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Likely governmental process resulting in BC Liberals shift of liquor and gaming from Solicitor Generals office… to Energy and Mining

Official government issue decision making apparatus


  1. Seems apt no?

    Very little difference between posioning yourself with alchohol while gambling away your future and poisoning the environment while giving away the resources and destroying the future for your kids, A mandate apparently enjoyed by this ministry.


  2. does provide the fodder for many jokes about the BCLiebrals but in a more serious vein.
    It does show a shift of more power to the truly evil person in the cabinet Rich Coleman. rich often avoids the lime light but if one looks closer he is often lurking in the back ground of most of the wacho that passes for government in BC.


    • That is a good point Norm.

      Coleman has had this file before. He is a go to guy, Mr Fix-it as they call him. So it does make you wonder what is in store.

      In this pivotal time every thing is highly political witness BC Hydro hiring 10 Research firms and 15 PR outifts. Something is a foot with this change. What could it be?


  3. Thank you countrygirl! I do have an arrangement with many of the smaller publications to publish my works, and I think it can only benefit everyone in BC. Coming from a smaller community, I know how different it is living in rural areas and can appreciate the need to have alternative press. Lonesheep press are stand up people and I appreciate their running it!


  4. We have been under Rich Coleman before and he has stated firmly that he wants the Govt out of the liquor business! Kevin, we (LDB emlpoyees) will hold our breaths yet again waiting for the axe to fall!


    • @Frustrated

      This is precisely why I both posed the question and mentioned that he earlier had this file.
      I can see where employees would have angst and recall the campaign that stalled the original privatization initiative. What is most disturbing is that this is is just a small aspect of a rogue government, whom currently has no elected leader and no mandate yet is setting BC on a policy track which will impact the future far beyond their inevitable death in the spring of 2013. It is incomprehensilbe that British Columbians are subject to a vast and far reaching policy platform that will effect our children’s children all implemented by an unelected official yet we still claim we live in a democracy. Good luck with Mr Fixit!


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