Rafe Mair and Adrian Dix: Round Two.

Rafe tries again, to pin Adrian Dix down on some grave concerns to British Columbia.  No to Enbridge, but  pay attention to the subtleties and rhetoric.  “We have to get in there and slug it out”  &  “I think we need to take a good hard look at all the information…”

At one point,  when Rafe is trying to get Dix to say his position on fish farms as premier,I actually yelled at Dix on my computer screen : ” Just answer the damn question!” Dix refers over and over to a report they did, stating that a detailed look at ‘their’ position is in the report. Nope, can’t just answer the question and make it easy for viewers who might not follow politics regularly, and who likely won’t go searching for an aquaculture report to find out- they will be left with that evasive answer as a lasting impression. I don’t want to go look for that report, I am a busy woman, kids home, teachers on strike,work to do, puppy needing to pee – I just want to hear Dix tell us where he stands.

We know there are no easy answers to fixing what is wrong in BC, but dodgy replies and rhetoric do nothing to engage those very disengaged people Dix states he wants to capture at the end.

What do you think about part 2? How do you feel after having seen these two videos ?

35 thoughts on “Rafe Mair and Adrian Dix: Round Two.

  1. I think the people of BC are left on their own Laila.

    The same as we are own with, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, the BC conservatives, the media and Harper. All of them sat there with their fingers up their noses. They watched while, Campbell thieved this province and the people’s assets and resources. Campbell even sold our damned rivers, and totally destroyed them.

    The HST that Harper and Campbell forced on the people….that cripples the very people who can’t afford that asinine tax. The HST is destroying, schools, hospitals, small businesses. It’s just too damn bad, BC children go to bed at night, hungry. Christy and her family’s first??? What a crock. Boessenkool and Christy are busy selling off what is left in BC..buildings and Real Estate. They are timing the HST payback, just in time for the next party to pay. BC has been thieved to the bones. There is nothing left to recover with.

    There is confusion, who is what. Harper isn’t a Conservative. He’s a Reformer of his, Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. Campbell can’t be a Liberal, he works for Harper. Boessenkool we thought to be Conservative….He works for Harper and lobbied for Enbridge. He must be a Reformer too.

    Is there a politician in this country, worth the powder to blow them to hell? Don’t hold your breath. They make damned sure they fill their own wallets, and their friends pockets. Obscene salary’s, gold plated pensions. Outrageous salary’s for CEO’s, huge payouts. It certainly narrows which party to vote for. The Greens or an Independent.


  2. What do I think? I think the NDP made a lousy choice when choosing their leader – does anyone honestly believe John Horgan would be pulling this kind of crap?!
    Note to Adrian: Answer the damn questions!! Don’t imagine for one moment that just because we can’t stand the liberals, that you’re an automatic shoo-in. You’re not. There are others to vote for…Cummins, Independents…and yes, many will vote for the libs again. Especially if they see nothing viable in you. In these video’s…that’s what they’ll see. Get with it!! This is one NDP’er who won’t hesitate to go elsewhere – the lifeblood of this province is depending on all of its citizens to be paying attention this time around…more than at any other time in our history. You can be a part of it – or you can be a side note in someone else’s chapter. Your Choice.
    BTW…get rid of Sihota and gain a few thousand more votes.


    1. I doubt they will ever get rid of Sihota.My friends in the desi community tell me everyone loves him, even the federal Liberals. He’s a bit of a star…


  3. Why are you making Adrian look bad? I don’t get it since you want the Liberals gone as much as we do.He’s just doing what he can so why not go back to taking shots at libs instead.I thought you were on our side.


    1. Anonymous,let me make one thing crystal clear: I am on the side of the people of BC. All of them,regardless of political stripe.I am guessing you mean why am I not on the NDP side? I am not an NDP member, in fact I am not a member of any party in BC and never have been.I am not making Dix look bad, I am presenting the video and my opinion on what I see. The fact you think I made him look bad means that you can see the same thing I did.

      Message to a reader who contacted me via the contact page: Tom,called you several times this morning,will try again shortly.My number is blocked for obvious reasons..lol.


