” Stupid is, as stupid does.” ~ Forrest Gump

This my friends, is Christy Clark unplugged. Christy Clark unleashed, unplugged and in her own self-imagined glory. As it came to me from a friend,colleague and fellow fighter, I bring to you- anything in bold in the article was my own editorial change :

Shocking. No mention of the customer price for the new electricity though. Think that is accidental?”

http://energeticcity.ca/article/news/2012/02/09/site-c-essential-lng-development-clark ( the comments below this article link are a must read as well- Site C would never come close to being ready for these LNG plants and the lie about needing Site C for our own energy demands as a growing population are blatantly outed with these statements from Clark. Other commenters state if Site C is for the private use of Shell, perhaps Shell should pay for the dam rather than taxpayers…. All thoughtful and pertinent questions and comments )
From that link:

Site C essential for LNG development: Clark

Site C and B.C.’s proposed LNG development go hand in hand, according to Premier Christy Clark. In an interview with Moose FM/energeticcity.ca, Clark explained that the newly approved licence for Shell to export liquefied natural gas out of Kitimat will use 100 per cent of the power Site C would create.

“We cannot create this new industry in British Columbia, by adding value to natural gas, without the power that would come from Site C. It’s an essential part of the plan in the long-term, to make sure that we’re putting British Columbians to work.”

She adds the province’s power needs are going to grow substantially, so “we’re going to need the power from Site C and we’re also going to need the power from lots of independent power producers from across the province: wind energy, run of river, you name it.” In saying so, she also criticized B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix for supporting LNG development and not supporting Site C, saying he “can’t have it both ways.”

Clark says she is completely comfortable with the science behind fracking, and its possible associated health risks, and believes Northeast B.C. has the safest shale gas industry in the world. As she says, it can always get better, and the province has been pushing new practices, like publishing ingredients used in hydraulic fracturing on an online database.

“That will do two things: first, it will push companies to be even cleaner and greener all the time… I think it will drive innovation because we’re open about it; but second, I think it builds confidence in what we do.”

She points to instances where fracking has been done very badly elsewhere, like the U.S., and wants people to see what’s been done in B.C. to set an example. The hope is that oil and gas companies will take it upon themselves to get the word out about how safe practices are in the province.

“We set the highest bar anywhere in the world for fracking, and people need to see what we’re doing and need to understand it so they can too.”

Despite natural gas being considered the cleanest burning fossil fuel, the proposed LNG plants will be powered primarily by hydro.  Clark says that’s because they will be the only ones in the world powered principally by renewable sources, which natural gas is not.

Development of the LNG industry in B.C. is expected to create 1,000 to 2,000 permanent jobs as well as 9,000 during construction. Unlike much of the province, unemployment in the northeast is incredibly low, and measures will have to be taken to get workers to fill those jobs. Clark says part of tackling that problem is hosting regional workforce round tables, including one in Dawson Creek tomorrow, to figure out what the needs of the economy are going to be over the next 10 to 20 years, and match up education and training systems to meet those needs.

“We train a lot of people to do things for which there aren’t jobs. Well, we should really be redirecting that money to train people in areas where there are jobs and where there’s stiff competition for workers.”

Clark also assures the north that the government will provide support as the area experiences substantial growth from this development. Development of LNG is expected to produce about $20 billion in new private sector investment and if given the go ahead, Site C is expected to create 35,000 direct and in-direct jobs.


 Absorb, reflect and share with your fellow British Columbians, in particular those in the Peace River Region.

24 thoughts on “” Stupid is, as stupid does.” ~ Forrest Gump

  1. Let there be no doubt. If Christy Clark is in power, if the BC Liberals are in power, Site C will go ahead, no stopping it.

    This calls into question her sincerity in putting a halt to IPPS etc around the province. Did she do it only to make sure Site C had the best chance, or is she going to do a Campbell if by some grace of God the Libs stay in power?


    1. From Bruce Lantz,former journalist, via Facebook with permission – his comment on this story.

      “When they first announced Site C some years ago, government said it was needed because BC didn’t have enough electricity to meet demand and had to import more than we exported. When that was proved wrong, they switched gears and said it was… because demand would grow 42 percent in the next 20 years so we had to be ready. When some asked for data to back up that claim…surprise, they come up with the needs of industry. Face it folks, it’s a floating target. If every LNG project disappeared (or if they decided to run industry and electrical generation with natural gas which is plentiful and cheap and not as polluting as hydro dams) then government would come up with another rationale to suit their wishes. Ironicallyu, this reminds me of the fable about the boy trying to plug holes in a dyke. Only this time it’s a leaky dam scenario.”


  2. I’m canvassing for democracy – Support Nathan Cullen MP for Skeena Bulkley Valley.

    Nathan is the MP where the Stephen Harper and Christy Clark are passing gas and oil. Nathan is running to lead the NDP – he put that tanker ban through the House of Commons in 2010 and he is opposed to Site C and spreading nuclear power around.

