” Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. ”

Well, David  Carrigg never minces words and todays post on the Province is no exception – evil does  triumph when good people do nothing. And when good people don’t vote, they elect bad politicians, and they lose any chance to have a say in what happens in their community at a level that really matters. It’s not true that one vote doesn’t count – I’ve seen elections where the difference between winning and losing was perhaps a handful of votes. I’m feeling appreciative that David linked back to his prior blog post where he mentions the issues I brought to him on behalf of Ross, and I like that he mentions the mess of unanswered questions about Surrey City Development Corp -scroll down to read more on that, and look for more to come. Today, I take pride in being a “flak” because if the papers are covering the issues and stories they need to be in the publics best interest, then I did my job well.

“Is this the year you turn around B.C.’s abysmal municipal voter turnout?

If you live in Abbotsford, you can decide by referendum whether hundreds of millions of dollars will go to a public-private partnership controlling your water asset.

In Surrey, is it time to give Dianne Watts a message that she has some competition? And there are questions around the Surrey Development Corporation.

In Vancouver, the three main parties are all well funded with controlled messages, so maybe it’s time to give the independents a go? Do developers have too much of a grip on the civic scene?

If you live near Coquitlam’s controversial Austin Heights development, Saturday is your chance to point out you aren’t happy being surrounded by residential towers.

In Port Moody, the old mayor is gone and you have a choice of three sparkling new candidates. Think about it, then chose.

Bowen Islanders, you have a big decision to make over whether you will be home to a National Park or not.

In Mission, are you going to back a whole new slate formed to oppose incumbent James Atebe or is he doing a bang-up job?

You have a voice and one vote. Take control.

Voting starts across B.C. at 8 a.m. Saturday and polls close at 8 p.m. Remember, if you are not registered, then bring two pieces of ID linking you to your civic address”

Vote for change. Vote for integrity, for truth and for democracy and vote Ross Buchanan for mayor of Surrey. It’s time to send Dianne Watts and the Surrey First team more than a message, it’s time to send them their marching papers home.

3 thoughts on “” Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. ”

  1. …and in Delta, vote to save agricultural land and for a real voice at the Council table; Krista Engelland for Mayor; for council Scott Broderick, Sylvia Bishop and Andrew Conley.


  2. Some progress was made yesterday but not enough. We need to start planning now for the next election. Few people know about the challenges in Delta because the local papers seem to be afraid to talk about them. I hear that one paper failed to deliver the insert that listed all of the candidates in the North Delta area!

    Let me see? There’s failure to plan adequately in North Delta for our aging population. There’s the failure of the elected council members in the past to stand up and fight against the South Fraser Perimeter Road and protect the people in North Delta, there’s the failure to listen to people in the South over the Spetifore (Southlands) issue. There is the failure of these re-elected officials to understand that “empire building” by staff by taking over non-profits in Delta is not cost-efficient. Then there’s……..you add your own issue not addressed or ignored by Delta Council.



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