11 thoughts on “Olsen is no longer on her side

  1. Now do you think that with all the talk that Christy has been spewing in the Legislature this week, you know, “I’m not going to raise taxes”, that the loss of Chris Olsen has more to do with “finding” money within the Premier’s Office to pay for her new Chief of Staff, and the Severance to Mr. Olson?


  2. In an ideal world Chris would be tainted goods and would be shunned by the Lamestream. Instead he will be welcomed to the privatized arm of the Public Affairs Bureau and continue to haul water for the shameless (not) Premier Christy and get his cheque from corporate cheerleaders rather than directly from the taxpayer…….!


  3. The article doesn’t tell us if he got the boot because the ‘Speech from the Bill Good Show’ was his idea, or because he disagreed with the stupid idea. Either way, I can’t dredge up any sympathy for him.

    Will Pamela be next?


  4. the downside of doing business with China. You make several interesting and true points. However this is not new. When B.C. was doing more business with Hong Kong in the 1960s & 70s people did report that large companies frequently did not pay their bills nor very prominent people. As I recall the word was the bigger the company the less likely they were to pay. It was a cultural thing, to demonstrate who was the biggest. If you were small fish, big fish could make you pay, but not the other way round.

    Then I heard from a friend they were doing business with a Canadian company and they were forever paying late or not paying. I asked who was the c.e.o. They said it was a new guy they had brought in from China. I explained what I knew. I gather that explained a lot of things and the problem did get solved but in the case of these mega companies, they won’t pay. They have paid what they think is fair market value and that is it. People need to be very aware of this when doing buiness with companies from Mainland China. Get our money up front or on a very regular short term basis or you won’t get paid at all.

    In Alberta one of the Chinese companies involved in the tar sands had a number of workers injuired. Some were here on a termporary workers’ visa from China. Others were Canadian workers. As with all job site injuries/deaths W.C.B. is called in. With this company they shipped the Chinese workers back to China and when the WCB in Alberta tried to deal with the company, they were told to get in touch with their headquarters and deliver the paper work there. Basically the company gave the Alberta WCB the middle finger. (the Alberta Federation of Labour will have more information on this.)

    We can expect to see more of this. It is best this is reported to everyone doing business with Chinese companies. You will be ripped off. It will be awhile until it happens to Chrustie and her crew but it will happen. Wait until they fail to pay their taxes. They will not play by Canadian rules. They basically think we are stupid and they are right. We send them all our natural resources and they make the money.


  5. Harper did say, he would protect China’s corporations in Canada. He has no choice. BC’s assets and resources have been given to China. Harper is permitting China to buy up the tar sands.

    China is bringing their own people over here, to work the coal mines. If any of the seven mines going into Northern BC are owned by China, they will bring their own miners. I won’t be surprised, if China brings their people to work, China’s dirty oil sands projects. China does not like to pay Canadian wages. Their people work for dirt cheap wages. That’s why Campbell gave China our mill industry, along with our raw logs, for dirt cheap wages and even more cheap child labor.

    China has bought BC and Alberta, from all their dirt cheap, starvation wages, they pay their own people.

    As Fadden of the CSIS said, be warned of China’s encroachment into Canada.

    Boessenkool works for Harper and lobbies for Enbridge. Same old garbage we had with Campbell, for over a decade. Now carried on by Christy and her Liberals. At least we now know, we have to watch our backs with Boessenkool, who is another favorite henchman of Harper’s.


  6. so job elimination – not job creation as promised. Seems this poor fellow has joined the ranks of the unemployed after leaving a good job to follow Christy he finds that like a moth drawn to the flame, he has been burned.


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