18 thoughts on ““Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth.” ~ Mohandas Gahndi

  1. Wayne Russell

    Bruce & Mike:
    And any other NDP fans. If you wish the NDP to win the next election when every it might be called, they the NDP MP’s “MUST” Start being in Opposition. They must start making noise to be recognized as an opposition party, ready to tackle the job if they get elected.
    Every day the people of BC should hear them while the house is in session.
    We should hear them “DEMANDING” the premier have an inquiry into the sale of BC Rail and the unjust way that the taxpayers paid over $6 million for the defense of two admitted criminals.
    Every day, we should hear them insisting that the installation of smart meters should stop until a full investigation shows they are not harmful. (California is removing theirs right now?)
    Every day, we should hear them demanding, no more sale of BC Rivers without the okay from all the people of BC. (This will break BC Hydro the way it is set up.)
    Every day, we should hear them demanding they get rid of Craig James from the head of BC Elections. Put in place by Gordon Campbell, Totally illegal as only a committee of all parties can legally appoint someone to this position.
    Every day, we should hear them screaming at the environment minister. Terry Lake, that he must take a stand on stopping the Enbridge pipe line. (All he worries about is taxing us for Carbon tax.)
    The list is a mile long and the NDP MP’s must start making themselves heard. Otherwise the people of BC will be wondering if the NDP are any better than the Liberals.
    They must put the Liberals on the hot seat every single day. Christy Clark cannot handle any confrontations so they must pound away at her every single day so her complete ignorance on all issues shows. (A total waste of taxpayers’ dollars is her and all her friends she has hired.)
    Please, others reading this, list other items that the NDP should be tackling


    1. P3’s – and not just banned in health care. The payments being made to these companies still milking the liberal teat are laughing all the way to the bank,as are all the lawyers and other friends who made big$$ buying and flipping land alongside each project.

      Thank you for speaking your truth Wayne,it’s bold and outstanding.


    2. I realize this is a comment from 1 year ago but I am curious to know exactly what you’re discussing, if you wouldn’t mind to explain.


      1. Well robyn, If the NDP had raised a few of the issues that the people of BC were concerned with way back when I wrote this, maybe, just maybe they would now be in power. Instead they sat back saying absolutely nothing about anything. Therefore very little was brought to light as to the shambles the liberals was making of BC. And so as you now know the lies, lies, lies from Christi’s mouth were obviously believed by the ones who voted the liberals back into power.


  2. Craig James is gone. The new guy started September 1st. The NDP is the only party against the Northern Gateway and they have said so.
    My truth is that we need to stop the pipeline even if we go to jail. The question is not “if” there is a spill or tanker accident, the question is “when” and Harper knows it. He doesn’t care. Seems a funny stance for a woman from a forestry famly who stood up to a lot of people in defense of it, but I don’t want BC to end up like the Gulf of Mexico, or Battle or Talmadge Creek, and make no mistake, it will…..call me a foreign, radical environmentalist again Joe Oliver and I’ll whack you upside the head…..
    I’d also like to see some Lieberals and Tony Clement in jail. That should be the penalty if you out and out lie to Canadians…..


  3. Laila, I’ve missed you! I trust everything is okay?
    If you’re entertaining rants, I could go on about Endridge, but I don’t want to divert my angst from the BC Rail fiasco. Please say that SOMEONE will demand an enquiry once the Liebeals Leave.
    Okay, back to the pipeline. Why doesn’t someone comment on the feasability of refining the gunk here. Then the feasability of shipping it to Eastern Canada. I understand that we freight in as much or more as we are proposing freighting out. Pipe it to the east and we save two times shipping? So, don’t sell $xBillion offshore and don’t import $xBillion = same thing and no shipping. The cost of the pipeline should pay for the refinery??
    I have a couple of grandkids that would love to tackle this problem – about 50 years from now. And apparently this stuff doesn’t go bad in the ground! Whereas the Lieberals do!
    Hope you are well.


  4. I enjoyed the quote. It is something we should all be reminded of from time to time. Perhaps it could be on the computers of the mainstream media.


