Rerun of April 11,2009: “The Kinsella Connection” – It’s no secret that Patrick Kinsella is one of Gordon Campbell’s closest friends…(or Christy Clarks)

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Or, at least their hackers are…however, in homage to the recent Rich Coleman /Patrick Kinsella / liquor distribution branch debacle – and yes it is a repeat of everything we saw under Campbell – I bring to you this columen, originally posted on April 11, 2009, thus proving the old adage, the more things change, the more they stay the same…

“The Kinsella Connection” – It’s no secret that Patrick Kinsella is one of Gordon Campbell’s closest friends…

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having co-chaired the Liberals’ 2001 and 2005 campaigns.

A wonderful bit of work has come my way from a very keen source, that I would like to share with you.

It is a detailed look at Patrick Kinsella’s dealings.
Forgive the format- wordpress isn’t always the best in this area…

Patrick Kinsella’s consulting firm Progressive Group has made millions closing lucrative deals between government and private industry.

According to his own estimate, Kinsella’s clients have raked in more than $2 billion in government deals.

The NDP have long been calling for an independent investigation into Kinsella’s lobbyist activities and contracts with government.
The details below connects various dealings between Progressive Group’s clientele to lobbying work with the Campbell government and in some cases, donations to the B.C. Liberal Party.

The format for this information is listed sequentially in the following order:
Progressive Group Clientele
Lobbying timeline
Progressive Group Lobbying Work

Donations to the B.C. Liberals

A global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.
Lobbying timeline: Jan. 2003 – Jan. 2008 – Progressive hired to promote and educate the B.C. government on the benefits of outsourcing a # of B.C. Hydro government services.
Result: Accenture wins a $1.5-billion take over of B.C. Hydro office functions. Accenture donated $500.00 between 2005-2008

Alcan B.C. is part of the global operations of Alcan Inc. and produces primary aluminium for Pacific Rim customers.
Lobbying timeline :– The Progressive Group was contacted by Alcan “to promote and educate the provincial government on the value of allowing Alcan to increase the size of its smelter operation in Kitimat B.C.”
Result: Kinsella’s lobbying resulted in a plan that meant job losses for Kitimat and a deal for Alcan from the BC Liberals that was so generous the B.C. Utilities Commission had to intervene on behalf of consumers. No record of donations 

B.C. Motion Picture Production Industry Association
Lobbying timeline: March 2005 – 2007 – Progressive contracted by the B.C. Motion Picture Production Industry Association to convince the Provincial government to extend foreign tax credits.
Result: Despite the Campbell government’s stated opposition to business subsidies, extended the foreign tax credit – and the B.C. Motion Picture Production Industry Association receives $65 million in provincial tax breaks.
North Shore Studios’ Paul Clausen and Peter Leitch, donated $9,375 between 2005-2008

B.C. Rail
Lobbying timeline :
Aug. 2001 to Sept. 2005 – B.C. Rail paid Progressive Group $297,567 to provide strategic advice to the President, BOD and Chair.

Result:To be determined….
Patrick Kinsella and the Progressive Group donated a total of $126,085.50 between 2001 and 2005.

Engineering, construction, and project management.
Lobbying timeline: Spring 2006 – Record of meeting in 2006 between Special Advisor Ken Dobell and Patrick Kinsella. The meeting is notated as Canfor-Bechtel.
Result: Hired by Bechtel to assist with plans to win a government transportation contract, namely the Port Mann/Hwy 1 Project .No record of donations 

Brooksfield Lepage Johnson Controls
BLJC deals in workplace management services for real estate portfolios.
Lobbying timeline: Dec. 2003 – FOI documents reveal that Progressive arranged meetings between BLJC in its capacity as the government of B.C.’s facility manager and Washington businesses seeking facility management business.
Result: Awarded 5 year contract in 2003 as B.C. Buildings Corporation\’s (BCBC) outsource provider of property management services.
Brookfield Asset Management donated $51,400 between 2001-2008

Canadian National Railway
Unknown Documents relating to the BC Rail corruption trial suggest that Kinsella was working for CN as well as BC Rail during the brokering of the sale of BC Rail to CN.
CN donated $166,085 between 2001 and 2005. CN, and principal officer David McLean, are consistent BC Liberal Party donors, and have donated outside this time period as well. 

Canfor Forest Products
Forest Products Company based in Vancouver, B.C.
Lobbying timeline: Jan. 2004 – Jan. 2007 – Progressive contracted to assist Canfor with the Provincial government in regards to complex softwood lumber issues. Record of meeting in 2006 between Special Advisor Ken Dobell and Patrick Kinsella. The meeting is notated as Canfor-Bechtel.
Result: Progressive describe the outcome of their work as “The Canadian and United States governments settle long disputed softwood lumber deal.”
Canfor donated $363,927 between 2001 and 2008.

Chief Development Company
Lobbying timeline:
Sept. 2005 to March 2006 – Progressive contracted to convince the Township of Langley and B.C. govt to invest in a $30 million Private Public Partnership for the development of a new spectator ice arena.
Result: Secured $25 million dollars Nov. 2006 to build the spectator arena.
$5,170.00 donated between 2001 – 2008.

