And now that the dust has settled…

(My apologies to the wonderful Ross Buchanan, who sent this to me last week while I was sick with the plague. Actually, it’s the flu, but the worst one I and my children have had in years-sustained fever over 42 for days, body pain and aches, cough, stomach ailments, this flu is the full meal deal and I would only wish it on my worst enemy!  Ross caught me on a good moment while the Advil was just kicking in – which  clearly didn’t last long… and within moments of our conversation I was back on the couch in a fever chill again. ) However, here it is at last, a note from Ross to everyone who supported him and has been asking what is next:

“Thank you…

 Now that the dust has settled on the municipal election, I wanted to thank all of the great folks who supported me and those who worked very hard to help return democracy to city hall in Surrey.

 Your efforts are valiant and appreciated. At the top of the list are folks like Laila, Sarbjeet, Murray, Marcy, Mark, Jean, Walter, Maggie, Michael, Pauline, Don, Caroline, John, Dann, Geoff, Charleen and many others.

 In my opinion we fought the good fight, we shone a light on the dark side of what is really happening in Surrey and we opened the can on things that the citizens of Surrey need to be giving serious thought.

 Whether it is the Incinerator, the truth about violent Crime, the wasteful new City Hall, the out of control spending, the fact that Surrey First is a secret society with a closed membership, or the problems with Surrey City Development Corp… we now have the facts revealed and people are asking questions. Every issue we brought forth is substantiated with hard facts – not opinion –  that were also provided to the press,( and to anyone else who is interested).

 To those of you who helped, who supported and who voted a huge THANK YOU. Along the way I have met some wonderful people who I hope to be able to continue to call my friends for the rest of my life.

 For those of you who hunger for change I apologize. I wish we could have done more for all of us. My concern is for the citizens of Surrey and what the future holds for us.

 Seldom in the history of our country has a city of this size been so overwhelmed by such a significant influence of  “big money” that we see in Surrey, as a result of the wild west mentality towards what developers call “the last great land rush”. It will be sad to see what we are left with in five or ten years. My sense is that the price we pay for the destruction of green space, the paving of all things natural and the ‘stack them and pack them’ approach to housing will haunt Surrey for decades. Taxes will skyrocket, infrastructure will crumble and violence will escalate.

 My hope is that I am wrong. Time will tell.

 People have been asking me…what’s next?  To be honest, I can say I don’t know where the efforts of the last month or so will take any of us.  What I do know is, that as we have worked together, bridges have appeared and doorways have opened that offer us new and exciting possibilities for shaping a democratic future for Surrey.

 My primary objective remains the same. To work together with all, to create a Better Surrey…. one that we can all be proud of.”

 ~ Ross Buchanan 

3 thoughts on “And now that the dust has settled…

  1. Laila,
    Hope that you are on the road to recovery. It is a long haul, with no short cuts so identify with a long convalescence and stick with it, you and your offsprings deserve it. As for Ross, how about a run for provincial as an independent.
    Some one should take a long look at city or municiple planning within this province. My son resides in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, now there is an example of good city planning. Schools are installed as development takes place, walks and green areas are mandatory therefore one is able to stroll for miles and miles withing the suburbs. Here we have a complete mish mash of development with no apparent thought to the communities of the future. Who makes city planners accountable?
    There now, I have that off my chest. Laila, take care of yourself and yours. By the way, just an observation. If ever I run for a public position, I would sure prefer that you be on side rather than against.


    1. LOL… you are both too kind Otis, Jack! Great observations on development, something the city of Surrey should live by. Unfortunately, unless the mayor and council change their mandate and control new residential development in many areas, by the time the new schools are built in Surrey from the bandaid funds we received from the provincial government, we will be in a situation worse off than we are now. Sad, but true. There is no one accountable now on this council with an entire slate on board of the same party.

      As for being on your side,we see eye to eye on most things I think. I’m assuming you are referring to the press work for Ross Buchanan? I didn’t do much, thankfully the facts speak for themselves, and only needed some help seeing the light of day. That tends to not sit well with some people who would prefer the truth remain closeted forever.


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