    We have to act fast – only 1 week left – membership must be into the NDP Federal Office by Feb 16th. So come on people – move your green to NDP – support the official opposition to fight these guys.

    Nathan is offering to put down the bayonets and work constructively with Liberals and Greens but he has to be elected NDP leader first – for goodness sake – you can sign up nathancullen.ca


  3. So, pal Christy is so sure of this that she’s willling to sign a legal contract taking full personal responsibility for any fracking “errors’? Cause that’s the only way I’ll even entertain discussion. I’m tired of Lieberals and Conservatives not being accountable for bad decisions……


  4. With issues like this, the’ll be no place for either Ms. Clark or the BC Liberals to hide in May 2013. Prediction: 2 seats. Sound familiar? Let’s just hope it’s not too late to stop these “fracking” buggers.

    If it is, it’ll be almost impossible for a new government to turn the tanker around. Sadly, that’s what the Liberals are likely counting on. With a change in government in the air, their best bet would be to ramrod the contracts through for Gateway, Site C, etc., etc.; stand aside for one term in anticipation of annihilating the BC NDP in 2017.

    Really important that the opposition and the people come out swinging on this and many other issues that threaten our environment, food security, foreign trade zones and potential for real jobs in this province in the next session. That would be next week for her majesty’s loyal opposition (who believe they are the government in waiting). If the opposition continues to sit on its hands until 2013, it may be elected… but at the expense of being a “one term” wonder. The Liberals are banking on it~!

    The next legislative session will be the real teller for this cowgirl!


    1. Shirley, that is a must read comment for everyone. Indeed, ramming things through without consultation.

      A friend of mine summed it up best when I sent this to him, considering her announcement shes backing off the IPP for time being recently. It’s like an effing rollercoaster ride,one week one thing, next week the opposite.

      It is essential the opposition get right in the trenches, nothing subtle, nothing but right down in there and hold every damn liberal member to the grill right now.

      NOT JUST ” the cowgirl” get every one of them out of there who silently plods along opportunistically. Falcon is the huge Asia Pacific gateway man, never forget his dedicated visits to CHina and Dubai.She goes, so what? There is still the lot champing at the bit to get into first place.

      Gee what I would do to visit the leg during this session..lol.


  5. Just wondering
    Is hydro still a renewable resource ? With shrinking glaciers, billions of galloons going into oil extraction, and , of course very thirsty Americans and Chinese, maybe we should redefine that resource.


  6. Good point islandpapa, a key issue not often talked about in a way that people GET how much demand there is for our water, which because of the new agreements Harper signed with the US, is now more threatened than ever. The americans have been after our water for decades. Although we do get a continually new supply from precipitation the demands as I see it, far outweigh what can be sustained without creative management.


  7. Fracking gives us free home heat. You can light the water from your faucets on fire. Fracking poisons the clean underground drinking water for miles. When it rains on the fracking sites, the rain water isn’t safe to drink. Several people and farm animals, have been sickened by the contaminated underground water, by just the smell. One lady is the U.S….Has to wear a respirator.

    Alberta and BC are going to become, polluted wastelands. The tar sands has poisoned the huge Athabasca watershed. The mighty Athabasca River was always my favorite river. However, there are deformed fish in Athabasca Lake, now the poison is also in the Athabasca River. That is one hell of a, huge long river. The mighty Athabasca River was the river, that opened up the west.

    All the poisoned lakes, rivers and stream, find the way into the sea. Fish Lake has toxic mine waste dumped onto it. The poison leaches into the eco system because, lakes aren’t contained and that’s what happens.

    Most disgusting of all is, the rabid greed of the politicians. It’s scary how demented they are. Their stupidity of destroying prime farmland, such as the site C dam and in the Vancouver areas, boggles me. Poisoning our clean water out of greed, is lunacy. All of them are brain dead idiots. There are very few politicians, that are worth the powder to blow them to hell. I can’t even stand, the revolting sight of their faces on TV.

    Alberta is kicking up a real stink, over just one glacier in Jasper Park. Yet Alberta thinks nothing of, completely destroying the province of BC and our sea, with their dirty tar oil.

    The photo’s of the dirty sands from space, are an abomination on the face of Canada. That is how Alberta and BC will eventually look.


  8. Sooo…hydro dams are a way to create “clean energy”? Consider that worldwide scientific studies show that such dams are the second-greatest producer of greenhouses gases. Only automobiles produce more! That’s because when you flood a valley behind a hydro dam to create that precious electricity, the valley floor’s vegetation dies, releasing methane gas, which does not dilute as it rises through the water above and travels into the atmosphere. It’s amazing that the BC government, Clark’s and Campbell’s too, can call itself ‘green’ when it supports such measures.


