City of Terrace rescinds motion to remain neutral on Enbridge, votes in favour of opposing Enbridge pipeline and tanker traffic.

Stunning motion from the city of Terrace and one that sets a precedent of priorities and value. My friend Merv Ritchie of the Terrace Daily Online, has the exclusive story and video . Please share!

 Terrace becomes Economic Leader by Opposing Enbridge.  


12 thoughts on “City of Terrace rescinds motion to remain neutral on Enbridge, votes in favour of opposing Enbridge pipeline and tanker traffic.

  1. After a search of this morning I have not found any mention of this turn of events. Just more proof that the mainstream media can only be used as birdcage liner or fire starter. Or for that matter it could be best used in the outhouse.


    1. No thanks needed here,Cass, thank Merv Ritchie for doing what he does so well up north!! He is a must read publication for hot and important issues for not only the Northern areas, but for all British Columbians concerned over where this province is headed.

      Gary, the funny thing is our network might not have as many readers as the Sun/Province, we do an incredible job getting the word out with social media : facebook, twitter,email chains… Keep sharing far and wide. Perhaps we will see more progressive municipalities coming forward with motions like this!!

      I just did too Cheryl!! Takes cajones to stand up for what you beleive in. Now we must all support them too.


  2. Don’t be too sure that we are very small Laila. As small as my blog is I get an average of 3700 hits per month. I don’t always generate conversation but the people are there..
    And I was going to cross post Merv’s column until I saw you had already done it while I was working on the Ho Hum piece. Now that you mention it I think |I’ll post it anyway.


    1. Lol.. I in no way meant to insult anyone, I simply meant volume in comparison to readership or subscription of those two publications. Our network still works fine but still not at the same level or spread. I saw that with the Sea to Sky shadow toll story. My own post went viral, however when the Globe and Mail picked it up via Mark Hume, the visits were phenomenal.


  3. Harper is so stubborn and he will not listen to reason. The sea faring people of BC have said, the tanker route seas, are one of the most treacherous in the world. I too, have heard many wind warnings and high sea warnings, on the Northern coastal Port of Kitimat.

    We will have many more Chinese tankers, picking up the gas from the LNG storage tanks in Port Kitimat.

    They are chomping at the bit, to log the Rain Forest too. That will mean, more Chinese freighters in the same route, as the tankers. That will be another fight we will have. That’s where the beautiful Spirit Bears live, the unique small wolves, and important salmon runs. Our Orca Whale numbers, have just started to pick up. Except for the three year old Orca that died from mysterious injuries. The Humpback Whales and thousands of marine life, all of them live in and along this channel.

    Harper ignores all the ships that have run aground. These three freighters, that have very recently limped in to ports, hit by 50 foot rogue waves. The rig explosions. The oil spill in Nigeria. The New Zealand spill. Enbridge and their disaster spill, into the Kalamazoo River. Enbridge didn’t bother to clean all of that up either.

    Our marine life and our woodland wild life, are far more valuable to us than, Harper, Enbridge, Alberta, China and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, could ever be.


  4. Laila, this is off topic but it is so mind-blowingly awful it needs to be shared. I hope you can cover this. Christy Clark, not through with screwing up our justice system, is considering allowing police officers to lay criminal charges, removing that role from crown counsel.
    This is just ABSURD and off the charts stupid. I feel like I’m living in Hillbillyville.


    1. I don’t agree with you completely there, notamused. Currently police do an RCC ( report to Crown Counsel) that includes their charge recommendations and what evidence led to this charge recommedation. They dont generally recommend charges that they cant support with some sort of evidence. Crown then reviews it all and makes an assessment based on two big things: Is there a substantial liklihood of conviction? and is charging the person in the publics best interest?

      These are cost saving considerations in many circumstances, in my opinion, and not justice considerations.Not all police are bad, corrupt or otherwise and I think that the RCMP should be able to lay charges themselves in certain crimes. However, that being said, the entire system is broken beyond any sort of easy repair and this is a small consideration in the grand scheme of things.


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