“It’s not hard to make the right decisions when you know what your values are” ~ Roy Disney

Unfortunately… the vast majority of BC Liberals in office have no clue what they really value, so they do have a hard time making decisions…. case in point:  this extremely stupid and assinine expenditure detailed by Jonathan Fowlie of the Vancouver Sun…. http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Liberals+planned+promote+with+iPad+giveaway/6070263/story.html

“Obtained by The Vancouver Sun after a 19-month battle under the Freedom of Information Act, draft copies of the pamphlet contain a large image of the Olympic flame on the cover and bear the title “Spirit of 2010: Building on B.C.’s Olympic Advantage.”

The government never sent out the pamphlet, shredding all copies not long after having spent $780,000 to have them designed and printed.

On its second page, the pamphlet features a list of the “10 reasons why B.C. is The Best Place on Earth,” including answers like: “we give hope to the world;” “we’re cool;” and “we like big stuff.”

One part of the pamphlet contained a contest giving people a chance to win one of three Apple iPads, valued, it said, at about $750 each.”

Of course… thank you to my dear friend Wendy in Powell River, we know how horrific the working conditions are for the Chinese employees who assemble those lovely Ipads…But do the BC liberals even care about the Human Cost for workers in China?

Yeah. That’s what I thought too. You’ve got to be Falcon kidding me…

Color China Photo, via Associated Press

( A reader informs me that Norman at Northern Insights had the same link up early today, kudos to Norm for this great find as well)

5 thoughts on ““It’s not hard to make the right decisions when you know what your values are” ~ Roy Disney

  1. What kills me is how Kevvy is rewriting history with such a straight face. Falcon says “the premier of the day”, like he wasn’t part of government at the time and says they “decided” not to send them out, not that Elections BC told them they couldn’t. A person has to wonder when they are just going to roll over and throw up their hands. No one believes word one that comes out of their mouths now, truth or not. Just do the graceful thing Christy and call the freakin’ election!


  2. Some time back I read. In China, an apple factory’s working conditions are terrible. Anyone going there to work, had to sign a document they wouldn’t commit suicide.

    Campbell was one who exploited the cheap labor in China. He sent mills to China, along with our raw logs. BC mill workers lost their jobs, because of Campbell’s greed. I read, Chinese children only earn pennies a day.

    Harper and Campbell are China’s best friends. They feel no shame, of exploiting child labor in China, nor exploiting their parents.

    Harper is quick to jump down the Arab country’s necks, for killing their own people. What in the hell does he think happens in China?


  3. Julie, bless her soul is right on – I voted conservative to rid the country of socialism – what did I get? Communism? – or the part that comes from good Khazar land!


  4. The real tragedy is that the BC Liberal party as a whole, is both corrupt (for want of a better word) and uncaring. They don’t give a damn about the damage they inflict on the people of British Columbia – interchanging “Bimbo Clark” for “Pinocchio Campbell” does not do a thing. The end result is the same – a government that manufactures lies and false claims and lives by these claims.
    They constantly hide yearly deficits (avoid using GAAP) by implementing “creative accounting” !!!
    Sad to say, not one of the public agencies is better off since the BC Liberals got to power – the only sector being big businesses that have gotten exceedly “fat and ugly” feeding at the public trough and have acted accordingly – like pigs, squealing and snorting through their feeding frenzy.



  5. Andrew Nikiforuk, writing at The Tyee, poses 11 questions for politicians and others who support unrestrained development of Alberta tar sands and shipment of little refined bitumen in support of China’s industries. One of Nikiforuk’s questions is about “Dutch Disease” that is:
    Primarily associated with a major natural resource extraction, it results from a rise in foreign currency that affects price competitiveness, meaning movement of manufacturing jobs to lower cost countries and increased imports. Non-resource industries are damaged by resource-based industries.

    A list of the eleven questions and links at my place:


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