16 hours and counting.

Tomorrow, I will be speaking at Occupy Vancouver.

Tonight, I am thinking about how I will feel when I stand to face the masses for the first time. I think I will be in awe at the sight of everyone, a little overwhelmed, and don’t be surprised if I need a moment to take it all in.

Then I will speak from my heart, with the facts and truths I have written about for so long.

There is something I want to address, something a lot of people have been asking me.

” Why are you participating in a lefty rally with a lot of nutters participating?”

Those of you who have been regular readers will of course, require no explanation. For those of you who are new, you may.

The answer is simple. I want to give some balance to some of what others may state, and some really important information that many people may or may not know about our government.

Frankly, I’m a bit sickened by some of the coverage, many of the assumptions and all of the hype, because certainly while we here in BC may not be in the same financial situation as those in the US right now… we are getting there and much of it has to do with the questionable financial commitments this government has made that are making investors happy all over the world.

The protesters aren’t all left wing, pot smoking hippies, and they aren’t all on welfare, nor all unemployed or drifting though life aimlessly at the whim of others.

There are middle class working men and women, families, and many seniors who are retired- or not- because many have to keep working small jobs to keep food on the table.

And all of us, are very angry.

We are all tired of seeing the same companies, getting the same contracts, the same pat on the backs from this government, and yet hearing there is no money for health or for education, and tomorrow we will let them know, enough is enough.

I’m not crazy. I’m not a lefty socialist whose going to rant about how hard done by I am.

What I am is a woman who cares very deeply about my children’s futures, this great land of ours, and making sure not just the  corporate friends of government are given first priority, but truly, families first.

Something Christy knows very little about.

I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow who are planning on attending!



20 thoughts on “16 hours and counting.

  1. I will be there with you in spirit. This from a 66 year old teacher who is mad as hell with 1.5 % of the people of Canada having 43 % of the wealth


  2. We too, are with you in spirit – another retired couple living hundreds of miles from the mainland, who is sick of the apparent government corruption.

    When handicapped, downs syndrom patients are medicated in hospital because they are too much trouble to look after, you have a very cruel and uncaring government. This on top of the fiscal mismanagement of the BC Liberal government, who is hell bent on bankrupting this province to make fat rich corporations, fatter and richer.

    I hope tha t he event turnout will be huge as it will give both the provincial and federal governments, something to think about and worry over.

    Thanks for all you are doing Laila.


    1. You are all, too kind. I am but one woman, often with too much on her plate, that tries to do what I can with what I have, as do all of you!!

      I do not question what I do. I have long reached that point where I do not care what people say, or think, or feel about me and what I know is the right thing to do.

      Speaking tomorrow, is right. And as someone told me today, it is what I have been preparing to do for the last twenty years… I hope that I do you all proud. You are my family of another blood, all of you.


  3. Go for it Laila!!
    Never ever questions your beliefs and motivations. You stand for truth, justice and humanity in your life and in your journalism. Give ’em shit and be proud and confident!! Doug


  4. Well said Laila, i to am a retired person who has seen in the last ten years my pension slowly being eaten up by taxes and fees, and ferry fares, I remember in the 1960’s demonstrations over the Vetnam war. and I can see the same type of movement, but only North America wide. Good Luck tomorrow. Cheers Bruce


  5. As many have said, and many would like to say to you Laila, go for it. You are a sensible,
    sane, somewhat funny person, and also a great mom. The world is spinning in such a
    crazy direction, and now all of us can see that. Yes, there are the “loonie lefties” (god, I
    hate that moniker), the very “right” righties, but deep in the middle, are the ones that are
    now very upset with all the corruption, all the deceit, all the lying, all the rape of lands,
    and worse, the rape of our minds by the mainstream media. You maybe “but one woman”,
    but you speak now for millions around the globe, millions that cannot be heard, millions
    that demand a balance, a rationalization of the agendas, but more importantly, a compass
    and course correction. Yes, dear Lady, give that speech, give it your all. We will be
    listening, we will be waiting, and we will be behind you and all those other voices out
    there saying much the same as you will be saying. We will ask after your speech, so what
    can I do now? How can I improve the situation? The answers are as important as your
    words Laila. One woman here, another there, a man talking to a few, a man or woman
    talking to thousands. The world is awake now, the world wants what is right, and what is
    fair. It is the right thing to do. Go with all our blessings.


  6. no words. ; ) only salty water from my eyes…. and humbling gratitude at the generousity of spirit from my readers…. and friends. They are often one and the same.

    I hope to do you proud Ray, Bruce,work for fun and spouse..lol… Doug,the most brilliant photographer, Brian…. and everyone else.. I hope to do you proud and will post as soon as I can,tomorrow!


