News Hour Raw Video: Meet “Chomp Chomp” MacIntyre

Wed, Mar 14: Director of Communications for Premier Christy Clark, Sara MacIntyre, did not want the press asking any questions of the premier at the Globe conference.

Methinks the press is going to have to start carrying tasers for protection…

17 thoughts on “News Hour Raw Video: Meet “Chomp Chomp” MacIntyre

  1. No kidding, eh? Chomp, chomp. Not very professional. Methinks she’s not going to be much of an asset to Christy at this point in time. And she’s shrill too……


  2. The thing I get a kick out is this. Ass kissing right wing media getting beat up on by a right wing flack who comes from the canadian taxpayer’s federation whose protecting a right wing teacher bashing bully.I’m loving how the right wing in BC is coming apart at the seams. I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.


    1. And so far from whence she came…. Recall,back to such humble days of yonder when MacIntyre used to fight for the taxpayer and open access to information…. now all she’s in charge of making sure we get no information… from the archives:

      ” B.C. group slams freedom of information hurdles

      Canadian Press (in the Globe and Mail)

      September 26, 2006

      VANCOUVER — A B.C. citizens coalition says democracy is under attack as the
      provincial government delays citizens’ access to information requests and legislation to
      improve freedom of information.

      The B.C. Campaign for Open Government launched a campaign aimed at holding the
      Liberal government’s feet to the fire to meet its promises to be a Canadian leader in
      openness and accountability.

      Sara MacIntyre of the Canadian Taxpayers Association said tax dollars pay for all
      government reports, memos and policy analysis, so that taxpayers have a right to see
      those documents.

      The campaign is calling on the government to implement a 2004 special committee’s
      recommendations for changes to FOI legislation.

      Ms. MacIntyre says so far the report has been gathering dust on a shelf. ”

      HA HA!!!


    1. I don’t think Christy hired her to be professional, I think she hired her to make sure nothing stupid comes out of Christys mouth when the press ask good questions.


  3. She’s been sent from the east to try and put the wheels back on the wagon for Madam Photo Op.. but it’s too little too late. There is no hope for this woman or the party… Christy is pure evil and needs to come clean on her part in the B.C. Rail affair just for starters. Do you think Christy has a very good friend in Bell and that might be where BC Place might find it’s next sponsor?


  4. Is this the bimbo she hired to replace Chris Olsen? She’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, isn’t she?

    If I had been one of those reporters, I would have ‘accidentally’ tripped her and while she was picking herself up off the floor, I would have had my mic in Christy’s face. Who does she think she is, anyway?

    I just wish some of the MSM would grow a pair!


    1. The funniest part is indeed, right at the end though… with a little black humour…. Sara tells the press ” there she is, you can shoot her, you can shoot her! “


  5. the clip is hilarous. I did a double take & yup it was what it was. this is better than anything on t.v. I don’t know how chrustie keeps up the entertainment for us, but its good. Now if we could just get a video of Flacon & Entwhistle yelling at each other.

    Sara looks like a sergant major out of control. She needs a little platoon of soliders to surround churstie & then we can give the new show a name. She sort of reminds me of that major on Mash, the one who had a thing about hotlips–yes Frank, thats who she reminds me of, Frank, major of Mash.

    it is funny to see Sara treat the media in the manner she does, serves them right.

    Of course we should critize Sara too much for the gum chewing. We know the neo cons in Ottawa have been engaging Americans & we know Americans like to chew tobacco, so maybe its just one of the adoptations of a bad american habit.

    Now that Sara has been critized by the press, Chrustie will have to keep her or admit she made another “error”.


  6. Do real liberals in your province buy any of this ? Harper’s radical left vs radical right is his long term wet dream . From afar , with Harper’s image behind pipeline sucess & rising of well funded provincial Conservative party my paranoids are soaring .


  7. I know quite a few ‘real’ liberals and they are not at all on board with this train wreck of a government. Not at all. In fact it has become an embaressment to continually watch the shenanigans in Victoria where the agenda has seriously become a matter of putting out one fire after another with no real direction. Now we have Harry Bloy leaking information to a private company, what the hell does that say? And Naomi Yammeryammermoto has the gall to say he didnt break any rules ?

    Every day this government is in power is one day lost to repairing the damage that has been done. I wonder what it will take to get people back into the streets.


  8. I wonder that myself, Laila. Last Sunday i attended the ‘robocall’ protest in Kelowna. There were less than 2 dozen people there. Unbelievable! Here we are, protesting the downfall of our democracy, electoral fraud by the ruling party of Canada, and hundreds of thousands of people in the Okanagan Valley couldn’t care less.

    No wonder Stevie and Christy (yes, they are cut from the same cloth) appear to be sneering and snickering at our apathy. They know that there are not enough Canadians who are willing to stand up for their rights. They will continue to run roughshod over us until we band together and say, “Enough already……we’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!”


  9. Hold on there, Laila. The rightwing tax cut at all cost ‘canadian taxpayer’s association’ is just a training ground for republican harpercons until they get to the big leagues. I expect this type of activity from these people. Right up there with the corp funded fraser prostitute


  10. Wow, honoured to have such a famous ghost haunting my… I know Lenin, but my point was that she used to at least play the part of fighting for the same things we do, which clearly now, she has chosen the dark side openly… makes me wonder what kind of cookies they have over there?


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