” Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity” – Part II

In the news this morning :

Premier Christy Clark has launched a sweeping review of B.C.’s courts and justice system, which she said will address wait times and backlogs with legislative changes this fall.

Clark appointed Vancouver lawyer Geoffrey Cowper to chair the review. She said that while the crime rate is dropping, the number of court cases delayed and stayed is rising and long-term changes are needed.

The premier also appeared to brush aside an immediate infusion of new money into the courts, saying her government won’t “close our eyes” and increase funding without long-term changes.

“We need to get a close good look at this problem and then we need to come up with long term solutions that makes sure we are making absolutely the best use of every dollar that citizens spend to provide justice,” said Clark.

Cowper’s review will consult with the independent judiciary, Crown counsel, lawyers, police and others, she said. The review will be due in July, and Clark said her government will move forward with implementing changes in the fall.

Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/Christy+Clark+creates+Justice+Ministry/6121071/story.html#ixzz1lodz5ELw


Yes, I am laughing as I type this and with good reason. Where the hell has this woman been for the last few years? Is she really trying to pretend she doesn’t know why the courts are so backlogged and messed up, why people who drink and drive are set free with no penalty or consequence ?

We don’t need a review, we need to give Christy and crew a reality check bigger than Bruce Allan can get worked up over. Cancel Mr. Cowpers contract Christy, save the taxpayers some money, I’ve already conducted a thorough review.

From the 100 reasons the BC Liberals need to go :


96. Closed 24 of 68 courthouses so the Attorney General could meet budget targets , therefore putting excessive strain and overload on the remaining ones, and forcing people to travel further to deal with family and criminal matters.

95.  above reduction in the number of courthouses has  now lengthened the trial wait times  in some areas to years, which often results in the accused being released from all charges  because of the right to a speedy trial.

94.   Since 2001, 10 jails have been closed across the province, creating dangerously overloaded conditions in the remaining facilities,and increasing the likelihood many criminals will serve time in the community or receive suspended sentences because of that overcrowding.

93.  Massive, MASSIVE cutbacks to legal aid services in this province, across the board, for the entire time Campbell has been in power . More people than ever are unable to remedy family law and simple legal matters because of lack of funding and resulting closures to free clinics, help lines and offices. http://www.povnet.org/node/3629 details  in the reasons below.  

92.  85% of  Legal Aid offices in BC closed,

91. reduction in 75% of staff

90. cut family law by 60%

89.  Closure of LawLine, a free legal assistance number for low income people to access help and advice.

88. Closure of 5 regional Legal Aid offices in Surrey, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George.

16 thoughts on “” Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity” – Part II

  1. Good post Laila, Christy Clucking Clark knows why the courts and justice department is in troble, besides what you mentioned…

    We are down 22 judges from the level in 2005, that was 7 years ago, …Census results out today, BC`s population has grown…We are the only Province who has less judges today than 7 years ago..

    The public knows what happened to our justice sysrem, not from Bill Good or Global but from you….

    From Norm, from Ross K..From Kootcoot, from every (quality) internet journalist..

    Hiring 9 judges as they did yesterday still doesn`t bring us back, it took years to break it will takes years to fix, this review and the new judges are a confession of incompetence..


  2. For once I am speechless. I truly believe these are either the most incompetent group of people I have ever had the misfortune to run across, or they are on drugs….There is no other explanation.


  3. Way to bat one out of the park Laila! Ouch! She will need a rubber donut cushion after reading this one, since you ripped her out a new one!

    She is seriously messed up. Look at her new appointees. WTF??

    I bow to you my dear!


  4. I wish they would publish your list of 100 reasons as a feature in the paper so people could get a real look at this. Brilliant work!!


    1. Not to worry Cin, most of BC has seen that post from quite some time ago, it went viral when I first posted it. The readers here are amazing with adding to it too!

      holyone,if the truth hurts, so be it. I seriously can’t believe she would even have the audacity to call a review in light of her history-now she has proved herself to be a fraud either way. She either really doesn’t know about all these cuts, and would have to admit being an uninformed dullard, or she admits she knows about the cuts but fails to see why that would have completely broken our system. OR, she fails to understand all people have a right to legal representation and when there is none, or the wait is too long to access legal aid, that only triples the wait times and burden overall.

      Hmmm, after reading what I just wrote, I am guessing it is a bit of all three things.

      Please share this post far and wide, twitter facebook and email. She is wasting time and money for the most part.However, I would like to see police be able to lay charges in many crimes, rather than simply forwarding them for approval to the crown. A time waster and bureacratic red tape at best.

      Islandpapa, good analogy! Her carpet must be rancid…

      Cheryl, glad to assist. Perhaps they poked the botox needles in too far and she is suffering from a brain freeze?


