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” Voter turnout at early polls shatters record.”

Could be a sign of things to come. Advance polling results even beat the 2005 turnout when Surrey residents were so done with McCallum they swept Watts in, surprising everyone.  Could the long apathetic Surrey voters be ready to make another big change?

From the Surrey Leader:

Voter turnout at early polls shatters record


“Advance turnout for this year’s civic election is surpassing any in history, indicating there may be a huge number of voters coming out to the polls on general voting day, Nov. 19.

 In the early voting opportunities, in the last week, 6,489 people cast ballots.That almost doubles the 3,700 voters who showed up during week-long advance polls three years ago, and even eclipses the 4,900 who took early voting opportunities during the 2005 mayoral slug-fest between Dianne Watts​ and Doug McCallum.

 In fact, it’s a greater number than have ever come out to the early polling stations, city staff say.”

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  1. I don’t live there, but what a good sign that is. People are getting out there and wanting to change things for the better. i am impressed by the change, that is starting at home first.

    Let us hope, we can spur citizens to get out and vote in Provincial and Federal elections too. Apathy has put us in a bad place, we don’t like.


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