  4. After years of pillage by the Campbell/Clark government and now under siege from a China/Harper corporate “Big Oil” coalition we need no less than a messiah to save BC…..and it sure as hell isn’t Adrian Dix.

    Although his rhetoric was well prepared, his real intentions were very well masked (by dancing around Rafe’s questions). In my opinion we are looking at a potential Premier with the backbone and morals of a weasel. He is simply NOT taking a solid stand on issues that threaten the very survival of our province.

    Especially with regard to IPP’s in the first interview….sounds like after a bit of political theatre it will be business as usual there with a Dix/NDP government. And his stance on Enbridge and tankers is pathetically wishy-washy! “The people of BC will just have to duke it out for themselves?????”
    Say what?

    The once lowly aid for the Glen Clark government, who betrayed the public trust in fake casinogate memo…brief synopsis here http://riskydix.ca/pundits-on-dix/ is now a seasoned politician. His forked tongue keeps darting in and out from between his lips.

    My parents always told me as a child “Don’t make a habit of lying. If you do, the day will come when you’re speaking an important truth and no one will believe you”. Something Mr.Dix should have considered at the time of his demise.

    Unfortunately, more often than not the opposite is true in politics today. It’s usually ‘the bigger the lie, the more people believe it”. Gordon Campbell proved this time and time again. Dix appears to me to have a somewhat similar propensity….although no match for the great Gordo

    However, I must relunctantly concede that compared to the “white blouse” criminal that currently sits in the Premier’s chair he is the Archangel Michael. We’ll just have to take our chances with him. He’s all we’ve got!!


  5. It is my guess, because BC is in such a mess, Dix does not want to give a straight foreward answer, until he has a chance to read the contracts. How can he answer honestly, until he knows what the Liberals have signed away, and just what he can do about it. Better Dix do his homework first, before trying to grab answers out of thin air. Thats just common sense. He really is saying that until he gets all the facts, its hard to put out just answers, and I think that is just. BC people have already heard all the pie in the sky promises, and Mr. Dix, and the NDP, will do their homework, to make sure what they promise, they can deliver.


    1. Irene, no one is asking him to make a promise for anything in these videos. Rafe is asking for his position.Clearly he has a position on fish farms, he indicates he does ” in the report” A detailed one. Why in the world wouldn’t he simply say: Rafe, this is my position on fish farms:______” and get on with it.

      If you were one of those people he wants to attract that did not vote in the last election… what would you think after watching this? Would you go look for a report? I doubt it. I would wonder why he just doesnt use this wonderful opportunity given by Rafe and Damien to tell it like he sees it.

      So the NDP are elected. So Adrian reads the contracts. Is he one: going to make those contracts public? Is he going to reveal the terms of the P3 contracts that the Liberals have still not released in some projects? Or do people like myself and others have to go lurking around the net digging to find them for the public like we have been already in some cases?

      The total amount of the contracts with the IPP producers is in my last post. It is an unbelievable amount of money. Astronomical.

      Don, your comment is excellent, and thank you. Rafe has done so much, Damian, Alexandra Morten,so many others,to reveal the truth and yet we still are stymied often at every other turn. You are absolutely right that we, the people, are the only ones left to make sure we keep this government,every government accountable.

      I sent a message to Adrian Dix asking him where he stood and what his position was on the use of P3 projects in sectors other than healthcare, where he is on the record as being against them. Sectors such as education, transportation and infrastructure. Imagine that, P3 schools…you think that isnt where this current government is headed? No money, P3 gives us value for money, let the experts do what they do best and let government take care of government…. that was Campbells line.

      As of yet, I have received no reply.


