” Watts’ rival slams Surry land corp”

Less than 48 hours until voting begins and I’ve been so busy I neglected to post this yesterday – keep your eyes on this story…

“Surrey mayoral candidate Ross Buchanan has called for changes in the way cityowned lands are controlled through the little-known Surrey City Development Corp.

“Very few people in Surrey are aware that in 2007, Dianne Watts and the Surrey First councillors created a wholly owned development corporation in which the city are the main shareholders,” said Buchanan.

“Diane Watts, Coun. Linda Hepner and city manager Murray Dinwoodie sit on the board of directors. How can the mayor and council remain independent of influence when they are sitting on the board of their own development corporation whose goals are at odds with the livability of the entire region?”

Buchanan said the corporation is “riddled with a lack of transparency” and has not been accountable for its activities.

“It is highly irregular that the financial statements for the corporation would be consolidated with the city’s. It is a separate entity. Requests for detailed accounting are denied,” he said.

He said valuable city assets have been transferred to the corporation with little or no public consultation.

“It’s time to have an independent audit of the financial activities and relationship between the Surrey City Development Corp. and the City of Surrey,” he said.

Mayor Watts said city-owned development corporations have been successful in other Canadian municipalities.

Watts said developing city land is a way to generate income for city services, like parks.”

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Watts+rival+slams+Surrey+land+corp/5717854/story.html#ixzz1dzazaM3y

13 thoughts on “” Watts’ rival slams Surry land corp”

  1. This whole thing stinks.
    Surrey needed a new City Hall like a hole in the head.
    The existing hall was a fantastic facility.
    Who Cares! Its only Taxpayers Money.


  2. Bernadette, it is a big problem and clearly an issue of not only conflict but a complete lack of arms lentgh democratic process. Unfair to the other developers and to the people of Surrey who have no clue what is being done with their money. At the Surrey Board of trade all candidates dialogue, Watts even mentioned this city corporation is looking at building Hotels as well!! This is not the last of this story. Stay tuned.

    The existing city hall IS a fantastic facility and also the gardens are host to weddings and events all year. Gorgeous gardens but the city hasnt take care of the steller totem pole within them unfortunately. As Ross says, our city hall and adjoining parklands are the envy of most municipalities, and very central to all of Surrey. It’s rather funny that Watts has been making mention of being fiscally careful with taxpayers money, yet the campaign promises have included again, some unnessecary expenditures in light of the massive repairs to infrastructure needed in the city, such as roads and sidewalks. I think safe places for kids and people to walk on is a bigger prioroty than a new pool for the already well facilitied South Surrey area but hey, thats just me.


  3. a lot of people in surrey are unaware of what is going on and if they knew it could certainly affect as to whom they would vote for.


  4. well let’s see what that and a five dollar bill get us by 2014. A latte perhaps? I wouldn’t know as I don’t drink coffee, but a Guildford pool is an idea that has been kicking around for a while. You know, there was a question on the DSBIA list that asked something about a new North Surrey Rec centre too. That sounds to me like they are expecting a new pool as well.


  5. Appears more ALR land has become a semi trailer parking lot. Was wondering what was going on. Just south of Highway 10 and east of 152, just over the hill. Big trees were planted first, noticed that, figured new single famiy dwelling going in. Then the wall appeared and lo and behold, what’s going on? Now empty semi tractor units sitting on the land, lined up side by side. Yeah, new parking lot. Was one landowner recently stopped from allowing this to happen on their farm? Just off Colebrook? Seems to me there was an issue and had to cease. And the one in Delta had to cease too, ALR land, not parking lot land.
    Yeah, this city mayor and council are shameful. Bought and paid for imo.
    Another safety issue for those traveling #10 eastbound. Like it’s not bad enough now. They build and build and build, but the infrastructure can’t handle it. Up go the taxes. Yeah, the city has gone downhill and continues too.
    And then the garbage. Well, that’s another story.


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