  5. Harper and his Conservatives are a den of thieves and liars. So are the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. None of them pay for their lies, thefts and deceit in this country. Who was more evil thief than Campbell? He twice lied to be re-elected for two different elections. Campbell and Hansen made a deal with the devil, and the evil entities, forced the HST onto the BC citizens. Now we must pay the devil for stealing from us. It is all the more revolting, when they are proud of being evil. So much for, Harper being a Christian.

    In Canada, criminals are rewarded for doing dirty work. Campbell was rewarded the High Commissioner to England post, a thank you gift from Harper, the great dictator Reformer. Campbell’s theft and sale of the BCR, is the dirtiest, most foul theft in Canadian history.

    Harper, Enbridge, Alberta and China, can go to hell. Harper and Campbell have stolen enough from the BC people. Not one damned word about, the food sources of the F.N. being threatened by the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty oil tankers.

    Harper and his Conservatives and the Campbell/Clark BC liberals, have no morals or ethics, what-so-ever. Their silly little attack ads are so juvenile, they are pathetic. Harper’s little boy attack ads during his lying campaign, were worse than juvenile. They were down right revolting. Harper also cheated to win.


  6. Anyone watch the House Address by Obama last night? Quite interesting, being a Democrat, he isn’t with/for the XL/Pipeline and voted against it.
    It will be interesting to see what the Republicans do because they are the ones wanting the money and our oil.. certainly they don’t want us selling it off to China (which, I totally agree with not doing).
    That said a lot for me in what it is the Americans will be doing in the next year while they ramp up for their election, and how Canada, their bestest Northern pal (and biggest holder of oil except for India) will be affected in the coming year(s) .
    Obama spoke large and loud about doing EXACTLY what it is WE need to be doing up here, keeping jobs in this country, not rewarding companies that take jobs (out-sourcing) to other countries and still receive tax breaks and rewards from the government. The Harperites need to be turfed from office and a RESPONSIBLE (read: not corrupt) government put into place that respects and honors Canadians, keeping our lands, environment and minerals for ourselves, rather than selling it to others.. for a little measly profit.
    We ARE NOT in that bad a financial shape that we have to sell ALL our oil, minerals, potash, etc, to China or anyone else for that matter, and the beauty is that the oil holds very well underground where it’s sat for hundreds of thousands of years, if not longer.

    Obama talked about MADE in USA.
    Why hasn’t Harper (or anyone Provincial) spoken about this very real and needed example being applied here? MADE IN CANADA sounds so nice, and the fact we have so much unemployment across the country speaks volumes about the types of businesses we have here, where Corporations get discounts, tax relief, subsidies etc, while taking the jobs to other countries and only having their heavily subsidized offices and CEO’s living here.
    We HAVE all the necessary manpower and ability (read:intelligence) to manufacture anything here, so why are raw logs being shipped to China? Why are we shipping raw anything when we could do all the manufacturing here (LOTS OF SPACE) and ship finished products instead? Imho, it’s just GREED that’s the driver here, not reality or common sense and decency.
    Why are our Provincial and Federal leaders (gag, ain’t no leaders in that pack) so eager to sell off everything of ours? WE, The People, never asked them to do that.
    “It’s in our interest(s)” Harper says. How so? and.. who’s “our”?
    Certainly isn’t Canadians.
    Time to stand the F(expletive)Up and tell these other countries off, and to start protecting what is ours, or John’s Aghast grand-kids will have to use alternative power as we’ll have sold off everything we need for our future long before they’re of age to understand.

    I never made it past grade 9 as I had to drop out and work to support myself, and while I’m not the brightest bulb on the block, this person can certainly see how we are being screwed more ways than one, and not even getting a thank you or a towel to clean off.
    This must stop.
    I liked Obama’s message as it carried a lot of information about the exact problems we face here in Canada (maybe because we are so greatly influenced by American politics and stances?) and if we applied a lot of what he said to our own Country, by God, we’d be in such a nicer place!!
    Thanks for sharing that beautiful quote, I have always loved and respected Mahatma Gandhi, a real person for real people! We need so many more of his caliber.