  6. Mr. Dix finds himself floundering quite a bit when speaking to Raife and for good reason, Raife hold his feet to the fire, unlike the buffoons he normally has to deal with in government.
    When someone in Mr. Dix’s position won’t answer a question truly and clearly he is telling you you don’t want to know his answer.
    Everyone correctly says that we have been without honest media for ten years and this is true but I also believe we have been without an opposition willing to do it’s duty for the people and stand up for them. We have seen our resources dessimated under their watch. It is not enough to question people like Rich Coleman a few days in legislature and do nothing more.
    As far as Mr. Dix’s view that the people must get involved I don’t think he is quite in tune. I don’t think there has ever been a time when people are so aware and activley so. the problem as I see it is that government as a whole. leadership and opposition have alienated themselves from the people and no longer hear our pleas nor care.
    We will have a better province but it will be because of people like Raife and places such as this website. We can no longer look to politicians.


  7. I am thinking about NDP with Dix at the helm. I really can’t trust a leader who does not make a stand, show the people his colors. No, I don’t think Dix is the answer to our critical proplems in B.C. British Columbians better find a better representative to slow down the onslaught of B.C. Liberal and our federal government, destroying our very lives. Almost 40% of Alberta is now taken up by Enbridge, in reference to postings lately, and our politicians want to catch up to Alberta.


    1. Thank you for your comment Clifford. I agree, this current government is aiding and abetting the corporations who are chomping at the bit to get at those resources. I’m not saying the NDP aren’t going to be the party to turn that around, but I am saying his responses and lack of response in this video and the first, concern me.I found the salmon farm response in particular was a huge error on his part, not to just state his position. The KISS rule applies, make it simple for people to know who you are and what you stand for. I’ve said it before, never ever assume you have a win and make use of every opportunity you have. The interview was a golden opportunity to shine even if he doesnt have all the answers, but people want to know what Adrian Dix stands for.


  8. I experienced an awful sinking feeling while watching this. I had built my hopes up that Dix and his party might be our saviours. Seldom have I seen such equivocation and evasion. You often hear politicians using the phrase “Let me be clear”. Dix was anything but clear when he refused to give a direct answer to a direct question. Laila, I also have emailed Mr. Dix and I had finally given up expecting a reply after 5 weeks of waiting. Then a generic reply landed in my inbox, with no answers to the questions I had posed. (sigh) Why are we always trying to decide which politician is the least evil, instead of having someone who we could put our wholehearted trust in?! Someone who says what he means and means what he says. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!


  9. Clark, Dix, Cummings, what an awful group to select from. Be aware that you and I are not limited to these individuals. The Independent candidate is at this time my only choice. Take a look at Bob Simpson the Independent representative for Cariboo North. He is doing a great job and isn’t restrained by party protocol or what ever you want to call it. Let’s get a whole bunch of Independent MLA’s into Parliment then we will see some down to earth questions being asked.


  10. There is one thing we seem to be missing and that is that not all the people that listen/read this are supporting what we believe. When Dix commits then the foe has a concrete fact to blast. I posted this before on interview 1 and will do it here again.
    “We would all love to know what the NDP will do if they win the next election. Telling may cost them dearly. Truth is what we want but it is also what the other side needs. This gives the opposition, corporations and the bought and paid for MSM the ammunition they need to launch a coordinated propaganda campaign. We have seen it in the past and will definitely see it in the future. With more than a year until the next election there is plenty of time to form a game plan. We will hear the likes of Baldry, Palmer, Leyne, Fletcher etc. telling us about all the tens of thousands of jobs that will be lost, the investments that will not happen and the taxes that will have to be raised because there is no activity in the province. Then we will get the CKNW spin using an endless supply of financial experts, Chamber of Commerce, Building Associations etc. (including Mikey Campbell) telling us about the businesses that will depart in droves, leaving BC with an economy about the size of PEI. Corporations will spend thousands telling us the same thing and don’t forget the burden of removing the HST. How do you win?”

    We never know what the Libs are up to but let’s tell them what the NDP are up to? We live in a world of cut throat politics. Dix supporting everything you and I wish for will win some votes but it will be used as fact not as speculation. This is a war, do not give them a base to fight from. If the NDP win then we can tear them a new one. This is politics not confession!


