Time for one from the Christy Clark archives…

Originally posted February 27,2011, this little gem reveals waaaay too much information about our still unelected premier… so while I am working on a real story… please, read, shake your head, laugh and share with your friends. As Martha Stewart would say: “It’s a good thing.”

Christy Clark, new premier, ex-talk show host… and the woman who loves to find out “if you can fart in a bottle and save it for later.” – by watching MANswers

Yes, this is the person who is steering the ship now, my friends, read and weep-from the Vancouver Sun sport section:

Christy Clark doesn’t watch a lot of TV. But when she does, she wants quality. Which is why her favourite show at the moment is MANswers. ( http://www.spike.com/shows/manswers * warning explicit content on this site – LY)

“You’ve never heard of it?” she said, somewhat astounded. “It’s on Spike TV.”

The CKNW hotline radio host flips to a deep, manly man’s announcer voice.

“‘How big do boobs have to be before they can crush a beer can? Stay tuned! MANswers, coming up next!’ Stuff like that.”

She laughs, then switches back to the deep voice. “‘Can you fart in a bottle and save it later for your friends?’ ‘Can poo save your life?’ Then they’ll go to commercial break, and it’s always in that voice. It’s totally tantalizing, you can’t wait to find out.

“Then they have some guy on who’s a gastroenterologist from Stanford or a physicist from Stanford, real people with real credentials and they’re on MANswers doing tests determining how large each breast would actually have to be in order to crush a beer can. And if it’s a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can, does it crush quicker than something else?

“And these are, like, real people. It’s fantastic.

There you have it folks. Christy Clark loves Manswers and you know that is going to secure a lot of votes in the He-man, frat boy, beer bong demographic.  Straight from the archives of the Sport Section. But you will have to click on the link to find out her other weird( ??) habit.http://www2.canada.com/vancouversun/news/archives/story.html?id=cf4a9a2c-f4ad-45f7-902b-99ada4aa15d8


13 thoughts on “Time for one from the Christy Clark archives…

  1. Lately, I can’t wait to turn on my computer and see what idiotic new thing is coming out of the BC Liberal camp, or more precisely, out of Christy’s mouth. No wonder her Conservative rejects hired that pit bull to run interference for her.

    Maybe now, after yesterday’s ‘comedy show’, Baldrey, Good, et al will start asking the questions that British Columbians would like answered. Not holding my breath, though.


  2. Oh, I would have loved to run into that Sara woman myself…. now that would have been a video!! However, I have to say whoever was schooling her on how the press works out here is to be commended for not backing down. And perhaps the gum was a good thing – with her teeth busy, she wasn’t able to snap at the cameraman..lol..


  3. Laila,

    Thanks for posting the interview link.

    The one on the Vancouver Sun website itself, has been removed – seems Clark didn’t like it 🙂

    Now we have another that can be posted 🙂

    You have made my day.



    1. I have a JPEG print screen shot for posterity as well.. just in case!! I do say though, that when you think of Christy and this Manswers… her new gum chewing media gal fits right into the whole scheme of things… ; )


  4. revised
    Kinky Crusty, maybe she is also one of those people who also have strong desires to go around smelling peoples bicycle seats after they have a hard, sweaty ride…


    1. Oh wow… what a brilliant idea!! Any takers? Wait… there must be a techno-whiz out there who can piece together something for us on youtube….I was toying with some new politic lyrics to Adele’s Rolling in the deep…. might be a hit we could take viral…lol..


  5. Laila — just discovered your blog: wonderful stuff (can’t pull myself away). So nice to read some ‘real’ commentary on this banana-republic we find ourselves living in


  6. And, to even the playing field a little, let’s make the ad about Phil Holstein – about how he is such a nasty piece of work. I am sure that there are people out there that know of “skeletons in the closet” of Holstein, that can be liberally shared around in the media.

    Just a thought 🙂



  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! YEEEEAAASSSSS!!!! She is a piece of work.This sum up the totality of her intelligence. Guilty pleasure or not, it shows how she changes her image to fit what she thinks the people want.In this case, it was the men reading the sports section she was trying to appeal to!Brilliant.


  8. Hi Laila. I see she has made a fool of herself yet again today posing for a picture with her exciting new find while she was antiquing- an album of the now jailed and disgraced Rolf Harris.

    After she had posted it on twitter a journalist pointed out who he was and why this might be problematic (dang!) Her staff yanked it.

    The thing is the story broke on CBC and I used her words in Bob’s interview with her verbatim to show she is a serial offender.
    The moderator disallowed it. tried again alluding to the female form and what could squash a beer can.
    That too was disallowed. I had to allude to your post and Bob’s article so people could read it themseleves.

    This is becoming a disturbing trend on our National Broadcaster’s website and it seems hit and miss as to what has been getting through. What are you hearing? Enough to do a piece on the chill I suspect is coming via the PMO and fear of more cutbacks as well as the spectre of Bill C-51 hovering overhead?


  9. Ah, I missed this story while chasing down different city departments yesterday. http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2015/04/01/christy-clark-tweets-awkward-rolf-harris-photo-deletes-it-immediately/

    It doesn’t surprise me – her not knowing the history of him,I’m not sure everyone would. But if you know who he is and are a fan… ?

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    Another one for the never-ending list of gaffes from this premier.


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