Tuesday morning round up: Net Zero Travel, Mathews comes out swinging, SNC Lavalin post generates interest in high places, and protecting lifes memories.

Be patient with my posting over the next two weeks, because our school district only managed to deal with a huge budget shortfall by cutting valuable instruction days, leaving us with a two-week spring break instead of one. So far we have made bird seed balls for our backyard friends,attended an early opening, behind the scenes visit to the Van Aquarium, and captured a small beetle to feed the Venus Flytrap sitting by the window…( the best $4.99 I ever spent for entertainment and educational value!)

But enough of my domestic life, onwards to some compelling and provocative posts that I would like to share with you.

Net Zero Travel ?  

My good friend over at Blog Borg Collective is a very, very clever fellow. Clever, and extremely intelligent, and his brain works just like mine, which is why we have worked together so often behind the scenes “to see what we can see.” Frankly, to read our emails one might think we were speaking in code, it’s so disjointed, but we write as we think -making the connections doesn’t require long,complete sentences, but often just a word or two.

His latest investigation has led to a few very compelling questions:  Who picked up the tabs for Clark, Bell and DeJong on their 2011 trade mission to China and India?  

How ‘open’ is our unelected premier Clarks allegedly Open Information System? Why is information missing from financial statements? What more does unelected premier not want the fine people of BC to know? And when you see even the preliminary breakdown chart, the entire conundrum of the missing financial information in the system, becomes even more perplexing… Go now, read, digest and share with everyone you know. Christy continues the agenda of Campbell.

Robin Mathews takes off the gloves

( the question is, did he ever have them on? ) My recent commentaries on Adrian Dix’s lacklustre and slippery responses in Rafe’s video interviews with the NDP leader sparked a flurry of heated response, both in comments HERE and HERE, as well as in a flood of emails from NDP supporters. Despite being berated by many for my comments, I stand by them, and received a flurry of emails from those also questioning where Dix stands.

Robin Mathews has now plunged into the debate with his own scathing critique of the new NDP leader, with no holds barred:

“The Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark Liberals – are, I believe, in league with a continental looting organization.  They have done (and are doing) to British Columbia what reasonable people would call “rape”.  The ability of Carol James to stand by and not notice, or ignore, or discount drove members of her caucus … at last … to demand change.  They got change (or did they?)  They got Adrian Dix as leader after Carol James stepped down in 2011.

British Columbia has been and is being raped.  The NDP has looked the other way … and continues to look the other way. The NDP should be hiring halls across the province to tell all.  The NDP should be enraged and fighting, should be dropping flyers into every B.C. mailbox …”

There is more, much more to get you riled, whether you agree or disagree, here: http://www.vivelecanada.ca/article/235931059-talking-about-adrian-dix-b-c-ndp-leader

SNC- Lavalin posts generate concentrated interest in high places

If you missed the concentrated look at SNC Lavalins business activities world-wide, the allegations and scandals that dog the conglomerate, and the very conflicting role their Chairman of the board plays with our still unelected interim premier Christy Clark, you need to have a good read right now.

I first brought the news that a class action lawsuit is being prepared against the company following allegation the company mislead investors of its ( questionable) activities in Libya: https://lailayuile.com/2012/03/02/more-problems-for-clark-snc-lavalin-becomes-target-of-class-action-lawsuit-with-allegations-of-misleading-investors-and-unlawful-activity/

Following that, I took a deeper look at SNC Lavalin and as mentioned above, the scandals, allegations and investigations that have plagued this company around the world. Not only that, the conflict presented by chairman of the board Gwyn Morgan acting as Christys personal strategic advisor- all while the company he works for is actively reaping benefits of multiple contracts with the BC government.

The activity on this post has been interesting to say the least, with very powerful visitors in high places. Which makes me think we should all be paying a bit more attention to it.

Revisit the full meal deal on SNC Lavalin here: https://lailayuile.com/2012/03/04/moral-hazard-is-when-they-take-your-money-and-then-are-not-responsible-for-what-they-do-with-it-gordon-gekko/

While I am at it, thank you for making “Government credit card purchases show everything but fiscal discipline” a very popular post! I am sure that Clark has appointed someone to go over and remove any trace of improper spending on the current year end records, but I’ll be sure to go over them with a fine tooth comb once they are out.

Protect your memories

Many of us have known someone touched by Alzheimers, possibly one of the most cruel and debilitating diseases. A very good friend of mine asked me to post this yet to be aired public service announcement, with good reason.

And with that, it’s snowing outside…. Spring Break? I think not!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday morning round up: Net Zero Travel, Mathews comes out swinging, SNC Lavalin post generates interest in high places, and protecting lifes memories.

  1. Humm… if education is a “essential service”, then how come boards of education can run school closure days? Funny eh? Enjoy the two-week “break” with your kids.


    1. Good question. One similar to how is it the government changed the law so they were allowed to run a deficit, yet maintains the illegality of a schoolboard to do the same? In particular in this district where the budget shortfall is significant due to lack of increased funding and rising enrollment.

      Two sets of rules and standards with this bunch.


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