  7. I will be attending the rally in Kelowna (I call it a rally because it sounds more positive than ‘protest’), and how I wish your speech could be broadcast to each and every rally across this land! You write so eloquently, Laila, I know that your spoken words will reach the nay-sayers out there who obviously don’t understand what these rallies are about.

    However, I am worried that there are those who wish to turn this peaceful protest into another Stanley Cup riot, and I hope that there will be people in attendance to see that this does not happen. Please be very careful out there, everyone!


    1. I will be there early, for what it is worth, to try and be a voice of reason. And I thank you Gini, for your confidence and belief. I don’t believe in violence to solve what is being protested, nor do I condone it, now will I participate in it.

      I beleive that the facts speak for themselves and when all is said and done, our government will feel the impact for years to come, no matter what the party – truth is every thing!
      ( There with you in spirit, Gini, every moment!)


  8. Have no fear Laila, you have more then proven yourself to be a warrior who stands up for what you believe in. Something that can be hard to do, especially when you have a family you are raising. I know you are doing this not for you but for the generations to come and we need your words to lead those who don’t have your ability to speak out.
    I will be there listening and cheering you on. This movement is a moment that will be noted in history and can effect huge change. This movement has been nurtured by journalists like you who have had the courage to fight back against the established media who are content to feed the public pap.


  9. Any idea what time you will be speaking Laila? Have you got someone lined up to video your speech? Then you could post it on You Tube and people who can’t be there would still get to see it. Me I am going to try to make it in person. I expect there will be many people and CC prediction of it not being such a big deal is really off.


  10. Laila, did you hear Premiere Photo Op talking about Occupy Vancouver? She doesn’t expect many to show up, because we have such great social equity here.

    I’m a left wing kook (Don Cherry) or nutbar (O’leary), but I’m not hard done by. I’m doing pretty darn good. My concern is about all those people who aren’t. And how very easy it is to find yourself in such a situation. I found a job just in time last year, before I had to start paying my mortgage with borrowed money. I’m doing good though. I found a job and am on track. I stand to lose money on my apartment I bought, but that doesn’t matter.

    What concerns me is the people who can’t find a good job to support themselves or their families. The people who are over worked, and over stressed by the cost of living here that they have to fight their depression on prescription drugs pushed on society by big-pharma. I’m worried about the people who can’t afford to get an education, or those who come out of their post secondary training with massive debt loads, and still can’t find a job. I’m worried about the environment, and the fact that our government doesn’t care that our children and their children need a decent climate to live in, clean air to breath, clean water, and unpolluted food (wonder why cancer rates are so high…). I’m worried about the privatization of all public assets. About Monsanto’s control over the global food supply. About genetically modified food. About living in a police state where the government controls the people with fear (if we can’t put the fear of god into them, let’s put the fear of terrorists in them). I’m worried about the federal government’s attack on “universal human rights” such as collective bargaining. About them not standing up for water as a human right. I’m worried that the general public would rather watch Jersey Shore or the Bachelor. That’s a few of the things I’m worried about.

    I’m not afraid of these things however, life is too short to live in fear, and I won’t give them the satisfaction.

    The people, united, will never be defeated.

    What better place then here? What better time then now?

    Good luck tomorrow Laila, I’m not sure whether I will be able to make it or not.


  11. You will be amazing Laila. You speak from the heart and from truth, that is the language people need to hear. I wished I could have been there tomorrow to see you speak. Proud of you from up the coast. Sending out strength and support to you tomorrow. Bless you


  12. I too am too far away to attend.

    I don’t even hesitate to say, I wish we had you in government office. Mind you, you are probably far too honest for that.

    For over ten years now the BC citizens have been living a nightmare life. Campbell works for Harper, they both thieved from the citizens, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world.

    Good work Laila. We will wait impatiently for your news.


  13. You will do just fine Laila. I can’t attend but I do hope your speech shows up on video somewhere so that I can watch it. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to retire, just work till I die, but it doesn’t have to be that way for my kid or my grandson i hope. Keep up the good work and I can at least cheer for you.


  14. By Doug Ward & Mike Hager
    Vancouver Sun – October 15, 2011

    Upwards of 4,000 protestors march downtown in Occupy Vancouver

    Event speakers had a wide-range of grievances:
    * Political blogger Laila Yuile railed against the B.C. government for selling B.C. Rail, bringing in the HST and using private-public partnerships to finance infrastructure projects. She said the people benefiting from the B.C. Liberals’ “corporate-driven agenda” are “not you, not me and not any other average person.”



  15. Average folks participating.
    It was AWESOME to meet my fellow blog follwers. Laila, you had the crowd rivited the info you shared.
    The corporate driven agenda in their own province.
    We are the 99%.
    This is our agenda.
    We are coming to take back our City, our Province, our Country. Then we will be coming for you.
    The corrupt individuals.
    Those that remain at the VAG will need your help. Take the time to head down there. Share comfort, food and drink.


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