    Thanks for letting me rant, and Laila it’s sure nice to see you posting again, welcome back.. we’ve (I’m sure I could speak for most) missed you and your wonderful insights!


  7. to Canadian Bud
    The XL pipeline was to supply tar sand heavy crude to Taxas and then after it was refined it was going to be shipped to China. It never was destined for US consumption – that’s from Nancy Pelosa http://www.tarsandsaction.org/spread-the-word/key-facts-keystone-xl/

    ON the Federal NDP (which is also the BCNDP):
    You only have a couple of weeks to join (Cost is $10) and you can help elect the next NDP leader (every person gets to vote) and if you want change – Why not help elect Nathan Cullen? Nathan had committed to working with Greens/Liberals etc to oust Conservative MPs in Conservative ridings! and MP Liz Mayes (Greens) likes the idea – why would she not?

    It’s more important to stop Fascism than to stick with a political party that cannot hope to take the seat from the Conservative. After we beat the Harper Cons we can get back to building our democratic political parties.

    Since BC has the most NDP members please get involved – Nathan Cullen will protect Canadians, stop tar sand expansion and stand against Enbridge – he already got an HOC motion to ban North Coast passed in 2010 (that’s his riding).

    I was recently elected NDP director in OK Shuswap. I’m on the Cullen media team so you know why I posted this. I will definitely try to get the message out that NDP must not let up on the Liberals on the BC Rail scandal.

    On speaking out: Sometimes you will be scared, you will make mistakes but with respect for all and staying the course, you will succeed. I took that from a presentation by Bill Darnell, a founding member of the crew of the first Greenpeace voyage to Amchitka,

    Moving forward everyone & thanks Laila, for modeling courage and strength.


  8. Truly amazing how so many crabs in the bucket continually clamor over one another to stay in the bucket
    metaphorically speaking 😉
    there is a game, if you will, that plays those who choose to ignore it and that game is called democratic politics One of the pities is that our friends to the south produce writers who expose the game and we of canaduh seem not to
    What goes on in the US also happens here


    1. David, true enough. Recall the BC liberals led by that liar Campbell, DID get re-elected… and never forget all those who remain after he left.

      Priscilla, thank you for this. I think Nathan is a good candidate, but I beleive the NDP can only succeed under Thomas Mulcair, whom I think should take over.Anf for the record, you model much more courage than I… the people of Lumby are lucky to have you.

      Sheldon, I am on twitter, but rarely tweet..lol….

      Canadian Bud, thank you, and namaste. I am trying.

      Workforfun, stirring the pot is what I do best..hehe


  9. I have missed your posts so much you have no idea Laila. Reading you again is like thinking there might be hope, because you, Norman, Harvey and Rafe are the best.You all cover so many different yet incredibly important issues and we need each of you!!

    Now I would like to speak my truth which is why I am back on this post to comment after thought.

    I will not vote for the Liberals and would not vote for the conservatives either, because so many Liberals are in there and vice versa. Not to mention I dont like the religious tone of some of their members, and also Cummins liked the HST if I am not mistaken.

    However when I think about the NDP, I have the same issues that your other reader stated about where is the policy? Where is there alternative budget? Where is the stated positions on the P3 projects that are siphoning our tax dollars and making money for everyone but us? I emailed Adrian Dix asking those questions all I got was a form email back and nothing else. You go to their site and you still find links with Carole James name as Leader of the vision. What vision?

    I guess if there is an election we will hear soon enough but can the party really be that different when they are headed up by slick Moe Sihota? I don’t see anything substantial being offered up other than critisicm by them.

    Thank you for letting me have my say and for providing a place for regular people like me to come. Keep up the good fight.


    1. Thank you for the kind words Pieter, very appreciated. For health reasons I have not been able to blog as much as I would like,but am getting back up to speed.

      Yes, I would like to see an alternative presented by the NDP, and yes it disappoints me to hear people saying they are getting no replies, since I think these are valid concerns and issues that people want to see addressed with plausible solutions.

      You are more than welcome anytime. Thank you for your input!!


  10. Many Thanks for writing

    �Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one.

    The truth is still the truth.� ~ Mohandas Gahndi



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