Clean Energy
A California-based public company that provides natural gas for transportation.
Lobbying timeline: 2005 Progressive contracted to promote Clean Energy as a provider of natural gas for transportation.
Result: In July 2007 Clean Energy won a contract to upgrade certain TransLink fueling stations and fuel demonstration vehicles. No record of donations.

John Les’ calendar reveals that on Feb 9, 2006 Kinsella and Tom Nellis of Playtime met with the then Solicitor General along with other community gaming industry players.
The BC Liberals’ massive expansion of gambling is in part due to its policy decision to allow small town bingo halls to be transformed into mini-casinos with slots or “community gaming centres” .
A Public Eye investigation found that the B.C. Liberals accepted over a quarter of a million dollars worth of hidden gaming donations between 2002 and 2007.

ING Insurance
ING Canada is a provider of property and casualty insurance in Canada.
Lobbying timeline: April 11, 2007 – Calendar for then-Solicitor General John Les states meeting between Kinsella and an ING Canada Inc. executive at the premier’s Vancouver office.
The topic of the meeting: “polling info” specifically related to ICBC. ING corporate communications VP Gilles Gratton was unable to say what kind of work Kinsella was doing for the company, “The only thing I can tell you is we’ve used the services of his firm on a number of occasions…”
Donated $15,400 between 2005 to 2008

Liquor ******
Lobbying timeline:
2005 – Kinsella and partner Mark Jiles have had meetings with the Solicitor General on behalf of private liquor interests. In addition, Kinsella was a Liquor Barn Income Fund trustee and director with Liquor Barn GP Inc. According to a directors’ circular dated April 25, 2006, Kinsella owned 2,500 fund shares, with an option for a further 5,000.

Result: Between 2002 and 2006, the BC Liberal government has repeatedly made policy changes beneficial to the private liquor industry, including two increases increase in the wholesale discount between March 2005 and January 2006.
Received $150,000 during the 2005 election campaign from the private liquor sector

Orca Creative
A Washington State company that deals in trade show exhibits.
Lobbying timeline: 2005-2008 Kinsella and Jiles work with Orca Creative Group to win a contract with the B.C. Government’s Olympic Secretariat – successfully circumventing the Bid Book requirement for BC businesses to get 2010 contracts Orca Creative scored a lucrative 2010 contract in the summer of 2006.
No record of donations

Payday Lenders/ Cash Store Financial
Lobbying Timeline: Spring of 2007 – In May of 2007,Kinsella had meetings with John Les, noted in the Solicitor General’s calendar as “payday lenders”. Cash Store Financial VP Michael Thompson said about Kinsella’s work: “He was just basically bringing [John Les] up to speed on what our position was with respect to the regulation of payday loans in the province of British Columbia.” Asked if that was lobbying Thompson said, “Correct.”
Result: The Campbell government’s payday loans bill included a promise to consult with the industry on the regulations.In 2007, Cash Store Financial sent a letter to Ontario payday lenders claiming success inblocking” that BC’s legislative effort. Michael Thompson has since clarified this remark, saying the use of the term “block” wasn’t appropriate.
National Money Mart donated $10,600 between 2005-2008

Plutonic Power
Plutonic Power currently develops run-of-river hydroelectric projects in British Columbia.Plutonic communications director Elisha McCallum has confirmed that Kinsella provides the company’s vice-chairman and CEO with “high level strategic advice on public policy.” Result: B.C. Hydro Corp. offered Plutonic an energy purchase agreement for its East Toba River and Montrose Creek project in July 2006.

Plutonic donated $50,956 between 2005 and 2008

Washington State Allied Waste company. Rabanco accepts garbage from Whistler, Powell River and Maple Ridge.
Lobbying Timeline: Fall of 2005 – Progressive contracted by Rabanco to pursue the long-term waste disposal business of the replacement of the Cache Creek Landfill. Progressive reports work in November 2006 as “ongoing”.
Result: Metro Vancouver board approved an interim solution to allow Rabanco to manage 600,000 tonnes of garbage a year from Metro Vancouver in March 2008. Pending approval by province No record of donations

Sun Micro Systems
Develops technologies for the global marketplace.
Lobbying Timeline: 2002 – Progressive contracted to work on business development objectives with the B.C. government.
Result: Selected to develop and implement the Provincial Laboratory Information Solution and the Electronic Health Record system as components of B.C.’s eHealth strategy. Donated $16,655 between 2001 – 2008.

” It’s all about the deal.” ~ Mr. Beer and Hockey, 2009.

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  1. It’s good to refresh the memory on Mr. Kinsella and his involvement in this regime. Johnson Controls aye? Interesting. I have a friend who recently retired from that Company. Apparently, they are involved in lots of shady billing practices in their contract with the BC Government. I’m hoping to receive more info on this…


  2. I’m curious to know when (and where) they’re going to open the new prison they’re going to need with all the effing criminals in government and those who are working with government illegally hopefully being held accountable (some day).

    Those “esteemed” people of our (business) community have been nothing but exploiters of a criminal government and shouldn’t be held in high honor like they do.
    It would be like saying Kinsella is a good businessman, … well, in that broad statement you’d have to say that a drug dealer is a good businessman too although it doesn’t make it right or legal.


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