    1. I honestly believe that in spite of all their rhetoric, the BC liberals care very little about green energy of any kind, rather favouring substantial financial rewards in the form of contracts,projects etc that favour their biggest financial supporters.

      I do find it ironic how the truth always comes out on the motives behind such projects as Site C though.. brings to mind one of my favoured quotes ” Three things can not long be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”


  9. WTF does Crispy Clark know about ‘fracking’? It wasn’t even invented when she ‘studied’ at various Universities.
    I wonder what the Site C power will sell for. I understand that Abacus Mine in Kamloops will pay 3.5 cents / kWh, compared to the +10 cents that I pay. Maybe if I could get my cost down to 3.5 cents I would be a big time employer too!


    1. Oh John, my dear sweet John..lol.. don’t be so sweet.

      I too am very curious to find out more on this. But on another vein, come back Monday for some interesting revelations on the Port Mann Bridge….. part of which is on the bottom of the Fraser right now I hear..lol. I’ll let you know exactly what the Falconator got the people of BC into…

      Thank you for the links Curt


  10. As a follow up to Bruce Lantz’s remarks. We get methane released from the rotting trees and it is a green house gas. We also lose plant life that can absorb carbon dioxide. So the flooding of these forests is a double whammy wrt green house gases.
    What we need are energy plans that are carefully thought out and not ones that are good for sound bites on say CKNW. C. Clark, by the way, is foregoing the throne speech and instead giving a speech on CKNW followed by some sort of a question period with some members of the press. A new low in parliamentary democracy.


    1. A great followup Drew and so great to see you again!

      In regards to the NW highly managed radio moment, I suggested on facebook that a protest should be organized outside the building housing the NW studios, otherwise known as the Black Tower… lol…to let the premier know what we think of her. While I am sure they will ignore everyone and pretend it didnt happen, I would certainly be willing to document the event.


  11. Site C isn’t necessary. If Christie thinks she needs it she might want to have a look at the cost to the people who live in the area. We hve enough power for B.C. we don’t need to be ruining our land to assist mult national corporations increase their profits.

    Christie will continue going down this road until she is unelected. The sooner the better. Some of her announcements leads me to conclude she is either dillusional or the people she is getting advise from are trying to ensure she gets tossed out. Its is very interesting that as she makes her pronouncements its the same old faces singing back up.


  12. We are constantly being told not to waste water. We can only water our lawns every second day and, no washing your cars and such. Now we hear, the site C dam is for fracking. I think we all knew Campbell was lying about, the reason for the dam. We knew the site C wasn’t for the good of the BC people, that isn’t Campbell’s nature.

    What is scary, is the underground water being poisoned by fracking. Rain, snow and hail goes underground and is also poisoned. I remember my mother’s rain barrels and the cistern. Perhaps, we may have to go back to my mothers method of catching rain water. At the rate we are contaminating our, lakes, rivers, streams, and all waterways, we all may have to have rain barrels and cisterns.

    Christy isn’t Ms. congeniality, she is Ms contradictory. She lies so much, she contradicts herself. She doesn’t remember the first lie she told. Campbell had a huge problem with his lies and deceit. I think that’s why, Boessenkool and his big gun is coming to town, Christy backed herself, into a very tight corner.


  13. Going green means making money.
    In typical business fashion a company head
    will examine and exploit a way to make a
    The green movement has been a way to print
    money for businesses and governments alike,
    however the green movement has also highlighted the corruption and the inability of
    businesses and governments to follow current
    environmental laws or ensure the environment
    is protected from new and dangerous extraction methods.
    Crusty had no intention of calling for an election after she won her seat. There was far too much left on Gordo’s agenda to complete.
    Shirley- I think you are being overly generous by predicting they will get 2 seats!
    Isn’t is funny crusty the clown was in Seattle signing a stupid earthquake partnership with washington state on the very day his highness was here for a reunion with old pals.


  14. Thank you Laila for again raising the profile of critical topics that should be provided routinely and vigorously by main stream media. You, Norman and a few others raise really important subjects, and provide sound analyses and reader comments, that are ignored by our bought and paid for journalists.

    I continue to circulate references about your blog to my minuscule connections, but unfortunately I am only preaching to the choir.

    I’ve asked the BCNDP why I can’t find their policies on their website, but I have not had a suitable response. Perhaps they are afraid of providing fuel to the propagandists that currently control our so-called democracy.


  15. I’ve asked the BCNDP why I can’t find their policies on their website, but I have not had a suitable response. Perhaps they are afraid of providing fuel to the propagandists that currently control our so-called democracy.

    Maybe it has something to do with Moe Sihota being in the BCNDP ?
    I have heard of no positive contibutions to date, from M.S. – just wondering !!!


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