Tuesday morning funny photo

I have been been busy working to make Surrey better… not just bigger. And I have a few posts coming shortly about this, that will not disappoint. But for now, this came to me from a wonderful reader in North Van who saw Christy in this pose… and couldn’t help but notice a similarity to another infamous politician from the past.

Personally, I think we should all be worried… very very worried. The comparison is striking!

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  1. I was a very young whippersnapper living in Tiburon when Nixon ran for President, and later for governor of California. Even then, I wondered why anyone would vote for someone as thoroughly dislikable and dishonest. My parents were attending my eldest brother’s graduation from UC Santa Cruz as I sat in their living room on Saltspring Island watching Nixon’s departure in shame in 1974, having watched in wonder as he got himself elected twice to the presidency, during which tenure he thoroughly trashed the place with the perhaps single possible positive outcome that he drew back the curtain on the shenanigans that have plagued American democracy since its inception. This has allowed me to have a constant stream of head-shakes through a succession of administrations from Trudeau to Harper, from Bennett, Sr. to Clark, Nixon to Obama, deGaulle to Sarkozy, Wilson to Cameron, Khruschev to Putin, Mao to Deng and so on, with a few bright lights along the way to keep some hope alive. The other factor in promoting some semblance of constructive energy is contact with constructive people and the sense that there may be enough people of that ilk to draw us back from the brink of oblivion. Some of these I encounter in my local dealings with family, friends and associates, but not to be discounted is the feeling that there is a broader community of thought, per Hawkins’ Blessed Unrest and Solnit’s Paradise Built In Hell, that manifests itself in places like this blog, along with Ross K, NVG, Kootkoot, Reid, Farrell, PRP, PublicEyeOnline (sniff!) and the like. very much à props, I drop by Crooks and Liars regularly, where Tricky Dick’s image lives on. Thanks.


  2. Laila;

    Love your blog and have enjoyed reading it for the last little while. Between you, Grant, Beer’n’hockey, and AGT, I’m becoming somewhat of a blog/news addict. Hope to shake your hand one day. But more to the point; there’s so much inconsistency with regards to how Surrey is run. I’m very much looking forward to any piece you publish. Keep up with your efforts.


  3. Roger-
    He was brilliant at being a crook and sweating (a lot).
    Watergate brought an end to it all. A fact is a thief never gets caught the first time out.


  4. The “V” sign was Winston Churchill’s trademark; later popularized by Dwight D. Eisenhower with his arms raised and then shamelessly copied by Nixon.

    Please tell me there is no striking comparison between the woman squatting in the premier’s office and Churchill or Eisenhower….


  5. This leaves me with the question, “Is there anything that woman can do that is Christy Clarke original?” Well the anser is yes, she has the original and uncanny ability to neurotically babble on about subjects important to us all with nothing but empty words. Perhaps she feels just talking about them like that will bring the votes she needs to get the wages of Premier so she can end up continueing on doing nothing but spewing insignificant, empty and neurotic babble designed to give us false hope at our expense


  6. The Nixon years were a very dark era in U.S. history, paralleled only by George (Dubya) Bush, and in Canada by Mulroney (now to be eclipsed by Harper).

    In B.C., we have the infamous tag-team, Campbell and Clark to weigh in as our very own ‘weapons of mass destruction’. We managed to defuse one of them with our HST fight. What do we have to do to get rid of the second one?


  7. Well, for one thing (of many) we have the imposition of “smart meters”, and Crusty’s comment to the effect that it doesn’t matter what the municipalities or the people want, they are going to be installed regardless. And let’s not forget the pork-barreling involved in the awarding the multi-million dollar deal to supply the damn things.


  8. ” Narcissism at work ” !!!!

    Even worse, this woman likes to try and bottle “farts” and crush beer cans with her “ample breasts” – I am trying to keep it clean here 🙂

    Anyway, the results speak for themselves and what a pathetic picture they make !!!!!



  9. Isn’t there something about history “repeating itself”?

    I’m just still amazed at how quickly she took on the role of “being” Premier when she still, in fact, is not elected by the people.. and who is just a figure-head until said election happens. Pushing the election off speaks volumes of the control our government figures have, when election is our right to elect a Premier of OUR choosing, not one implemented because one of their party held the reigns last. They could keep “passing the ball” amongst their teammates and what power do we have to stop that? They elected Christy “capping farts” Clark after all.

    A premier stepping down (especially when “forced out” by shabby behavior and criminal activities like G. Campbell) should warrant an immediate election date and have the people back to the booths to cast their votes. This isn’t something that should only happen every four years, but also as is needed, as in these types of cases.
    Christy Clark, while interim Premier, should hold no official “power”, her abilities limited and her role as figure-head one of show, not officialism.
    Still wondering about the 3 billion dollar “wriggle-room” she received upon entering the office, and why $60,000 dollars is not available to assist in housing for the seriously disabled in order to keep them from being moved or centers and care positions closing, yet she can afford to travel on our dime and hold these photo-ops?

    I am one of the 99%, and THIS BS NEEDS TO CHANGE.
    Enough of the corporations running our governments, enough of our governments not doing what’s been asked, or what they promised. Time for accountability and transparency to our governments for they are not above the law, or above the people.


    1. That would be steller, I must admit! Since she seems to take her affectations from others, I’m guessing we might see another famous pose any moment!


  10. One major difference between Nixon and Crusty is that Nixon did at least have a functioning brain, even if he did devote it to perverse and paranoid purposes……….Christy is very close to a blithering idiot. I think it is time she got married again, and I’ve got just the guy for her if he would just dump his current wife – Guv Rick Perry of Texas. They could then become the clown prince and princess of the celebrity world along with the Lohans, Kardashians and Jersey Shore folk.

    By the way, any chance that the producers of the Jersey Shores might buy Luogo’s contract from the Canucks, then not only would he never miss the show when a game interfered, but could actually be on the set full-time and not acting as a doorman for pucks in front of the Vancouver net! Heck, maybe the Devils could partner with Snookie and gang, he could also play goal for the Devils, who with their trap would save him from having to even see pucks very often.


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