  5. I think maybe they forgot to withdraw the needles in the first place Laila. Good article. It really pounds home the fact that we are being led by a bunch of moronic fools.


  6. Gee–just like days of yore. Politicians have no idea of what’s going on and they pay the hired staff to do their work. Their only real task is to try and sound intelligent in front of the camera.
    I know a few wanne-be politicians and they are slightly challenged as well.


    1. Priscilla, there is one already, at the bottom of each post there is a share button, that when you click on it, opens up a variety of sharing venues including twitter!!
      Tweet away!

      Mike, the only problem is that Christy can’t even fake being intelligent in front of the camera. But yes, many have no clue whats going on at any given time..lol

      Gary, couldnt have said it better. Her little stint as a talk show host did nothing but prepare her for more artificial presentation.


  7. Just thought I’d pass along a bit of info I read on the comment section of the CBC news website. It concerns the law firm that will be handling the ‘review’ for Christy and her clowns.

    D. Geoffrey Cowper is shown by the Law Society of B.C. as practising with Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP. The Elections B.C. website shows that, since 2005, Fasken et al contributed $172,745 to the BC Liberal party, with $10,000 going to Christy Clark, leadership contestant in February 2011.

    A modest estimate of Fasken Martineau DuMoulin’s open-ended billings would place the figure somewhere in excess of $750,000 per annum.


    1. Love it.. Thank you gini. They do love the Liberals don’t they? Friends helping friends….. perhaps I should email my post to Mr. Cowper and give him a head start..lol

      CanadianBud, wouldn’t that be lovely? I think it stems from a sense of entitlement and corporate driven agenda rather than knowing their time was coming. I have always believed a good government provides a balance of economic activity and social responsiblity, the first providing the revenue for the latter. Unfortunately, that is a difficult balance to achieve and we seems to see the result as extremes of capitalism or socialism, with nothing in between.


  8. After Campbell’s theft and sale of the BCR trial, who has any faith in the judicial system anyway? If Campbell can get away with grand larceny, let all the thieves off. They are no worse than Campbell is and that would lighten the court load. What the judicial system did to Susan Heyes, just aided and abetted the corrupt BC Liberals, with another theft. That was just plain evil, unfair and foul. Same with DUI’s, whats fair to politicians, the elite and their special prosecutors, should be good enough for the others, DUI charges. They may as well be let off too.

    I am having quite the time trying to think, if there is anything in BC that isn’t corrupt and evil.

    Is there a greeting planned, for Campbell’s visit to BC? Perhaps an Occupy, for the most corrupt politician in Canadian history? Wish I lived closer to Vancouver. I would do this for Susan Heyes.


  9. Not just the lovely lady Susan, but all British Columbians Julie. All are in a fight for what we hold dear, whether they know it or not.


  10. I can only conclude Christie is giving Cowper his money back, you know the $10K he donated to her leadership caimpaign. As Tielman outlined in his blog, the connections between Plant, Chrustie, Cowpie, are just a tad much. She surely can not believe people won’t find out. If she does, we are back to dillusional.

    I sometimes think whomever is giving her advise is trying to ensure she is removed as leader of the lieberals.

    The money received from the tax on lawyers must be paid to Legal Aid. If there is an excessive amount which is not needed by Legal Aid, with full funding restored, then I would suggest we use some of the money for the Justice system, as in opening court houses, hiring clerks, judges, sherrifs, etc. and the other be put aside & saved for the future, when there is an excessively expensive case.

    This review Chrustie hired Cowpie for, like is this the best she can do? She could find a retired Attorney General from another province, a retired judge, a law professor, hey even Brian Peckford who is sitting in qualiquam. O.K. she might not want him because he is tied to the provincial Conservatives but hey at least no one could accuse her of stacking the deck.

    When I read all of this regarding our justice system I am reminded of Alabama, which was voted one of the most corrupt states in the U.S.A. & is going to have a documentary made about their corrupt system. I wonder if we could get the film maker to come to B.C. after he is finished in Alabama. It would make a really good movie, lets see we have a raid on the Legislature during the Christmas season which is the result of a drug investigation; this then turns into a scandal about the “give away” of a provincial railway by a Premier to a company headed by a guy who worked on all his election schemes; then they have a defendant in the ensuing court case be excused from paying their legal bills while insisting charges against his cousin droped; the capital city’s police chief suddenly leaving; a foreign company receiving millions of dollars to build & maintain a highway to a resort while the rest of the working people will have to pay tolls to get to work; with people getting medical aid in corridors; and then at the end the premier gets this really nice job as “king” in england. I think it make a great movie. We could do it as a documentary or we could do it as a mad comedy, or a children’s fable.


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