Technical Issues delay Port Mann post briefly.

Self explanatory headline -I have had to beef things up after nearly nonstop intrusion attempts originating out of Beijing,  from an IP address registered to the CHINANET jiangsu province network.  Thankfully my tech is a genius and I am in good hands. The story is done, and ready to go and I will post as soon as is possible.

7 thoughts on “Technical Issues delay Port Mann post briefly.

  1. Holy smokes Laila!
    And our government is going after control of the internet? (for porn???) They should bloody well be on guard because all the deceit, lies, unethical ethics they expose to us is the mere tip of the iceberg.
    China? Weren’t Stevie and co. and Christy and co. just over there?

    You, Grant, Mary, Norm, Ian, you all are the real reporters, the truthful reporters. I hope people link your blogs to their emails to everyone on their lists. These are the real facts, not the whitewash mainstream media want us to read.

    You all do a service to the citizens of this province, this country, for nothing except to expose those who need to be exposed.
    Keep up the great work and Thank You!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Curt- considering how the Feds like to control the flow of information so tightly, maybe the chinese government is rubbing off on them.


  2. I’m glad you got things under control, pretty nasty being targeted by hate groups not even of this country. You must really shake things up EVERYWHERE!! And good on ya. **thumbs up**
    As Curt mentioned, you folks blogging the REAL NEWS and the REAL SCOOPS behind many of the problems this province has faced both federally and from within it’s own borders is a beautiful thing. We need more of/like you!!
    The truth is wonderful thing, although it can sting.

    Besides, you’re bound to attract the nastier types out there who love to destroy and wreak havoc on the people that bring real life to focus or who work tirelessly to expose the corruption in our once great province, because that’s what the criminals (politician or otherwise) don’t want, the truth exposed.
    I’m grateful that you have someone there Laila who can make sure you’re not compromised in anyway technically and able to continue putting out the truth.
    If you ever need a bouncer …. 😉

    Gotta love Crusty’s “Families first” motto (although I think she was talking about China’s families, typical LIEberal government.) … and correct me if I’m wrong (no offense to my Asian friends) but aren’t Crusty’s eyes looking a little slanted these days?? Purely in contrast to those squirrelly cheeks that she’s stuffing full of nuts for when the day comes when we take her down… or toss her out.. however you want to term it…. but hopefully that day comes soon as our province is taking one hellova beating that may take decades to sort out and put right what the LIEberals have wronged.

    You have a wonderful day Laila, and thank you for all your hard work, effort, dedication, commitment. Those things usually come at a high personal cost as this world doesn’t work like it did 30 or 40 years ago when respect, honor, honesty and integrity were VALUED.
    Looking forward (as I always do) to your next posting.
    Much Respect,



    1. Cheryl, after an exhausting few days of Chinese hostility, I am exhausted, and have been accessing this site from another location, however,the Port Mann post is imminent. Enjoy this in the interim.

      CanadianBud.. I wish I had some other way of thanking you for being such a Laila Yuile supporter… we are all in it together… : )


  3. Thanks for your kind words Laila, although no need to thank me as it’s we who thank you (and all the others like you) for putting so much of yourself into divulging TRUTH and REALITY, something I think has been left far behind in the dust of political greed.

    Here’s a juicy link too, ( ) for we can’t leave those Harperites behind in The Quest to bring down the Oil, Wood, Gas, Water and Food monopolies, and getting rid of cone-hat wearing chipmunk wanna-be premiers ( I don’t recognize Crusty the Fart-Canner as being a legitimate Premier, and (starting to sound like World of Warcraft here, lol) the Frosty Trolls (Cons) of the North.
    Time to do some dragon slaying, put down them beasties with the multiple heads speaking with forked tongue (or out of butt) and get our Province/Country back from the greed-mongers who’ve taken it over under guise of “politics” or “business”.

    Make sure you take a breather and break, we don’t need you stressed… it’s the others that we want stressing! Looking forward to the Port post!
    Much respect,


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