Never confuse a single defeat, with a final defeat.

Donald Trump summed it up when he said: ” Sometimes in losing the battle, you find a new way to win the war.”  Indeed, much has been learned during the campaign to elect Ross Buchanan, which did well on on several fronts other than votes – we brought some very important issues and questions forward  via some great press coverage –  and I will have more on all of that later on in an upcoming post. For now though, I have to plow through a pile of neglected work, get the house in order and return some calls.  I’ll see all of you later on!


One thought on “Never confuse a single defeat, with a final defeat.

  1. Mike Proskow

    Hello Laila,

    I was surprised and disappointed by the nominal success Ross Buchanan achieved. It was not a time or place to win for him or anyone else for that matter.
    Looking forward, I hope that you (and Ross) adopt a new strategy that brings ordinary citizens of Surrey into the discussion.
    That discussion needs to focus more on “politics” and “optics”. The important issues will present themselves. This is the focus and method of the sitting Mayor and Council.
    I am not suggesting for a minute that the issues raised by Ross and others are not valid, but rather they will not get you past the checkered flag.
    To be successful, I would encourage Ross and other like minded individuals to be more politically resourceful and less issue dependant.
    The difference being that you employ a “moving target” strategy rather than an “issue” based dialogue.
    I’m hoping you haven’t hit “delete” just yet and would here my explanation.
    Ask yourself “Why in this Mayor and council so popular?” and “What is the Mayor doing that is working for her?”
    Any successful challenger needs to be on the lips (and minds) of the citizens of Surrey and that cultivation is difficult. Once achieved, it is almost indestructible.
    I remember suggesting to Rosemary Zelinka that when she spoke, she needed to speak to everyone in the room and not just those who may agree with her. You will recall that Rosemary came remarkably close to being elected by using only the political ammunition she was provided with by others in the race.
    Ross can be successful as can many of the SCC candidates. They need to know when to counter punch and when to just smile.
    I continue to enjoy reading your material and am impressed by your perseverance and dedication to your craft. Keep up the “Good Work”.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Best of the Season to you and yours.

    Mike Proskow

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