Ben West and Patricia Ross give us the Truth about Trash Incineration in Surrey. Free admission, November 1st.

Join us as we learn more about trash incineration ( WTE), and what the impact is and would be on local communities if Surrey flipflops again on this topic. Ross recently brought this issue to the public’s attention  and opened a can of worms that left council and the mayor divided- meaning this issue could very well end up back on the table post-election.

See you there!

6 thoughts on “Ben West and Patricia Ross give us the Truth about Trash Incineration in Surrey. Free admission, November 1st.

  1. Here is an idea or two:
    (1) If 80% of the product including the packaging can’t be recycled than it cannot be brought to market.
    (2) Product and packaging must be manufactured in the country it is sold in.

    Now that is going green.
    Now that is reducing carbon foot prints on my ass.


  2. Laila, sorry to put this here, but I read in one of our local newspapers this week that Surrey is the next for installation of the so called “smart” meters. More like dumb imo. Not sure how you feel about this, but I am totally against it. Have provided a link so others too can do what they feel they have to. This, imo, is a total ripoff yet again, of taxpayers on behalf of the lieberals. Why are the municipal politicians also not standing up to what the majority of citizens feel (although they too voted against these) and put their votes into action. No, they seem to say nothing. Is it because there is a municipal election and they don’t want to tick people off. Yes, I guess so.

    Anyway, the link is:,73,0

    Please send off your letter of “no installation” to hydro and plaster signs on your meter as well.


    1. Done but they have installed the tower that receives the signal along highway 10 ,a block above the YMCA — sticks out like a sore thumb. I am soooo busy, but stay tuned !!


  3. Curt 3:02 pm
    Peace Arch News October 27, 2011….
    White Rock council will support a call for participation in BC Hydro’s smart meters program to be optional.
    City backs OPTIONAL meters.
    It would be nice to see Dianne Watts do something for the people of Surrey but that looks like it won’t happen.

    So….we definitely need a new mayor.
    Thanks for the link.



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