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As you heard here first, Surrey to host office of new municipal Auditor General

Yes indeed, delayed somewhat by the embarrassment of being caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the announcement was finally made of the creation of a new auditor generals office.

However, as I mulled over in my earlier post, there indeed is little tooth to this legislation since the auditor will have no enforcement abilities despite whatever he or she finds to be amiss – a problem similar to the one facing the work of stellar John Doyle, the provincial Auditor General. For all that he reveals,and uncovers, he has little power over enforcing change or making the province adhere to his recommendations and findings.

Until the current governments step up and offer taxpayers some real security to control and account for the excess municipal spending in this province, one can only assume that Christy and company are paying lip service to try and placate the average voter, something that will inevitably come to bite her behind at the polls.  In that aspect, this new position could be construed as more taxpayer waste – paying someone to examine, analyze and rule,without any ability to enforce- is a moot effort.

If I could offer some sage advice to Christy, it would be to ensure the office of the municipal auditor general has enforcement power and designation. Anything less is an exercise in futility. However, one good aspect of the location of this new office is that it will only be a stone throw from city hall, making it oh so easy to go over the financials here!

“The provincial government will table legislation today that will create the framework for a municipal auditor general’s office in Surrey.

In making the announcement this morning, B.C. Premier Christy recognized the idea of a municipal auditor general is one that hasn’t been fully embraced at the local level.

However, she said it is one that will benefit governments and citizens in the long run as it will help municipalities find spending inefficiencies and provide taxpayers with more value for their money.

“This office will support the goals of the Families First Agenda by strenghtening local government accountability and ensuring B.C. families recurve the best possible return on investment for their taxpayer dollars,” Clark said in a statement.

The office will receive $2.6 million in annual funding, meaning municipalities will shoulder a minimum of the cost of an audit, said Clark.

Findings and recommendations will be non-binding although Clark acknowledged the reports will carry influence.”


  1. Gee, I wonder what the Inspector of Municipalities is going to do now or is this just another addition to our burgeoning list of bureaucrats sucking on the tit of taxpayers or did somebody finally notice how completely useless this office is? My guess, nobody noticed useless.


  2. Does anyone think that this ‘municipal Auditor General’ will be more successful than Doyle is, provincially? Those freakin’ BC Liberals are masters of stone-walling, and I’m sure their counterparts in Surrey have learned from them how to hide pertinent information.

    IMO, this is just another of Christy’s photo ops leading up to her calling an election………at least I hope so. Can’t wait to get rid of those corrupt jerks.


  3. That is quite a stretch to connect having a municipal auditor general helping with her pet project, Families First Agenda.

    She is such a moron.


  4. You complain that “John Doyle, the provincial Auditor General. For all that he reveals,and uncovers, he has little power over enforcing change or making the province adhere to his recommendations and findings.” That’s what auditors do. They audit. Other entities act/don’t act on their findings. Just like the cops don’t deliver sentences to lawbreakers. Cops find the law breakers and pass them off to DAs or whatever. I believe that the provincial/municipal auditors should publish their findings for the electorate and let the electorate judge the guilty for election day. This is where the msm comes in. Giving auditors more power is like giving the cops more power. Is that what you want?


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