  11. I too, have found it next to impossible to get a reply from Dix – other than the empty automated computer generated one. I do know that the last public comment regarding party policies, was from Carol James some three years ago or more. Since then Moe Sihota got hired – maybe that is where the problem lies!

    I would be very happy to see lots of indipendent MLA’s – maybe a coallition of Independent and NDP would work too. What I would not like to see again, are any more of the BC Liberals liars voted in. I guess British Columbia has more than it’s fair share of fools and sheeple and I dread the thought of any more of these scumbags, ever getting voted in again. I personally would like to see all the BC Liberal MLA’s personally ridiculed and made accountable for the damage they have caused this province – tar and feathers would be much too polite and would certainly not be severe enough to register the anger and pain that has be caused.

    Unfortunately, as we see with the Canadian Conservative government currently in power, lis, deceit and deception are not a BC NDP only trait. The appears to be no more honourable left in politics – it iis starting to look like dealing with skid row used car dealers and crooked lawyers and accountants.

    It is time we register our complaints and displeasure directly to the PM or MP/MLA’s involved, so they know what the public is thinking. Either that or we have to resort to more physical means. Either way, we really don’t have much choice left and things are starting to get very serious.



    1. Rob,great thinking,but when you take a stroll around the net to see what people are talking about, Dix and his inability to state where he sits on a variety of issues is one thing on a lot of peoples lips all over this province. Social media monitoring companies make money by gathering that chatter and reporting it back to… bingo.. the libs.A modern tool in every prudent political toolbox.

      The fact is ,the Liberals will do a smear regardless of whether he speaks out or not. This video is a bloody goldmine for a savvy political strategist.He lack of response to the emails of British Columbians is enough.Giving the Liberals nothing is enough Rob, and I think you know that. With them,you are damned if you do, and damned if you dont, so there is nothing to lose by coming out and taking a position. Hell, he couldnt even say something like : ” I am absolutely opposed to the kind of fracking process we know is happening in some countries, that is causing irreparable harm to waterways and potentially serious impacts to surrounding land mass. However,at this point, I do not know what kind of fracking is going on in BC,or the kind of environmental monitoring that is being done. Once I know that,I will be better able to determine how to move forward and approach this sensitive issue..”

      Do you see what I mean? He needs to give something for the potential or confirmed NDP member/ future vote to grab onto and have that lodge in their brain.

      The whole fish farm thing was just disrespectful to the viewer. And considering thousands have seen this post and the other since it was posted here, not to mention Rafe and Damiens site and the sharing going on in various social media sites, this is very telling.

      John, I hear you.Kind of frustrating when we are out here hammering the Liberals and it feels like there is little support in the background except for other independent writers and bloggers. It is a huge mistake to think people arent looking for alternatives now, the NDP could build membership now, but hey, I’m not working there.

      I heard from a businessperson in North Van that Dix is at a sold out breakfast with the North Shore Chamber of Commerce to talk about policy and his direction for this province. Certainly we would love to hear how that went from anyone else attending as well.


    1. Don’t have to ask, we do research and find out for ourselves.We hammer the liberals nearly everyday, CGHZD, and we have all broken stories the opposition have not touched – to which you all should be asking why .
      I have 100 hundred and more reasons the liberals have to go on my topline, but that in no way means that I have to or even should, give the NDP a free pass. I know there are some blogs out there that would never point out where the NDP have failed, nor would they ever mention a mis-step, but that isn’t me and never has been. I care for what happens to this province and to the people who live there, my blog stands as witness to that as do my readers far and wide. It’s about accountability.

      If the NDP intends to present itself as an alternative, and as I have said, I think as a party, they are best chance we have to turn this province around and yes, they have some loud voices- Guy Gentner for example has been instrumental in brining so many vital issues to the media for his constituents that often have provincial implications, IE port matters.

      Howeever, that doesn’t mean they get a free pass from me, and I would hope not from you and their members either. If we dont ask the questions of the party most likely to comprise our next government, who will?


