father was shot on his doorstep by SS for assisting Jews out of their city. She, her mother and siblings were consequently put into concentration camps. She wore the bullet wounds and number identification upon her body as a reminder till she died. My maternal grandfather also suffered a similar experience, also with a numeric identifier very visible on his arm as a reminder. So I, more than most anyone, take the holocaust very seriously, and have written about this previously here on my site. No where do I encourage or promote hate on this blog, and to insinuate this is quite offensive to me personally. .

    Bad taste, is speaking or writing an opinion based on assumptions, rather than fact. You sir, have demonstrated a classic example of both.

    And FYI, the Nazi’s DID encourage citizens to rat each other out, which is what Gloria stated, which lead to people dying needlessly. While this comparison or analogy of hers is certainly a reach, none of the statements made on this blog could by the widest of perceptions, be considered a promotion of hate as you refer to.


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