  12. There is something missing in the conversation thus far that to me is the most important factor.
    I on one level can understand Rob’s analysis that it may not be wise for the NDP to let their cards be shown and let the public know their stance on certain issues. that is politics and under normal circumstances is understandable however what we have in British Columbia is anything but normal.
    The thing missing in these conversations glaringly is what is going to happen on behalf of the people!
    I don’t consider the people calling themselves the Liberal party of BC a political party at all!…I consider them a bunch of theives and thugs that have lied their way into power here. They have no ethics or concern for the public as a political party should. I think I am right in my thinking that most if not all British Columbians have the same thoughts on this and are in agreement therefore to have another party shunning direct questions and avoiding topics of great concern… well it make you kind of leary and raises some hairs. Should we be concerned when Mr. Dix avoids a simple question like is he for or against fish farms or his stance on IPP contracts you bet!
    My personal belief is if Mr. Dix would at this moment be completely honest and forthcoming to the people of BC for that he would receive a landslide.


  13. Why do I get the feeling that I fell asleep in November 2009 and just now woke up? This seems to be the same conversation that was going on just after King Gordo was deposed and the NDP ‘baker’s dozen’ was getting set to do a ‘Brutus’ to Carol James’ ‘Julius Caesar’. As I recall, everyone had been calling for Carol to state her position on several important issues of the day, but Carol, like Adrian, was being non-commital. For some reason, this appears to be the NDP’s strategy, and it makes British Columbians nervous.

    I’ve been watching both parties on Question Period as often as I can, and maybe why that’s why I’m not nervous. I’ve seen Dix, Horgan, Farnworth, Krog, Kwan and all the others hold the BC Liberals’ feet to the fire many times, and I am quite confident that when (or if) they get a chance to form the government next year, they will represent us well. They know that if they don’t, they won’t be getting another chance in a long, long time.

    The idea that we should only vote for independents would be good IF we had a full slate of good independents running for office, but unless someone can prove to me that we do, I’m not convinced that it would work. Therefore, I think we should stick with Plan A and give the NDP a shot. Please, folks, don’t let those corrupt BC Liberals get yet another chance to sell the rest of our province to their corporate masters.


    1. I hear you gini,but if being non committal in public is a strategy, it ain’t a good one – didnt work out to well in the last election, did it?

      Sometimes,the NDP are just too nice. You don’t have to be cut-throat like the liberals, but you do have to be calculated and use every resource you can when battling an enemy whose resources are nearly endless.

      To be honest, so few people even watch debates or read the transcripts that it makes no difference sometimes what they do in the house -ask the average jill or joe on the street and they dont have a clue.And the Liberals are very good at working perception in some areas like my hometown of PG, who I would have never dreamed would ever vote Liberal again after what happened to forestry up there, but they did.
      Frankly,elections are won and lost on a large scale by perception and what people here and see in the media. We all know that. Which is why our job here, is so damn difficult.


  14. So true, Laila. More often than not, whenever I bring up something politically relevant in conversation with friends and neighbours, I receive either a blank stare, or a “What? I haven’t heard anything about that!”

    British Columbians and Canadians in general are so apathetic about government that it makes me want to scream. Aside from complaining when Christy or one of her henchmen do something atrocious that relates directly to them, they do or say absolutely nothing. They don’t even bother to get out and vote when given the chance.

    Maybe we need to put a mandatory Political Science course into our high school curriculum. It would also be prudent to introduce it in Adult Ed classes, as well. But hey……….the BC Liberals aren’t exactly noted for their prudence, are they? It might be something we could speak to our MLAs about after the next election, though.

    Go ahead, call me a cockeyed optimist. 🙂


  15. Dix would be pillaged by any MSM outlet if he took any position so he plays smart says nothing , he has too its his election to lose considering what we know about Bc Libs and the lies and crap they gave for over 10 yrs , Dix wont get past one term unles he delivers lets see if he can


  16. Did I not say a year or more ago, Dix is Carole James in a 3 piece suit!
    OMG! Lynn is fucking right again.
    Farnsworth, Horgan, anyone but Dix the trix.


  17. I leaned towards Farnsworth person myself, however I am not a member and have no vote. I have had many occasions during and since the NDP leadership in BC to see Horgan is the go to man for many people looking for answers and direction and he always, always replies to people who take the time to contact him,and is a straight shooter.

    Can’t say that about Dix. I still have no reply to my queries on his position on P3’s in different sectors and many readers have parroted that same frustration.


  18. “I just want to hear Dix tell us where he stands.”
    He doesn’t seem to stand. I suspect he is simply lying down and allowing the RAPE of our province to appear consensual.

    It would appear that we really don’t have an opposition, unless we get out our own pitchforks or other more effective weapons……….

    Cummins certainly isn’t the answer, medieval ideas won’t solve 21st century problems.

    Perhaps it is time for a North American Spring……..


  19. “And the Liberals are very good at working perception in some areas like my hometown of PG, who I would have never dreamed would ever vote Liberal again after what happened to forestry up there, but they did.”

    I would have thought that the voters of PG would have run them out of town on a (pun alert) rail
    after what they did to BC Rail. But no, they elect two of the dumbest members of the BC liaR caucus!


  20. Some people want the NDP to say what theIr plans are to the last detail so the Liberals can steal all that will be a benefit to them (min wage).How bloody lame some people are and the same old attacks.how are you going to pay for this and that, what is your stand,God! it is the same crap we have heard for 40 years. where has the media been for the last 12 years, attacking the NDP? Now when the liberals are in trouble the same attacks come remember the 90’s rubbish, it should be stated remember the liberals last 10 years lies and deceit. The con will have the same backroom boys. why not ask the liberals and con’s where they will get the money to pay.(I know more user pay tax.)

    when the election will be called then you will know the NDP’s plan or will that not be enough time to shoot it down and really say nothing about the liberals or con’s and watch the greens come and get media attention they do nothing but will get more time than the NDP in print. Media and the liberals seem one of the same in this BC.I pray the NDP will get a good look at the books maybe then we will truly see the connection here.


    1. No Ken, I don’t think anyone wants the NDP to reveal all, after all political strategy plays into it without a doubt. And yes, the admittedly Liberal friendly media for the most part have always given the NDP a hard knock which is to be expected when the bias is revealed.

      These are all reasons why the NDP have to work, fair or not, twice as hard and three times as clever as the Liberals. The NDP do not have the slick savvy politico’s moving and shaking,nor do they have the vast resources the Liberals have had to fall back on.

      Despite your objections, you miss the point of my posts entirely. We want to know what Adrian really stands for and right now we dont because of his own doing, his own words that appear to be non-committal. This has nothing to do with strategy,but everything to do with transparency as well. If he states he is opposed to Enbridge, but then states- when asked what he would do as premier- that he thinks he cant stop it and the province cant be harrassing the feds, when he know starts to bring the mention of jurisdictional issues into his statements.. that gives good reason for someone to question whether or not he will fight for what the people of BC overwhelmingly want.

      The NDP have also failed on many opportunities to act on information that has been given to them. That also raises questions when the taxpayers are being ripped off and the NDP don’t do something about it. When they don’t capitalize on oppportunities to expose the liberals.

      Enbridge is on the table now. It is a big issue now. Even in his current role as leader of the opposition I would expect him to be very vocal about what he plans to do to try and stop Enbridge. It is one thing to say, as a leader, you oppose something. Frankly I am done with talk, since that is all we have had from the Liberals. I want to see some action. I refuse to hide my head in the sand and “hope” something is going to happen. Where has that gotten the NDP for the last 10 years? Not in power, that is for sure. If they keep doing what they did in the last election, don’t assume a win is automatic. Much of BC is more middle of the road than most NDPers think, and that it where they need to make strides.


  21. I would no longer question whether Mr. Dix will fight for the people of B.C. on enbridge and the pipline. I think his statement is clear! He doesn’t intend to. He uses excuses such as jurisdiction as a reason but his message was quite clear and i don’t see any reason to wonder on it any further.
    This can’t be seen, as some suggest here, as holding your cards close to the chest, he has in fact shown them on this issue.


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